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Coast / Coast

#1 Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis ( / ˌ b ɒ ɡ n ər ˈ r iː dʒ ɪ s / ), sometimes simply known as Bognor ( / ˌ b ɒ ɡ n ər / ), is a town and seaside resort in West Sussex on the south coast of England, 55.5 miles (89   km) south-west of London , 24 miles (39   km) west of Brighton , 5.81 miles (9   km) south-east of Chich

#2 Hunstanton

Hunstanton ( / ˈ h ʌ n s t ə n / ( listen ) [1] ) is a seaside town in Norfolk , England, which had a population of 4,229 at the 2011 Census. [2] It faces west across The Wash , making it one of the few places on the east coast of Great Britain where the sun sets over the sea. Hunstanton lies 102 mi

#3 Bridlington

Bridlington is a coastal town and a civil parish on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea in the East Riding of Yorkshire , England. It is about 28 miles (45   km) north of Hull and 34 miles (55   km) east of York . The Gypsey Race enters the North Sea at its harbour. The 2011 Census gave a parish p

#4 Juno Beach

Juno or Juno Beach was one of five beaches of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944 during the Second World War . The beach spanned from Courseulles , a village just east of the British beach Gold , to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer , and just west of the British

#5 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#6 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale ( / ˈ l ɔː d ər d eɪ l / ) is a coastal city located in the U.S. state of Florida , 30 miles (48   km) north of Miami along the Atlantic Ocean. It is the county seat of and largest city in Broward County with a population of 182,760 as of the 2020 Census making it the tenth largest c

#7 Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is a New Jersey state park located just south of Seaside Park on the Barnegat Peninsula in Berkeley Township , Ocean County , New Jersey , United States. The park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry . Most of the park encompasses the fo

#8 Poldhu

Poldhu is a small area in south Cornwall , England , UK , situated on the Lizard Peninsula ; it comprises Poldhu Point and Poldhu Cove. Poldhu means "black pool" in Cornish . Poldhu lies on the coast of Mount's Bay and is in the northern part of the parish of Mullion ; the churchtown is 2 kilometres

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Island / Island

#1 Mal di Ventre

Mal di Ventre ( Sardinian : Malu 'Entu ) is an island located off the coast of Sardinia. Mal di Ventre is notable for its Roman ruins and a Sardinian nationalist attempt at creating a micronation in 2008. Mal di Ventre Native name : Isula de Malu 'Entu Mal di Ventre Mal di Ventre Geography Location

#2 Wiay, Inner Hebrides

Wiay , pronounced "waya" ( Gaelic : Fuidheigh ) is an uninhabited island in Loch Bracadale , off the coast of the Isle of Skye Uninhabited island off the Isle of Skye For other places with the same name, see Wiay (disambiguation) . Wiay Scottish Gaelic name Fuidheigh Meaning of name Settlement Locat

#3 Krestovsky Island

Krestovsky Island ( Russian : Крестовский остров ) is a 3.4   km 2 island in Saint Petersburg , Russia , between several tributaries of the Neva : the Srednyaya Nevka , the Malaya Nevka and the Krestovka. The island is served by the Krestovsky Ostrov station of Saint Petersburg Metro . Until recentl

#4 St. Joseph Island (Ontario)

St. Joseph Island is in the northwestern part of Lake Huron . It is part of the Canadian province of Ontario . At 365   km 2 (141   sq   mi) in area, it is the sixth largest lake island in the world; the second largest island on Lake Huron, following Manitoulin Island ; and the third largest of all

#5 Numfor

Numfor (also Numfoor , Noemfoor , Noemfoer ) is one of the Schouten Islands (also known as the Biak Islands) in Papua province , northeastern Indonesia . Indonesian island off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea Numfor Numfor Geography Location Melanesia ; Maritime South East Asia Coordinates 1.0

#6 Mercer Island, Washington

Mercer Island is a city in King County , Washington , United States , located on an island of the same name in the southern portion of Lake Washington . Mercer Island is in the Seattle metropolitan area , [6] with Seattle to its west and Bellevue to its east. City in Washington, United States City i

#7 Silver Bank

Silver Bank ( Spanish : Banco de la Plata ) [1] is a submerged bank in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Dominican Republic and southeast of the territory of Turks and Caicos Islands . It covers an area of 1,680 square kilometres (649 square miles) . [2] It is separated from Mouchoir Bank in the west

#8 Namonuito Atoll

Namonuito Atoll , also called Namonweito , Weito , or Magur Islands , is the largest atoll of the Federated States of Micronesia and of the Caroline Islands with a total area of 2,267 square kilometres (875 square miles ) , unless one considers the still larger Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon as a type of atoll

#9 Wyspa Słodowa

Słodowa Island ( Polish pronunciation:   [ˈswɔdɔva] , lit.   ' Malt Island ' ) is a small islet on the Oder River within the Wrocław Old Town . [1] This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it . Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for sug

#10 McKissick Island

McKissick Island (also known as McKissick's Island ) is a former island in the Missouri River that is part of Nemaha County, Nebraska , United States. It is now fully east of the river, which is Nebraska's normal eastern border, and it can only be reached by land from mainland Nebraska by first goin

#11 San Miguel Island

San Miguel Island ( Chumash : Tuqan ) [1] is the westernmost of California's Channel Islands , located across the Santa Barbara Channel in the Pacific Ocean , within Santa Barbara County , California . San Miguel is the sixth-largest of the eight Channel Islands at 9,325 acres (3,774   ha) , includi

#12 Block Island

Block Island is an island in the U.S. state of Rhode Island located in Block Island Sound approximately 9 miles (14   km) south of the mainland and 14 miles (23   km) east of Montauk Point , Long Island, New York , named after Dutch explorer Adriaen Block . It is part of Washington County and shares

#13 Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [ˈiʎɐ ˈɡɾɐ̃dʒi] "Big Island") is an island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil . The island, which is part of the municipality of Angra dos Reis , remains largely undeveloped. For almost a century it was closed by the Brazilian government t

#14 Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll ( colloquial : Midway Islands ; Hawaiian : Kauihelani , lit.   ' the backbone of heaven ' ; Pihemanu , ' the loud din of birds ' ) [2] [3] is a 2.4   sq   mi (6.2   km 2 ) atoll in the North Pacific Ocean. Midway Atoll is an insular area of the United States and is an unorganized and un

#15 Savage Islands

The Savage Islands or Selvagens Islands ( Portuguese : Ilhas Selvagens IPA:   [ˈiʎɐʃ sɛɫˈvaʒɐ̃j̃ʃ] ; also known as the Salvage Islands [2] [3] ) are a small Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, 280 kilometres (175   mi) south of Madeira , and 165 kilometres (105   mi) north of the Can

#16 Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll ( / ˈ b ɪ k ɪ ˌ n iː / or / b ɪ ˈ k iː n i / ; Marshallese : Pikinni , [pʲiɡinnʲi] , meaning "coconut place"), [2] sometimes known as Eschscholtz Atoll between the 1800s and 1946 [3] is a coral reef in the Marshall Islands consisting of 23 islands surrounding a 229.4-square-mile (594.1

#17 Enewetak Atoll

Enewetak Atoll ( / ɛ ˈ n iː w ə ˌ t ɔː k , ˌ ɛ n ɪ ˈ w iː t ɔː k / ; [2] also spelled Eniwetok Atoll or sometimes Eniewetok ; Marshallese : Ānewetak , [ænʲeːwɛːdˠɑk] , or Āne-wātak , [ænʲeːwæːdˠɑk] ; [3] known to the Japanese as Brown Atoll or Brown Island ; Japanese : ブラウン環礁 ) is a large coral atol

#18 Masthead Island

Masthead Island is a coral cay located in the southern Great Barrier Reef , 60 kilometres northeast of Gladstone , Queensland . The island is a protected area and forms part of Capricornia Cays National Park . Masthead Island is one of the most undisturbed cays in the national park because human and

#19 Newfoundland (island)

Newfoundland ( / ˈ nj uː f ən ( d ) l ə n d , - l æ n d , nj uː ˈ f aʊ n d -/ , locally / ˌ nj uː f ən d ˈ l æ n d / ; [5] French: Terre-Neuve , Canadian French:   [taɛ̯ʁ.nœːv] ; Miꞌkmaq : Ktaqmkuk ) [6] is a large island off the east coast of the North American mainland and the most populous part o

#20 Cape Verde

Cape Verde ( / ˈ v ɜːr d ( i )/ ( listen ) ) or Cabo Verde ( / ˌ k ɑː b oʊ ˈ v ɜːr d eɪ / ( listen ) , / ˌ k æ b -/ ; Portuguese:   [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ] ), officially the Republic of Cabo Verde , is an archipelago and island country in the central Atlantic Ocean, consisting of ten volcanic islands with a

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Hekla

Hekla ( Icelandic pronunciation:   ​ [ˈhɛhkla] ( listen ) ), or Hecla , [2] [3] is a stratovolcano in the south of Iceland with a height of 1,491   m (4,892   ft) . Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes ; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middl

#2 Goode Mountain

Goode Mountain is one of the major peaks of the North Cascades in the U.S. state of Washington . Named for topographer Richard U. Goode of the USGS , [4] it is the highest peak located in North Cascades National Park , [5] between the Skagit River and Lake Chelan . It is the fourth-highest non-volca

#3 Mount Izaak Walton

Mount Izaak Walton is a 12,077-foot-elevation (3,681   meter) mountain summit located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Fresno County of northern California , United States. [4] It is situated in the John Muir Wilderness , on land managed by Sierra National Forest . Mount Izaak Walton ranks as

#4 Toba catastrophe theory

The Youngest Toba eruption was a supervolcano eruption that occurred around 74,000 years ago [1] at the site of present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra , Indonesia . It is one of the Earth 's largest known explosive eruptions . The Toba catastrophe theory holds that this event caused a global volcanic wint

#5 Dunagiri (mountain)

Dunagiri (7,066 m) is one of the high peaks of the Chamoli District Himalayas in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand . It lies at the northwest corner of the Sanctuary Wall, A ring of peaks surrounding Nanda Devi and enclosing the Nanda Devi Sanctuary . For the area in Uttarakhand, see Dunagiri

#6 Mont Valier

Mont Valier ( Languedocien : Mont Valièr ) (2,838 m) is a mountain of the Pyrenees in Ariège , France. Mont Valier Mont Valier seen from the Port d'Aula Highest   point Elevation 2,838   m (9,311   ft) [1] Coordinates 42°47′52″N 01°05′08″E Geography Mont Valier Location in the Pyrenees Location Ariè

#7 Center Peak

Center Peak is a 12,760-foot-elevation (3,890   meter) mountain summit located one mile west of the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in the northeast corner of Tulare County in northern California . [4] It is situated in eastern Kings Canyon National Park , 11 miles (18   km) southwest of

#8 Zugspitze

The Zugspitze ( German pronunciation: [ˈtsuːkʃpɪtsə] ), at 2,962   m (9,718   ft) above sea level , is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany . It lies south of the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen , and the Austria–Germany border runs over its western

#9 Crowborough

Crowborough is a town and civil parish in East Sussex , England, in the Weald at the edge of Ashdown Forest in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty , 7   miles (11   km) south-west of Royal Tunbridge Wells and 33   miles (53   km) south of London . It had a population 20,607 at the 2011

#10 Mount Logan (Quebec)

Mount Logan is a mountain on the Gaspé Peninsula , in Quebec , Canada . Part of the Chic-Choc Mountains , Mount Logan rises 1,150 metres (3,773   ft) above sea level, making it the highest point in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region and one of the few Quebec peaks over 1,100 metres (3,609   ft) . Mountain

#11 Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is a quartz monzonite dome monadnock and the site of Stone Mountain Park , 16 miles (26   km) east of Atlanta, Georgia . Outside the park is the small city of Stone Mountain, Georgia . The park is the most visited tourist site in the state of Georgia. Mountain and park in Georgia, Uni

#12 McClellan Peak

McClellan Peak is an 8,364   ft summit located in Chelan County of Washington state. Its name honors Army explorer George B. McClellan who visited the area in 1853. [4] McClellan Peak forms part of the south rim of The Enchantments lake basin within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness , and it belongs to th

#13 Pisco (mountain)

Pisco is a mountain in Peru , located in the Cordillera Blanca about 60   km north of Huaraz . It was first climbed on July 12, 1951 by C. Kogan, G. Kogan, R.Leininger and M. Lenoir. Mountain in Peru This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2016 ) Pisco Pisco and Chacraraju r

#14 Blue Mountains (New South Wales)

The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales , Australia . The region borders on Sydney 's metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres (31   mi) west of centre of the state capital , close to Penrith on the outskirts of Greater Sydney

#15 Rugged Mountain

Rugged Mountain is the apex of the Haihte Range on Vancouver Island , British Columbia . From it, several glaciers, Nootka Sound , Woss Lake and the Tlupana Range are in view. Rugged Mountain NW aspect in February Highest   point Elevation 1,861   m (6,106   ft) [1] Prominence 1,571   m (5,154   ft)

#16 Lexington Tower

Lexington Tower is a 7,560-foot-elevation granite pinnacle located in the North Cascades , approximately one mile south of Washington Pass along the North Cascades Highway . It is set within the Okanogan–Wenatchee National Forest , on the shared border of Okanogan County and Chelan County in the sta

#17 Goûter Hut

The Goûter Hut ( French : Refuge du Goûter ), is a mountain refuge in the French department of Haute-Savoie . [1] It is located at a height of 3,835 metres (12,582   ft) on the Arete du Goûter in the municipality of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains . It overlooks the Glacier de Bionnassay, and is the highest

#18 Mount Vancouver

Mount Vancouver is the 15th highest mountain in North America . Its southern side lies in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve at the top of the Alaska panhandle , while its northern side is in Kluane National Park and Reserve in the southwestern corner of Yukon , Canada. Mount Vancouver has three

#19 Ramsay Round

The Ramsay Round , also known as the Charlie Ramsay Round , is a long distance hill running challenge near Fort William, Scotland . The route is a circuit of 58 miles (93 kilometres), taking in 24 summits with a total climb of around 28,500 feet (8,700 metres). Ben Nevis , Great Britain 's highest p

#20 Hyrcanian forests

The Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests ecoregion ( Persian : جنگل های هیرکانی ) are a zone of lush lowland and montane forests covering about 55,000 square kilometres (21,000   sq   mi) adjoining the shores of the Caspian Sea of Iran and part of that of Azerbaijan . The forest is named after the ancien

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project

The Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project is a 456 MW peaking run-of-the-river hydroelectric project in Nepal . [1] It is the largest hydroelectric project in Nepal, operating since July 2021. [2] [3] It is sited on the Tamakoshi River (also spelled Tama Koshi), a tributary of the Sapt Koshi river (

#2 Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón ( Icelandic pronunciation:   [ˈjœːkʏlsˌaurˌlouːn] ( listen ) ; literally "glacial river lagoon") is a large glacial lake in southern part of Vatnajökull National Park , Iceland . Situated at the head of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, it developed into a lake after the glacier started re

#3 Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary Ramsar Site is located in Jhajjar district , which is about 15   km from Jhajjar in Haryana. On 3 June 2009, it is also declared as bird sanctuary by Indian Government. [2] Small black bird Saxicoloides fulicatus at Bhindawas This article includes a list of general refer

#4 Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir is a reservoir situated at the head of the Hodder valley in the Forest of Bowland , Lancashire , England (historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire until 1974). It provides water mainly for Blackpool and the Fylde coast. The reservoir has a fly fishing club which is very popular

#5 Llyn Conwy

Llyn Conwy (SH780462) is a lake in the county of Conwy in central north Wales . It is the source of the River Conwy which, on flowing south out of the lake, swings round to then generally flow in a northerly direction for a distance of some 27 miles (43   km) to its discharge in Conwy Bay . Llyn Con

#6 Cedar Creek Reservoir (Texas)

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a reservoir located in Henderson and Kaufman Counties, Texas ( USA ), 50   miles   (80.5   km) southeast of Dallas . It is built on Cedar Creek , which flows into the Trinity River . Floodwaters are discharged through a gated spillway into a discharge channel that connects t

#7 Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain ( / ʃ æ m ˈ p l eɪ n / sham- PLAYN ; French : Lac Champlain ) is a natural freshwater lake in North America . It mostly lies between the US states of New York and Vermont , but also extends north into the Canadian province of Quebec . [3] Lake in New York, Vermont and Quebec This arti

#8 Yamhill River lock and dam

The Yamhill River lock and dam was completed in 1900. It was built near Lafayette, Oregon , to allow better river transport on the Yamhill River from Dayton , to McMinnville, Oregon . While the Corps of Engineers had recommended against construction of the lock, it was built anyway, largely as a res

#9 Coralville Lake

Coralville Lake is an artificial lake in Johnson County, Iowa , United States, formed by the Coralville Dam , a dam built from 1949 to 1958 on the Iowa River upstream from the city of Coralville, Iowa . Body of water Coralville Lake Coralville Dam on June 15, 2008, with the main control gates fully

#10 Lake Accotink

Lake Accotink is a reservoir in North Springfield in Fairfax County , Virginia , United States . Lake Accotink is formed by the damming of Accotink Creek . The lake is surrounded by Lake Accotink Park. Reservoir in North Springfield, Virginia USA Body of water Lake Accotink Lake Accotink Lake Accoti

#11 Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland body of water , often described as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea. [2] [3] [4] An endorheic basin , it lies between Europe and Asia; east of the Caucasus , west of the broad steppe of Central Asia , south of the fertile plains of Southern

#12 Cropley Lake

Cropley Lake is an alpine lake in the Juneau, Alaska , United States. Located on Douglas Island , it is 2 miles (3.2   km) southwest of Table Top Mountain , and 5 miles (8.0   km) southwest of the city of Juneau. Cropley Lake is the source of Fish Creek . [1] Body of water Cropley Lake Cropley Lake

#13 Lake Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d'Alene , officially Coeur d'Alene Lake ( / ˌ k ɔːr d ə ˈ l eɪ n / KOR də- LAYN ), is a natural dam-controlled lake in North Idaho , located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States . At its northern end is the city of Coeur d'Alene . It spans 25 miles (40   km) in length and

#14 Chiang Saen Lake

Chiang Saen Lake ( Thai : ทะเลสาบเชียงแสน ) is a natural freshwater lake in Thailand, it is located in Yonok Subdistrict , Chiang Saen District , Chiang Rai Province , northernmost Thailand . Nong Bong Kai Non-hunting Area Chiang Saen Lake IUCN category III ( natural monument or feature ) Location C

#15 Houston Lake (Georgia)

Houston Lake is located approximately ten miles 10   mi (16   km) southwest of Warner Robins, Georgia , in central Houston County, Georgia on Mossy Creek. Body of water Houston Lake Houston Lake Show map of Georgia Houston Lake Show map of the United States Location Houston County, Georgia Coordinat

#16 O'Shaughnessy Dam (Ohio)

The O'Shaughnessy Dam is located on the Scioto River near Dublin , Ohio , United States . The dam forms O'Shaughnessy Reservoir, which is a major source of drinking water for the city of Columbus . It was completed in 1925 following recommendations of then superintendent Jerry O'Shaughnessy (for who

#17 Lyngby Lake

Lyngby Lake ( Danish : Lyngby Sø) is a lake located on the border between Lyngby-Taarbæk and Gladsaxe municipalities in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen , Denmark . It is the smallest of the four lakes that are located on Mølleåen . At the east end of the lake is an embankment with a lake promenad

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River / River

#1 Joshua Jones (TV series)

Joshua Jones is a British stop motion children's television series produced by Bumper Films in 1992. Bumper Films also produced Rocky Hollow and Fireman Sam . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2021 ) Joshua Jones Created by Rob Lee Developed by Bob Wilson Written

#2 Aptos Creek

Aptos Creek is a southward flowing 9.5 miles (15.3   km) creek that begins on Santa Rosalia Mountain on the southwestern slope of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Cruz County , California and enters Monterey Bay , at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California . [3] Creek in Santa Cruz County, Califo

#3 Tuscarawas River

The Tuscarawas River is a principal tributary of the Muskingum River , 129.9 miles (209   km) long, in northeastern Ohio in the United States . Via the Muskingum and Ohio rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River , draining an area of 2,590 square miles (6,700   km 2 ) on glaciate

#4 Caldon Canal

Caldon Canal is a branch of the Trent and Mersey Canal which opened in 1779. It runs 18 miles (29   km) from Etruria , Stoke-on-Trent , to Froghall , Staffordshire. The canal has 17 locks and the 76-yard (69   m) Froghall Tunnel. [1] Caldon Canal The southern portal of Leek Tunnel Specifications Len

#5 Galwan River

The Galwan River flows from the disputed Aksai Chin area administered by China to the Ladakh Union Territory of India . It originates near the caravan campsite Samzungling on the eastern side of the Karakoram range and flows west to join the Shyok River . The point of confluence is 102   km south of

#6 River Parrett

The River Parrett flows through the counties of Dorset and Somerset in South West England , from its source in the Thorney Mills springs in the hills around Chedington in Dorset. Flowing northwest through Somerset and the Somerset Levels to its mouth at Burnham-on-Sea , into the Bridgwater Bay natur

#7 Sulm (Germany)

The Sulm is a river in the Heilbronn district of Baden-Württemberg , Germany . It is an unnavigable right tributary of the Neckar . It rises in the Löwenstein Mountains and after 26.3 kilometres (16.3   mi) distance and 315 metres (1,033   ft) elevation drop flows into the Neckar at Bad Friedrichsha

#8 Krabi River

The Krabi River ( Thai : แม่น้ำกระบี่ , RTGS :   Maenam Krabi , pronounced [mɛ̂ː.náːm krā.bìː] ) is a river in Southern Thailand . The Krabi river is 5 kilometres long, as it is the main channel within a larger estuary to the Andaman Sea . The other two main channels are the Yuan River to the south

#9 Brazos Santiago Pass (Texas)

Brazos Santiago Pass is a natural coastal landform located in the Lower Laguna Madre and Lower Rio Grande Valley on the furthest southern beach terrain of the Texas Gulf Coast . [2] The seacoast passage is interpolated by barrier islands encompassing the southern Brazos Island and the northern South

#10 River Wharfe

The River Wharfe ( / hw ɔːr f / WHORF ) is a river in Yorkshire , England originating within the Yorkshire Dales National Park . For much of its middle course it is the county boundary between West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire . Its valley is known as Wharfedale . River in Yorkshire, England River

#11 Huron River (Ohio)

The Huron River is a 14.9-mile-long (24.0   km) [1] waterway in the north central Ohio in the United States . The watershed drains large portions of Erie County and Huron County , the northeast corners of Seneca County and Crawford County , and northern portions of Richland County . River in the Uni

#12 Neshaminy Creek

Neshaminy Creek is a 40.7-mile-long (65.5   km) [1] stream that runs entirely through Bucks County , Pennsylvania , rising south of the borough of Chalfont , where its north and west branches join. Neshaminy Creek flows southeast toward Bristol Township and Bensalem Township to its confluence with t

#13 Stourbridge Basin

Stourbridge Basin was a canal basin at Amblecote , Stourbridge , West Midlands , England . It lay at the end of the 'Stourbridge Town Arm', a short canal branch which connected to the Stourbridge Canal at Wordsley Junction. The basin was also the site of the Amblecote Goods Depot at the terminus of

#14 Black Pockau

The Black Pockau ( German : Schwarze Pockau or Schwarzwasser , Czech : Černá ) is a river of Saxony , Germany , in the Ore Mountains . It is a left tributary of the Flöha . This virtually unspoilt wild stream with a length of 33   km (21   mi) is known for the picturesque gorge in its middle reaches

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Sea / Sea

#1 Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov ( Russian : Азовское море , romanized :   Azovskoye more ; Ukrainian : Азовське море , romanized :   Azovs’ke more ) [3] is a sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the narrow (about 4   km or 2.5   mi ) Strait of Kerch , and is sometimes regarded as a northern extension

#2 Providence Bay

Providence Bay ( Russian : Бу́хта Провиде́ния , Bukhta Provideniya [1] ) is a fjord in the southern coast of the Chukchi Peninsula of northeastern Siberia. It was a popular rendezvous, wintering spot, and provisioning spot for whalers and traders in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Emma

#3 Hanotaux Bay

The Hanotaux Bay is a freshwater body located in the south-west part of Gouin Reservoir , in the territory of the town of La Tuque , in the administrative region of Mauricie , in the province of Quebec , in Canada . Body of water Hanotaux Bay Watershed of Saint-Maurice River Hanotaux Bay Location La

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