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Coast / Coast

#1 Fornebu

Fornebu (local form Fornebo ) is a peninsular area in the suburban municipality of Bærum in Norway , bordering western parts of Oslo . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( June 2009 ) Village in Østlandet, Norway Fornebu Village Fornebu in 2007 Country Norway Region Østlandet

#2 Beach Heat: Miami

Beach Heat: Miami is an American dramedy television series set in Miami Beach, Florida . The show is fashioned after Baywatch and showcases the professional and personal lives of a motley crew of lifeguards. The show was shot exclusively in South Florida and lasted two seasons, with entirely differe

#3 Millisle

Millisle or Mill Isle (from Scots mill + isle , meaning "the meadow of the mill" [1] ) is a village on the Ards Peninsula in County Down , Northern Ireland . It is about 3 miles (4.8   km) south of Donaghadee . It is situated in the townlands of Ballymacruise ( from Irish Baile Mhic Naosa   MacNeice

#4 Playa Zipolite

Playa Zipolite is a beach community located in San Pedro Pochutla municipality on the southern coast of Oaxaca state in Mexico between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido . Place in Oaxaca, Mexico Zipolite Zipolite Location in Mexico Coordinates: 15°39′46″N 96°30′34″W Country   Mexico State Oaxaca Municip

#5 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#6 Bournemouth

Bournemouth ( / ˈ b ɔːr n m ə θ / ( listen ) ) is a coastal resort town in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council area of Dorset , England . [lower-alpha 1] At the 2011 census, the town had a population of 183,491, making it the largest town in Dorset. It is situated on the English south co

#7 Wherrytown

Wherrytown is a small settlement in west Cornwall , United Kingdom, on the east side of the Laregan River, between Newlyn and Penzance . It was formerly in the civil parish of Madron and was incorporated into the Borough of Penzance in 1934 when local government was reorganised. [1] [2] Penzance Pro

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Island / Island

#1 Kiritimati

Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island ) is a Pacific Ocean atoll in the northern Line Islands . It is part of the Republic of Kiribati . The name is derived from the English word "Christmas" written in Gilbertese according to its phonology , in which the combination ti is pronounced s , giving

#2 Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah ( Dhivehi : ފުވައްމުލައް) is an island ( atoll ) in the Maldives . It is under Maldives’ administrative divisions of Gnaviyani Atoll or Nyaviyani Atoll . The inhabitants speak a distinctive form of the Dhivehi language , known as "Fuvahmulaki baha.” Inhabited island in Gnaviyani Atoll, Ma

#3 Wiay, Inner Hebrides

Wiay , pronounced "waya" ( Gaelic : Fuidheigh ) is an uninhabited island in Loch Bracadale , off the coast of the Isle of Skye Uninhabited island off the Isle of Skye For other places with the same name, see Wiay (disambiguation) . Wiay Scottish Gaelic name Fuidheigh Meaning of name Settlement Locat

#4 Mo'orea

Mo ʻ orea ( English: / ˌ m oʊ . oʊ ˈ r eɪ . ɑː / or / ˈ m oʊ . oʊ r eɪ / ; [4] Tahitian : /moʔore(ʔ)a/ ), also spelled Moorea , is a volcanic island in French Polynesia . It is one of the Windward Islands , a group that is part of the Society Islands , 17 kilometres (11   mi) northwest of Tahiti . T

#5 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean . It is a remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South Georgia and a chain of smaller islands known as the South Sandwich Islands. South Georgia is 165 kilometres

#6 Kinmen

Kinmen , alternatively known as Quemoy , is a group of islands governed as a county by the Republic of China (Taiwan) , off the southeastern coast of mainland China . It lies roughly 10   km (6.2   mi) east of the city of Xiamen in Fujian , from which it is separated by Xiamen Bay . Kinmen is locate

#7 Saint-Quentin Island

Saint-Quentin Island lies at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice River and Saint Lawrence River in the city of Trois-Rivières , Quebec , Canada. It is with islands "Saint-Christophe and "De La Poterie", the origin of the name of the city, in reference to the three channel that the Saint-Maurice Rive

#8 Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia , in Glynn County . It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands . The island is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body. [1] Island off the coast of Geo

#9 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai ( ɽ ( listen ) ) is a submarine volcano in the South Pacific located about 30   km (19   mi) south of the submarine volcano of Fonuafo ʻ ou and 65   km (40   mi) north of Tongatapu , Tonga 's main island. [3] It is part of the highly active Kermadec-Tonga subduction zone an

#10 Liberty Island

Liberty Island is a federally owned island in Upper New York Bay in the United States. Its most notable feature is the Statue of Liberty ( Liberty Enlightening the World ), a large statue by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi that was dedicated in 1886. The island also contains the Statue of Liberty Museum

#11 Gaodeng Island

Gaodeng Island [2] ( Kaoteng , [3] [4] [5] Kao-teng Tao [6] [7] ) ( Chinese : 高登 島 ; pinyin : Gāodēng Dǎo ; Wade–Giles : Kao 1 -têng 1 Tao 3 ; Foochow Romanized : Gŏ̤-dĕng-dō̤, also Pei-sha Tao [7] ( 北沙島 [7] [8] ), 下目嶼 , [9] 下木嶼 [10] ) is an island in the East China Sea , part of Beigan Township , L

#12 Koror

Koror [1] [2] is the state comprising the main commercial centre of the Republic of Palau . [3] [4] It consists of several islands , the most prominent being Koror Island (also Oreor Island ). It is Palau’s most populous state. State in Palau Koror State Oreor Oreor; Ernguul State Koror State Flag L

#13 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory of India consisting of 572 islands, of which 37 are inhabited, at the junction of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea . [6] The territory is about 150   km (93   mi) north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated from Thailand and Myanmar by the Andam

#14 Santa Catalina Island (California)

Santa Catalina Island ( Tongva : Pimuu'nga or Pimu ; Spanish : Isla Santa Catalina ) is a rocky island off the coast of Southern California in the Gulf of Santa Catalina . The island name is often shortened to Catalina Island or just Catalina . The island is 22   mi (35   km) long and 8   mi (13   k

#15 Tenedos

Tenedos ( Greek : Τένεδος , Tenedhos , Latin : Tenedus ), or Bozcaada in Turkish , is an island of Turkey in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea . Administratively, the island constitutes the Bozcaada district of Çanakkale province . With an area of 39.9   km 2 (15   sq   mi) it is the third lar

#16 Inchkeith

Inchkeith (from the Scottish Gaelic : Innis Cheith ) is an island in the Firth of Forth , Scotland, administratively part of the Fife council area. This article is about the island of Scotland. For the community in Canada, see Inchkeith, Saskatchewan . Not to be confused with Keith Inch , now part o

#17 St. Martin's Island

St. Martin's Island ( Bengali : সেন্ট মার্টিন্স দ্বীপ ) is a small island (area only 3   km 2 ) in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal , about 9   km south of the tip of the Cox's Bazar - Teknaf peninsula, and forming the southernmost part of Bangladesh . There is a small adjoining island tha

#18 Matsu Islands

The Matsu Islands ( UK : / ˌ m æ t ˈ s uː / or US : / ˌ m ɑː t ˈ s uː / , [4] Chinese : 馬祖列島 ; pinyin : Mǎzǔ Lièdǎo ; Wade–Giles : Ma³-tsu³ Lieh⁴-tao³ ; Foochow Romanized : Mā-cū liĕk-dō̤), officially Lienchiang County ( / l j ɛ n ˈ dʒ j ɑː ŋ / , Chinese : 連江 縣 ; pinyin : Liánjiāng Xiàn ; Wade–Giles

#19 ʻAta

ʻ Ata is a depopulated island in the far southern end of the Tonga archipelago, situated approximately 160 kilometres (99   mi) south-southwest of Tongatapu . For the uninhabited, low coral island in the string of small atolls along the Piha passage along the northside of Tongatapu , see & §   x02BB

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Mount Van Pelt

Mount Van Pelt ( 71°15′S 35°43′E ) is a steep, bare rock mountain (2,000 m) next east of Mount DeBreuck in the northern part of the Queen Fabiola Mountains . It was discovered on October 7, 1960, by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Guido Derom , and was named by Derom for Guy Van Pelt , a radi

#2 Mount Goossens

Mount Goossens ( 71°19′S 35°44′E ) is a largely bare rock massif, 2,200 metres (7,200   ft) high, standing next south of Mount Pierre in the Queen Fabiola Mountains of Antarctica. It was discovered on October 7, 1960, by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition , under Guido Derom , who named it for Leon Go

#3 Llangorse Mountain

Llangorse Mountain is a mountain in northern British Columbia , Canada , located 54   km (34   mi) southeast of Atlin on the eastern side of the head of the Gladys River . It is a volcanic feature of the vast Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province and is the only location of megacrysts made of kaers

#4 Cerro Capurata

Cerro Capurata , also known as Elena Capurata or Quimsachatas [3] is a stratovolcano in the Andes of Bolivia and Chile . [4] To the south of Capurata lies Cerro Casparata and straight west Guallatiri . [5] Mountain in Bolivia Cerro Capurata Elena Capurata, Nevados de Quimsachata Cerro Capurata is in

#5 Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is located on Mount Desert Island , within Acadia National Park , in the U.S. state of Maine . With an elevation of 1,530 feet (466 meters), its summit is the highest point in Hancock County and the highest within 25 miles (40   km) of the Atlantic shoreline of the North American c

#6 Three Sisters (Oregon)

The Three Sisters are closely spaced volcanic peaks in the U.S. state of Oregon . They are part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc , a segment of the Cascade Range in western North America extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California . Each more than 10,000

#7 Mount Gaston de Gerlache

Mount Gaston de Gerlache is the southernmost massif , 2,400 metres (7,900   ft) high, in the Queen Fabiola Mountains of Antarctica. It was discovered on 7 October 1960 by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1960 , under Guido Derom , and was named by Derom for Gaston de Gerlache , son of Adrien de Ger

#8 Mount Eyskens

Mount Eyskens ( 71°32′S 35°36′E ) is a large rock and ice massif rising to 2,300 metres (7,500   ft) next northward of Mount Derom in the Queen Fabiola Mountains of Antarctica. It was discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Guido Derom , October 7, 1960, and named for Albert Eyskens , t

#9 Vaalserberg

The Vaalserberg ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvaːlsərˌbɛr(ə)x] , Ripuarian : Volserberg [ˈvɔlsəʀˌbæʀ˦(ə)ç] ) [ tone? ] is a hill with a height of 322.4 metres (1,058   ft) [1] above NAP and is the highest point in the European part of the Netherlands , also known as "Dutch Mountains". The Vaalserberg is

#10 Rabaul caldera

The Rabaul caldera , or Rabaul Volcano , is a large volcano on the tip of the Gazelle Peninsula in East New Britain , Papua New Guinea , and derives its name from the town of Rabaul inside the caldera . The caldera has many sub-vents, Tavurvur being the most well known for its devastating eruptions

#11 Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains , located in Latacunga city of Cotopaxi Province , about 50   km (31   mi) south of Quito , and 31   km (19   mi) northeast of the city of Latacunga , Ecuador . [3] It is the second highest summit in Ecuador, reaching a height of 5,897   m (

#12 Kusum Kanguru

Kusum Kanguru (alternatively Kusum Kangguru , Kusum Kangru , Kusum Kang , Kusum Khangru , Kusumkhang Karda or Mount Kanguru ) is a mountain in the Khumbu Region of the Himalaya in Nepal . Its name, Kusum Kanguru , means "Three Snow-White Gods" in the Sherpa language , which refers to the triple summ

#13 Mount Pierre

Mount Pierre ( 71°18′S 35°45′E ) is a massif (2,200 m) standing next north of Mount Goossens in the Queen Fabiola Mountains . Discovered on October 7, 1960, by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition , under Guido Derom , who named it for Michel Pierre , aircraft mechanic, member of the Belgian flight reco

#14 Mount DeBreuck

Mount DeBreuck ( 71°16′S 35°40′E ) is the northernmost massif in the Queen Fabiola Mountains . The feature is mainly ice free, linear in plan, and rises to about 2,000 metres (6,600   ft) . It was discovered on October 7, 1960, by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Guido Derom , who named it for

#15 Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora , or Tomboro , is an active stratovolcano in West Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia . Located on Sumbawa in the Lesser Sunda Islands , it was formed by the active subduction zones beneath it. Before 1815 , its elevation reached more than 4,300 metres (14,100 feet) high, making it one of the ta

#16 High Fens

The High Fens ( German : Hohes Venn ; French : Hautes Fagnes ; Dutch : Hoge Venen ), which were declared a nature reserve in 1957, are an upland area, a plateau region in Liège Province , in the east of Belgium and adjoining parts of Germany , between the Ardennes and the Eifel highlands. The High F

#17 Mount Derom

Mount Derom ( 71°34′S 35°38′E ) is a massif 2,400 metres (7,900   ft) high standing 2 miles (3   km) south of Mount Eyskens in the Queen Fabiola Mountains . It was discovered on October 7, 1960, by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under the leadership of Guido Derom , and was named for Derom by the

#18 Sispara

Sispara , സിസ്പാര (Sisapara, Sisparra, Sisparah, Su:spore), a proper noun , is a combination of the Badaga language words si:su + pore ; meaning: magnetite bearing rock + gorge . [1] It may refer to: Sispara peak , a large hill in Kerala; Sispara bungalow , the shelter at the base of the peak; Sispa

#19 Broken Top

Broken Top is a glacially eroded complex stratovolcano . It lies in the Cascade Volcanic Arc , part of the extensive Cascade Range in the U.S. state of Oregon . Located southeast of the Three Sisters peaks, the volcano, residing within the Three Sisters Wilderness , [4] is 20 miles (32   km) west of

#20 Ben Macdui

Ben Macdui ( Scottish Gaelic : Beinn MacDuibh , [3] meaning "MacDuff's mountain") is the second-highest mountain in Scotland and all of the British Isles , after Ben Nevis , and the highest of the Cairngorm Mountains . The summit is 1,309 metres (4,295   ft) above sea level and it is classed as a Mu

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Richland-Chambers Reservoir

Richland-Chambers Reservoir is the third largest inland reservoir by surface area and the 8th largest reservoir by water volume in Texas formed by the impoundment of Richland Creek and Chambers Creek east-southeast of the town of Corsicana and south of Kerens , in Navarro County and Freestone County

#2 Rewalsar Lake

Rewalsar Lake , also known as Tso Pema , is a mid-altitude lake located in the mountains of the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh , India . It is located 22.5   km south-west from the town of Mandi , at an elevation of about 1,360 metres (4,460   ft) above sea level, with a shoreline of about 735  

#3 Lake Tengrela

Lake Tengrela is a small lake near Banfora in Burkina Faso . It is known for its hippopotamuses . Locals believe that these hippopotamuses do not attack humans because they are sacred hippopotamuses. Crocodiles are almost never seen in this lake. It is 2   km long and 1.5   km wide. [2] Body of wate

#4 Lake Dem

Lake Dem is a small lake in northern Burkina Faso , located to the north of Kaya , south of the Sahel Reserve and south-east of Lake Bam . It drains into the White Volta . [2] It is 5 km long and 2 km wide. [2] It lies at an elevation of 304 m (997 feet). [3] The lake has been designated as a Ramsar

#5 Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain ( / ʃ æ m ˈ p l eɪ n / sham- PLAYN ; French : Lac Champlain ) is a natural freshwater lake in North America . It mostly lies between the US states of New York and Vermont , but also extends north into the Canadian province of Quebec . [3] Lake in New York, Vermont and Quebec This arti

#6 Lake Bam

Lake Bam is located near the town of Kongoussi , in Burkina Faso . The lake is slowly drying up, putting at risk the nearby village's agriculture, fish stocks, and cattle watering. The lake has been designated as a Ramsar site since 2009. [1] Body of water Lake Bam Lake Bam, seen from the South Lake

#7 Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is a man-made reservoir located between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel in Washington, D.C. It is part of West Potomac Park near the National Mall and is a focal point of the National Cherry Blossom Festival held each spring. The Jefferson Memorial , the Martin Luther Ki

#8 Lake Kompienga

Lake Kompienga is a reservoir lake in Kompienga Province in southeastern Burkina Faso . The Kompienga Dam was built in the 1980s to create the lake for economic purposes. Body of water Lake Kompienga Lake Kompienga Location Kompienga Province Coordinates 11°08′20″N 0°38′04″E Type reservoir Basin   c

#9 Morrow Point Dam

Morrow Point Dam is a 468-foot-tall (143   m) concrete double- arch dam on the Gunnison River located in Colorado , the first dam of its type built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation . Located in the upper Black Canyon of the Gunnison , it creates Morrow Point Reservoir , and is within the National P

#10 Sivens Dam

Sivens Dam ( Barrage de Sivens ) was a dam which was planned for construction across the Tescou , a tributary of the Tarn in the basin of the Garonne in Southern France , near to Toulouse . The construction site was 10   km north of Lisle-sur-Tarn , in the Department of Tarn ( Midi-Pyrénées ). The d

#11 Lake Higa

Lake Higa is a small lake in eastern Burkina Faso , close to the border with Niger . It drains into the Babangou , which drains into the Niger . [2] It has an area of 228 ha. [2] It lies at an elevation of 271 m (889 feet). [3] In 2009 the site around Lake Higa was included in the List of Ramsar wet

#12 Carlson Oxbow Park

Carlson Oxbow Park is an 89-acre [1] nature park located in the Hessville neighborhood of Hammond, Indiana , along the north bank of the Little Calumet River and immediately south of the Borman Expressway . It takes its name from a sharp bend in the Little Calumet that was left behind when the river

#13 Oroville Dam

Oroville Dam is an earthfill embankment dam on the Feather River east of the city of Oroville, California , in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of the Sacramento Valley . At 770 feet (235   m) high, it is the tallest dam in the U.S. [8] and serves mainly for water supply, hydroelectricity generation

#14 Lake Powell (Virginia)

Lake Powell is an artificial pond located in James City County , Virginia . In 2006, flood damage from Tropical Storm Ernesto caused the earthen retaining dam which formed the lake to burst and empty. Body of water Lake Powell Lake Powell Location James City County, Virginia Coordinates 37.237868°N

#15 Brookvale Park Lake

Brookvale Park Lake previously known as Lower Witton Reservoir ( grid reference SP091911 ) is a former drinking water reservoir in the Erdington area of Birmingham , England . A lake in Birmingham, England Body of water Brookvale Park Lake Brookvale Park Lake Brookvale Park Lake Location Erdington ,

#16 Lesclache Lake

Lesclache Lake ( French: Lac Lesclache ) is a freshwater body located in the unorganized territory of Lac-Pikauba , in the Charlevoix Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province of Quebec , in Canada . This body of water is located in zec des M

#17 Lake Bodom

Lake Bodom ( Finnish : Bodominjärvi ; Swedish : Bodom träsk ) is a Finnish lake located in the city of Espoo , not far from Helsinki . The lake measures approximately three kilometres in length and one kilometre in width. It is surrounded by five districts in Espoo: Kunnarla in the west, Röylä in th

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River / River

#1 Pine Creek (Pennsylvania)

Pine Creek is a tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River in Potter , Tioga , Lycoming , and Clinton counties in Pennsylvania . The creek is 87.2 miles (140.3   km) long. [1] Within Tioga County, 23.25 miles (37.42   km) of Pine Creek are designated as a Pennsylvania Scenic River . Creek in Pen

#2 Temštica

Temštica ( Serbian : Темштица ) or Temska is a river in Serbia , a right tributary of the river Nišava . The Temštica itself is not very long (23   km), but receives a much longer tributary, the Visočica (Височица), flowing from Bulgaria (16.7   km in length), through Serbia (54   km in length) maki

#3 Wimmera River

The Wimmera River , an inland intermittent river of the Wimmera catchment, is located in the Grampians and Wimmera regions of the Australian state of Victoria . Rising in the Pyrenees , on the northern slopes of the Great Dividing Range , the Wimmera River flows generally north by west and drains in

#4 Braid Burn

The Braid Burn is a burn or stream 14 kilometres (8.7   mi) in length that flows through south and east Edinburgh . River Braid Burn The Braid Burn in the Hermitage of Braid Physical   characteristics Source     •   location Pentland Hills Mouth     •   location Portobello Length 14   km (8.7   mi)

#5 Wheeling Creek (West Virginia)

Wheeling Creek is a tributary of the Ohio River , 25 miles (40   km) long, in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia in the United States , with a watershed extending into southwestern Pennsylvania . Via the Ohio River, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River , draining an area of appr

#6 Powlett River

The Powlett River ( Boonwurrung : Kugerungmome ) is a perennial river of the West Gippsland catchment, located in the West Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria . River in Victoria, Australia Powlett Mouth of the Powlett River in Victoria Etymology In honour of Frederick Powlett , the

#7 Black River (Jamaica)

The Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica . At a length of 53.4   km (33.2   mi) , [2] it was believed to be the longest until it was discovered that the Rio Minho was 92.8   km long. [3] Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation.

#8 Blackstone Canal

The Blackstone Canal was a waterway linking Worcester, Massachusetts , to Providence, Rhode Island (and Narragansett Bay) through the Blackstone Valley via a series of locks and canals during the early 19th century. United States historic place United States historic place Blackstone Canal U.S. Nati

#9 Isère (river)

The Isère ( US : / iː ˈ z ɛər / ee- ZAIR , [3] [4] French:   [izɛʁ] ( listen ) ; Arpitan : Isera ; Occitan : Isèra ) is a river in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France . Its source, a glacier known as the Sources de l'Isère , lies in the Vanoise National Park in the Graian Alps of

#10 Carlisle Canal

The Carlisle Canal opened in 1823, to link Carlisle to the Solway Firth, to facilitate the transport of goods to and from the city. It was a short-lived venture, being replaced by a railway which used the canal bed for most of its route in 1854. Historical canal Carlisle Canal The remains of the sea

#11 Fiumelatte (river)

Fiumelatte is a river in northern Italy . It flows from a cavity in the Grigna into Lake Como , just south of Varenna , it has an approximate length of 250   m (820   ft). The name Fiumelatte , composed from fiume (Italian for "river") and latte ("milk"), is due to the milky white color of its water

#12 Pastillo River

Río Pastillo is a river in the municipality of Ponce , Puerto Rico . It is also known as Río Marueño in the area of the municipality where it runs through barrio Marueño . [7] Together with Cañas River , Pastillo forms Matilde River . Pastillo is one of the 14 rivers in the municipality . The river

#13 Stratford-upon-Avon Canal

The Stratford-upon-Avon Canal is a canal in the south Midlands of England. The canal, which was built between 1793 and 1816, runs for 25.5 miles (41.0   km) in total, and consists of two sections. The dividing line is at Kingswood Junction, which gives access to the Grand Union Canal . Following acq

#14 Row River

The Row River is a river, approximately 20 miles (32   km) long, in Lane County, Oregon , United States . It rises in the Cascade Range and flows into the Coast Fork Willamette River near Cottage Grove . The stream was originally known as the "East Fork Coast Fork", but was later renamed after a dis

#15 Suez Canal

The Suez Canal ( Egyptian Arabic : قَنَاةُ ٱلسُّوَيْسِ , Canāt el Sewes ) is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt , connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez and dividing Africa and Asia. The canal is a route of trade between Europe and Asia. Artificial waterwa

#16 Mae Klong

The Mae Klong ( Thai : แม่น้ำแม่กลอง , RTGS :   Maenam Mae Klong , Thai pronunciation: [mɛ̂ːnáːm mɛ̂ː klɔ̄ːŋ] ), sometimes spelled Mae Khlong or Meklong , is a river in western Thailand . The river begins at the confluence of the Khwae Noi (Khwae Sai Yok) and the Khwae Yai River (Khwae Si Sawat) in

#17 Gatineau River

The Gatineau River ( French : Rivière Gatineau , French pronunciation:   ​ [gatino] ) is a river in western Quebec , Canada, which rises in lakes north of the Baskatong Reservoir and flows south to join the Ottawa River at the city of Gatineau , Quebec . The river is 386   km (239.8   mi) long and d

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Sea / Sea

#1 Nikolaya Bay

Nikolaya Bay ( Russian : Zaliv Nikolaya ), formerly Usalginsky Bay , is a small, narrow bay in the northwestern Sea of Okhotsk , just south of the Shantar Islands . It is a southeastern branch of the larger Academy Bay to the north. Its northern and southern points, Lamsdorf Point and Cape Grote, ar

#2 Twofold Bay

Twofold Bay is an open oceanic embayment [2] that is located in the South Coast region of New South Wales , Australia . Bay in New South Wales, Australia Body of water Twofold Bay Looking from Eden across Twofold Bay to wood chip supplies. Twofold Bay Location of Twofold Bay in New South Wales Locat

#3 Recherche Bay

Recherche Bay ( locally / ˈ r i . s ər tʃ / REE -sərtch ) is an oceanic embayment , part of which is listed on the National Heritage Register , [1] located on the extreme south-eastern corner of Tasmania , Australia . It was a landing place of the d’Entrecasteaux expedition to find missing explorer

#4 Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Bay ( Vietnamese : Vịnh Cam Ranh ) is a deep-water bay in Vietnam in Khánh Hòa Province . It is located at an inlet of the South China Sea situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, between Phan Rang and Nha Trang , approximately 290 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City

#5 False Bay

False Bay ( Afrikaans Valsbaai ) is a body of water in the Atlantic Ocean between the mountainous Cape Peninsula and the Hottentots Holland Mountains in the extreme south-west of South Africa . The mouth of the bay faces south and is demarcated by Cape Point to the west and Cape Hangklip to the east

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