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Coast / Coast

#1 Bull Island

Bull Island ( Irish : Oileán an Tairbh ), more properly North Bull Island (Irish: Oileán an Tairbh Thuaidh ), is an island located in Dublin Bay in Ireland, about 5   km long and 800 m wide, lying roughly parallel to the shore off Clontarf (including Dollymount ), Raheny , Kilbarrack , and facing Su

#2 Topsail Island

Topsail Island ( / ˈ t ɑː p s ɪ l / , TOP-sill) is a 26-mile (41.8   km) long barrier island off the coast of North Carolina , roughly equidistant between the barrier islands of the Crystal Coast and the beaches of the Cape Fear region, lying south of Jacksonville, North Carolina and Camp Lejeune .

#3 American Beach, Florida

American Beach is a historic beach community in northeastern Florida once popular with American vacationers. It is located north of Jacksonville on Amelia Island in Nassau County . During the time of segregation and the Jim Crow era, African Americans were denied access to many public amenities such

#4 Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras / ˈ h æ t ə r ə s / is a cape located at a pronounced bend in Hatteras Island , one of the barrier islands of North Carolina . Cape on the shoreline of Hatteras Island, North Carolina, United States For the lighthouse located on Cape Hatteras, see Cape Hatteras Light . Cape Hatteras Ca

#5 Beachy Head

Beachy Head is a chalk headland in East Sussex , England . It is situated close to Eastbourne , immediately east of the Seven Sisters . Chalk headland in East Sussex, England For other uses, see Beachy Head (disambiguation) . Beachy Head from the air, with Beachy Head Lighthouse at its foot. Looking

#6 Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is a national park located about 68 miles (109   km) west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico . The park preserves Fort Jefferson and the seven Dry Tortugas islands, the westernmost and most isolated of the Florida Keys . The archipelago's coral reefs are the least disturbed

#7 Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County , Florida , United States. The population of Delray Beach as of April 1, 2020 was 66,846 according to the 2020 United States Census . [9] Located 52 miles north of Miami , Delray Beach is in the Miami metropolitan area . City in Palm Beach County, Florida

#8 Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Scarborough ( / ˈ s k ɑːr b r ə / ) [3] is a seaside town in the Borough of Scarborough in North Yorkshire , England. Scarborough is located on the North Sea coastline. Historically in the North Riding of Yorkshire , the town lies between 10 and 230 feet (3–70 m) above sea level, from the harbour ri

#9 Mother Ivy's Bay

Polventon Bay ( Cornish : Poll Fenton , meaning pool of a spring ), Mother Ivey's Bay is a bay and bathing beach on the north coast of Cornwall , United Kingdom . The bay is on east side of the headland, Trevose Head and within the parish of St Merryn . The South West Coast Path , which follows the

#10 Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a 1,208-acre (489-hectare) park along Lake Michigan on the North Side of Chicago , Illinois . Named after US President Abraham Lincoln , it is the city's largest public park and stretches for seven miles (11   km) from Grand Avenue (500 N), on the south, [1] [2] to near Ardmore Avenu

#11 Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Bald Head Island , historically Smith Island , is a village located on the east side of the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County , North Carolina , United States. Compared to the nearby city of Wilmington to the north, the village of Bald Head Island is small and somewhat remote. It is accessible by

#12 Poldhu

Poldhu is a small area in south Cornwall , England , UK , situated on the Lizard Peninsula ; it comprises Poldhu Point and Poldhu Cove. Poldhu means "black pool" in Cornish . Poldhu lies on the coast of Mount's Bay and is in the northern part of the parish of Mullion ; the churchtown is 2 kilometres

#13 Scotts Head, Dominica

Scotts Head is a village on the southwest coast of Dominica , in Saint Mark Parish . In 2001, its population was 721. Predominantly a fishing village, Scotts Head overlooks Soufrière Bay , which is protected as the Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve . It is also a popular snorkeling and diving sit

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Island / Island

#1 La Gomera

La Gomera ( pronounced   [la ɣoˈmeɾa] ) is one of Spain 's Canary Islands , located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa . With an area of 370.03   km 2 (142.87   sq   mi) , it is the third smallest of the eight main islands of this archipelago. It belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de T

#2 Wiay, Inner Hebrides

Wiay , pronounced "waya" ( Gaelic : Fuidheigh ) is an uninhabited island in Loch Bracadale , off the coast of the Isle of Skye Uninhabited island off the Isle of Skye For other places with the same name, see Wiay (disambiguation) . Wiay Scottish Gaelic name Fuidheigh Meaning of name Settlement Locat

#3 Crab Island (Lake Champlain)

Crab Island is a roughly 40-acre (0.16   km 2 ) limestone island situated in Lake Champlain just outside Plattsburgh Bay in the town of Plattsburgh in Clinton County in upstate New York . During the War of 1812 , the island was utilized as a military field hospital for convalescent soldiers as well

#4 St. David's Island, Bermuda

St. David's Island is one of the main islands of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda . It is located in the far north of the territory, one of the two similarly sized islands that make up the majority of St. George's Parish . One of the principal islands of Bermuda Aerial view of Bermuda, with

#5 Suðuroy

Suðuroy (literally South Island, Danish : Suderø ) is the southernmost of the Faroe Islands . The island covers 163.7 square kilometres (63.2   sq   mi). In 2018 the population was 4,601. Suðuroy region ( sýsla ) comprises this island and Lítla Dímun , the next isle northward in the Faroes, which is

#6 Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island ( / ˈ n ɔːr f ə k / , locally / ˈ n ɔːr f oʊ k / ; [8] Norfuk : Norf'k Ailen [9] ) is an external territory of Australia located in the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and New Caledonia , 1,412 kilometres (877   mi) directly east of Australia's Evans Head and about 900 kilometres (5

#7 Namyit Island

Namyit Island , also known as Vietnamese : Đảo Nam Yết ; Binago Island ( Tagalog : Pulo ng Binago ); Mandarin Chinese : 鴻庥島/鸿庥岛 ; pinyin : Hóngxiū Dǎo , is the third-largest island on Tizard Bank in the northwest of the Spratly Islands in South China Sea . With an area of 5.3 hectares (13 acres) , i

#8 Geography of Hokkaido

The island of Hokkaidō is located in the north of Japan, near Russia ( Sakhalin Oblast ). It has coastlines on the Sea of Japan (to the west of the island), the Sea of Okhotsk (to the north), and the Pacific Ocean (to the east). The center of the island is mountainous, with volcanic plateaux . Hokka

#9 Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport ( Japanese : 関西国際空港 , romanized :   Kansai Kokusai Kūkō ) commonly known as 関空 ( Kankū ) ( IATA : KIX , ICAO : RJBB ) is the primary international airport in the Greater Osaka Area of Japan and the closest international airport to the cities of Osaka , Kyoto , and Kobe .

#10 Barbuda

Barbuda ( / b ɑːr ˈ b ( j ) uː d ə / ), [9] [10] is an island located in the eastern Caribbean forming part of the sovereign state of Antigua and Barbuda . It is located north of the island of Antigua and is part of the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. The island is a popular tourist destination

#11 Tuzla Island

Tuzla Island ( Ukrainian : Тузла , Russian : Тузла , Crimean Tatar : Тузла ; from Turkish "tuzla" – salty, saline, literally: add salt) is a sandy islet in the form of a spit located in the middle of the Strait of Kerch between the Kerch Peninsula in the west and the Taman Peninsula in the east. The

#12 Sombrero, Anguilla

Sombrero , also known as Hat Island , is part of the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla and is the northernmost island of the Lesser Antilles . [lower-alpha 1] It lies 54   km (34   mi) north-west of Anguilla across the Dog and Prickly Pear Passage. The distance to Dog Island , the next nearest

#13 Nellaidhoo (Haa Dhaalu Atoll)

Nellaidhoo is one of the inhabited islands of Haa Dhaalu Atoll administrative division and geographically part of Thiladhummathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives . Inhabited island in Thiladhummathi Atoll, Maldives Nellaidhoo Inhabited island Nellaidhoo Location in Maldives Coordinates: 06°43′00″N

#14 Wake Island

Wake Island ( Marshallese : Ānen Kio , lit.   ' island of the kio flower ' ; also known as Wake Atoll ) is a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia subregion , 1,501 miles (2,416 kilometers) east of Guam , 2,298 miles (3,698 kilometers) west of Honolulu ,

#15 West Timor

West Timor ( Indonesian : Timor Barat ) is an area covering the western part of the island of Timor , except for the district of Oecussi-Ambeno (an East Timorese exclave ). Administratively, West Timor is part of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia . The capital as well as its main port is Kupang

#16 Inchgarvie

Inchgarvie or Inch Garvie [1] is a small, uninhabited island in the Firth of Forth . On the rocks around the island sit four caissons that make up the foundations of the Forth Bridge . Inchgarvie Location Inchgarvie Inchgarvie shown within Scotland OS grid reference NT138795 Coordinates 56.03°N 3.23

#17 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#18 Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten ( Dutch pronunciation: [sɪntˈmaːrtə(n)] ( listen ) ) is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean . [4] With a population of 41,486 [1] as of January 2019 on an area of 41.44   km 2 (16.00   sq   mi) , it encompasses the southern 44% of the divided island

#19 Antigua

Antigua ( / æ n ˈ t iː ɡ ə / ann- TEE -gə ), [2] also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the native population, is an island in the Lesser Antilles . It is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region and the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda . Antigua and Barbuda became an indepen

#20 Marie-Galante

Marie-Galante [1] ( Antillean Creole : Mawigalant ) is one of the islands that form Guadeloupe , [2] an overseas department of France . [3] Marie-Galante has a land area of 158.1   km 2 (61.0 square miles) . It had 11,528 inhabitants at the start of 2013, but by the start of 2018 the total was offic

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Goode Mountain

Goode Mountain is one of the major peaks of the North Cascades in the U.S. state of Washington . Named for topographer Richard U. Goode of the USGS , [4] it is the highest peak located in North Cascades National Park , [5] between the Skagit River and Lake Chelan . It is the fourth-highest non-volca

#2 Mayon

Mayon ( Central Bikol : Bulkan Mayon ; Tagalog : Bulkang Mayon , IPA:   [mɐjɔn] ), also known as Mount Mayon and Mayon Volcano ( Spanish : Monte Mayón, Volcán Mayón ), [4] is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay in Bicol Region , on the island of Luzon in the Philippines . A popular tour

#3 Hozomeen Mountain

Hozomeen Mountain is a double-summited rock peak on the east side of Ross Lake in the North Cascades of Washington state. Despite its modest absolute elevation, it is notable for the large, steep drops from both of its summits to the surrounding terrain. Mountain in Washington (state), United States

#4 Mission Peak

Mission Peak is a mountain peak located east of Fremont, California . It is the northern summit on a ridge that includes Mount Allison and Monument Peak . Mission Peak has symbolic importance, and is depicted on the logo of the City of Fremont. It is located in Mission Peak Regional Preserve , a reg

#5 Mount Logan (Quebec)

Mount Logan is a mountain on the Gaspé Peninsula , in Quebec , Canada . Part of the Chic-Choc Mountains , Mount Logan rises 1,150 metres (3,773   ft) above sea level, making it the highest point in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region and one of the few Quebec peaks over 1,100 metres (3,609   ft) . Mountain

#6 Kuchela Dhura

Mount Kuchela Dhura is a mountain located in Pithoragarh , Uttarakhand , India. It is located at the near true right bank of Lwa Glacier or true left bank of Shalang glacier, surrounded by Mount Nandakot, 6861 metres and 0.6041 metres to its south-west and north-east respectively. This peak offers a

#7 Lampak II

Lampak II is a mountain of the Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand , India .The elevation of Lampak II is 6,181 metres (20,279   ft) and its prominence is 403 metres (1,322   ft) . It is 142nd joint highest located entirely within the Uttrakhand. Nanda Devi , is the highest mountain in this category. It

#8 List of Munro mountains

This is a list of Munro mountains and Munro Tops in Scotland by height . Munros are defined as Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet (914.4   m) in height, and which are on the Scottish Mountaineering Club ("SMC") official list of Munros. [lower-alpha 2] [1] [2] In addition, the SMC define Munro Tops ,

#9 Cerro Castor

Cerro Castor is a ski resort on the southern slope of Mount Krund , [1] 26 kilometres (16   mi) from the city of Ushuaia , in the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego . Its tracks can be used during several months because of the cold weather of the region. [2] The standard season takes place betwe

#10 Goûter Hut

The Goûter Hut ( French : Refuge du Goûter ), is a mountain refuge in the French department of Haute-Savoie . [1] It is located at a height of 3,835 metres (12,582   ft) on the Arete du Goûter in the municipality of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains . It overlooks the Glacier de Bionnassay, and is the highest

#11 Tremor Mountain

Tremor Mountain is a prominent 2,691-metre (8,829-foot) summit located in the Garibaldi Ranges of the Coast Mountains , in Garibaldi Provincial Park of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is the highest point of the Spearhead Range , which is a subset of the Garibaldi Ranges. [3] It is situa

#12 Mount Sir John Abbott

Mount Sir John Abbott is a 3,398   m (11,148   ft) mountain located in the Premier Range of the Cariboo Mountains in the east-central interior of British Columbia , Canada . It is located at the south end of the west wall of Kiwa Glacier, the source of Kiwa Creek . Not to be confused with Mount Abbo

#13 Pic des Spijeoles

The Pic des Spijeoles is a French pyrenean summit, culminating at 3,065   m (10,056   ft) . Pic des Spijeoles View of Spijeoles from the Grand Quayrat Highest   point Elevation 3,065   m (10,056   ft) Prominence 145   m (476   ft)   Coordinates 42°42′39″N 0°29′05″E Geography Pic des Spijeoles Locati

#14 Heaven Lake

Heaven Lake ( Korean : 천지 , Ch'ŏnji or Cheonji ; Chinese : 天池 , Tiānchí ; Manchu : ᡨᠠᠮᡠᠨ ᠣᠮᠣ Tamun omo or ᡨᠠᠮᡠᠨ ᠵᡠᠴᡝ Tamun juce ) is a crater lake on the border between China and North Korea . It lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Paektu Mountain , a part of the Baekdudaegan and Changbai mounta

#15 Trango Towers

The Trango Towers ( Urdu : ٹرینگو ٹاورز ) are a family of rock towers situated in Gilgit-Baltistan , in the north of Pakistan . The Towers offer some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world, and every year a number of expeditions from all corners of the globe visit Kara

#16 Mount Meager massif

The Mount Meager massif is a group of volcanic peaks in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in southwestern British Columbia , Canada. Part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc of western North America, it is located 150   km (93   mi) north of Vancouver at the northern end of the Pemberton Valley and

#17 Island Mountain

Island Mountain is a resistant formation of volcanic and metavolcanic rock in the Franciscan Assemblage of southwestern Trinity County, California . It was mined for sulfur metal deposits during the first half of the 20th century and was the final obstacle in the construction of a railroad line to E

#18 Bouquetins

The Dents de Bouquetins or just the Bouquetins (French for Alpine ibexes ) are a multi-summited mountain of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy . They form a ridge composed of several summits above 3,600 metres, of which the highest is 3,838 metres. The Bouquetins are the highest mountain on the

#19 List of people who died on the Presidential Range

The Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire consist of a series of mountains whose maximum elevation reaches 6,288 feet (1,917   m) and represent some of the highest mountains in the United States east of the Mississippi River . Fatalities in this area are dominated by those that

#20 Planchón-Peteroa

Planchón-Peteroa is a complex volcano extending in a north–south direction along the border between Argentina and Chile . It consists of volcanoes of various ages with several overlapping calderas. Those include Volcán Planchón , Volcán Peteroa and Volcán Azufre . Mountain in Argentina This article

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Conconully Dam

Conconully Dam (National ID # WA00259) is a dam in Okanogan County, Washington , United States. Aerial view of dam and reservoir the town of Conconully from the north, with the Conconully Lake and the 1921 Salmon Lake Dam to the east (left), and Conconully Reservoir to the south The earthen dam was

#2 Lake Mariout

Lake Mariout ( Arabic : بحيرة مريوط Boḥēret Maryūṭ , IPA:   [boˈħeːɾet mɑɾˤˈjuːtˤ] , also spelled Maryut or Mariut ), is a brackish lake in northern Egypt near the city of Alexandria . The lake area covered 200 square kilometres (77   sq   mi) and had a navigable canal at the beginning of the 20th c

#3 Lake Garfield

Lake Garfield is a 275-acre (111   ha) lake located about 0.5 miles (0.80   km) north of the center of Monterey , off Route 23 in Berkshire County , Massachusetts . For the lake in Minnesota, see Garfield Lake . Body of water Lake Garfield Lake Garfield Show map of Massachusetts Lake Garfield Show m

#4 Munsungan-Chase Lake Thoroughfare Archeological District

The Munsungan-Chase Lake Thoroughfare Archeological District encompasses a series of important archaeological sites in a remote area of northern Maine , United States . These sites offer evidence of human habitation dating to not long after the retreat of the glaciers following the Wisconsin glaciat

#5 The Loe

The Loe ( Cornish : An Logh ), also known as Loe Pool , is the largest natural freshwater lake ( 50 hectares (120 acres) ) in Cornwall , United Kingdom. The earliest recorded appearance of this simple name form was in 1337, when it was called "La Loo", [1] but is mentioned as 'the lake' in 1302; [2]

#6 Iskar Reservoir

The Iskar Reservoir (язовир „Искър“) is the largest reservoir in Bulgaria . It is situated on the Iskar River and provides 2/3 of the water for the capital Sofia , also being used for producing hydroelectricity . Body of water Iskar Reservoir Iskar Reservoir Coordinates 42°28′14″N 23°34′24″E Type re

#7 Lower Jurala Hydro Electric Project

Lower Jurala Hydro Electric Project is a major on-going Hydro Electric Project near Mulamalla Village, Atmakur Mandal, Jogulamba Gadwal district , Telangana . The project construction was started in 2008, planned to completed it by 2014. But due to the delay it may completed by end of 2015. There wi

#8 Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is a fresh water impoundment ( reservoir ) located in the southern part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas. The lake encompasses parts of Tarrant , Dallas and Ellis counties. The lake measures 7,740 acres (31.3   km 2 ) with a conservation storage capacity of 176,900 acr

#9 Chew Magna Reservoir

Chew Magna Reservoir is a 5-acre (2   ha) reservoir on the western outskirts of the village of Chew Magna , Somerset , England. It lies just north of the B3130 Winford Road. A lake in Somerset, England Body of water Chew Magna Reservoir Chew Magna Reservoir Location Somerset Coordinates 51.366°N 2.6

#10 Brocket Hall

Brocket Hall is a neo-classical country house set in a large park at the western side of the urban area of Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire , England . The estate is equipped with two golf courses and seven smaller listed buildings, apart from the main house. The freehold on the estate is held by

#11 Buena Vista Lake

Buena Vista Lake was a fresh-water lake in Kern County, California , in the Tulare Lake Basin in the southern San Joaquin Valley , California . Former fresh-water lake in Kern County, California Body of water Buena Vista Lake Buena Vista Lake Show map of California Buena Vista Lake Show map of the U

#12 Nuozhadu Dam

Nuozhadu Dam ( Chinese : 糯扎渡大坝 ; pinyin : Nuòzhādù Dàbà ) is an embankment dam on the Lancang (Mekong) River in Yunnan Province , southwest China . The dam is 261.5   m (858   ft) tall, and creates a reservoir with a normal capacity of 21,749,000,000   m 3 (17,632,000   acre⋅ft) at a level of 812  

#13 Trout Lake (Colorado)

Trout Lake is a lake located in southeast San Miguel County , Colorado , in Uncompahgre National Forest . Trout Lake is a 15-minute drive from Ophir via Colorado State Highway 145 and a 30-minute drive from Telluride . Body of water Trout Lake Looking southeast towards Trout Lake with Yellow Mountai

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River / River

#1 Amazon River

The Amazon River ( UK : / ˈ æ m ə z ən / , US : / ˈ æ m ə z ɒ n / ; Spanish : Río Amazonas , Portuguese : Rio Amazonas ) in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world, and the disputed longest river system in the world in comparison to the Nile . [2] [16] [n 2] Majo

#2 List of rapids of the Columbia River

This is a list of rapids of the Columbia River , listed in upriver order. The river flows through Canada and the United States. Almost all of these rapids are now submerged in the reservoirs of dams. The list is not exhaustive; there were numerous minor rapids and riffles, many of which were never n

#3 Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct ( Welsh pronunciation:   [ˌpɔntkəˈsəɬtɛ] ; Welsh : Traphont Ddŵr Pontcysyllte ) is a navigable aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal across the River Dee in the Vale of Llangollen in northeast Wales . Waterway in Wales Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Traphont Ddŵr Pontcysyllte C

#4 Manor Kill

Manor Kill is a river in Schoharie County in the state of New York . It begins northeast of Manorkill amd flows westward before flowing into the Schoharie Reservoir southeast of Gilboa, New York . Manor Kill Falls is located on the creek where it passes under Prattsville Road (County Route 39). Sinc

#5 Thomas Creek (Linn County, Oregon)

Thomas Creek is a stream, about 35 miles (56   km) long, in Linn County in the U.S. state of Oregon . Beginning in Willamette National Forest on the western slopes of the Cascade Range , the creek flows generally west through Santiam State Forest and farmland to meet the South Santiam River west of

#6 Malpaso Creek

Malpaso Creek is a small, coastal stream 5 miles (8.0   km) south of Carmel in Monterey County, California , United States. It is generally regarded as the northern border of Big Sur in central coastal California . [2] [3] A low grade bituminous coal deposit was found in upper Malpaso Canyon in 1874

#7 San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay is a large tidal estuary in the U.S. state of California , and gives its name to the San Francisco Bay Area . It is dominated by the large cities of San Francisco , San Jose , and Oakland . Shallow estuary on the coast of California, United States For the geographical region, see S

#8 Narew

The Narew ( [ˈnarɛf] ; Belarusian : Нараў , romanized :   Naraŭ ; Lithuanian : Narevas or Naruva ; Sudovian : Naura ; Old German : Nare ; Ukrainian : Нарва , romanized :   Narva ) is a 499-kilometre (310   mi) river primarily in north-eastern Poland , which is also a tributary of the river Vistula .

#9 San (river)

The San ( Polish : San ; Ukrainian : Сян Sian ; German : Saan ) is a river in southeastern Poland and western Ukraine , a tributary of the river Vistula , with a length of 458   km (it is the 6th-longest Polish river) and a basin area of 16,877   km 2 (14,426   km 2 of it in Poland). [1] For other u

#10 Nzi River

The Nzi River or N'zi River is a river in Ivory Coast . It is a tributary of the Bandama River . The N'Zi near Dimbokro On 6 September 2016, the railway bridge over this river near Dimbokro collapsed . [1]

#11 Kakospictikweak River

The Kakospictikweak River is a tributary of the North Shore of Gouin Reservoir , sinking in Quebec , Canada in the administrative region of Mauricie of: Nord-du-Québec : Eeyou Istchee Baie-James (municipality) , townships of Pfister; Mauricie : territory of the town of La Tuque : townships of Balete

#12 Maskoskanaw River

Maskoskanaw River is a tributary of Frontenac Lake (Milieu River) , flowing into the unorganized territory of Lac-Ashuapmushuan, Quebec , in the Regional County Municipality (MRC) of Le Domaine-du-Roy , in the administrative region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean , in Quebec , in Canada . River in Quebec

#13 Canajoharie Creek

The Canajoharie Creek ( / ˌ k æ n ə dʒ ə ˈ h ɛər i / ) is a river that flows into the Mohawk River in the Village of Canajoharie in the U.S. State of New York . [3] The name "Canajoharie" is a Mohawk language term meaning "the pot that washes itself", referring to the "Canajoharie Boiling Pot", a 20

#14 Niles Canyon

Niles Canyon is a canyon in the San Francisco Bay Area formed by Alameda Creek , known for its heritage railroad and silent movie history . The canyon is largely in an unincorporated area of Alameda County , while the western portion of the canyon lies within the city limits of Fremont and Union Cit

#15 Janon

The Janon is a small river that rises in Mont Pilat in the Massif Central of France near to Saint-Étienne . It runs for 13.9 kilometres (8.6   mi) through mostly built-up country to join the Gier at Saint-Chamond . The valley of the Janon and the Gier is a natural line of communication between the c

#16 Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain ( / ˈ p ɒ n tʃ ə t r eɪ n / PON -chə-trayn ) [1] is a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana in the United States. It covers an area of 630 square miles (1,600   km 2 ) with an average depth of 12 to 14 feet (3.7 to 4.3   m) . Some shipping channels are kept deeper thr

#17 Givors canal

The Givors canal ( French: Canal de Givors ) was built between 1761 and 1781 to carry coal, other goods and passengers from Rive-de-Gier to Givors on the Rhône , running beside the river Gier . Canal in France Givors canal Double lock on the Givors canal at Tartaras , just downstream from Rive-de-Gi

#18 Little Bighorn River

The Little Bighorn River [2] is a 138-mile-long (222   km) [4] tributary of the Bighorn River in the United States in the states of Montana and Wyoming . The Battle of the Little Bighorn , also known as the Battle of the Greasy Grass, was fought on its banks on June 25–26, 1876, as well as the Battl

#19 Pascagoula River

The Pascagoula River is a river , about 80 miles (130   km) long, in southeastern Mississippi in the United States. [1] The river drains an area of about 8,800 square miles (23,000   km²) and flows into Mississippi Sound of the Gulf of Mexico . The Pascagoula River Basin is managed by the Pat Harris

#20 Paulins Kill

The Paulins Kill (also known as Paulinskill River ) is a 41.6-mile (66.9   km) [1] tributary of the Delaware River in northwestern New Jersey in the United States. With a long-term median flow rate of 76   cubic feet of water per second (2.15   m³/s), it is New Jersey's third-largest contributor to

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Sea / Sea

#1 Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov ( Russian : Азовское море , romanized :   Azovskoye more ; Ukrainian : Азовське море , romanized :   Azovs’ke more ) [3] is a sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the narrow (about 4   km or 2.5   mi ) Strait of Kerch , and is sometimes regarded as a northern extension

#2 Plattsburgh Bay

Plattsburgh Bay , also known as Cumberland Bay , is an inlet on the western shore of Lake Champlain in Clinton County, New York . The bay is the location of the town and city of Plattsburgh , and was the site of the Battle of Plattsburgh , a naval and land engagement fought on September 11, 1814, la

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