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Coast / Coast

#1 Melville Island (Nova Scotia)

Melville Island is a small peninsula in Nova Scotia , Canada, located in the Northwest Arm of Halifax Harbour , west of Deadman's Island . It is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality . The land is rocky, with thin, acidic soil, but supports a limited woodland habitat. Small peninsula in Nova Sco

#2 Mud Island, Memphis

Mud Island is a small peninsula located in Memphis, Tennessee . [1] It is bordered by the Mississippi River to the west and the Wolf River and Harbor Town to the east. Mud Island River Park is located within the Memphis city limits, 1.2 miles from the coast of downtown. Mud Island includes a museum,

#3 Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach , or simply Daytona , is a city of about 73,000 residents in Central Florida on its Atlantic coast. In Volusia County , it is approximately 42 miles (67.6   km) northeast of Orlando , 64 miles (103.0   km) southeast of Jacksonville , and 231 miles (371.8   km) northwest of Miami . It i

#4 Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City , officially the Town of Ocean City , is an Atlantic resort town in Worcester County , Maryland , United States. Ocean City is a major beach resort area along the East Coast of the United States . The population was 6,844 at the 2020 U.S. census , although during summer weekends the city

#5 Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield Beach is a city in Broward County , Florida , United States, just south of the Palm Beach County line. The city is named for the numerous deer that once roamed the area. As of the 2020 census , the population was 86,859. It is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area , which is home

#6 Playland (New York)

Playland , often called Rye Playland and also known as Playland Amusement Park , is an amusement park located in Rye, New York , along the Long Island Sound . Built in 1928, the 280-acre (110   ha) park is owned by the Westchester County government. Beginning with the 2018 season, Standard Amusement

#7 Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach (also known as O.B. ) is a beachfront neighborhood of San Diego , California . "Ocean Beach, California" redirects here. For the beach in San Francisco, see Ocean Beach, San Francisco . Community of San Diego in California Ocean Beach, San Diego OB Community of San Diego Ocean Beach The

#8 Nags Head, North Carolina

Nags Head is a town in Dare County , North Carolina , United States. It is a busy vacation spot because of its beaches and sand dunes of Jockey's Ridge . The population was 3,146 at the 2020 census. [5] Town in North Carolina, United States Nags Head, North Carolina Town Flag Seal Location in Dare C

#9 Venice, Los Angeles

Venice is a neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles within the Westside region of Los Angeles County, California . Neighborhood of Los Angeles in California, United States Venice, Los Angeles Neighborhood of Los Angeles Venice Beach and Boardwalk, 2005 Venice neighborhood as delineated by the Los An

#10 Constable Hook

Constable Hook is a cape located on the north side of the outlet of Kill van Kull into Upper New York Bay in Bayonne, New Jersey . The cape has long been an important site of marine transfer operations in the Port of New York and New Jersey . Just offshore, Robbins Reef Light serves to guide harbor

#11 Bethany Beach, Delaware

Bethany Beach is an incorporated town in Sussex County , Delaware , United States. According to the 2010 Census Bureau figures, the population of the town is 1,060; [3] however, during the summer months some 15,000 more populate the town as vacationers. [4] It is part of the Salisbury, MD-DE Metropo

#12 Nugget Point

Nugget Point ( Māori : Tokatā ) is one of the most iconic landforms on the Otago coast. Located at the northern end of the Catlins coast , along the road from Kaka Point , this steep headland has a lighthouse at its tip, surrounded by rocky islets ( The Nuggets ). The point is home to many seabirds,

#13 Dungeness

Dungeness ( UK : / ˌ d ʌ n dʒ ə ˈ n ɛ s / [1] ) is a headland on the coast of Kent , England, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland . It shelters a large area of low-lying land, Romney Marsh . Dungeness spans Dungeness Nuclear Power Station , the hamlet of Dungeness, an

#14 New Barbadoes Neck

New Barbadoes Neck is the name given in the colonial era for the peninsula in northeastern New Jersey , USA between the lower Hackensack and Passaic Rivers , in what is now western Hudson County and southern Bergen County . The neck begins in the south at Kearny Point in the Newark Bay and is charac

#15 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale ( / ˈ l ɔː d ər d eɪ l / ) is a coastal city located in the U.S. state of Florida , 30 miles (48   km) north of Miami along the Atlantic Ocean. It is the county seat of and largest city in Broward County with a population of 182,760 as of the 2020 Census making it the tenth largest c

#16 Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is a New Jersey state park located just south of Seaside Park on the Barnegat Peninsula in Berkeley Township , Ocean County , New Jersey , United States. The park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry . Most of the park encompasses the fo

#17 Hermosa Beach, California

Hermosa Beach ( Hermosa , Spanish for "Beautiful") [9] [10] is a beachfront city in Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California , United States. Its population was 19,728 at the 2020 U.S. Census . The city is located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles area; it is one of the th

#18 Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County , Florida , United States. The population of Delray Beach as of April 1, 2020 was 66,846 according to the 2020 United States Census . [9] Located 52 miles north of Miami , Delray Beach is in the Miami metropolitan area . City in Palm Beach County, Florida

#19 Stinson Beach, California

Stinson Beach is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Marin County , California , on the west coast of the United States. Stinson Beach is located 2.5 miles (4   km) east-southeast of Bolinas , [6] at an elevation of 26 feet (8   m) . [4] The population of the Stinson Bea

#20 Riegelmann Boardwalk

The Riegelmann Boardwalk (also known as the Coney Island Boardwalk ) is a 2.7-mile-long (4.3   km) boardwalk along the southern shore of the Coney Island peninsula in the New York City borough of Brooklyn , facing the Atlantic Ocean . Opened in 1923, the boardwalk runs between West 37th Street at th

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Island / Island

#1 Sark

Sark ( French: Sercq , French pronunciation:   ​ [sɛʁ] ; Sercquiais : Sèr or Cerq ) is a part of the Channel Islands in the southwestern English Channel , off the coast of Normandy , France . It is a royal fief , which forms part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey , with its own set of laws based on Norma

#2 Ko Sichang district

Ko Sichang (or Koh Sichang , Thai : เกาะสีชัง , pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ̚ sǐː.t͡ɕʰāŋ] ) is a district ( amphoe ) of Chonburi province , Thailand . It consists of the island of Ko Sichang and its adjoining islands. Ko Sichang is in the Gulf of Thailand , 12   km off the shore of Si Racha district . District

#3 Numfor

Numfor (also Numfoor , Noemfoor , Noemfoer ) is one of the Schouten Islands (also known as the Biak Islands) in Papua province , northeastern Indonesia . Indonesian island off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea Numfor Numfor Geography Location Melanesia ; Maritime South East Asia Coordinates 1.0

#4 Kaskaskia, Illinois

Kaskaskia is a village in Randolph County, Illinois . Having been inhabited by indigenous peoples, it was settled by France as part of the Illinois Country . It was named for the Kaskaskia people. Its population peaked at about 7,000 in the 18th century, when it was a regional center. During the Ame

#5 Dashli ada

Dashli ada ( Azerbaijani : Daşlı ada ), Ignat Dash or Kamen Ignatiya ( Russian : Камень Игнатия , lit.   ' Ignatius Rock ' ) is an island in the Caspian Sea . It is one of the islands of Baku Archipelago located in the Bay of Baku , 74 km to the south of Baku . Dashli ada is part of the Baku Archipe

#6 Île aux Cygnes

Île aux Cygnes ( French:   [il o siɲ] ; English: Isle of the Swans ) is a small artificial island on the river Seine in Paris , France, in the 15th arrondissement . It was created in 1827 to protect the bridge named the pont de Grenelle . It should not be confused with an earlier Île des Cygnes that

#7 St Ninian's Isle

St Ninian's Isle is a small tied island connected by the largest tombolo in the UK [2] to the south-western coast of the Mainland, Shetland , in Scotland . It is part of the civil parish of Dunrossness on the South Mainland. The tombolo, known locally as an ayre [3] from the Old Norse for "gravel ba

#8 Turtle Islands, Tawi-Tawi

Turtle Islands , officially the Municipality of Turtle Islands , is a 5th class municipality in the province of Tawi-Tawi , Philippines . According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 5,683 people.   [3] Municipality in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines Turtle Islan

#9 Tuzla Island

Tuzla Island ( Ukrainian : Тузла , Russian : Тузла , Crimean Tatar : Тузла ; from Turkish "tuzla" – salty, saline, literally: add salt) is a sandy islet in the form of a spit located in the middle of the Strait of Kerch between the Kerch Peninsula in the west and the Taman Peninsula in the east. The

#10 Sabrina Island (Azores)

Sabrina Island ( Portuguese : Ilha Sabrina ) was an islet formed during the months of June and July 1811 by a submarine volcanic eruption off the coast of Ponta da Ferraria, São Miguel Island , Azores . The first person to land on the island was Commander James Tillard , captain of the British warsh

#11 Ve Skerries

The Ve Skerries or Vee Skerries [1] ( Old Norse : Vestan sker , West Skerries) are a group of low skerries (rocky islands) three miles (4.8   km) north west of Papa Stour , on the west coast of Shetland , Scotland. They define the southwest perimeter of St Magnus Bay . [2] Small islands in the west

#12 Crete

Crete ( Greek : Κρήτη , Modern : Kríti [ˈkɾiti] , Ancient : Krḗtē [krɛ̌ːtεː] ) is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands , the 88th largest island in the world and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea , after Sicily , Sardinia , Cyprus , and Corsica . Crete rests about 160  

#13 Neshobe Island

Neshobe Island is an island in Lake Bomoseen in the town of Castleton , U.S. state of Vermont . It is particularly known for its association during the 1920s and 1930s with the writer Alexander Woollcott , a member of the Algonquin Round Table , a group of literary figures. The island was given its

#14 Staten Island

Staten Island ( / ˈ s t æ t ən / STAT -ən ) is a borough of New York City , coextensive with Richmond County , in the U.S. state of New York . Located in the city's southwest portion, the borough is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull and from the rest of New York by N

#15 Priest Island

Priest Island ( Scottish Gaelic : Eilean a' Chlèirich ) is a small, uninhabited island in the Summer Isles off the west coast of Scotland . Priest Island Scottish Gaelic name Eilean a' Chlèirich Meaning of name Priest Island Location Priest Island Priest Island shown within Highland Scotland OS grid

#16 Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina

The Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina ( Spanish : Archipiélago de San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina , pronounced   [aɾtʃiˈpjelaɣo ðe ˌsan anˈdɾes pɾoβiˈðensja i ˌsanta kataˈlina] ), or San Andrés and Providencia , is one of the departments of Colombia , and the only on

#17 Geography of Greenland

Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean , northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland . The territory comprises the island of Greenland—the largest island in the world —and more than a hundred other smaller islands (see alphabetic list ). Greenland has a 1.2 kilom

#18 Mangsee Islands

The Mangsee Islands are a group of two small islands in the far south west portion of the Philippines . The group comprises North Mangsee Island and South Mangsee Island. Together they form a barangay within the Balabac , a municipality of the province of Palawan . Based on the 2010 Census, the popu

#19 Nishinoshima (Ogasawara)

Nishi-no-shima ( Japanese : 西之島 , "western island") is a volcanic island located around 940   km (584   mi) south-southeast of Tokyo , [2] that is part of the Volcano Islands arc. Active volcanic island belonging to the Volcano Islands arc Nishinoshima Native name: 西之島 Nishinoshima on 1 December 201

#20 Channel Islands

The Channel Islands ( Norman : Îles d'la Manche ; French : îles Anglo-Normandes or îles de la Manche ) [note 1] are an archipelago in the English Channel , off the French coast of Normandy . They include two Crown Dependencies : the Bailiwick of Jersey , which is the largest of the islands; and the

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Independence Monument (Colorado)

Independence Monument is a 5,739-foot-elevation (1,749 meter) sandstone pillar located in Colorado National Monument , in Mesa County of western Colorado , United States. [1] This iconic 450-foot-high landmark is situated one mile southeast of the monument's visitor center , and 9 miles (14   km) we

#2 Mount Olympus (Washington)

Mount Olympus , at 7,980 feet (2,430   m) , is the tallest and most prominent mountain in the Olympic Mountains of western Washington state. Located on the Olympic Peninsula , it is also the central feature of Olympic National Park . Mount Olympus is the highest summit of the Olympic Mountains; howe

#3 Geospatial summary of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield

The geospatial summary of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield is a compilation of the basic geospatial properties (location, elevation and prominence) of the peaks/summits within the general area of the Juneau Icefield located North and East of Juneau, Alaska extending north to Skagway, Al

#4 Burkhan Khaldun

The Burkhan Khaldun ( Cyrillic : Бурхан Халдун) is one of the Khentii Mountains in the Khentii Province of northeastern Mongolia . The mountain or its locality is believed to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan as well as his tomb . It is also the birthplace of one of his most successful generals, Sub

#5 San Juan Hill

San Juan Hill is a series of hills to the east of Santiago , Cuba , running north to south. The area is known as the San Juan Heights or in Spanish Alturas de San Juan before Spanish–American War of 1898, and are now part of Lomas de San Juan. Hills east of Santiago, Cuba and scene of a battle For o

#6 Mars Hill (Maine)

Mars Hill is a mountain located in Mars Hill , Maine , and gave the town its name. This article needs additional citations for verification . ( July 2013 ) Mars Hill Highest   point Elevation 1,748   ft (533   m) Prominence 1,210   ft (370   m) [1] Coordinates 46°31′16″N 67°48′49″W Geography Mars Hi

#7 Cordillera Central (Luzon)

The Cordillera Central or Cordillera Range is a massive mountain range 320 km (198 miles) long north-south and 118 km (73 miles) east-west. The Cordillera mountain range is situated in the north-central part of the island of Luzon , in the Philippines . The mountain range encompasses all provinces o

#8 Mount Pelée

Mount Pelée or Mont Pelée ( / p ə ˈ l eɪ / pə- LAY ; French : Montagne Pelée , [mɔ̃taɲ pəle] ; Antillean Creole : Montann Pèlé , meaning "bald mountain" or "peeled mountain") [3] is an active volcano at the northern end of Martinique , an island and French overseas department in the Lesser Antilles

#9 Devils Tower

Devils Tower (also known as Bear Lodge Butte ) [8] is a butte , possibly laccolithic , composed of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills , near Hulett and Sundance in Crook County , northeastern Wyoming , above the Belle Fourche River . It rises 1,267 feet (386 m) above t

#10 Tibesti Mountains

The Tibesti Mountains are a mountain range in the central Sahara , primarily located in the extreme north of Chad , with a small portion located in southern Libya . The highest peak in the range, Emi Koussi , lies to the south at a height of 3,415 meters (11,204   ft) and is the highest point in bot

#11 Mount Mantalingajan

Mount Mantalingahan (or Mantalingahan or Mantaling ) is the highest mountain in the island province of Palawan in the Philippines , with an elevation of 6,844   ft (2,086   m) above sea level, its ranked 68th-highest peak of an island on Earth and 10th-most prominent mountain in the Philippines . Lo

#12 South Guard

South Guard is a remote 13,232-foot-elevation (4,033 meter) mountain summit located near the northern end of the Great Western Divide of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Tulare County of northern California . [3] It is situated in Kings Canyon National Park , 1.63 miles (2.62   km) south of Nort

#13 Tresidder Peak

Tresidder Peak is a mountain in Yosemite National Park , California . The mountain has two summits (peaks or arêtes), about half a mile (800 meters) apart, with the southern peak being the highest. The elevation of the south peak has not been exactly determined but is given as between 10,605 feet (3

#14 Mont Maudit

Mont Maudit (4,465 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in France and Italy . The French name literally means "Cursed Mountain". Until the end of the 18th century, Mont Blanc and its satellite peaks were collectively known in French as the Montagne Maudite . Mountain in the Mont Blanc massif Mo

#15 Pinaleño Mountains

The Pinaleño Mountains (in Yavapai : Walkame —"pine mountains" or in Western Apache : Dził Nnilchí' Diyiléé —"pine-burdened mountain"), are a remote mountain range in southeastern Arizona, near Safford (Ich'į' Nahiłtį́į́) , Arizona . The mountains have over 7,000 feet (2,100   m) of vertical relief,

#16 Skamlingsbanken

Skamlingsbanken is a large hill located in Vejstrup Parish , Jutland , Denmark, between Kolding and Christiansfeld . With a peak rising to 113 metres (371   ft) above sea level, it is the highest point in Southern Jutland . Skamlingsbanken Memorial on Højskamling at Skamling for 18 people. (marts 20

#17 Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is a mountain of the Diablo Range , in Contra Costa County of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California . It is south of Clayton and northeast of Danville . It is an isolated upthrust peak of 3,849 feet (1,173 meters) , visible from most of the San Francisco Bay Area. Mo

#18 Sentinel Rock

Sentinel Rock is a granitic peak in Yosemite National Park , California , United States . It towers over Yosemite Valley , opposite Yosemite Falls . [5] Sentinel Rock lies 0.7 miles (1.1   km) northwest of Sentinel Dome . Sentinel Rock is a granitic peak in Yosemite National Park, California, United

#19 Mount Robinson (California)

Mount Robinson is a 12,967-foot-elevation (3,952   meter) mountain summit located in Inyo County , California , United States. [5] Mount Robinson Southwest aspect, from Mt. Agassiz Highest   point Elevation 12,967   ft (3,952   m) [1] [2] Prominence 367   ft (112   m) [3] Parent peak Aperture Peak (

#20 Larderello

Larderello is a frazione of the comune of Pomarance , in Tuscany in central Italy , renowned for its geothermal productivity. Frazione in Tuscany, Italy Larderello Frazione Larderello Location of Larderello in Italy Coordinates: 43°14′23″N 10°53′20″E Country   Italy Region   Tuscany Province Pisa (P

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Canadarago Lake

Canadarago Lake is a 1,917-acre (7.76   km 2 ) lake located in Otsego County, New York and is the source of Oaks Creek . [4] The Village of Richfield Springs is located at the lake's northern end. [5] It is the second largest lake in Otsego County, lying to the west of and parallel to the larger Ots

#2 Llwyn-on Reservoir

Llwyn-on Reservoir (or Llwyn Onn Reservoir) is the largest and southernmost of the three reservoirs in the Taf Fawr valley in South Wales . Cardiff Corporation Waterworks obtained an Act of Parliament in 1884 to authorise construction of the reservoirs, to increase the water supply for Cardiff , but

#3 Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric gravity dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping , in Yiling District , Yichang , Hubei province, central China , downstream of the Three Gorges . The Three Gorges Dam has been the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity

#4 Watauga Lake

Watauga Lake , located east of Elizabethton, Tennessee , is the local name of the Watauga Reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) with the 1948 completion of the TVA Watauga Dam. [1] Body of water Watauga Lake View from Watauga Dam looking across the lake toward Rat Branch Boat Lan

#5 Benbrook Lake

Benbrook Lake (also known as Benbrook Reservoir) is a reservoir on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Tarrant County, Texas , USA. The lake is located approximately 10 miles (16   km) southwest of the center of Fort Worth , where the Clear Fork and the West Fork of the Trinity River join. The la

#6 Marbury, Cheshire

Marbury is a small village located at SJ560457 in the civil parish of Marbury cum Quoisley , within the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire , England. It is administered jointly with the adjacent civil parishes of Norbury and Wirswall . The village lies around 3

#7 Sutton Lake (West Virginia)

Sutton Lake is a 1,520-acre (6   km 2 ) reservoir on the Elk River in Braxton and Webster counties, West Virginia . Sutton Lake is located just upstream of Sutton . It was authorized by Congress in the Flood Control Act of 1938 . Construction of the dam began in 1956 and was completed in 1961. The d

#8 Tuttle Creek Lake

Tuttle Creek Lake is a reservoir on the Big Blue River 5 miles (8   km) north of Manhattan , in the Flint Hills region of northeast Kansas . It was built and is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers for the primary purpose of flood control. Secondary functions of the project include release of wat

#9 Lake Natron

Lake Natron is a salt or alkaline lake located in north Ngorongoro District of Arusha Region in Tanzania . It is in the Gregory Rift , which is the eastern branch of the East African Rift . [1] The lake is within the Lake Natron Basin , a Ramsar Site wetland of international significance. [2] The so

#10 Lake Burton (Georgia)

Lake Burton is a 2,775 acre (11.23   km²) reservoir with 62 miles (100   km) of shoreline located in the northeastern corner of Georgia in Rabun County . [2] The lake is owned and administered by the Georgia Power/Southern Company, but it is a public lake. Noted for the remarkable clarity of its wat

#11 Lake Wabano

Wabano Lake is located in La Tuque , in administrative region of Mauricie in the province of Quebec , in Canada . This lake is located in forest area. Lake in Quebec, Canada Body of water Wabano Lake Wabano Lake Location within Quebec Location Quebec Coordinates 47°15′14″N 73°24′23″W Type Natural Ba

#12 Lake Barcroft, Virginia

Lake Barcroft is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County , Virginia , United States. The population was 9,558 at the 2010 census. [3] It is also the name of the privately owned lake—part of the Cameron Run Watershed —around which this population is located. The lake is named for Dr. John W

#13 Hickory Hills Lake (Lunenburg, Massachusetts)

Hickory Hills Lake is the largest private lake in Massachusetts , located in the town of Lunenburg in Worcester County . [3] Body of water Hickory Hills Lake Dickinson Reservoir Hickory Hills Lake Show map of Massachusetts Hickory Hills Lake Show map of the United States Location Worcester County ,

#14 Webbers Falls Lake

Webbers Falls Lake , also known as Webbers Falls Reservoir , is a reservoir created by a lock and dam on the Arkansas River in Muskogee County, Oklahoma . The normal elevation is 490 feet (150   m) . [2] It has 157 miles (253   km) of shoreline and a surface area of 11,600 acres (47,000,000   m 2 )

#15 Lake Buel

Lake Buel is a 196-acre (0.79   km 2 ) great pond in Berkshire County , Massachusetts just south of Route 57 and east of Great Barrington . [1] It is surrounded by over one-hundred summer homes and a few dozen year-round homes in about a dozen separate, tight-knit neighborhoods, each with its own pr

#16 Lake Conway

Lake Conway is a 6,700-acre (27   km 2 ) lake in Arkansas . Lake Conway is the largest lake ever created by a state wildlife commission and the first to be created by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Lake Conway is located directly east of Mayflower, Arkansas, and just a few miles southeast of

#17 Indian Lake (Ohio)

Indian Lake (formerly Lewistown Reservoir ) is a reservoir in Logan County , western Ohio , in the United States . It is approximately 20 miles (32   km) southeast of Lima . It is fed by the north and south forks of the Upper Great Miami River, Cherokee Mans Run, Blackhawk Creek, and Van Horn Creek.

#18 Flint Creek Water Park

Flint Creek Water Park , located in Wiggins, Mississippi , is part of the Pat Harrison Waterway District , which is a Mississippi State Agency providing outdoor recreation and management of the Pascagoula River Basin. [2] The purpose of the nine water parks located in southeast and east-central Miss

#19 Tippecanoe Lake

Tippecanoe Lake is a large, glacially created lake in Leesburg , Kosciusko County, Indiana and, at 123 feet deep, is the deepest natural lake in the state. Body of water Lake Tippecanoe Lake Tippecanoe Show map of Indiana Lake Tippecanoe Show map of the United States Location Leesburg , Kosciusko Co

#20 R. D. Bailey Lake

R. D. Bailey Lake is located on the Guyandotte River in Wyoming and Mingo Counties in West Virginia , 3.3 miles (5.3   km) east of Justice . Originally referred to as Justice Reservoir, the lake was named by Congressional action, Public Law 90-46, on July 4, 1967 for Robert D. Bailey, Sr. , a promin

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River / River

#1 Pine Creek (Pennsylvania)

Pine Creek is a tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River in Potter , Tioga , Lycoming , and Clinton counties in Pennsylvania . The creek is 87.2 miles (140.3   km) long. [1] Within Tioga County, 23.25 miles (37.42   km) of Pine Creek are designated as a Pennsylvania Scenic River . Creek in Pen

#2 China Ditch

The China Ditch in Douglas County , in the U.S. state of Oregon , was a 30-mile (48   km) canal built in part by Chinese laborers to supply water for the hydraulic mining of gold . The Myrtle Creek Consolidated Hydraulic Gold Mining and Manufacturing Company began purchasing land for the ditch in 18

#3 Joshua Jones (TV series)

Joshua Jones is a British stop motion children's television series produced by Bumper Films in 1992. Bumper Films also produced Rocky Hollow and Fireman Sam . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( December 2021 ) Joshua Jones Created by Rob Lee Developed by Bob Wilson Written

#4 Derby Canal

The Derby Canal ran 14 miles (23   km) from the Trent and Mersey Canal at Swarkestone to Derby and Little Eaton , and to the Erewash Canal at Sandiacre , in Derbyshire , England. The canal was authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1793 and was fully completed in 1796. It featured a level crossing of

#5 Tillamook Bay

Tillamook Bay is a small inlet of the Pacific Ocean , approximately 6   mi (10   km) long and 2   mi (3   km) wide, on the northwest coast of the U.S. state of Oregon . It is located just north of Cape Meares in western Tillamook County approximately 75   mi (120   km) west of Portland . Bay in Oreg

#6 Monkland Canal

The Monkland Canal was a 12 + 1 ⁄ 4 -mile-long (19.7   km) canal designed to bring coal from the mining areas of Monklands to Glasgow in Scotland. In the course of a long and difficult construction process, it was opened progressively as short sections were completed, from 1771. It reached Gartcraig

#7 Kiger Creek (Harney County, Oregon)

Kiger Creek is a tributary of Swamp Creek in Harney County in the U.S. state of Oregon . [2] It originates on Steens Mountain and flows generally north through Kiger Gorge to meet Swamp Creek near the unincorporated community of Diamond . The combined streams flow into Diamond Swamp and the Malheur

#8 Buckland River (Victoria)

The Buckland River , a perennial river [4] of the North-East Murray catchment of the Murray-Darling basin , is located in the alpine region of Victoria , Australia . It flows from the eastern slopes of the Buffalo Range in the Australian Alps , joining with the Ovens River at Porepunkah . [3] For th

#9 Nickajack Creek

Nickajack Creek is a stream in Cobb and Fulton counties in the U.S. state of Georgia . It is a tributary to the Chattahoochee River . [1] Groundwater serves as the water source, with the creek beginning in Marietta, Georgia. The creek runs through the city of Smyrna and terminates at the Chattahooch

#10 Katherine River

Katherine River is located in the Northern Territory , Australia. Its headwaters are in Nitmiluk National Park , it flows through the town of Katherine , and is a major tributary of the Daly River . The Katherine River drops around 384m over its 328   km length. River in Northern Territory, Australi

#11 Yvonne River

The Yvonne River is a tributary of Surprise Lake (Roy River) , flowing into the Municipality of Eeyou Istchee James Bay (municipality) , Jamésie , in the administrative region of Nord-du-Québec , Quebec , Canada . For other uses, see Yvonne . River in Quebec, Canada Yvonne Watershed of Nottaway Rive

#12 McCormick's Creek State Park

McCormick's Creek State Park is the oldest state park in the U.S. state of Indiana , dedicated on July 4, 1916, as part of the state's centennial celebration. It is located 14 miles (23   km) west of Bloomington in Owen County . The park receives about 640,000 visitors annually. [1] State park in Ow

#13 Potomac River

The Potomac River ( / p ə ˈ t oʊ m ə k / ( listen ) ) drains the Mid-Atlantic United States , flowing from the Potomac Highlands into Chesapeake Bay . It is 405 miles (652   km) long, [4] with a drainage area of 14,700 square miles (38,000   km 2 ), [5] and is the fourth-largest river along the East

#14 Duckport Canal

Duckport Canal was built by Union forces during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War . Ordered built in late March 1863 by Major General Ulysses S. Grant , the canal stretched from the Mississippi River near Duckport, Louisiana , to New Carthage, Louisiana , and was intended to provide a

#15 River Parrett

The River Parrett flows through the counties of Dorset and Somerset in South West England , from its source in the Thorney Mills springs in the hills around Chedington in Dorset. Flowing northwest through Somerset and the Somerset Levels to its mouth at Burnham-on-Sea , into the Bridgwater Bay natur

#16 Escalante River

The Escalante River is a tributary of the Colorado River . It is formed by the confluence of Upper Valley and Birch Creeks near the town of Escalante in south-central Utah , and from there flows southeast for approximately 90 miles (140   km) before joining Lake Powell . Its watershed includes the h

#17 San Gabriel River (Texas)

The San Gabriel River is a river that flows through central Texas , USA. The San Gabriel River is formed in Georgetown by the confluence of the North Fork San Gabriel and the South Fork San Gabriel, both of which originate in Burnet County . There are two major impoundments of the river: Lake George

#18 West Branch Susquehanna River

The West Branch Susquehanna River is one of the two principal branches, along with the North Branch, of the Susquehanna River in the Northeastern United States . The North Branch, which rises in upstate New York , is generally regarded as the extension of the main branch, [4] with the shorter West B

#19 Erie Canal

The Erie Canal is a historic canal in upstate New York that runs east-west between the Hudson River and Lake Erie . Completed in 1825, the canal was the first navigable waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes , vastly reducing the costs of transporting people and goods across the A

#20 North Fork Clearwater River

The North Fork Clearwater River is a major tributary of the Clearwater River in the U.S. state of Idaho . [1] From its headwaters in the Bitterroot Mountains of eastern Idaho, it flows 135 miles (217   km) [2] westward and is dammed by the Dworshak Dam just above its mouth in north-central Idaho. Dr

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#1 Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay is a bay and a locality on the southwest coast of Western Australia between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste . It is named after French explorer Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin , who sailed through the area in about 1801. It is south of Cape Freycinet . Locality in Western Australia Hame

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