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Coast / Coast

#1 Cromer

Cromer ( / ˈ k r oʊ m ər / KROH -mər ) is a coastal town and civil parish on the north coast of the English county of Norfolk . [2] It is 23 miles (37 kilometres) north of Norwich , 116 miles (187 kilometres) north-northeast of London and four miles (six kilometres) east of Sheringham on the North S

#2 Varadero

Varadero ( Spanish pronunciation:   [baɾaˈðeɾo] ), also referred to as Playa Azul (Blue Beach), is a resort town in the province of Matanzas , Cuba , and one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean . Varadero Beach was rated one of the world's best beaches in TripAdvisor 's Traveler's Choice Aw

#3 Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park is a Florida State Park located near Destin , in northwestern Florida . The address is 17000 Emerald Coast Parkway. Named after Sir Chris Ashly Henderson. State park in Florida, United States Henderson Beach State Park Henderson Beach State Park Show map of Florida Show ma

#4 Breezy Point, Queens

Breezy Point is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens , located on the western end of the Rockaway peninsula , between Rockaway Inlet and Jamaica Bay to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. The community is run by the Breezy Point Cooperative , in which all residen

#5 Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay ( Morro , Spanish for "Hill") [8] [9] [10] is a seaside city in San Luis Obispo County, California . Located on the Central Coast of California , the city population was 10,757 as of the 2020 census , up from 10,234 at the 2010 census . The town overlooks Morro Bay, a natural embayment wit

#6 Calabria

Calabria ( US : / k ə ˈ l eɪ b r i ə , - ˈ l ɑː b -/ [4] [5] ), is a region in Southern Italy . It is bordered by Basilicata to the north, the Gulf of Taranto to the east, the Ionian Sea to the south, the Strait of Messina to the southwest, which separates it from Sicily , and the Tyrrhenian Sea to

#7 Llŷn Peninsula

The Llŷn Peninsula ( Welsh : Penrhyn Llŷn or Pen Llŷn , Welsh pronunciation:   [ɬɨːn] ) extends 30 miles (50   km) into the Irish Sea from North West Wales , south west of the Isle of Anglesey . It is part of the historic county of Caernarfonshire , and historic region and local authority area of Gw

#8 Carrickfergus

Carrickfergus ( from Irish : Carraig Fhearghais [ˌkaːɾˠəɟ ˈaɾˠɣəʃ] , meaning " Fergus ' rock") [3] is a large town in County Antrim , Northern Ireland . It sits on the north shore of Belfast Lough , 11 miles (18   km) from Belfast . The town had a population of 27,998 at the 2011 Census . [4] It is

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Island / Island

#1 Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo or Castellorizo ( US : / ˌ k ɑː s t ə ˈ l ɔːr ɪ z oʊ / ; [2] Greek : Καστελλόριζο , romanized :   Kastellórizo ), officially Megisti ( Μεγίστη Megísti ), is a Greek island and municipality of the Dodecanese in the Eastern Mediterranean . [3] [4] It lies roughly 2 kilometres (1 mile) off

#2 Kii Ōshima

Kii Ōshima ( 紀伊大島 ) is an inhabited island lying off the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula and the southernmost point of Honshū , Japan . It has an estimated population of around 2000, and is administratively part of the town of Kushimoto in Wakayama Prefecture . The island is approximately 8 kilome

#3 Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria ( UK : / ˌ ɡ r æ n k ə ˈ n ɛər i ə , - ˈ n ɑːr -/ , US : / ˌ ɡ r ɑː n k ə ˈ n ɑːr i ə , - ˈ n ɛər -/ ; [2] [3] Spanish pronunciation:   [ɡɾaŋ kaˈnaɾja] ), also Grand Canary Island , is the third-largest and second-most-populous island of the Canary Islands , [4] an archipelago off the A

#4 Taiping Island

Taiping Island , also known as Itu Aba , [note 1] and also known by various other names, is the largest of the naturally occurring Spratly Islands in the South China Sea . [3] [4] [5] [6] [note 2] The island is elliptical in shape being 1.4 kilometres (0.87   mi) in length and 0.4 kilometres (0.25  

#5 Fort de Bertheaume

The Fort de Bertheaume is a fort in Plougonvelin , in the Department of Finistère , France . It is located on a tidal island that nowadays connects to the mainland via a footbridge. The fort sits well above sea level, and its steep cliffs have rendered it easily defended for centuries. Since the 17t

#6 Anafi

Anafi or Anaphe ( Greek : Ανάφη ; Ancient Greek : Ἀνάφη ) [2] is a Greek island community in the Cyclades . In 2011, it had a population of 271. Its land area is 40.370 square kilometres (15.587 square miles) . [3] It lies east of the island of Thíra (Santorini). Anafi is part of the Thira regional

#7 Rhodes

Rhodes ( / r oʊ d z / ( listen ) ; Greek : Ρόδος , romanized :   Ródos [ˈroðos] ) is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and is also the island group's historical capital. Administratively, the island forms a separate municipality within the Rhodes regional unit , which is part of the So

#8 Teän

Teän ( / ˈ t iː ə n / TEE -ən , sometimes written Tean without the diaeresis ; Cornish : Enys Tian [1] ) is an uninhabited island to the north of the Isles of Scilly archipelago between Tresco , 1.5 kilometres (0.9   mi) to the west, and St Martin's , 300 metres (330   yd) to the east. [2] Approxima

#9 San Lazzaro degli Armeni

San Lazzaro degli Armeni ( Italian:   [san ˈladdzaro deʎʎ arˈmɛːni] , lit. "Saint Lazarus of the Armenians"; called Saint Lazarus Island in English sources; Armenian : Սուրբ Ղազար , romanized :   Surb Ghazar ) is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon which has been home to the monastery of the Mekhi

#10 Barbuda

Barbuda ( / b ɑːr ˈ b ( j ) uː d ə / ), [9] [10] is an island located in the eastern Caribbean forming part of the sovereign state of Antigua and Barbuda . It is located north of the island of Antigua and is part of the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. The island is a popular tourist destination

#11 Krakatoa

Krakatoa ( / ˌ k r ɑː k ə ˈ t oʊ ə , ˌ k r æ k -/ ), also transcribed Krakatau ( /- ˈ t aʊ / ), is a caldera [1] in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Indonesian province of Lampung . The caldera is part of a volcanic island group ( Krakatoa archipelago ) comprising four

#12 Balut Island

Balut Island , also known as Malulong , is a potentially active volcanic island south of the tip of Davao Occidental province in the Mindanao region, southern Philippines . At the center of the island is Balut Volcano , a fumarolic volcano with no historical eruptions. Balut Island Balut Volcano Bal

#13 Nendö Island

Nendö [neⁿdɵ] is the largest of the Santa Cruz Islands , located in the Temotu province of Solomon Islands . The island is also known as Santa Cruz , Nendo , Ndeni , Nitendi or Ndende . The name Santa Cruz was given to the island in 1595 by the Spanish navigator Álvaro de Mendaña , who started a col

#14 Dongding Island

Dongding Island [8] [9] ( Chinese : 東碇 島 [10] / 東椗 島 [11] [12] ; pinyin : Dōngdìng Dǎo ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Tang-tiāⁿ ) is an 0.0160 square kilometer [7] island in the Taiwan Strait in Jinhu Township , Kinmen County (Quemoy), Fujian Province , Republic of China (Taiwan). The island is the southernmost poi

#15 Funafuti

Funafuti is an atoll and the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu . [1] [2] It has a population of 6,320 people (2017 census), [3] and so it has more people than the rest of Tuvalu combined, with approximately 60% of the population. It consists of a narrow sweep of land between 20 and 400 metres (

#16 List of former Universal's Islands of Adventure attractions

This is a list of former attractions at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida . For a list of the park's current attractions, see List of Universal Studios Orlando attractions .

#17 Rennell Island

Rennell Island , locally known as Mugaba , is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the nation state of Solomon Islands . Rennell Island has a land area of 660 square kilometres (250   sq   mi) that is about 80 kilometres (50   mi) long and 14 kilo

#18 Tilos

Tílos ( Greek : Τήλος ; Ancient Greek : Τῆλος , romanized :   Telos ) is a small Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean Sea . It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, and lies midway between Kos and Rhodes . [2] It has a population of 780 inhabitants (2011 census). [1] Along with

#19 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#20 Majuli

Mājuli or Majuli ( mazuli ) [1] is a river island in the Brahmaputra River , Assam and in 2016 it became the first island to be made a district in India . [2] It had an area of 1,255 square kilometres (485   sq   mi) at the beginning of the 20th century, [3] but having lost significantly to erosion

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Historical eruptions in Tenerife

Relation of the eruptions of which one has historical record [1] [2] in the Island of Tenerife : 1341: First historical eruption according to references of Biscayan sailors who wrote it down in his diaries. This rash, however, is not considered a reliable reference. [3] 1393-1394: Second historical

#2 Mount Stromlo

Mount Stromlo (formerly Mount Strom [1] [2] [ citation needed ] ) is a mountain with an elevation of 770 metres (2,530   ft) AHD   that is situated in the Australian Capital Territory , Australia . The mountain is most notable as the location of the Mount Stromlo Observatory . The mountain forms par

#3 Victoria Peak (California)

Victoria Peak is a mountain with a summit elevation of 11,732 feet (3,576   m) located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Mono County of northern California , United States. [4] The summit is set in Hoover Wilderness on land managed by Humboldt–Toiyabe National Forest . The peak is situated app

#4 Wildstrubel

The Wildstrubel ( 3,244 metres (10,643   ft) ) is a mountain of the Alps , straddling the border between the Swiss cantons of Bern and Valais . It forms a large glaciated massif, about 15   km wide, extending between the Rawil Pass and the Gemmi Pass . Along with the Muverans , the Diablerets and th

#5 Mount Green

Mount Green is a 2,692-metre (8,832-foot) mountain summit located in Glacier National Park , in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 4   km (2.5   mi) north-northwest of Mount Bonney , 10   km (6.2   mi) southwest of Rogers Pass , 52   km (32   mi) northeast of Revelst

#6 Hermit Mountain

Hermit Mountain is a 3,050-metre (10,010-foot) mountain summit located in Glacier National Park , in the Hermit Range of the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia , Canada . Hermit Mountain is situated 64   km (40   mi) northeast of Revelstoke , and 39   km (24   mi) west of Golden . It is also set

#7 Gaisberg

The Gaisberg is, at 1,288 meters (4,226   ft) above sea level, a mountain to the east of Salzburg , Austria . It belongs to Salzkammergut Mountains , a range of the Northern Limestone Alps . The mountain is one of the Salzburg Hausberge , a recreational area offering views over the city and the Berc

#8 Zimba (mountain)

The Zimba , elevation 2,645   m (8,678   ft) , is the most familiar mountain in the Austrian mountain range called Rätikon . Located in the hinterland of Bludenz , this horn is the landmark of Montafon valley and especially of the main village of Schruns . Three ridges and three walls emphasize the

#9 Savur-Mohyla

Savur-Mohyla ( Ukrainian : Савур-могила ), often transliterated using the Russian spelling Saur-Mogila ( Russian : Саур-Могила ), is a strategic height in the Donets ridge near the city of Snizhne , located about 5   km (3.1   mi) from the border between Ukraine and Russia 's Rostov Oblast . Height

#10 Fineilspitze

The Fineilspitze ( Italian : Punta di Finale ) is a peak in the Schnalskamm group of the Ötztal Alps on the border between Tyrol , Austria , and South Tyrol , Italy . It is known for being the discovery site of Otzi . Mountain in Italy Fineilspitze Fineilspitze from the north. Highest   point Elevat

#11 Ursus Major Mountain

Ursus Major Mountain is a 2,705-metre (8,875-foot) mountain summit located in Glacier National Park , in the Hermit Range of the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia , Canada . Ursus Major Mountain is situated 5.5   km (3.4   mi) west of Rogers Pass , 52   km (32   mi) northeast of Revelstoke , and

#12 Lone Peak (Utah)

Lone Peak , a mountain peak southeast of Salt Lake City , Utah , United States is the center of the Lone Peak Wilderness , established in 1978. With an elevation of 11,260 feet (3,430   m) , it is one of the taller peaks in the Wasatch Range along the Wasatch Front and tends to be a favorite hike. T

#13 Mount Wheeler (British Columbia)

Mount Wheeler , is a 3,336-metre (10,945-foot) mountain summit located in Glacier National Park of British Columbia , Canada . It is the third-highest peak in the park, and sixth-highest in the Selkirk Mountains range. [3] The mountain is a remote 60   km (37   mi) east of Revelstoke , and 40   km (

#14 Larch Hill

Larch Hill International Scout and Guide Centre is the national campsite, and administrative and training headquarters of Scouting Ireland . It was previously owned by Scouting Ireland (CSI) . Larch Hill Owner Scouting Ireland Location Tibradden , Dublin Country Ireland Coordinates 53.253885°N 6.281

#15 Bald Eagle Peak

Bald Eagle Peak is a 6,259-foot (1,908-metre) mountain summit located 7.4   mi (11.9   km) southeast of Skykomish , in eastern King County of Washington state. [4] It's part of the Cascade Range , and is situated in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness , on land managed by Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National For

#16 West Coyote Hills

The West Coyote Hills are a low mountain range in northern Orange County , California . [1] It contains one of the last large open-space area in north Orange County. Parts of it lie within the city limits of La Habra , Buena Park , and La Mirada , with most of it sprawling across western Fullerton b

#17 Mont Chaberton

Mont Chaberton is a 3,131 metres (10,272   ft) peak in the French Alps in the group known as the Massif des Cerces in the département of Hautes-Alpes . Mountain in the French Alps Mont Chaberton Southeast face of Chaberton Highest   point Elevation 3,131   m (10,272   ft) [1] Prominence 1,281   m (4

#18 South Table Mountain (Colorado)

South Table Mountain is a mesa on the eastern flank of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America . Castle Rock, the 6,338-foot (1,932   m) summit of the mesa, is located on private property in Jefferson County, Colorado , 0.56 miles (0.9   km) directly east ( bearing 90°) of downtown G

#19 Chief Mountain

Chief Mountain ( Blackfoot: Ninaistako ) ( 9,085 feet (2,769   m) ) is located in the U.S. state of Montana on the eastern border of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation . [4] [5] The mountain is one of the most prominent peaks and rock formations along the Rocky Mountain Front

#20 Aiguilles Marbrées

The Aiguilles Marbrées ( 3,535 metres (11,598   ft) ), ( French pronunciation:   ​ [eɡɥijmaʁbʁe] , literally "marbled needles") is a mountain peak in the Mont Blanc massif , above the Glacier du Géant , with its summits forming part of the frontier between France and Italy . It is situated between t

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Flaming Gorge Dam

Flaming Gorge Dam is a concrete thin- arch dam on the Green River , a major tributary of the Colorado River , in northern Utah in the United States . Flaming Gorge Dam forms the Flaming Gorge Reservoir , which extends 91 miles (146   km) into southern Wyoming , submerging four distinct gorges of the

#2 Yamhill River lock and dam

The Yamhill River lock and dam was completed in 1900. It was built near Lafayette, Oregon , to allow better river transport on the Yamhill River from Dayton , to McMinnville, Oregon . While the Corps of Engineers had recommended against construction of the lock, it was built anyway, largely as a res

#3 Comanche Creek Reservoir

Comanche Creek Reservoir (formerly Squaw Creek Reservoir) is a 3,275-acre (13.3   km²) impoundment located between Glen Rose, Texas and Granbury, Texas . The primary purpose is cooling for Comanche Peak Nuclear Generating Station . During full operation of both units of Comanche Peak, 2.2   million

#4 Nüümü Hu Hupi

Nüümü Hu Hupi (formerly Squaw Lake ) is a small lake in the eastern Sierra Nevada , near the John Muir Trail in John Muir Wilderness . It is located 1.8 miles (2.9   km) west-northwest of Mount Izaak Walton and 5 miles (8.0   km) north-northeast of Lake Thomas A Edison . at an altitude of 10,315 fee

#5 Lake Enol

Lake Enol is a small highland lake in the Principality of Asturias , Spain . It is located in the Picos de Europa Western Massif, Cantabrian Mountains . It is next to Lake Ercina and together, they form the group known as Lakes of Covadonga , inside the Picos de Europa National Park . Lake Enol is t

#6 The Loe

The Loe ( Cornish : An Logh ), also known as Loe Pool , is the largest natural freshwater lake ( 50 hectares (120 acres) ) in Cornwall , United Kingdom. The earliest recorded appearance of this simple name form was in 1337, when it was called "La Loo", [1] but is mentioned as 'the lake' in 1302; [2]

#7 Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station

The Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station (also referred to as The 50 years of Great October Dam) is a concrete gravity dam on the Angara River and adjacent hydroelectric power station . It is the second level of the Angara River hydroelectric station cascade in Irkutsk Oblast , Russia . From its commi

#8 Hocomonco Pond

Hocomonco Pond is a recreational pond located in Westborough, Massachusetts near Route 9 . Also called Hobomoc Pond , it was named for Hobomok, a Wamesit Indian evil spirit. [1] The pond and adjacent land are a Superfund site. Hocomonco Pond Hocomonco Pond Hocomonco Pond Show map of Massachusetts Ho

#9 Lake George (lake), New York

Lake George ( Mohawk : Kaniá:taro’kte ), [2] nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes , [3] is a long, narrow oligotrophic lake located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains , in the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of New York . It lies within the upper region of the Great Appalachia

#10 Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is a fresh water impoundment ( reservoir ) located in the southern part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas. The lake encompasses parts of Tarrant , Dallas and Ellis counties. The lake measures 7,740 acres (31.3   km 2 ) with a conservation storage capacity of 176,900 acr

#11 Granite Mountain Reservoir

The Granite Mountain Reservoir (formerly Squaw Valley Reservoir ) is a lake managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Washoe County , Nevada . The reservoir is a fishing destination stocked with several species of fish, including trout , bass and catfish . [2] Body of water Granite Mountain Reserv

#12 Lac de Pannecière

Lac de Pannecière is a lake in the department Nièvre in France . At an elevation of 320 m, its surface area is 5.2   km 2 . It manages a drainage basin  of 220 km2. It is the largest of the Morvan lakes. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in French . (Ja

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River / River

#1 Love Canal

Love Canal is a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York , United States, infamous as the location of a 0.28   km 2 (0.11   sq   mi) landfill that became the site of an enormous environmental disaster in the 1970s. Decades of dumping toxic chemicals harmed the health of hundreds of residents; [1] the

#2 Neva

The Neva ( Russian : Нева́ , IPA:   [nʲɪˈva] ) is a river in northwestern Russia flowing from Lake Ladoga through the western part of Leningrad Oblast (historical region of Ingria ) to the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland . Despite its modest length of 74 kilometres (46   mi) , it is the fourth-large

#3 Mangawhero River

The Mangawhero River is in the North Island of New Zealand. It drains the south-western slopes of Mount Ruapehu , passes through Ohakune before discharging into the Whangaehu River to the south-west of Mangamahu . Mangawhero River The Mangawhero Falls on the Mangawhero River Etymology Maori meaning

#4 Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls ( / ʃ oʊ ˈ ʃ oʊ n / ) is a waterfall in the western United States , on the Snake River in south-central Idaho , approximately three miles (5   km) northeast of the city of Twin Falls . Sometimes called the "Niagara of the West," Shoshone Falls is 212 feet (65   m) in height, 45 feet (

#5 Sycamore Run (Allegheny River tributary)

Sycamore Run (formerly Squaw Run ) is a tributary of the Allegheny River located in Allegheny County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania . Due to the offensive nature of the word " squaw ," the name was changed to Sycamore Run on September 8, 2022. [1] River in the United States Sycamore Run Location

#6 Batavia Kill (Schoharie Creek tributary)

Batavia Kill is a 21-mile-long (34   km) tributary of Schoharie Creek , that flows across the towns of Windham , Ashland and Prattsville in the U.S. state of New York . Its waters reach the Hudson River via Schoharie Creek and the Mohawk River . Since it drains into the Schoharie upstream of Schohar

#7 Drina

The Drina ( Serbian Cyrillic : Дрина , pronounced   [drǐːna] ) is a 346   km (215   mi) long Balkans river, [1] which forms a large portion of the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia . It is the longest tributary of the Sava River and the longest karst river in the Dinaric Alps which be

#8 Kambaniru River

The Kambaniru River ( Indonesian : Sungai Kambaniru ; Sumba name: Luku Kambaniru ) is a river in the island of Sumba , Indonesia , about 1,500   km east of the capital Jakarta . [1] With a length of approximately 118   km, it flows periodically through 9 districts in the East Sumba Regency , exiting

#9 Tinicum Creek (Delaware River tributary)

Tinicum Creek is a tributary of the Delaware River in Tinicum Township , Bucks County , Pennsylvania in the United States . River in Pennsylvania, United States Tinicum Creek Tinicum Creek Location Country United States State Pennsylvania County Bucks Township Tinicum Physical   characteristics Sour

#10 Loyalsock Creek

Loyalsock Creek is a 64-mile-long (103   km) [1] tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River located chiefly in Sullivan and Lycoming counties in Pennsylvania in the United States . As the crow flies , Lycoming County is about 130 miles (209   km) northwest of Philadelphia and 165 miles (266   km

#11 Sabine River (Texas–Louisiana)

The Sabine River ( / s ə ˈ b iː n / ) is a 360-mile (580   km) long river [5] [6] in the Southern U.S. states of Texas and Louisiana , [3] From the 32nd parallel north and downstream, it serves as part of the boundary between the two states and empties into Sabine Lake , an estuary of the Gulf of Me

#12 Ripon Canal

The Ripon Canal is located in North Yorkshire , England . It was built by the canal engineer William Jessop to link the city of Ripon with the navigable section of the River Ure at Oxclose Lock, from where boats could reach York and Hull. It opened in 1773 and was a moderate success. It was sold to

#13 Esopus Creek

Esopus Creek / ɪ ˈ s oʊ p ə s / is a 65.4-mile-long (105.3   km) [2] tributary of the Hudson River that drains the east-central Catskill Mountains in the U.S. state of New York . From its source at Winnisook Lake on the slopes of Slide Mountain , the Catskills' highest peak, it flows across Ulster C

#14 Kaveri River water dispute

The sharing of waters of the Kaveri River has been the source of a serious conflict between the two Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka . The genesis of this conflict rests in two agreements in 1892 and 1924 between the Madras Presidency and Kingdom of Mysore . The 802 kilometres (498   mi) Ka

#15 Gold Creek (Montana)

Gold Creek is a creek in southwestern Montana , United States , on Interstate 90 northwest of Garrison , between Butte and Missoula . It flows through parts of Granite County and Powell County and empties into the Clark Fork (river) at the ghost town of Goldcreek ( 46°35′12″N 112°55′43″W ), northwes

#16 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls ( / n aɪ ˈ æ ɡ ər ə / ) is a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge , spanning the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls , which straddles the international bo

#17 Cascades Rapids

The Cascades Rapids (sometimes called Cascade Falls or Cascades of the Columbia ) were an area of rapids along North America 's Columbia River , between the U.S. states of Washington and Oregon . Through a stretch approximately 150 yards (140   m) wide, the river dropped about 40 feet (12   m) in 2

#18 Chief Eagle Eye Creek (Payette River tributary)

Chief Eagle Eye Creek (formerly Squaw Creek ) is a 61-mile (98   km) long [3] a river in western Idaho , United States, that is a tributary of the Payette River . River in Idaho, United States Chief Eagle Eye Creek Location of the mouth of Chief Eagle Eye Creek in Idaho Show map of Idaho Chief Eagle

#19 Swatara Creek

Swatara Creek (nicknamed the Swatty ) is a 72-mile-long (116   km) [1] tributary of the Susquehanna River in east-central Pennsylvania in the United States . It rises in the Appalachian Mountains in central Schuylkill County and passes through northwest Lebanon County before draining into the Susque

#20 Oaks Creek

Oaks Creek is a river that drains Canadarago Lake , which is situated in the north central region of Otsego County, New York . The creek begins by the Hamlet of Schuyler Lake and flows southeast approximately 9.32 miles (15.00   km) , dropping only 105 feet (32   m) in elevation, before converging w

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Sea / Sea

#1 Bali Sea

The Bali Sea ( Indonesian : Laut Bali ) is the body of water north of the island of Bali and south of Kangean Island in Indonesia . The sea forms the south-west part of the Flores Sea , and the Madura Strait opens into it from the west. [1] Indonesian sea between Bali and Kangean Islands Body of wat

#2 Corio Bay

Corio Bay is one of numerous internal bays in the southwest corner of Australia's Port Phillip , and is the bay on which abuts the City of Geelong . The nearby suburb of Corio takes its name from Corio Bay. Bay in Victoria, Australia Body of water Corio Bay Corio Bay, overlooking Geelong West , Drum

#3 Bateau Bay, New South Wales

Bateau Bay is a suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales , Australia. [2] It is part of the Central Coast Council local government area. Bateau Bay lies in the area known as Darkinjung to Indigenous Australians . "Bateau" is French for "boat." The suburb was previously known as Boat Har

#4 English Channel

The English Channel [lower-alpha 1] ( French : la Manche , Breton : Mor Breizh , Cornish : Mor Bretannek ), also called the British Channel [1] or simply the Channel , is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France and links to the southern part of the North Sea

#5 Rapid Bay, South Australia

Rapid Bay is a locality that includes a small seaside town and bay on the west coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula , South Australia . It lies within the District Council of Yankalilla and its township is approximately 100   km south of the state capital, Adelaide . A pair of jetties are popular attract

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