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Coast / Coast

#1 Bundoran

Bundoran ( Irish : Bun Dobhráin ) [2] is a town in County Donegal , Ireland. The town is located near the N15 road near Ballyshannon , and is the most southerly town in Donegal. The town is a tourist seaside resort , and tourism has been at the heart of the local economy since the 18th century. [3]

#2 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the east coast of the United States in Horry County , South Carolina. It is located in the center of a long and continuous 60-mile (97   km) stretch of beach known as "The Grand Strand" in northeastern South Carolina. City in South Carolina, United States Myrtle Bea

#3 Revere Beach

Revere Beach is a public beach in Revere, Massachusetts , located about five miles (8   km) north of downtown Boston . The beach is over three miles (4.8   km) long. In 1875, a rail link was constructed to the beach, leading to its increasing popularity as a summer recreation area, and in 1896, it b

#4 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#5 Son of the Beach

Son of the Beach is an American sitcom that aired from March 14, 2000, to October 1, 2002, on FX . The series is a spoof of Baywatch , with much of the comedy based on sexual double entendres , puns , innuendo and the like. A major running gag portrayed the handsome David Hasselhoff character as a b

#6 Marina Beach

Marina Beach , or simply the Marina , is a natural urban beach in Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India, along the Bay of Bengal . [1] The beach runs from near Fort St. George in the north to Foreshore Estate in the south, a distance of 6.0   km (3.7   mi) , [2] making it the second longest urban beach in th

#7 Figure Eight Island

Figure Eight Island is a barrier island in the U.S. state of North Carolina , just north of Wrightsville Beach , widely known as an affluent summer colony and vacation destination. [2] The island is part of the Wilmington Metropolitan Area , and lies between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlanti

#8 Barry Island

Barry Island ( Welsh : Ynys y Barri ) is a district, peninsula and seaside resort , forming part of the town of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan , South Wales . It is named after the 6th century Saint Baruc . Barry's stretch of coast, on the Bristol Channel , has the world's second highest tidal range

#9 Europa Point

Europa Point ( Spanish and Llanito : Punta de Europa or Punta Europa ), is the southernmost point of Gibraltar (the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula being Punta de Tarifa 25   km southwest of Gibraltar). At the end of the Rock of Gibraltar , the area is flat and occupied by such features

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Island / Island

#1 Los Roques Archipelago

The Los Roques Archipelago [2] [3] (Spanish: Archipiélago de Los Roques ) [4] [5] is a federal dependency of Venezuela consisting of approximately 350 islands , cays , and islets in a total area of 40.61 square kilometers. The archipelago is located 128 kilometers (80   mi) directly north of the por

#2 Chorão (island)

Chorão , also known as Choddnnem (pronounced choddne the letter m is silent) or Chodan , is an island along the Mandovi River near Tiswadi , Goa , India . It is the largest among other 17 islands of Goa. It is located 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) away from the state capital, the city of Panaji and 10 ki

#3 Penrhyn atoll

Penrhyn (also called Tongareva , Māngarongaro , Hararanga , and Te Pitaka ) is an atoll in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the south Pacific Ocean . The northernmost island in the group, it is located at 1,365   km (848   mi) north-north-east of the capital island of Rarotonga , 9 degrees

#4 Nonnenwerth

Nonnenwerth (formerly also Rolandswerth ) is an island in the river Rhine in Germany between Rolandseck and Bad Honnef (at river kilometer 642) opposite the island of Grafenwerth   [ de ] . The island has been the site of a monastery with interruptions since the beginning of the 12th century, was or

#5 Van Schaick Island

Van Schaick Island is an island in the city of Cohoes , New York . Van Schaick is a part of the delta of the Mohawk River at its mouth with the Hudson River . The island has been referred to by numerous names including Quehemesicos, Long, Anthony's, Isle of Cohoes, and Cohoes Island. [1] The island

#6 Bateman Island

Bateman Island is an island located on the Columbia River immediately east of the Yakima River Delta between the cities of Richland and Kennewick, Washington , in the United States. It is approximately 1 mile (1.6   km) long and 0.5 miles (0.80   km) wide ( 160 acres (65   ha) ) and is part of the c

#7 Jólnir

Jólnir ( Icelandic pronunciation:   ​ [ˈjoulnɪr̥] ) was formerly a volcanic island south of Iceland . It was a former vent of Surtsey , along with Syrtlingur and Surtla. It emerged from the ocean as a result of active plate tectonics between December, 1965 and July, 1966. Oceanic erosion cyclically

#8 Rakahanga

Rakahanga is part of the Cook Islands , situated in the central-southern Pacific Ocean . The unspoilt atoll is 1,248 kilometres (775 miles) from the Cook Islands' capital , Rarotonga , and lies 1,111 kilometres (690 miles) south of the equator . Its nearest neighbour is Manihiki which is just 44 kil

#9 Sombrero, Anguilla

Sombrero , also known as Hat Island , is part of the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla and is the northernmost island of the Lesser Antilles . [lower-alpha 1] It lies 54   km (34   mi) north-west of Anguilla across the Dog and Prickly Pear Passage. The distance to Dog Island , the next nearest

#10 Bidong Island

The Bidong Island ( Malay : Pulau Bidong , Terengganuan Pula Bidong ) is an island in Kuala Nerus District , Terengganu , Malaysia in the South China Sea . Bidong Island is accessible from the coastal town of Merang in Setiu district. From 1978 until 2005 Bidong Island was a refugee camp with a popu

#11 St Helen's, Isles of Scilly

St Helen's ( Cornish : Enys Elyd [1] or Enys Elidius [2] ) is one of the fifty or so uninhabited islands in the archipelago of the Isles of Scilly and has an approximate area of 0.1885 square kilometres (46.6 acres) . On the south side of the island is one of the earliest Christian sites in Scilly,

#12 Victoria Island (Russia)

Victoria Island ( Russian : Остров Виктория ; Ostrov Viktoriya ) is a small Arctic island of the Russian Federation . It is located at 80°9′N 36°46′E , halfway between the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and the Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land . Arctic island of the Russian Federation Vict

#13 Fairway Rock

Fairway Rock ( Inupiaq : Ugiiyaq ) ( Census block 1047, Nome, Alaska) is a small islet with mostly vertical rock faces in the Bering Strait , located southeast of the Diomede Islands and west of Alaska's Cape Prince of Wales . Part of Alaska , a U.S. state , the islet has an area of 0.3   km 2 (0.12

#14 Teuri Island

Teuri Island (天売島 Teuri-tō) is an island in the Sea of Japan 30   km west of Haboro port in Haboro , Tomamae District , in the Rumoi Subprefecture in Hokkaido . The Island, along with neighboring Yagishiri island on its east side, belongs to the town of Haboro in Rumoi Subprefecture. The island has

#15 Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island ( Russian : О́стров Вра́нгеля , tr. Ostrov Vrangelya , IPA:   [ˈostrəf ˈvrangʲɪlʲə] ; Chukot : Умӄиԓир , romanized:   Umqiḷir ) is an island of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug , Russia . It is the 91st largest island in the world and roughly the size of Crete . Located in the Arctic Oce

#16 Île-à-Vache

Île-à-Vache , ( French , also expressed Île-à-Vaches , former Spanish name Isla Vaca ; all translate to Cow Island ) is a Caribbean island, one of Haiti 's satellite islands. It lies in the Baie de Cayes about 6.5 miles (10.5   km) off the coast of the country's southwest peninsula, roughly between

#17 Réunion

Réunion ( / r iː ˈ juː n j ə n / ; [3] French : La Réunion , [la ʁe.y.njɔ̃] ( listen ) ; previously Île Bourbon ; Reunionese Creole : La Rényon ) is an island in the Indian Ocean that is an overseas department and region of France. It is located approximately 950   km (590   mi) east of the island o

#18 Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island is the largest of the islands in Poole Harbour in the county of Dorset , England. The island is owned by the National Trust with the northern half managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. Much of the island is open to the public and includes areas of woodland and heath with a wide varie

#19 Pollepel Island

Pollepel Island / p ɒ l ɪ ˈ p ɛ l / is a 6.5-acre (26,000   m 2 ) island in the Hudson River in New York . The principal feature on the island is Bannerman's Castle, an abandoned military surplus warehouse. The island and castle viewed from atop Breakneck Ridge

#20 Montagu Island

Montagu Island ( Spanish : Isla Jorge ) is the largest of the South Sandwich Islands , located in the Scotia Sea off the coast of Antarctica . It is a part of the British Overseas Territory , South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands . It is located 60   km (37   mi) northeast from Bristol Island

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Cairngorms

The Cairngorms ( Scottish Gaelic : Am Monadh Ruadh ) are a mountain range in the eastern Highlands of Scotland closely associated with the mountain Cairn Gorm . The Cairngorms became part of Scotland's second national park (the Cairngorms National Park ) on 1 September 2003. [2] Although the Cairngo

#2 Lis'ya Mountain

Lis'ya ( Russian : Лисья гора , "Fox Mountain") or Lysaya ( Russian : Лысая гора , "Bald Mountain") is a mountain located in the center of the city Nizhny Tagil , Sverdlovsk Oblast , Russia ). It is a landmark of the city. [1] Mountain in Russia Lis'ya Mountain Highest   point Elevation 265.1   m (8

#3 Thor (volcano)

Thor is an active volcano on Jupiter's moon Io . It is located on Io's anti-Jupiter hemisphere at 39.15°N 133.14°W  / 39.15; -133.14 [2] . A major eruption with high thermal emission and a large, volcanic plume was observed during a Galileo flyby on August 6, 2001, when the spacecraft flew through

#4 Naranjo de Bulnes

The Naranjo de Bulnes (known as Picu Urriellu in Asturian ) is a limestone peak dating from the Paleozoic Era , located in the Macizo Central region of the Picos de Europa , Asturias (Spain). Its name Picu Urriellu is believed to be derived from the term Los Urrieles , which is used to describe the

#5 Mont Blanc du Tacul

Mont Blanc du Tacul (4,248 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif of the French Alps situated midway between the Aiguille du Midi and Mont Blanc . Mountain in the Mont Blanc massif Mont Blanc du Tacul The northern side of Mont Blanc du Tacul seen from the Aiguille du Midi Highest   point Elevatio

#6 Dents du Midi

The Dents du Midi ( French : "teeth of noon") are a three-kilometre-long mountain range in the Chablais Alps in the canton of Valais , Switzerland . Overlooking the Val d'Illiez and the Rhône valley to the south, they face the Lac de Salanfe , an artificial reservoir, and are part of the geological

#7 Keilhaus topp

Keilhaus topp is a mountain in Lom Municipality in Innlandet county, Norway . It is one of Norway's highest mountains , but is not always included in rankings due to its topographic prominence of only 20 metres (66   ft) . The 2,355-metre (7,726   ft) tall mountain is located in the Jotunheimen moun

#8 Gareloi Volcano

The Gareloi Volcano is a stratovolcano in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska , United States , about 1,259 miles (2,026   km) from Anchorage . Gareloi is located on Gareloi Island , and comprises most of its land mass. The island also has two small glaciers which protrude to the northwest and southeast.

#9 Junction Peak

Junction Peak is a thirteener in the Sierra Nevada . Joseph Nisbet LeConte chose this name in 1896, noting that it marks the point where the Sierra Crest crosses the water divide of the Kern and Kings rivers. [7] Today it also is the boundary between Inyo and Tulare counties, and of Kings Canyon Nat

#10 Mont Blanc massif

The Mont Blanc massif ( French : Massif du Mont-Blanc ; Italian : Massiccio del Monte Bianco ) is a mountain range in the Alps , located mostly in France and Italy , but also straddling Switzerland at its northeastern end. It contains eleven major independent summits, each over 4,000 metres (13,123

#11 Lemah Mountain

Lemah Mountain is a mountain peak in the Snoqualmie Crest , a part of the North Cascades Mountains, of the Washington state . It is located approximately 7.7 miles (12.4   km) from Snoqualmie Pass . Most noted for its five distinct summits, its name, Lemah , comes from the Chinook Jargon word Lemah

#12 Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc ( French : Mont Blanc [mɔ̃ blɑ̃] ; Italian : Monte Bianco [ˈmonte ˈbjaŋko] , both meaning "white mountain") is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe , rising 4,807.81   m (15,774   ft) above sea level. [3] It is the second-most prominent mountain in Europe, after Mount Elbru

#13 Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning Hill , formerly Government Hill , Singapore Hill and Bukit Larangan ( Forbidden Hill in Malay ), is a small hill, about 48 metres (157   ft) high, in the southeast portion of the island city-state of Singapore , within the Central Area that forms Singapore's central business district. I

#14 Podgora (hill)

Podgora , also known in Italian as Monte Calvario , is a hill on the Karst plateau west of Gorizia , on the right bank of the Isonzo , with an elevation of 241 meters above sea level. Due to its commanding position over the Isonzo valley and the Gorizia plain, it was the theatre of bitter fighting d

#15 Siding Spring Observatory

Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales , Australia, part of the Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics (RSAA) at the Australian National University (ANU), incorporates the Anglo-Australian Telescope along with a collection of other telescopes owned by the Australian Natio

#16 Sandia Crest

Sandia Crest , also known locally as Sandia Peak or simply as the Crest , [2] is a mountain ridge that, at 10,679 feet (3,255   m) , is the highpoint of the Sandia–Manzano Mountains , and is located in the Sandia Mountains of Bernalillo County , New Mexico , United States . Instead of a true summit

#17 Midtre Skagastølstind

Midtre Skagastølstind is one of the peaks constituting Skagastølstindane ("Skagastøl peaks") in the Hurrungane mountain range. The 2,284-metre (7,493   ft) tall mountain lies in the eastern part of the municipality of Luster in Vestland county, Norway . The mountain lies in between Nordre Skagastøls

#18 Großer Waldstein

The Großer Waldstein is part of the Waldstein range in the Fichtel Mountains of Germany. It is known primarily for its rock formations caused by spheroidal weathering , its ruined castles and the only remaining bear trap ( Bärenfang ) in the region. Großer Waldstein The Schüssel observation pavilion

#19 Ailefroide

The Ailefroide (3,954 m) is a mountain in the Massif des Écrins in the French Alps , and is the third highest peak in the Dauphiné Alps after the Barre des Écrins and La Meije . It lies at the south-western end of the Mont Pelvoux – Pic Sans Nom –Ailefroide ridge. For the hamlet, see Ailefroide (vil

#20 Mount Kinney

Mount Kinney, is a 1,996-metre (6,549   ft) mountain in the Miscinchinka Ranges of the Hart Ranges in the Northern Rocky Mountains . [1] Mountain in British Columbia, Canada Mount Kinney Mount Kinney British Columbia, Canada Show map of British Columbia Mount Kinney Mount Kinney (Canada) Show map of

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 St. John's Lough

St. John's Lough ( Irish : Loch Eoin ), [3] also known as St. John's Lake , is an irregularly shaped freshwater lake located in south County Leitrim , in northwest of Ireland. [4] The lake forms part of the wider Shannon–Erne Waterway tourist attraction. The ecology of John's Lough, and the Shannon

#2 Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is an artificial perennial reservoir located just north of Tempe Butte at the confluence of the intermittent Salt River and the ephemeral Indian Bend Wash in Tempe, Arizona , United States. The reservoir receives much of its water from the Colorado River via the Central Arizona Proje

#3 Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric gravity dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping , in Yiling District , Yichang , Hubei province, central China , downstream of the Three Gorges . The Three Gorges Dam has been the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity

#4 Lake George (Anoka County, Minnesota)

Lake George is a small lake in Anoka County, Minnesota , located within the city of Oak Grove , 12 miles (19   km) north of the city of Anoka . Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources tracks the lake by the name George and the identifier 02-0091-00. [1] [2] The USGS tracks the lake by the ID 644

#5 Croton Dam (Michigan)

Croton Dam (or Croton Hydroelectric Plant ) is an earth-filled embankment dam and powerplant complex on the Muskegon River in Croton Township , Newaygo County , Michigan . It was built in 1907 under the direction of William D. Fargo by the Grand Rapids - Muskegon Power Company, a predecessor of Cons

#6 Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is the largest body of water in Yellowstone National Park . The lake is 7,732 feet (2,357   m) above sea level and covers 136 square miles (350   km 2 ) with 110 miles (180   km) of shoreline. While the average depth of the lake is 139   ft (42   m) , its greatest depth is at least

#7 List of bodies of water in Vancouver

Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada is home to several bodies of water within and around its boundaries. Of over 30 historically salmon -bearing streams diverted into underground culverts due to urbanization , several have been restored to a state visible and habitable again by plants and wildlife

#8 Tulainyo Lake

Tulainyo Lake is a freshwater alpine lake in the eastern Sierra Nevada in the U.S. state of California , and one of the highest and largest of the alpine lakes of the Sierra. It lies in a large granite bowl bounded by the Sierra Crest to the north, east, and south, at an altitude of 12,829   ft (3,9

#9 Avalanche Lake (Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India)

Avalanche Lake (Avalanchi lake) [1] is located 28 kilometers from Ooty in the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu . [2] Body of water Avalanche Lake The Avalanche Lake Avalanche Lake Location The Nilgiris , Tamil Nadu Coordinates 11.322°N 76.611°E  / 11.322; 76.611 Frozen No Islands No

#10 Oil sands tailings ponds (Canada)

Oil sands tailings ponds are engineered dam and dyke systems used to capture oil sand tailings . Oil sand tailings contain a mixture of salts, suspended solids and other dissolvable chemical compounds such as acids, benzene , hydrocarbons [1] residual bitumen , fine silts and water. [2] Large volume

#11 Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake is a mountain lake in southern Alberta , Canada and northern Montana , United States . The lake is composed of two bodies of water, connected by a shallow channel known locally as the Bosporus. [1] The two parts are referred to as Middle Waterton Lake, and Upper Waterton Lake, the latt

#12 Auburn Dam

Auburn Dam was a proposed concrete arch dam on the North Fork of the American River east of the town of Auburn, California , in the United States , on the border of Placer and El Dorado Counties. Slated to be completed in the 1970s by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation , it would have been the tallest c

#13 Pulichinthala Project

The Pulichintala Project is a multi-purpose water management project for irrigation , hydropower generation , and flood control in the state of Andhra Pradesh , India . [3] It is a crucial irrigation facility for farmers in four coastal districts: West Godavari , Krishna , Guntur , and Prakasam , co

#14 Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks is a reservoir created by impounding the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks in central Missouri . Parts of three smaller tributaries to the Osage are included in the impoundment : the Niangua River , Grandglaize Creek , and Gravois Creek . The lake has a surface area o

#15 Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon is an artificial, captive 16.6-hectare (41 acre) body of water, west of Georgia Street , near the entrance to Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada . Surrounding the lake is a 1.75   km (1.09   mi) trail. The lake features a lit fountain that was erected by Robert Harold W

#16 Lake Pend Oreille

Lake Pend Oreille ( / ˌ p ɒ n d ə ˈ r eɪ / POND -ə- RAY ) [2] in the northern Idaho Panhandle is the largest lake in the U.S. state of Idaho and the 38th-largest lake by area in the United States , with a surface area of 148 square miles (380   km 2 ) . It is 43 miles (69   km) long, and 1,150 feet

#17 Diamond Lake (Oregon)

Diamond Lake is a natural body of water in the southern part of the U.S. state of Oregon . It lies near the junction of Oregon Route 138 and Oregon Route 230 in the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County . It is located between Mount Bailey to the west and Mount Thielsen to the east; it is just no

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River / River

#1 Back River (Nunavut)

The Back River , formerly Back's River [6] ( Dogrib : Thlewechodyeth , [7] Inuktitut : Haningayok , [8] or Great Fish River ), is the 20th longest Canadian river and is located in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut . It rises at an unnamed lake in the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territori

#2 Carmel River (Nicolet Southwest River)

The Carmel River ( in French: rivière Carmel ) is a tributary on the northeast shore of the Nicolet Southwest River . It crosses the municipalities of Sainte-Perpétue , Sainte-Monique and La Visitation-de-Yamaska , in the Nicolet-Yamaska Regional County Municipality (MRC), in the administrative regi

#3 Noire River (Huron River tributary)

The Noire River ( in French: rivière Noire ) is a tributary of the north shore of the Huron River . The latter's current flows into the rivière du Chêne which flows onto the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . River in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (Canada) For the river in the Capitale-Nationale

#4 Rivière aux Frênes

The rivière aux Frênes is a tributary of the east bank of the Henri River whose current flows successively into the rivière du Chêne and on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . River in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (Canada) This article needs additional citations for verification . ( January

#5 Deua River

The Deua River , being the main perennial river of the Moruya River catchment, is located in the South Coast region of New South Wales , Australia . River in New South Wales, Australia Deua River Moruya River [1] A large pool on the Deua River, the freshwater reaches of the Moruya River , during a p

#6 Iowa River

The Iowa River is a tributary of the Mississippi River in the state of Iowa in the United States . It is about 323 miles (520   km) long [3] and is open to small river craft to Iowa City , about 65 miles (105   km) from its mouth. Its major tributary is the Cedar River . Tributary of the Mississippi

#7 Fourchette River

The Fourchette River ( in French: rivière Fourchette ) is a tributary of the Filkars River whose current flows successively into the Beaurivage River , the west bank of the Chaudière River and the south bank of the St. Lawrence River . River in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (Canada) Fourchette River

#8 Aberfoyle River

Aberfoyle River , a watercourse [1] that is part of the Clarence River catchment, is located in the New England and Northern Tablelands districts of New South Wales , Australia . River in New South Wales, Australia Aberfoyle River Balblair Creek [1] Location of the mouth Show map of New South Wales

#9 Indus River

The Indus ( / ˈ ɪ n d ə s / IN -dəs ) is a transboundary river of Asia and a trans- Himalayan river of South and Central Asia . [6] The 3,120   km (1,940   mi) [3] river rises in mountain springs northeast of Mount Kailash in Western Tibet , flows northwest through the disputed region of Kashmir , [

#10 Pendle Water

Pendle Water is a minor river in Lancashire , England. Rising on Pendle Hill , Pendle Water cuts a deep valley between Barley Moor and Spence Hill where it feeds into the reservoirs of Upper and Lower Ogden . River in Lancashire, England Pendle Water Pendle Water in Barrowford (July 2007) Location C

#11 Saint-Georges River (rivière du Chêne tributary)

The Saint-Georges river is a tributary of the south shore of the Chêne River which flows on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . The Saint-Georges river flows in the municipality of Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière , in Lotbinière Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Chau

#12 Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way is a road in New South Wales , Australia . It runs east-west from Pacific Highway in Raleigh to New England Highway at Armidale . The route passes through some of New South Wales' most scenic countryside and has become well known as its best and Australia's third most beautiful tourist

#13 Meramec River

The Meramec River ( / ˈ m ɛr ɪ m æ k / ), sometimes spelled Maramec River , is one of the longest free-flowing waterways in the U.S. state of Missouri , draining 3,980 square miles (10,300   km 2 ) [2] while wandering 218 miles (351   km) [3] from headwaters southeast of Salem to where it empties in

#14 Willamette Falls Locks

The Willamette Falls Locks are a lock system on the Willamette River in the U.S. state of Oregon . Opened in 1873 and closed since 2011, they allowed boat traffic on the Willamette to navigate beyond Willamette Falls and the T.W. Sullivan Dam . Since their closure in 2011 the locks are classified to

#15 Rivière Pot au Beurre (île d'Orléans)

The Pot au Beurre River flows through the municipalities of Sainte-Famille-de-l'Île-d'Orléans and Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans , in the L'Île-d'Orléans Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province from Quebec , to Canada . River in Quebec, Ca

#16 Landroche River

The Landroche River is a tributary on the south shore of Lake Saint-Pierre which is crossed to the northeast by the St. Lawrence River . The Landroche river flows in the municipality of Baie-du-Febvre , in the Nicolet-Yamaska Regional County Municipality (MRC), in the administrative region of Centre

#17 Saint Pierre River (Mirabel)

The Saint-Pierre River is a tributary of the Mascouche River , flowing in the sector of "Saint-Janvier", in the city of Mirabel , in the region administrative Laurentides , in the southwest of Quebec at Canada . For rivers with similar names, see Saint Pierre River . River in Quebec, Canada Saint Pi

#18 Dnieper

The Dnieper ( / ˈ ( d ) n iː p ər / ) or Dnipro ( /( d ) n iː ˈ p r oʊ / ) [lower-alpha 1] is one of the major transboundary rivers of Europe , rising in the Valdai Hills near Smolensk , Russia , before flowing through Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea . It is the longest river of Ukraine and Bel

#19 Dornbach (Eschbach)

Dornbach (in its upper course: Kaltes Wasser ) is a river of Hesse , Germany . It flows into the Eschbach in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe . River in Hesse, Germany This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German . (September 2011) Click [show] for important tra

#20 Snoqualmie River

The Snoqualmie River is a 45-mile (72   km) long river in King County and Snohomish County in the U.S. state of Washington . The river's three main tributaries are the North, Middle, and South Forks, which drain the west side of the Cascade Mountains near the town of North Bend and join near the tow

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Sea / Sea

#1 Tromper Wiek

The Tromper Wiek is a bay on the Baltic Sea between the peninsulas of Wittow and Jasmund on the island of Rügen in northeast Germany. [1] Location of the Tromper Wiek This bay (locally: Wiek ) runs in a wide arc from Cape Arkona in the north, through the villages of Juliusruh and Glowe either side o

#2 Shirleys Bay

Shirleys Bay is a bay of the Ottawa River , about sixteen kilometres (10 miles) from downtown Ottawa in Ontario , Canada . Shirleys Bay also includes a significant wetland and nature preserve that is part of an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area the Lac Deschênes-Ottawa River IBA . Shirleys Bay Si

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