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The Sarsuti river, originating in Siwalik Hills and flowing through the palaeochannel of Yamuna, is a tributary of Ghaggar river in of Haryana state of India.[2][3][1] Its course is dotted with archaeological and religious sites dating back to post-Harrapan Mahabharata sites from Vedic period, such as Kapal Mochan, Kurukshetra, Thanesar, Brahma Sarovar, Jyotisar, Bhor Saidan and Pehowa.[1]

Saraswati River
The Saraswati river is part of the blue line upstream of the Ghaggar river.
Physical characteristics
  locationRampur Herian (south of Adi Badri) Shivalik Hills, Haryana[1]
  locationGhaggar river in Haryana
Basin features
  leftMarkanda river and Dangri

Origin and route

The Sarsuti is a small ephemeral stream that rises in the Siwalik Hills of south-eastern Himachal Pradesh in India,[4] and flows through Haryana.[5] It is palaeochannel of Yamuna before Yamuna shifted towards east due to plate tectonics of earth's crust.[5] It has also been identified as one of the tributaries of Sarasvati River.

It flows south-east where it is joined by two other streams, the Markanda river and the Dangri, before joining the Ghaggar river near the village of Rasula [near Pehowa].[4]

It is thereafter known as the Ghaggar. Further downstream on the banks of the Ghaggar stands an old derelict fort [at sirsa city] named Sarsuti.[4]

According to Valdiya and Danino, Sarsuti is a corruption of the word Sarasvati, and the 6–8 km wide channel of the Sarsuti–Ghaggar system may have once been the Sarasvati River mentioned in the Rig Veda.[4][6]

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