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Coast / Coast

#1 Cape Amsterdam

Cape Amsterdam ( Norwegian : Kapp Amsterdam ) is a headland in Nordenskiöld Land on Spitsbergen on Svalbard . Headland marks the northwestern entrance to Svea Gulf that continues north to Sveagruva . Cape Amsterdam is 15   km from Sveagruva and shipping port of the Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompan

#2 Kaliakra

Kaliakra ( Bulgarian : Калиакра ; Romanian : Caliacra ) is a cape in the Southern Dobruja region of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast , which ends with a long and narrow headland 12 kilometres (7   mi) east of Kavarna , 60 kilometres (37   mi) northeast of Varna and 65 kilometres (40   mi) sout

#3 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#4 Felixstowe

Felixstowe ( / ˈ f iː l ɪ k s t oʊ / FEE -lic-stoh ) is a port town in Suffolk , England. The estimated population in 2017 was 24,521. [1] The Port of Felixstowe is the largest container port in the United Kingdom. [2] Felixstowe is approximately 72 miles (116   km) northeast of London. For the port

#5 The Lizard

The Lizard ( Cornish : An Lysardh ) is a peninsula in southern Cornwall , England, United Kingdom. The most southerly point of the British mainland is near Lizard Point at SW 701115; Lizard village, also known as The Lizard, is the most southerly on the British mainland, and is in the civil parish o

#6 Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is a neighborhood in the southern portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn , within the greater Coney Island area along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. [3] Brighton Beach is bounded by Coney Island proper at Ocean Parkway to the west, Manhattan Beach at Corbin Place to the east,

#7 Figure Eight Island

Figure Eight Island is a barrier island in the U.S. state of North Carolina , just north of Wrightsville Beach , widely known as an affluent summer colony and vacation destination. [2] The island is part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Area , and lies between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlanti

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Island / Island

#1 Tubbataha Reef

The Tubbataha Natural Park , also known as the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park ( Filipino : Bahurang Tubbataha ), is a protected area of the Philippines located in the middle of the Sulu Sea . The marine and bird sanctuary consists of two huge atolls (named the North Atoll and South Atoll) and the smal

#2 Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a multiple-launch steel motorbike roller coaster [3] located at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade section of Universal Orlando ’s Islands of Adventure theme park. The attraction opened on June 13, 2019 and was manufactured by Intamin ,

#3 Kinmen

Kinmen , alternatively known as Quemoy , is a group of islands governed as a county by the Republic of China (Taiwan) , off the southeastern coast of mainland China . It lies roughly 10   km (6.2   mi) east of the city of Xiamen in Fujian , from which it is separated by Xiamen Bay . Kinmen is locate

#4 Corfu

Corfu ( / k ɔːr ˈ f ( j ) uː / , US also / ˈ k ɔːr f ( j ) uː / ) or Kerkyra ( Greek : Κέρκυρα , romanized :   Kérkyra , pronounced   [ˈcercira] ( listen ) ) [lower-alpha 1] is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea , of the Ionian Islands , [1] and, including its small satellite islands, forms the margin

#5 Sanday, Orkney

Sanday ( / ˈ s æ n d iː / , Scots : Sandee ) is one of the inhabited islands of Orkney that lies off the north coast of mainland Scotland . With an area of 50.43   km 2 (19.5   sq   mi) , [4] it is the third largest of the Orkney Islands. [9] The main centres of population are Lady Village and Kettl

#6 Coney Island of the West

Coney Island of the West is an island in Lake Waconia in the U.S. state of Minnesota that was developed into a summer resort with its heyday from the 1880s to the 1920s. It continued operating up to 1960. The 31-acre (13   ha) island is part of Waconia Township just .5 miles (0.80   km) off the shor

#7 Fairway Rock

Fairway Rock ( Inupiaq : Ugiiyaq ) ( Census block 1047, Nome, Alaska) is a small islet with mostly vertical rock faces in the Bering Strait , located southeast of the Diomede Islands and west of Alaska's Cape Prince of Wales . Part of Alaska , a U.S. state , the islet has an area of 0.3   km 2 (0.12

#8 Baker Island

Baker Island (previously New Nantucket [1] ) is an uninhabited atoll just north of the Equator in the central Pacific Ocean about 3,090   km (1,920   mi) southwest of Honolulu . The island lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbor is Howland Island , 42   mi (68   km) to

#9 Panubulon Island

Panubulon Island (or Panobolon Island ) is an island barangay located southeast of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras in the Philippines. Beside Panubulon is Guiuanon Island . This island was affected by an oil spill last August 11, 2006. Panubulon Island Panubulon Island Location within the Philippines Geogr

#10 Long Island (Whitsunday Islands)

Long Island is a member of the Whitsunday Island group off the east coast of Queensland, Australia . It is 9 kilometres (5.6   mi) in length and is at its widest point only 400 metres (1,300   ft) . Long Island is the closest island in the Whitsunday group to the mainland of Australia, being only 1

#11 Bear Island (Norway)

Bear Island ( Norwegian : Bjørnøya , pronounced   [ˈbjø̀ːɳœʏɑ] ) is the southernmost island of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago . The island is located in the western part of the Barents Sea , approximately halfway between Spitsbergen and the North Cape . Bear Island was discovered by Dutch explor

#12 Plum Island (New York)

Plum Island is an island in the town of Southold in Suffolk County , New York . The island is situated in Gardiners Bay , east of Orient Point , off the eastern end of the North Fork coast of Long Island . It is about 3 miles (4.8   km) long and 1 mile (1.6   km) wide at its widest point. [1] Island

#13 Anak Krakatoa

Anak Krakatoa ( Indonesian : Anak Krakatau ) [notes 1] is a volcanic island in Indonesia . On 29 December 1927, Anak Krakatoa first emerged from the caldera formed in 1883 by the explosive volcanic eruption that destroyed the island of Krakatoa . There has been sporadic eruptive activity at the site

#14 Marie-Galante

Marie-Galante [1] ( Antillean Creole : Mawigalant ) is one of the islands that form Guadeloupe , [2] an overseas department of France . [3] Marie-Galante has a land area of 158.1   km 2 (61.0 square miles) . It had 11,528 inhabitants at the start of 2013, but by the start of 2018 the total was offic

#15 Igbon Island

Igbon Island (variously Polopina Island or Balubadiangan Island ) is an island and barangay in northeastern Iloilo , Philippines . It is part of the municipality of Concepcion . According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 2,547. [1] The island is moderately known in the Philippines for its

#16 Bangka Island (North Sulawesi)

Bangka Island is a small island located off the northeastern tip of Sulawesi , Indonesia . Bangka is known for its unspoiled beaches and dive tourism. It belongs administratively to the district of East Likupang in the North Minahasa regency , North Sulawesi province . The island has three main coas

#17 Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island ( / ˈ æ l k ə ˌ t r æ z / ) is a small island in San Francisco Bay , 1.25 miles (2.01   km) offshore from San Francisco, California , United States. [1] The island was developed in the mid-19th century with facilities for a lighthouse , a military fortification, and a military prison

#18 Guiuanon Island

Guiuanon Island (or Guiwanon Island ) is an island barangay located beside Panubulon Island [1] southeast of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras in the Philippines. The island was affected by an oil spill on August 11, 2006. Guiuanon Island Guiuanon Island Location within the Philippines Geography Coordinates

#19 Penang Island

Penang Island ( Malay : Pulau Pinang ; Chinese : 檳榔嶼 ; Tamil : பினாங்கு தீவு ) is part of the state of Penang , on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia . It was named Prince of Wales Island when it was occupied by the British East India Company on 12 August 1786, in honour of the birthday of the Pr

#20 South Uist

South Uist ( Scottish Gaelic : Uibhist a Deas , [ˈɯ.ɪʃtʲ ə ˈtʲes̪] ( listen ) ; Scots : Sooth Uist ) is the second-largest island of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland . At the 2011 census, it had a usually resident population of 1,754: a decrease of 64 since 2001. [10] The island, in common with the re

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Redtop Mountain

Redtop Mountain is a 3,156-metre (10,354-foot) mountain summit located in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia , Canada . [3] It is situated 44   km (27   mi) southwest of Invermere , and 49   km (30   mi) north-northeast of Kaslo , on the northern boundary of Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Pro

#2 Skyang Kangri

Skyang Kangri ( Urdu : سکیانگ کنگری ), or Staircase Peak , is a high mountain peak of the Baltoro Muztagh , a subrange of the Karakoram range . It lies on the Pakistan – China border, about 7 kilometres (4.3   mi) northeast of K2 , the world's second-highest mountain . The name "Staircase Peak" refe

#3 Black Elk Peak

Black Elk Peak is the highest natural point in the U.S. state of South Dakota and the Midwestern United States . It lies in the Black Elk Wilderness area, in southern Pennington County , in the Black Hills National Forest . [2] The peak lies 3.7   mi (6.0   km) west-southwest of Mount Rushmore . [6]

#4 Akaroa

Akaroa is a small town on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury Region of the South Island of New Zealand, situated within a harbour of the same name . The name Akaroa is Kāi Tahu Māori for "Long Harbour", which would be spelled Whangaroa in standard Māori. The area was also named Port Louis-Philippe by

#5 Crystal Crag

Crystal Crag is a 10,377-foot-elevation (3,163 meter) summit located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County of northern California , United States. [4] This photogenic landmark, popular with rock climbers, [6] is situated approximately three miles south of the community of Mammoth Lakes

#6 Bollinger Peak

Bollinger Peak is a 12,232-foot-elevation (3,728   meter) mountain summit located on the shared border of Sublette County and Fremont County in the state of Wyoming , United States. [4] Mountain summit in Wyoming, USA Bollinger Peak West aspect, from Shadow Lake at sunset Highest   point Elevation 1

#7 Mount Garibaldi

Mount Garibaldi (known as Nch'kaý to the indigenous Squamish people ) is a dormant stratovolcano in the Garibaldi Ranges of the Pacific Ranges in southwestern British Columbia , Canada. It has a maximum elevation of 2,678 metres (8,786 feet) and rises above the surrounding landscape on the east side

#8 Eiger

The Eiger ( German pronunciation: [ˈaɪ̯ɡɐ] ) is a 3,967-metre (13,015   ft) mountain of the Bernese Alps , overlooking Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland , just north of the main watershed and border with Valais . It is the easternmost peak of a ridge crest that ext

#9 Marion Peak

Marion Peak is a remote 12,719-foot-elevation (3,877 meter) mountain summit located in Kings Canyon National Park , in Fresno County of northern California , United States. [3] It is situated on Cirque Crest which is west of the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, 2.13 miles (3.43   km) north

#10 Black Kaweah

Black Kaweah is a mountain of the Kaweah Peaks Ridge of the California 's Sierra Nevada , in Sequoia National Park . The peak has a local magnetic disturbance that has caused compasses in the vicinity to vary by up to eight degrees. [5] Fulgurites can be found on the peak. [6] Mountain of California

#11 Lantern Hill

Lantern Hill , elevation 491 feet (149 m), is a hill located in North Stonington , New London County , Connecticut . Narragansett Trail's Lantern Hill view of Lantern Hill Pond. This article is about the geographic location. For the television film, see Lantern Hill (film) .

#12 The Lions (peaks)

The Lions (Squamish: "Ch'ich'iyúy Elxwíkn" Twin Sisters) are a pair of pointed peaks (West Lion – 1,646   m (5,400   ft) ; [1] East Lion – 1,606   m (5,269   ft) ) [2] along the North Shore Mountains in Metro Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada . They can be seen from much of the Greater Vancouver

#13 Vaalserberg

The Vaalserberg ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvaːlsərˌbɛr(ə)x] , Ripuarian : Volserberg [ˈvɔlsəʀˌbæʀ˦(ə)ç] ) [ tone? ] is a hill with a height of 322.4 metres (1,058   ft) [1] above NAP and is the highest point in the European part of the Netherlands , also known as "Dutch Mountains". The Vaalserberg is

#14 Dent Blanche

The Dent Blanche is a mountain in the Pennine Alps , lying in the canton of Valais in Switzerland . At 4,358 metres (14,298   ft) -high, it is one of the highest peaks in the Alps . [3] Mountain in the Pennine Alps in Valais Canton, Switzerland Not to be confused with Dents Blanches . Dent Blanche T

#15 Mount Wellington (Tasmania)

Mount Wellington (officially kunanyi / Mount Wellington ( / k uː ˈ n ɑː n iː / ) [3] ) is a mountain in the southeast of Tasmania , Australia. It is the summit of the Wellington Range and is within Wellington Park reserve. Hobart , Tasmania's capital city , is located at the foot of the mountain. Mo

#16 Batura II

Batura II ( Urdu : بتورا ۲ ), also known as Hunza Kunji or Peak 31 , is a 7,762-metre-high (25,466   ft) peak in the Batura Muztagh , which is the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range . [1] [2] It was first ascended in 2008 by a South Korean duo from the University of Seoul Alpine Club consis

#17 Cadair Berwyn

Cadair Berwyn or Cader Berwyn is a mountain summit in north-east Wales with a height of 832 metres (2,730   ft) above sea level. It is the highest point in the Berwyn range , the highest in North East Wales and the highest significant summit in Wales outside the National Parks . Cadair Berwyn and Fo

#18 Hochplattig

The Hochplattig is a mountain, 2,768   m   (AA) high, [3] and the highest summit in the Mieming Chain , a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps in the state of Tyrol , Austria . Mountain in Austria Hochplattig The Hochplattig seen from the south (Untermieming) The Hochplattig from the north

#19 Schiestler Peak

Schiestler Peak is an 11,624-foot-elevation (3,543   meter) mountain summit located in Sublette County of Wyoming , United States. [4] Schiestler Peak Northeast aspect Highest   point Elevation 11,624   ft (3,543   m) [1] [2] Prominence 384   ft (117   m) [1] Parent peak A Cheval Peak (11,763 ft) [3

#20 Cardinal Mountain

Cardinal Mountain is a 13,396-foot-elevation (4,083 meter) mountain summit located on the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in northern California . [4] It is situated on the common border of Fresno County with Inyo County , as well as the shared boundary of John Muir Wilderness and Kings Ca

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Garry Lake

Garry Lake (variant: Garry Lakes ; Inuktitut : Hanningajuq , meaning "sideways", or "crooked") is a lake in sub- Arctic Kivalliq Region , Nunavut , Canada. As a portion of the Back River waterway, Garry Lake originates directly east of Lake Pelly and drains to the east by the Back River. A set of ra

#2 Scofield Reservoir

Scofield Reservoir is a 2,815-acre (11.39   km 2 ) reservoir impounded by Scofield Dam, in Carbon County, Utah . Located on the Price River , a tributary of the Green River , Scofield Reservoir is adjacent to the northernmost boundary of the Manti–La Sal National Forest . The reservoir sits at an el

#3 Upper Pus Dam

Upper Pus Dam , also called Pus Dam is an earthfill dam on Pus river near Pusad , Yavatmal district in the state of Maharashtra in India . There is another downstream dam near Mahagaon called Lower Pus Dam which was built in 1983. [2] [3] Other nearby dams are Arunawati Dam in Digras built in 1994 a

#4 Yashwant Sagar

Yashwant Sagar is a dam reservoir on Gambhir river , located around 26 kilometers west of Indore near Hatod village on Indore-Depalpur road in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh . It supplies water to Indore . It is spread over around 2,650 hectares. [1] [2] It was built in 1939. [3] Body of water Ya

#5 Flaming Gorge Dam

Flaming Gorge Dam is a concrete thin- arch dam on the Green River , a major tributary of the Colorado River , in northern Utah in the United States . Flaming Gorge Dam forms the Flaming Gorge Reservoir , which extends 91 miles (146   km) into southern Wyoming , submerging four distinct gorges of the

#6 Colchuck Lake

Colchuck Lake is a freshwater reservoir lake located on the western slope of The Enchantments , in Chelan County , Washington . [3] [1] The lake is located approximately 15 miles from the city of Leavenworth, Washington and sits on the southeast corner of the Icicle Creek subbasin. It is accessed by

#7 Barker Reservoir

Barker Reservoir is a flood control structure in Houston, Texas which prevents downstream flooding of Buffalo Bayou , the city's principal river. The reservoir operates in conjunction with Addicks Reservoir to the northeast, which impounds Mayde and Bear Creeks, two tributaries of the Buffalo. Both

#8 Eightmile Lake

Eightmile Lake is a reservoir lake located on the eastern slope of Eightmile Mountain , in Chelan County in Washington . It is a reservoir lake formed along the beginning route of Eightmile Creek as it exits Jack Ridge. Body of water Eightmile Lake Eightmile Lake Mosaic Burn Eightmile Lake Show map

#9 Watauga Dam

Watauga Dam is a hydroelectric and flood control dam on the Watauga River in Carter County , in the U.S. state of Tennessee . It is owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority , which built the dam in the 1940s as part of efforts to control flooding in the Tennessee River watershed. At 318

#10 Addicks Reservoir

The Addicks Reservoir and Addicks Dam in conjunction with the Barker Reservoir prevent downstream flooding of Buffalo Bayou in the City of Houston , Texas . Both reservoirs were authorized under the Rivers and Harbors Act of June 20, 1938, which was modified by the Flood Control Acts of August 11, 1

#11 Aras Dam

The Aras Dam ( Azerbaijani : Araz su anbarı ; Persian : سد ارس ) is an embankment dam on the Aras River along the border of Iran and Azerbaijan . It is located downstream of Poldasht in West Azerbaijan Province , Iran and Nakhchivan City in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic , Azerbaijan. The primary pu

#12 1979 Machchhu dam failure

The Machchhu dam failure or Morbi disaster is a dam-related flood disaster which occurred on 11 August 1979. The Machchu-2 dam , situated on the Machchhu river , failed, sending a wall of water through the town of Morbi (now in the Morbi district ) of Gujarat , India . [2] Estimates of the number of

#13 Klonaqua Lakes

Klonaqua Lakes are a set of freshwater reservoir lakes located on the western slope of The Enchantments , in Chelan County , Washington . [3] [1] Self-issued Alpine Lake Wilderness permit required for transit within the Klonaqua Lakes area. [4] Body of water Klonaqua Lake Klonaqua Lake Show map of W

#14 Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona , United States , near the town of Page . The 710-foot (220   m) high dam was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) from 1956 to 1966 and forms Lake Powell , one of the largest man-made reservoirs in th

#15 Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong is the largest freshwater body in New Jersey , United States, about 4 square miles (10   km 2 ) in area. Located 30 miles (48   km) from the Delaware River and 40 miles (64   km) from Manhattan, New York City , the lake forms part of the border between Sussex and Morris counties in th

#16 Brocket Hall

Brocket Hall is a neo-classical country house set in a large park at the western side of the urban area of Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire , England . The estate is equipped with two golf courses and seven smaller listed buildings, apart from the main house. The freehold on the estate is held by

#17 Lesotho Highlands Water Project

The Lesotho Highlands Water Project ( LHWP ) is an ongoing water supply project with a hydropower component, developed in partnership between the governments of Lesotho and South Africa . It comprises a system of several large dams and tunnels throughout Lesotho and delivers water to the Vaal River

#18 Nonnenmattweiher

The Nonnenmattweiher is a lake that has been impounded by an embankment in the Southern Black Forest in Germany . Together with the surrounding area it forms a nature reserve of the same name in the High Black Forest in the state of Baden-Württemberg . Nonnenmattweiher Nature Reserve IUCN category I

#19 Arrowrock Dam

Arrowrock Dam is a concrete arch dam in the western United States , on the Boise River in southwestern Idaho , east of Boise . Opened 107 years ago in 1915, it is located on the border of Boise and Elmore counties, upstream of the Lucky Peak Dam and reservoir. The spillway elevation for Arrowrock is

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River / River

#1 Santee Canal

The Santee Canal was one of the earliest canals built in the United States . It was built to provide a direct water route between Charleston and Columbia , the new South Carolina state capital. [2] [3] It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. United States historic place San

#2 Savannah–Ogeechee Canal

The historic Savannah–Ogeechee Barge Canal is one of the prime relics in the history of southern canals . Beginning with the tidal lock at the Savannah River , the waterway continues through four lift locks as it traverses 16.5 miles (26.6   km) , before reaching another tidal lock at the Ogeechee R

#3 Inland Waterways Association

The Inland Waterways Association ( IWA ) is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and was formed in 1946 to campaign for the conservation, use, maintenance, restoration and sensitive development of British Canals and river navigations . Charity campaigning to preserve British canals. For other

#4 Oder

The Oder ( / ˈ oʊ d ər / OH -dər , German: [ˈoːdɐ] ( listen ) ; Czech , Lower Sorbian and Polish : Odra [ˈɔdra] ; [lower-alpha 1] Upper Sorbian : Wódra [wʊt.rɑ] ) is a river in Central Europe . It is Poland's second-longest river in total length and third-longest within its borders after the Vistula

#5 Mavil Aru

Mavil Aru ( Mother River ) is a waterway that supplies water to some regions of eastern Sri Lanka . The closing of the sluice gates is considered to be the official beginning of the Eelam War IV although violence including skirmishes and bombings happened before. [1] This article needs additional ci

#6 Welland Canal

The Welland Canal is a ship canal in Ontario , Canada, connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie . It forms a key section of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes Waterway . Traversing the Niagara Peninsula from Port Weller in St. Catharines to Port Colborne , it enables ships to ascend and descend th

#7 Industrial Canal Lock

The Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock — commonly known as Industrial Canal Lock or simply Industrial Lock [1] — is a navigation lock in New Orleans . It connects the Lower Mississippi River to the Industrial Canal and other sea-level waterways. Because it is shorter and narrower than most modern lo

#8 Brazos Santiago Pass (Texas)

Brazos Santiago Pass is a natural coastal landform located in the Lower Laguna Madre and Lower Rio Grande Valley on the furthest southern beach terrain of the Texas Gulf Coast . [2] The seacoast passage is interpolated by barrier islands encompassing the southern Brazos Island and the northern South

#9 Propre River (Quebec)

The Propre River ( French : Rivière Propre ) is located in the municipality of Lac-aux-Sables in Regional County Municipality of Mékinac Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region Mauricie , in the province of Quebec , Canada . [1] The Propre River watershed is part of the Batiscani

#10 Fonteyn Kill

The Fonteyn Kill (alternatively written Fonteynkill and also known as Fountain Kill and Mill Cove Brook ) is a 1.5-kilometer-long (0.93   mi) urban stream (or kill ) flowing through Dutchess County, New York , onto the campus of Vassar College , and into the Casperkill . The stream was first on land

#11 Santa Clara River (California)

The Santa Clara River ( Spanish : Río Santa Clara ) is an 83   mi (134   km) long [5] river in Southern California . It drains parts of four ranges in the Transverse Ranges System north and northwest of Los Angeles , then flows west onto the Oxnard Plain and into the Santa Barbara Channel of the Pac

#12 Selenga

The Selenga or Selenge ( / s ɛ l ɛ ŋ ˈ ɡ ɑː / [1] Mongolian : Сэлэнгэ мөрөн , romanized:   Selenge mörön ; Buryat : Сэлэнгэ гол / Сэлэнгэ мүрэн , romanized:   Selenge gol / Selenge müren ; Russian : Селенга́ , IPA:   [sʲɪlʲɪnˈɡa] ) is a major river in Mongolia and Buryatia , Russia . Originating fro

#13 St. Peters Canal

The St. Peters Canal is a small shipping canal located in eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island . It crosses an isthmus in the village of St. Peter's , Nova Scotia which connects St. Peters Inlet of Bras d'Or Lake to the north with St. Peters Bay of the Atlantic Ocean to the south. St. Peters Canal T

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Sea / Sea

#1 Shelikhov Gulf

Shelikhov Gulf ( Russian : залив Шелихова ) is a large gulf off the northwestern coast of Kamchatka , Russia . The gulf is named after Russian explorer Grigory Shelikhov . Location of the Shelikhov Gulf in the Sea of Okhotsk. It is located in the northeastern corner of the Sea of Okhotsk and it bran

#2 Umivik Bay

Umivik Bay ( Danish : Umivik Bugt ), also known as Umiivik and Umerik , is a bay in King Frederick VI Coast , southeastern Greenland . It is part of the Sermersooq municipality . "Umivik" redirects here. For the former settlement in Ammassalik Fjord, see Umivik, Ammassalik . Body of water Umivik Bay

#3 Port Gamble, Washington

Port Gamble is an unincorporated community on the northwestern shore of the Kitsap Peninsula in Kitsap County, Washington , United States. It is also a small, eponymous bay , along which the community lies, near the entrance to Hood Canal . The unincorporated communities of Port Gamble and Little Bo

#4 Penzhina Bay

Penzhina Bay ( Russian : Пе́нжинская губа́ , Penzhinskaya guba ) is a long and narrow bay off the northwestern coast of Kamchatka , Russia . Location of Penzhin Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk. Penzhina Bay

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