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The Wicklow Round is a long-distance hill running challenge in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.[1] The route follows a proscribed 100-kilometre circuit of 26 mountains, which must be completed in a fixed order, that total over 6,000 metres (20,000 ft) of elevation; there is some flexibility on route-choices between peaks.[2] Rounds completed outside of a cut-off time of 24-hours are not generally recorded.[1][3] Irish ultra-runner Joe Lalor is credited with the creation of the Round.[4][5]

Wicklow Round
Lugnaquilla, highest peak on the Round at 925 metres (3,035 ft); highest mountain in Leinster.
Length100 kilometres (62 mi)
depending on actual route
LocationWicklow Mountains, Ireland
TrailheadsFetherbed Track Junction
UseHiking, Fell running
Elevation changecirca 6,000 metres (19,685 ft)
depending on actual route
Highest pointLugnaquilla at 925 metres (3,035 ft)
Lowest pointDrumgroff at 50 metres (164 ft)
SeasonAll year round
Hazardssinkholes amongst heather
Surfacebogland, moorland, sheep paths, roads

The first person to complete the Round was Moire O’Sullivan, in a time of 22:58:30 on 29 May 2008; O'Sullivan went on to write a book about her experience on the Round called Mud, Sweat, and Tears.[6][7][8] Eoin Keith set a new record of 17:53:45 on 30 May 2009, which stood for nine years until it was beaten by U.S. runner, and Appalachian Trail record holder, Joe McConaughy, in a time of 17:09:44 on 6 May 2018.[2][9] Several other runners have set records for the fastest Round.[1][4] Between April and May 2019, the men's record was broken across three consecutive attempts, by Paddy O'Leary, Shane Lynch and Gavin Byrne. These attempts were featured in the short documentary film, "Coming Home - Ag Teacht Abhaile".

As of July 2019, the record is 15:04:30, set by Irish IAU Trail World Championships contestant, Gavin Byrne on 18 May 2019.[10]


Mullaghcleevaun, 2nd-highest peak on the Round at 849 metres (2,785 ft); second highest mountain in Wicklow.
Mullaghcleevaun, 2nd-highest peak on the Round at 849 metres (2,785 ft); second highest mountain in Wicklow.

The 26 mountains of the Wicklow Round must be completed in the order as outlined below, as well as the check-point in the forest of Drumgoff.[11]

Sequence Goal (peak or check-point)
StartMilitary Road – Featherbed Track junction
4Duff Hill
5Mullaghcleevaun East Top
10Table Mountain
14Carrawaystick Mountain
23War Hill
24Tonduff (also called Tonduff North)
25Prince William's Seat
EndMilitary Road – Featherbed Track junction


Summit of Luggala above Lough Tay; neighbouring summit of Knocknacloghoge is behind (left)
Summit of Luggala above Lough Tay; neighbouring summit of Knocknacloghoge is behind (left)

The Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) record the following sub-24 hour completions of the Wicklow Round:[11]

  Men's record holder (most recent record is the current record holder)
  Women's record holder (most recent record is the current record holder)
Name Date Time
Moire O Sullivan29 May 200922:58:30[9][6][10]
Eoin Keith30 May 200917:53:45[2][9][10][4]
Paul Mahon5 June 200919:39:25
Paul Nolan5 June 200919:39:25
Jason Reid5 June 200919:39:25
Adrian Tucker25 June 200922:18:45
Greg Byrne2 June 201220:56:00
Billy Reed2 June 201220:56:00
Finbar McGurren2 June 201220:56:00
Richard Nunan8 June 201321:57:02
Jeff Fitzsimons8 June 201321:57:02
Zoran Skrba8 June 201321:57:02
Gareth Little9 June 201323:39:36
Laurence Colleran30 May 201520:45:00
Liam Vines30 May 201520:45:00
Paul Morrissey14 June 201523:47:32
Andreas Kusch14 June 201523:47:32
Pol O'Murchu21 June 201523:25:03
Mike Jordan4 July 201523:21:00
Sam Scriven4 July 201523:21:00
Brian O'Meara4 July 201523:21:00
Kevin Shannon4 August 201521:59:36
Mark Shannon4 August 201521:59:36
Paul O'Callaghan28 May 201621:25:00
Adrian Hennessy6 June 201619:36:00
John Ryan Preston19 June 201621:06:00
Liam Vines11 December 201622:56:00
Karina Jonina6 May 201722:37:43[4]
Joseph McConaughy6 May 201817:09:44[2][9]
Paul Keville23 June 201822:59:00
Warren Swords 22 July 2018 23:13:45
Brian Kitson 22 July 1028 23:13:45
Paul O'Callaghan 21 December 2018 23:38:00
Paddy O'Leary13 April 201916:27:20[1][10][4]
Shane Lynch21 April 201916:23:32[1][10]
Gavin Byrne18 May 201915:04:30[10]
John Murray 2 June 2019 22:05:23
John Murray 3 August 2019 23:41:08
Daniela Lubiscakova 24 July 2020 23:14:26
Philip O'Connell 24 July 2020 23:14:26

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