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Coast / Coast

#1 Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park ( / p r ɛ s k / ) is a 3,112-acre (1,259   ha) Pennsylvania State Park on an arching, sandy peninsula that juts into Lake Erie , 4 miles (6   km) west of the city of Erie , in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. The peninsula sweeps northeast

#2 Gove Peninsula

The Gove Peninsula is at the northeastern corner of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia . The peninsula became strategically important during World War II when a Royal Australian Air Force base was constructed at what is now Gove Airport . The peninsula was involved in a famous court

#3 Taltal

Taltal is a Chilean commune and city in Antofagasta Province , Antofagasta Region . According to the 2012 census, the commune has a population of 11,132 and has an area of 20,405.1   km 2 (7,878   sq   mi) . [2] The commune is home to Paranal Observatory and includes the northern portion of Pan de A

#4 Sablanceau and Redoute of Rivedoux

Sablanceau (anciently Saint-Blanceau ) is a beach at the easternmost end of the island of Île de Ré in western France . Sablanceau belongs to the commune of Rivedoux-Plage . The beach of Sablanceau is at the easternmost end of Île de Ré . Chart of the Road of Basque , 1757. Beach of Sablanceau, seen

#5 Palos Verdes Peninsula

The Palos Verdes Peninsula ( Palos Verdes , Spanish for "Green Sticks") is a landform and a geographic sub-region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area , within southwestern Los Angeles County in the U.S. state of California . Located in the South Bay region, the peninsula contains a group of cities

#6 Revere Beach

Revere Beach is a public beach in Revere, Massachusetts , located about five miles (8   km) north of downtown Boston . The beach is over three miles (4.8   km) long. In 1875, a rail link was constructed to the beach, leading to its increasing popularity as a summer recreation area, and in 1896, it b

#7 Rossnowlagh

Rossnowlagh ( Irish : Ros Neamhlach ) [1] is a seaside village in the south of County Donegal , Ireland. It is about 8 kilometres (5   mi) north of Ballyshannon and 16   km (10   mi) southwest of Donegal Town . The area's 3   km (2   mi) long beach, or 2   km (1.2   mi) if measuring from the cliffs

#8 Himara

Himara (indefinite Albanian form : Himarë ; Greek : Χειμάρρα , Himarra or Χιμάρα, Himara ) is a municipality and region in Vlorë County , southern Albania . The municipality has a total area of 571.94   km 2 (220.83   sq   mi) and consists of the administrative units of Himarë, Horë-Vranisht and Luk

#9 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#10 Bethany Beach, Delaware

Bethany Beach is an incorporated town in Sussex County , Delaware , United States. According to the 2010 Census Bureau figures, the population of the town is 1,060; [3] however, during the summer months some 15,000 more populate the town as vacationers. [4] It is part of the Salisbury, MD-DE Metropo

#11 Isla Negra

Isla Negra is a coastal area in El Quisco commune in central Chile , some 45   km (70   km by road) south of Valparaiso and 96   km (110   km by road) west of Santiago . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( August 2013 ) Rocky shoreline at Isla Negra, in the Valparaíso Region

#12 Marina Beach

Marina Beach , or simply the Marina , is a natural urban beach in Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India, along the Bay of Bengal . [1] The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south, a distance of 6.0   km (3.7   mi) , [2] making it the second longest urban beach in th

#13 Ballycastle, County Antrim

Ballycastle ( from Irish : Baile an Chaistil , meaning 'town of the castle' ) [4] [5] is a small seaside town in County Antrim , Northern Ireland . It is on the north-easternmost coastal tip of Ireland, in the Antrim Coast and Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty . The harbour hosts the ferry to

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Island / Island

#1 Pulau Senang

Pulau Senang is an 81.7-hectare (202-acre) coral -formed island in the Republic of Singapore , located about 13 kilometres (8.1   mi) off the southern coast of the main island of Singapore. Along with Pulau Pawai to the northwest and Pulau Sudong further behind Pulau Pawai, it is used as a military

#2 Isle of Man

The Isle of Man ( Manx : Mannin [ˈmanɪnʲ] , also Ellan Vannin [ˈɛlʲan ˈvanɪnʲ] ), also known as Mann ( / m æ n / ), [8] is an island nation and self-governing British Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland . The head of state , Charles III , holds the title Lord of Mann

#3 Tromelin Island

Tromelin Island ( / ˌ t r oʊ m l ɪ n / [ citation needed ] ; French : Île Tromelin , pronounced   [il tʁɔmlɛ̃] ) is a low, flat French island in the Indian Ocean about 500   km (310   mi) north of Réunion and about 450   km (280   mi) east of Madagascar . Tromelin is administered as part of the Fren

#4 Canton Island

Canton Island (also known as Kanton or Abariringa ), previously known as Mary Island , Mary Balcout's Island or Swallow Island , is the largest, northernmost, and as of 2020 [update] , the sole inhabited island of the Phoenix Islands , in the Republic of Kiribati . It is an atoll located in the Sout

#5 Manhattan

Manhattan ( / m æ n ˈ h æ t ən , m ə n -/ ), known regionally as The City , [1] is the most densely populated and geographically smallest of the five boroughs of New York City . It is the urban core of the New York metropolitan area , and coextensive with New York County , one of the original counti

#6 Saint Paul Island (Alaska)

Saint Paul Island ( Russian : Остров Святого Павла , romanized :   Ostrov Svyatogo Pavla ) is the largest of the Pribilof Islands , a group of four Alaskan volcanic islands located in the Bering Sea between the United States and Russia . The city of St. Paul is the only residential area on the islan

#7 Euboea

Evvia ( / ˈ ɛ v iː ə / , EH -vee-ə ; Greek : Εύβοια Évvia ; Ancient Greek : Εὔβοια Eúboia ) or Euboia ( / j uː ˈ b iː ə / , yoo- BEE -ə ) is the second-largest Greek island in area and population, after Crete . It is separated from Boeotia in mainland Greece by the narrow Euripus Strait (only 40   m

#8 Spratly Islands

The Spratly Islands ( Filipino : Kapuluan ng Kalayaan ; [1] Chinese : 南沙群島/南沙群岛 ; pinyin : Nánshā Qúndǎo ; Malay , Indonesian : Kepulauan Spratly ; Vietnamese : Quần đảo Trường Sa ) are a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea . Composed of islands, islets , cays , [2] and more than 100 reefs ,

#9 Goat Island (Rhode Island)

Goat Island is a small island in Narragansett Bay and is part of the city of Newport, Rhode Island , U.S. The island is connected to the Easton's Point neighborhood via a causeway bridge. It is home to the Newport Harbor Light (1842), residences, a restaurant, event space, and hotel. It was also hom

#10 Taiping Island

Taiping Island , also known as Itu Aba , [note 1] and also known by various other names, is the largest of the naturally occurring Spratly Islands in the South China Sea . [3] [4] [5] [6] [note 2] The island is elliptical in shape being 1.4 kilometres (0.87   mi) in length and 0.4 kilometres (0.25  

#11 Nukutepipi

Nukutepipi , or Nuku-te-pipi [2] is an atoll in French Polynesia , Pacific Ocean . It is part of the Duke of Gloucester Islands , a subgroup of the Tuamotu group. Nukutepipi's nearest neighbor is Anuanurunga , which is located about 22   km to the WNW. Atoll in French Polynesia Nukutepipi NASA pictu

#12 Montserrat

Montserrat ( / ˌ m ɒ n t s ə ˈ r æ t / MONT -sə- RAT ) is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean . It is part of the Leeward Islands , the northern portion of the Lesser Antilles chain of the West Indies . Montserrat is about 16   km (10   mi) long and 11   km (7   mi) wide, with roughly 40  

#13 Harstine Island, Washington

Harstine Island (also known simply as Harstine or Hartstene ) is an island in Mason County, Washington , United States . The US Census recognizes it as an unincorporated community . The island is located west of Case Inlet in southern Puget Sound , 16   km (9.9   mi) north of Olympia . It has a land

#14 Umnak

Umnak ( Aleut : Unmax, Umnax ; [2] [3] Russian : Умнак ) is one of the Fox Islands of the Aleutian Islands . With 686.01 square miles (1,776.76   km 2 ) of land area, it is the third largest island in the Aleutian archipelago and the 19th largest island in the United States . The island is home to a

#15 Stag Island

Stag Island is a private Canadian island located in the St. Clair River between Corunna , Ontario and Marysville , Michigan . The island currently houses over 100 cottages owned by both American and Canadian citizens. A ferry service is run from Corunna to the island by the Stag Island Auxiliary Clu

#16 Mount Cleveland (Alaska)

Mount Cleveland (also known as Cleveland Volcano ) is a nearly symmetrical stratovolcano on the western end of Chuginadak Island , which is part of the Islands of Four Mountains just west of Umnak Island in the Fox Islands of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska . Mt. Cleveland is 5,675   ft (1,730   m) h

#17 Dominica

Dominica ( / ˌ d ɒ m ɪ ˈ n iː k ə / [9] [10] [11] or / d ə ˈ m ɪ n ɪ k ə / ( listen ) ; [12] Kalinago : Wai‘tu kubuli ; French : Dominique ; Dominican Creole French : Dominik ), officially the Commonwealth of Dominica , is an island country in the Caribbean . [13] The capital, Roseau , is located on

#18 South Thormanby Island

South Thormanby is an island off of the Sunshine Coast , British Columbia , Canada , located 17   km west of Sechelt . South Thormanby Island, seen from a floatplane

#19 Bonin Islands

The Bonin Islands , also known as the Ogasawara Islands ( 小笠原群島 , Ogasawara Guntō ) , [1] are an archipelago of over 30 subtropical and tropical islands, some 1,000 kilometres (540   nmi ; 620   mi ) directly south of Tokyo, Japan and 1,000 miles (870   nmi; 1,600   km) northwest of Guam . [2] [3] T

#20 Nishinoshima (Ogasawara)

Nishi-no-shima ( Japanese : 西之島 , "western island") is a volcanic island located around 940   km (584   mi) south-southeast of Tokyo , [2] that is part of the Volcano Islands arc. Active volcanic island belonging to the Volcano Islands arc Nishinoshima Native name: 西之島 Nishinoshima on 1 December 201

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Galeras

Galeras ( Urcunina among the 16th-century indigenous people ) is an Andean stratovolcano in the Colombian department of Nariño , near the departmental capital Pasto . Its summit rises 4,276 metres (14,029   ft) above sea level . It has erupted frequently since the Spanish conquest , with its first h

#2 McDonald Islands

The McDonald Islands ( 53°3′34.9″S 72°35′32.2″E ) are an uninhabited archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean in the vicinity of Heard Island ( 53°06′S 73°31′E ). Together with Heard Island, they make up the Australian external Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands . The McDonald Islands ar

#3 Pico Blanco

Pico Blanco is a peak on the coast of Big Sur in the Santa Lucia Range of the Los Padres National Forest . The Little Sur River and its tributaries almost surround the mountain. The North Fork wraps around the northern flank and eastern edge of the mountain, and the South Fork crosses the mountain t

#4 Malhamspitzen

The Malhamspitzen (originally called the Malchamspitze by Carl Sonklar) are the four peaks of a mighty massif on the Maurerkamm , an Alpine mountain chain in the Venediger Group in Austria's High Tauern National Park . They rise south of the Reggentörl ( 3,047   m   above sea level (AA) ) and are on

#5 Mount Saskatchewan (Alberta)

Mount Saskatchewan is a mountain located in the North Saskatchewan River valley of Banff National Park , in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta , Canada . Mountain in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Mount Saskatchewan Mt. Saskatchewan with magnified inset of the Lighthouse Tower Highest   point Ele

#6 Mount Okmok

Mount Okmok is the highest point on the rim of Okmok Caldera ( Unmagim Anatuu [2] in Aleut ) on the northeastern part of Umnak Island in the eastern Aleutian Islands of Alaska . This 9.3 kilometers (5.8   mi) wide circular caldera truncates the top of a large shield volcano . The volcano is currentl

#7 Tagewaldhorn

The Tagewaldhorn ( Italian : Corno di Tramin ; German : Tagewaldhorn ) is a mountain in the Sarntal Alps in South Tyrol , Italy . Mountain in Italy Tagewaldhorn The Tagewaldhorn (2.708 m) from SE above the innermost Flagger valley, Sarntal Alps, South Tyrol. Highest   point Elevation 2,708   m (8,88

#8 North Guard

North Guard is a remote 13,327-foot-elevation (4,062 meter) mountain summit located near the northern end of the Great Western Divide of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Tulare County of northern California . [3] It is situated in Kings Canyon National Park , 0.9 miles (1.4   km) southeast of Mo

#9 Mont Maudit

Mont Maudit (4,465 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in France and Italy . The French name literally means "Cursed Mountain". Until the end of the 18th century, Mont Blanc and its satellite peaks were collectively known in French as the Montagne Maudite . Mountain in the Mont Blanc massif Mo

#10 Pisco (mountain)

Pisco is a mountain in Peru , located in the Cordillera Blanca about 60   km north of Huaraz . It was first climbed on July 12, 1951 by C. Kogan, G. Kogan, R.Leininger and M. Lenoir. Mountain in Peru This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2016 ) Pisco Pisco and Chacraraju r

#11 Sliabh an Iarainn

Sliabh an Iarainn [2] ( Irish for "iron mountain"), anglicized Slieve Anierin , [2] is a mountain in County Leitrim , Ireland . It rises to 585 metres (1,919   ft) and lies east of Lough Allen and northeast of Drumshanbo . Its present form evolved from the southwestward movement of ice age glaciers

#12 Cuilcagh

Cuilcagh ( from Irish : Binn Chuilceach , meaning 'chalky peak' [3] ) is a mountain on the border between County Fermanagh (in Northern Ireland ) and County Cavan (in the Republic of Ireland ). With a height of 665 metres (2,182   ft) it is the highest point in both counties. It is also the 170th hi

#13 Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai (Oldoinyo Lengai), "Mountain of God" in the Maasai language , [3] is an active volcano located in the Gregory Rift , south of Lake Natron within the Arusha Region of Tanzania , Africa. Part of the volcanic system of the East African Rift , it uniquely produces natrocarbonatite lava

#14 Hakkōda Mountains

The Hakkōda Mountains ( 八甲田山系 , Hakkōda-sankei ) are an active volcanic complex in south-central Aomori Prefecture , Japan, in Towada-Hachimantai National Park . Often called Mount Hakkōda ( 八甲田山 , Hakkōda-san ) or simply Hakkōda ( 八甲田 ) , the mountains are collectively listed as one of the 100 Famo

#15 Vetter Mountain

Vetter Mountain is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and within the Angeles National Forest , Los Angeles County , California . Elevation 5,911 feet (1,802   m) feet. Vetter Mountain Vetter Mountain fire lookout tower Highest   point Elevation 5,911   ft (1,802   m)   NAVD   88 [1] Prominence 708

#16 Dent Blanche

The Dent Blanche is a mountain in the Pennine Alps , lying in the canton of Valais in Switzerland . At 4,358 metres (14,298   ft) -high, it is one of the highest peaks in the Alps . [3] Mountain in the Pennine Alps in Valais Canton, Switzerland Not to be confused with Dents Blanches . Dent Blanche T

#17 Bergkopf

The Bergkopf is an 857 metre high, thickly forested mountain in the Sparneck Forest in Germany's Fichtel Mountains . Bergkopf The Kleiner Waldstein rocks on the northern slope of the mountain Highest   point Elevation 857   m   above   sea level (NN) (2,812   ft) Coordinates 50°08′45″N 11°52′43″E Ge

#18 Pointe des Arcas

Pointe des Arcas is a mountain in the French Alps . Located in the Massif des Écrins , the mountain is 3,478 metres (11,411   ft) tall. Pointe des Arcas Pointe des Arcas Location in France Highest   point Elevation 3,478   m (11,411   ft) Coordinates 44°55′35″N 6°26′51″E Geography Location Hautes-Al

#19 Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat ( Urdu : نَنگا پربت ) ( Urdu:   [nəŋɡa pərbət̪] ; lit.   ' naked mountain ' ), known locally as Diamer ( دیامر ) which means “king of the mountains”, is the ninth-highest mountain on Earth, its summit at 8,126   m (26,660   ft) above sea level. [2] Lying immediately southeast of the nor

#20 Aleutian Range

The Aleutian Range is a major mountain range located in southwest Alaska . It extends from Chakachamna Lake (80 miles/130   km southwest of Anchorage) to Unimak Island , which is at the tip of the Alaska Peninsula . It includes all of the mountains of the Peninsula. The Aleutian Range is special bec

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Gyaring Lake

Gyaring Lake ( Tibetan : མཚོ་སྐྱ་རིང་ , Wylie : mtsho skya ring ) or Zhaling Lake ( Chinese : 扎陵湖 ; pinyin : Zhālíng Hú ) is a large freshwater lake in the Yellow River catchment in China , it is in the southeast of Qinghai Province , on the border between Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Gol

#2 Kensico Reservoir

The Kensico Reservoir is a reservoir spanning the towns of Armonk ( North Castle ) and Valhalla ( Mount Pleasant ), New York, located 3 miles (5 km) north of White Plains . It was formed by the original earth and gravel Kensico Dam constructed in 1885, which impounded waters from the Bronx and Byram

#3 Lake Stamford

Lake Stamford , a reservoir formed by Stamford Dam, is located 10 miles (16   km) northeast of Stamford, Texas , in southeastern Haskell County . The lake had a storage capacity in 1999 of 51,573 acre-feet (63,614,000   m 3 ) and drains an area of 368 square miles (950   km 2 ) . Due to sedimentatio

#4 Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore ( UK : / m æ ˈ dʒ ɔːr eɪ , ˌ m æ dʒ i ˈ ɔːr eɪ / , US : / m ɑː ˈ dʒ ɔːr eɪ , m ə ˈ dʒ ɔːr i / ; [1] [2] [3] Italian : Lago Maggiore [ˈlaːɡo madˈdʒoːre] ; Western Lombard : Lagh Maggior ; Piedmontese : Lagh Magior ; literally 'Greater Lake') or Verbano ( pronounced   [verˈbaːno] ; Latin

#5 Pleiness Lake

Pleiness Lake , also known as Lost Lake , is a natural lake located in Eden Township, Mason County, Michigan in the northwestern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula . Body of water Pleiness Lake Lost Lake, Pashawsey Lake A USGS topographic map of Pleiness Lake Pleiness Lake Location of Pleiness Lake

#6 Little Swinburne Reservoir

Little Swinburne Reservoir is a small reservoir in Northumberland , England less than 1 mile (1.6   km) northeast of the A68 road , and about 9 miles (14   km) north of Corbridge . The A68 road generally follows the course of Dere Street , a Roman road, but has deviated at this point a little to the

#7 Lake Accotink

Lake Accotink is a reservoir in North Springfield in Fairfax County , Virginia , United States . Lake Accotink is formed by the damming of Accotink Creek . The lake is surrounded by Lake Accotink Park. Reservoir in North Springfield, Virginia USA Body of water Lake Accotink Lake Accotink Lake Accoti

#8 Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam is a dam on the Mutha River 21   km (13   mi) from the centre of the city of Pune in Maharashtra , India. [1] [2] The dam created a reservoir known as Khadakwasla Lake which is the main source of water for Pune and its suburbs. Dam in Maharashtra, India Khadakwasla Dam Location of Kh

#9 Lochinvar

Lochinvar (or Lan Var) is a loch in the civil parish of Dalry in the historic county of Kirkcudbrightshire, Dumfries and Galloway Scotland. It is located in the Galloway Hills , around 3.5 miles (5.6   km) north-east of St. John's Town of Dalry . The loch formerly had an island on which stood Lochin

#10 Pathfinder Reservoir

Pathfinder Reservoir is located in the U.S. state of Wyoming on the North Platte River between Casper and Rawlins . It sits 47 miles (76   km) southwest of Casper, in Carbon County and Natrona County . The reservoir was created by Pathfinder Dam and has a storage capacity of 1,016,000 acre-feet (1.2

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River / River

#1 Wisbech Canal

The Wisbech Canal was a broad canal from Wisbech , Isle of Ely in the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire , England . It ran from the River Nene at Wisbech to the Well Creek at Outwell now in Norfolk , which gave access to the River Great Ouse . It was abandoned in 1926 and filled in during the 1970s. Br

#2 River Poulter

The River Poulter which rises near Scarcliffe in Derbyshire , England is a tributary river of the River Idle in Nottinghamshire . It supplied power to mills along its route, most of which are now gone, although their mill ponds remain. Cuckney mill building is used as a primary school. The river has

#3 Neckar

The Neckar ( German pronunciation: [ˈnɛkaʁ] ( listen ) ) is a 362-kilometre-long (225   mi) river in Germany , mainly flowing through the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg , with a short section through Hesse . The Neckar is a major right tributary of the Rhine . Rising in the Schwarzwald-Baar

#4 Edwin R. Heath

Edwin Ruthven Heath (1839-1932) was an American physician and explorer. He is best known for his exploration and mapping of the rivers of the Madre de Dios region in Peru and Bolivia . The Heath River on the Peru/Bolivia border and Puerto Heath , Bolivia bear his name. Edwin Heath in 1916 American p

#5 Neath and Tennant Canal

The Neath and Tennant Canals are two independent but linked canals in South Wales that are usually regarded as a single canal. The Neath Canal was opened from Glynneath to Melincryddan, to the south of Neath , in 1795 and extended to Giant's Grave in 1799, in order to provide better shipping facilit

#6 Welland Canal

The Welland Canal is a ship canal in Ontario , Canada, connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie . It forms a key section of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes Waterway . Traversing the Niagara Peninsula from Port Weller in St. Catharines to Port Colborne , it enables ships to ascend and descend th

#7 Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall is a waterfall located near Bhira, in Raigad district , Maharastra , India. It is a 'plunge' waterfall pouring massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath. It is a popular spot for one day picnics. [1] [2] Waterfall in Maharashtra, India This article is about the water

#8 Malibu Creek

Malibu Creek is a year-round stream in western Los Angeles County, California . It drains the southern Conejo Valley and Simi Hills , flowing south through the Santa Monica Mountains , and enters Santa Monica Bay in Malibu, California . The Malibu Creek watershed drains 109 square miles (280   km 2

#9 Petitcodiac River

The Petitcodiac River / p ɛ t i ˈ k oʊ d i . æ k / ( listen ) is a river in south-eastern New Brunswick , Canada. Referred to as the "chocolate river" by local tourist businesses, it is characterized by its brown mud floor and brown waters. The river has a meander length of 79 kilometres (49 miles)

#10 Ria de Vigo

Vigo Ria ( Spanish : Ría de Vigo ) and ( Galician : Ría de Vigo ) is an estuary in Galicia , Spain . It is the southernmost ria of the Rías Baixas . It is located south of the province of Pontevedra, and extends in a northeast direction over a distance of 35 kilometres (22   mi) from its mouth at Ca

#11 Chanomi Creek

Chanomi Creek is a body of water in the Niger Delta in Delta State , Nigeria .

#12 Pit River

The Pit River is a major river draining from northeastern California into the state's Central Valley . [3] The Pit, the Klamath and the Columbia are the only three rivers in the U.S. that cross the Cascade Range . River in California, United States For other uses of "Pitt River", see Pitt River (dis

#13 Mother Brook

Mother Brook is a stream that flows from the Charles River in Dedham, Massachusetts , to the Neponset River in the Hyde Park section of Boston, Massachusetts . [2] Mother Brook was also known variously as East Brook and Mill Creek in earlier times. [5] [6] Digging the brook made Boston and some surr

#14 St. Lawrence Seaway

The St. Lawrence Seaway ( French : la Voie Maritime du Saint-Laurent ) is a system of locks , canals , and channels in Canada and the United States that permits oceangoing vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes of North America, as far inland as Duluth, Minnesota , at the weste

#15 Matawan Creek

Matawan Creek is a creek and partially a tidal inlet of Raritan Bay . It lies in Monmouth County, New Jersey across from Staten Island , New York . River in New Jersey, United States Matawan Creek Looking towards the creek's mouth as seen from Front Street in Keyport Location Country United States S

#16 Mangatāwhiri River

The Mangatāwhiri River is a river of the Auckland and Waikato regions of New Zealand 's North Island . It flows generally southwest from its sources in the Hunua Ranges southeast of Clevedon before flowing through a system of irrigation canals at the northern edge of the Waikato Plains close to the

#17 Queen's Creek

Queen's Creek is located in York County in the Virginia Peninsula area of the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia in the United States . From a point of origin near the Waller Mill Reservoir in western York County, it flows northeasterly across the northern half of the Peninsula as a tribu

#18 Sutlej Yamuna link canal

Satluj Yamuna Link Canal or SYL as it is popularly known, is an under-construction 214-kilometer (133   mi) long canal in India to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers. [2] However, the proposal met obstacles [3] and was referred to the Supreme Court of India . [2] It was defined as river water shar

#19 College Creek

College Creek (formerly named Archer's Hope Creek ) is located in James City County in the Virginia Peninsula area of the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia in the United States . From a point of origin near the independent city of Williamsburg , it is a tributary of the James River . Col

#20 Taku River

The Taku River ( Lingít : T'aaḵu Héeni ) is a river running from British Columbia , Canada, to the northwestern coast of North America , at Juneau , Alaska . The river basin spreads across 27,500 square kilometres (10,600   sq   mi) . [3] The Taku is a very productive salmon river and its drainage b

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Sea / Sea

#1 Teremba Bay

Teremba Bay or Baie Teremba , formerly known as Uarai Bay , is a bay in southwestern New Caledonia . Moindou Bay lies to the west and Chanbeyron Bay lies to the southeast, separated by Lebris Island . The La Foa River enters the sea through a swampy area at Teremba Bay from the northeast. A notable

#2 Peter the Great Gulf

The Peter the Great Gulf (Russian: Залив Петра Великого) is a gulf on the southern coast of Primorsky Krai , Russia , and the largest gulf of the Sea of Japan . The gulf extends for 185   km (115   mi) from the Russian-North Korean border at the mouth of the Tumen River in the west across to Cape Po

#3 South China Sea

The South China Sea is a marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean . It is bounded in the north by the shores of South China (hence the name), in the west by the Indochinese Peninsula , in the east by the islands of Taiwan and northwestern Philippines (mainly Luzon , Mindoro and Palawan ), and in th

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