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Coast / Coast

#1 Teignmouth

Teignmouth ( / ˈ t ɪ n m ə θ / TIN -məth ) is a seaside town , fishing port and civil parish in the English county of Devon . It is situated on the north bank of the estuary mouth of the River Teign , about 12 miles south of Exeter . The town had a population of 14,749 at the last census in 2011. [1

#2 Blackpool

Blackpool is a seaside resort in Lancashire , England. Located on the northwest coast of England, it is the main settlement within the borough also called Blackpool . The town is by the Irish Sea , between the Ribble and Wyre rivers, and is 27 miles (43   km) north of Liverpool and 40 miles (64   km

#3 Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida . It was incorporated on March 26, 1915. [6] The municipality is located on natural and man-made barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay , the latter of which separates the Beach from the mainland city of Miami .

#4 Qatar

Qatar ( / ˈ k æ t ɑːr / , [10] / ˈ k ɑː t ɑːr / ( listen ) , / ˈ k ɑː t ər / or / k ə ˈ t ɑːr / ( listen ) ; [11] Arabic : قطر , romanized :   Qaṭar [ˈqatˤar] ; local vernacular pronunciation: [ˈɡɪtˤɑr] ), [12] [13] officially the State of Qatar , [lower-alpha 1] is a country in Western Asia . It oc

#5 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#6 Hayling Island

Hayling Island is an island off the south coast of England, in the borough of Havant in the county of Hampshire , east of Portsmouth . Island in Hampshire, England Hayling Island The coastline of Hayling Island Hayling Island Geography Location Solent Coordinates 50°48′10″N 0°58′30″W Total islands 1

#7 San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo ( Spanish pronunciation:   [san xo'se ðel 'kaβo ] , Saint Joseph of the Cape ) is a city located in southern Baja California Sur state, Mexico . It is the seat of Los Cabos Municipality lying at a shallow bay 32 kilometres (20   mi) northeast of Cabo San Lucas on the Gulf of Califo

#8 Panama Canal

The Panama Canal ( Spanish: Canal de Panamá ) is an artificial 82   km (51   mi) waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean and divides North and South America. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a conduit for maritime trade. One of the largest and mos

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Island / Island

#1 Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah ( Dhivehi : ފުވައްމުލައް) is an island ( atoll ) in the Maldives . It is under Maldives’ administrative divisions of Gnaviyani Atoll or Nyaviyani Atoll . The inhabitants speak a distinctive form of the Dhivehi language , known as "Fuvahmulaki baha.” Inhabited island in Gnaviyani Atoll, Ma

#2 Cortes Bank

Cortes Bank is a shallow seamount (a barely submerged island) in the North Pacific Ocean . It is 96 miles southwest of San Pedro , Los Angeles , 111 miles (166 kilometers) west of Point Loma , San Diego , and 47 miles (82 kilometers) southwest of San Clemente Island in Los Angeles County . It is con

#3 Yas Island

Yas Island ( Arabic : جزيرة ياس ) is an island in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates . [1] It occupies a total land area of 25   km 2 (9.7   sq   mi) . It is a popular leisure island and one of the top tourism projects in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island holds the Yas Marina Circuit , which has hosted the Formul

#4 Divar

The island of Divar or Divaade ( Konkani : Divaaddi , pronounced [d̪iːwaːɽiː] ) (derived from the word Dipavati or 'small Island' in Konkani ) lies in the Mandovi river in the Indian state of Goa . For the village in Iran, see Divar, Iran . This article needs additional citations for verification .

#5 German–Spanish Treaty (1899)

The German–Spanish Treaty of 1899, ( Spanish: Tratado germano-español de 1899 ; German: Deutsch-Spanischer Vertrag 1899 ) signed by the German Empire and the Kingdom of Spain , involved Spain selling the majority of its Pacific possessions not lost in the Spanish–American War to Germany for 25 milli

#6 Aldermen Islands

The Aldermen Islands are a small group of rocky islets to the southeast of Mercury Bay in the North Island of New Zealand . They are located off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula , 20 kilometres (12   mi) east of the mouth of the Tairua River . Aldermen Islands A bay on one of the Aldermen Islan

#7 Hainan

Hainan ( UK : / h aɪ ˈ n æ n / , US : /- n ɑː n / ; [5] 海南 ) is the smallest and southernmost province of the People's Republic of China (PRC), consisting of various islands in the South China Sea . Hainan Island , the largest and most populous island in China, [note 1] makes up the vast majority (9

#8 Dominica

Dominica ( / ˌ d ɒ m ɪ ˈ n iː k ə / [9] [10] [11] or / d ə ˈ m ɪ n ɪ k ə / ( listen ) ; [12] Kalinago : Wai‘tu kubuli ; French : Dominique ; Dominican Creole French : Dominik ), officially the Commonwealth of Dominica , is an island country in the Caribbean . [13] The capital, Roseau , is located on

#9 Chopawamsic

Chopawamsic Island is one of the few islands in the Potomac River within the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia. For other places called Chopawamsic, see Chopawamsic (disambiguation) .

#10 Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands , officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands ( CNMI ; Chamorro : Sankattan Siha Na Islas Mariånas ; Carolinian : Commonwealth Téél Falúw kka Efáng llól Marianas ), is an unincorporated territory and commonwealth of the United States consisting of 14 isla

#11 Kulhudhuffushi

Kulhudhuffushi ( Dhivehi ) is the capital of Haa Dhaalu Atoll administrative division on Thiladhunmathi Atoll in the north of the Maldives . Kulhudhuffushi is known as the "Heart of the North". The island is famous for its mangroves ( kulhi ), after which the island itself is named. Capital of Haa D

#12 Saint-Quentin Island

Saint-Quentin Island lies at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice River and Saint Lawrence River in the city of Trois-Rivières , Quebec , Canada. It is with islands "Saint-Christophe and "De La Poterie", the origin of the name of the city, in reference to the three channel that the Saint-Maurice Rive

#13 Wake Island

Wake Island ( Marshallese : Ānen Kio , lit.   ' island of the kio flower ' ; also known as Wake Atoll ) is a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia subregion , 1,501 miles (2,416 kilometers) east of Guam , 2,298 miles (3,698 kilometers) west of Honolulu ,

#14 Cabras Islets

The Cabras Islets or Cabras Islet ( Portuguese : Ilhéus das Cabras ; literally, Islets of the Goats ) is an uninhabited dual islet located along the southern coast of the island of Terceira in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores . The group, with a total area of 29 hectares (72 acres) and perim

#15 Marie-Galante

Marie-Galante [1] ( Antillean Creole : Mawigalant ) is one of the islands that form Guadeloupe , [2] an overseas department of France . [3] Marie-Galante has a land area of 158.1   km 2 (61.0 square miles) . It had 11,528 inhabitants at the start of 2013, but by the start of 2018 the total was offic

#16 Menghu Islet

Menghu Islet ( Chinese : 猛虎 嶼 ; pinyin : Měnghǔ Yǔ ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : bíng-hóo-sū ) [2] [3] ( Tiger Island [4] ) is an islet located southwest of Lesser Kinmen (Lieyu) in Lieyu Township , Kinmen County (Quemoy), Fujian Province, Republic of China (Taiwan). [5] The islet was originally named Hu-tzu Hsü [

#17 Pratas Island

Pratas Island [11] :   i   [14] :   5   [15] [16] [17] is an island [1] :   13   [2] [3] [6] in the northern part of the South China Sea administered as part of Cijin District , Kaohsiung , Taiwan . [18] [19] ( Chinese : 東沙群島 ; pinyin : Dōngshā Qúndǎo ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Tang-soa Kûn-tó ; lit. 'East Sand

#18 List of island countries

This is a list of island countries . An island is a landmass (smaller than a continent ) that is surrounded by water. [1] Many island countries are spread over an archipelago , as is the case with Indonesia and the Philippines (both countries consist of thousands of islands). Others consist of a sin

#19 Sambro Island Light

Sambro Island Lighthouse is a landfall lighthouse located at the entrance to Halifax Harbour , Nova Scotia , on an island near the community of Sambro in the Halifax Regional Municipality . It is the oldest surviving lighthouse in North America and its construction is a National Historic Event . [2]

#20 Mayor Island / Tūhua

Mayor Island / Tūhua is a dormant shield volcano located off the Bay of Plenty coast of New Zealand's North Island . It lies 35 kilometres (22   mi) north of Tauranga and covers 13   km 2 (5   sq   mi) . New Zealand shield volcano Mayor Island / Tūhua Native name: Tūhua     ( Māori ) Mayor Island /

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 List of volcanic eruptions in Iceland

This is an incomplete list of volcanic eruptions in Iceland . Iceland Mid-Atlantic Ridge map Volcanic systems in Iceland Katla 1918 Askja caldera in 1984 Krafla, 1984 Bárðarbunga, Nornahraun-Holuhraun 2014 People on the slopes of Fagradalsfjall, watching the Geldingadalir eruption 2021. Keilir with

#2 946 eruption of Paektu Mountain

The 946 eruption of Paektu Mountain in Korea and China, also known as the Millennium Eruption or Tianchi eruption , was one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history and is classified as a VEI-7 event. The eruption resulted in a brief period of significant climate change in Manchur

#3 Bleaklow

Bleaklow is a high, largely peat-covered, gritstone moorland in the Derbyshire High Peak near the town of Glossop . It is north of Kinder Scout , across the Snake Pass ( A57 ), and south of the A628 Woodhead Pass . Much of it is nearly 2,000   feet (610   m) above sea level and the shallow bowl of S

#4 Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani ( Indonesian : Gunung Rinjani ) is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok . Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara ( Indonesian : Nusa Tenggara Barat , NTB). It rises to 3,726 metres (12,224   ft) , making it the second high

#5 Kelud

The Kelud ( Javanese : ꦏꦼꦭꦸꦢ꧀ , romanized:   Kelud , sometimes spelled as Klut , Cloot , Kloet , Kloete , Keloed or Kelut ) is an active stratovolcano located in Kediri , East Java , Indonesia . Like many Indonesian volcanoes and others on the Pacific Ring of Fire , Kelud is known for large explosiv

#6 Sandhills (Nebraska)

The Sandhills , often written Sand Hills , is a region of mixed-grass prairie on grass-stabilized sand dunes in north-central Nebraska , covering just over one quarter of the state. The dunes were designated a National Natural Landmark in 1984. [1] Temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands ecor

#7 Nemrut (volcano)

Nemrut ( Turkish : Nemrut Dağı , Armenian : Սարակն Sarakn , "Mountain spring", Armenian pronunciation:   [sɑˈɾɑkən] , Kurdish : Çiyayê Nemrud ) is a dormant volcano in Eastern Turkey , close to Lake Van . The volcano is named after King Nimrod who is said to have ruled this area in about 2100 BC. No

#8 List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate . Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatoa for its global effects in 1883, [1] the Lake Toba Caldera for its supe

#9 Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro is an active volcano in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in Nicaragua , about 10   km (6.2   mi) from the village of Malpaisillo . It is a very new volcano, the youngest in Central America, having first appeared in April 1850. It consists of a gravelly basaltic cinder cone ,

#10 Stirling Range

The Stirling Range or Koikyennuruff is a range of mountains and hills in the Great Southern region of Western Australia , 337 kilometres (209   mi) south-east of Perth . It is over 60 kilometres (37   mi) wide from west to east, stretching from the highway between Mount Barker and Cranbrook eastward

#11 Paektu Mountain

Paektu Mountain ( Korean :   백두산 ; Hanja :   白頭山 ; RR :   Paektusan ), also known as Baekdu Mountain and in China as Changbai Mountain ( simplified Chinese : 长白山 ; traditional Chinese : 長白山 ; Manchu : Golmin Šanggiyan Alin), is an active stratovolcano on the Chinese–North Korean border . [3] At 2,74

#12 Mount Verne

Mount Verne is a mountain (1,632 m) [3] standing 6 nautical miles (11   km) east of Bongrain Point and dominating the south part of Pourquoi Pas Island , off the west coast of Graham Land . It was first sighted and roughly surveyed in 1909 by the French Antarctic Expedition under Charcot, and then r

#13 Argyle diamond mine

The Argyle Diamond Mine was a diamond mine located in the East Kimberley region in the remote north of Western Australia . Argyle was at times the largest diamond producer in the world by volume (14 million carats in 2018 [1] ), although the proportion of gem-quality diamonds was low. It was the onl

#14 Rocher de la Tournette

The Rocher de la Tournette (or, simply, ' La Tournette ' [1] ) is a prominent rocky point on the icy summit ridge of Mont Blanc between the Petite Bosse and the summit. The highest point lies at 4,677 metres (15,344   ft) above sea level, and can be most easily reached on an ascent of Mont Blanc via

#15 Monte Piana

Monte Piana is a 2,324-metre (7,625   ft) tall mountain in the Sexten Dolomites and located on the border between the provinces of South Tyrol and Belluno . The smaller Northern summit of the mountain is named Monte Piano (2,305m). Mountain in Italy Monte Piana Southern Flank of Monte Piana Highest

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Llwyn-on Reservoir

Llwyn-on Reservoir (or Llwyn Onn Reservoir) is the largest and southernmost of the three reservoirs in the Taf Fawr valley in South Wales . Cardiff Corporation Waterworks obtained an Act of Parliament in 1884 to authorise construction of the reservoirs, to increase the water supply for Cardiff , but

#2 Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier (officially Lake Sidney Lanier ) is a reservoir in the northern portion of the U.S. state of Georgia . It was created by the completion of Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956, and is also fed by the waters of the Chestatee River . The lake encompasses 38,000 acres (150   km 2 )

#3 Lake Kovada National Park

Lake Kovada National Park ( Turkish : Kovada Gölü Milli Parkı ), established on November 3, 1970, is a national park in southern Turkey. It is located in the Sütçüler - Eğirdir districts of Isparta Province . [1] National park in Isparta, Turkey Lake Kovada National Park Kovada Gölü Milli Parkı Lake

#4 Koldam Dam

The Koldam Hydropower Station commonly known as Koldam , is an embankment dam on the Satluj River upstream of the Dehar Power House . It is 18   km from Bilaspur off the Chandigarh-Manali Highway (NH-21) near Barmana, Himachal Pradesh , India. The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power gener

#5 Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir is a large Y-shaped, artificial reservoir , the lowest of three in the Upper Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, England. The River Ashop flows into the reservoir from the west; the River Derwent flows south, initially through Howden Reservoir , then Derwent Reservoir , and finally thr

#6 Lac de Tolla

The Lac de Tolla is a reservoir in the Corse-du-Sud department of France on the island of Corsica . It is the largest lake on Corsica, and powers a hydroelectric plant. Reservoir on Corsica, France Body of water Lac de Tolla Tolla village and lake Lac de Tolla Show map of Corsica Lac de Tolla Show m

#7 Flagstaff Lake (Maine)

Flagstaff Lake is located in Somerset County and Franklin County , Maine , in the United States . The North Branch Dead River and South Branch Dead River join in the lake, forming the Dead River . Flagstaff Lake in September 2018 Body of water Flagstaff Lake Flagstaff Lake seen from Mount Bigelow Fl

#8 Sandhill Lake

Sandhill Lake is a small lake and park, west of the centre of Worksop , Nottinghamshire , England. It is passed by the Chesterfield Canal and a National Cycle Route , and the path around it has a circumference of 1.21 miles (1.95   km) . The River Ryton passes just to the southwest of the canal. The

#9 Lake Kurukove

Kurukove ( Ukrainian : Курукове Озеро ) was a fresh water lake located in the central Ukrainian oblast of Poltava on the right bank of the Dnieper , opposite to Kremenchuk . Body of water Kurukove Tsybulnik River Kurukove Show map of Poltava Oblast Kurukove Show map of Ukraine Kurukove Show map of E

#10 Lake Dunlap

Lake Dunlap was a reservoir on the Guadalupe River near the town of New Braunfels in Guadalupe County , Texas , United States. The reservoir was formed in 1931 by the construction of a dam to provide hydroelectric power to the area. Management of the dam and lake was assumed by the Guadalupe-Blanco

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River / River

#1 Steavenson Falls

Steavenson Falls , a waterfall on the Steavenson River , is located 4 kilometres (2.5   mi) southeast of Marysville , Victoria , Australia . The falls are one of the tallest in Victoria, with five cascades, a total descent of 122 metres (400   ft) , the last having a clear drop of more than 21 metre

#2 Liamone (river)

The Liamone ( French pronunciation:   ​ [ljamɔn] ; Corsican : Liamonu ; Latin : Circidius ) river is a river of Corsica , France . The river gave its name to the former French department of Liamone . In antiquity, it bore the Latin name Circidius . [1] River in Corsica, France Liamone The mouth of L

#3 Braid Burn

The Braid Burn is a burn or stream 14 kilometres (8.7   mi) in length that flows through south and east Edinburgh . River Braid Burn The Braid Burn in the Hermitage of Braid Physical   characteristics Source     •   location Pentland Hills Mouth     •   location Portobello Length 14   km (8.7   mi)

#4 Bayou Teche

Bayou Teche ( Louisiana French : Bayou Têche ) is a 125-mile-long (201   km) [1] waterway of great cultural significance in south central Louisiana in the United States . Bayou Teche was the Mississippi River 's main course when it developed a delta about 2,800 to 4,500 years ago. Through a natural

#5 Saumon River (Papineau)

The rivière Saumon ( English: Salmon River ) is a watercourse flowing southwest by crossing only the territory of the municipality of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours , in the Papineau Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Outaouais , in Quebec , in Canada. For rivers with similar n

#6 Arvari River

The Arvari River , which originates in Aravalli range, is a small river flowing through the Alwar District of Rajasthan , India . It has a total length of 45   km (28   mi) and a total basin area of 492 squared kilometers. [1] Downstream of the Sainthal Sagar dam on Arvari, the Arvari river meets Sa

#7 Manchester Ship Canal

The Manchester Ship Canal is a 36-mile-long (58   km) inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea . Starting at the Mersey Estuary at Eastham, near Ellesmere Port , Cheshire , it generally follows the original routes of the rivers Mersey and Irwell through the hi

#8 Cayuga Inlet

Cayuga Inlet is a river located in Tompkins County, New York . It flows into the south end of Cayuga Lake by Ithaca, New York . [1] River in the United States of America Cayuga Inlet A sign for the Cayuga Waterfront Trail in Cass Park, Ithaca, New York. The Collyer boathouse is visible across Cayuga

#9 Petitcodiac River

The Petitcodiac River / p ɛ t i ˈ k oʊ d i . æ k / ( listen ) is a river in south-eastern New Brunswick , Canada. Referred to as the "chocolate river" by local tourist businesses, it is characterized by its brown mud floor and brown waters. The river has a meander length of 79 kilometres (49 miles)

#10 South Fork Kings River

The South Fork Kings River is a 44.1-mile (71.0   km) [2] tributary of the Kings River in the Sierra Nevada of Fresno County , California . The river forms part of Kings Canyon , the namesake of Kings Canyon National Park and one of the deepest canyons in North America with a maximum relief of 8,200

#11 Arno

The Arno is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy . It is the most important river of central Italy after the Tiber . For other uses, see Arno (disambiguation) . River in Italy Arno View of the Arno from the Ponte Vecchio Location Country Italy Region Tuscany Physical   characteristics Source Monte

#12 Dudley Tunnel

Dudley Tunnel is a canal tunnel on the Dudley Canal Line No 1 , England . At about 3,172 yards (2,900.5   m) long, it is now the second longest canal tunnel on the UK canal network today. ( Standedge Tunnel is the longest, at 5,456 yards (4,989.0   m) , and the 3,931 yards (3,594.5   m) Higham and S

#13 Osage River

The Osage River is a 276-mile-long (444   km) [2] tributary of the Missouri River in central Missouri in the United States . The eighth-largest river in the state, it drains a mostly rural area of 15,300 square miles (40,000   km 2 ) . The watershed includes an area of east-central Kansas and a larg

#14 Soča

The Soča ( pronounced   [ˈsoːtʃa] in Slovene ) or Isonzo ( pronounced   [iˈzontso] in Italian ; other names Friulian : Lusinç , German : Sontig , Latin : Aesontius or Isontius [3] ) is a 138-kilometre (86   mi) long river that flows through western Slovenia ( 96 kilometres or 60 miles ) and northeas

#15 London to Portsmouth canal

The London to Portsmouth canal was a concept for the construction of a secure inland canal route from the British capital of London to the headquarters of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth . It would have allowed craft to move between the two without having to venture into the English Channel and possibl

#16 Buckingham Arm

The Buckingham Arm is an English canal that once ran from Cosgrove, Northamptonshire to Buckingham . It was built as an arm of the Grand Junction Canal in two separate phases, a broad canal to Old Stratford , which opened in 1800 and a narrow canal onwards to Buckingham, which opened in 1801. It was

#17 Kings River (California)

The Kings River is a 132.9-mile (213.9   km) [2] river draining the Sierra Nevada mountain range in central California in the United States . Its headwaters originate along the Sierra Crest in and around Kings Canyon National Park and form the eponymous Kings Canyon, one of the deepest river gorges

#18 Sandy River (Oregon)

The Sandy River is a 56-mile (90   km) tributary of the Columbia River in northwestern Oregon in the United States. The Sandy joins the Columbia about 14 miles (23   km) upstream of Portland . Sandy River headwaters For other places with the same name, see Sandy River (disambiguation) . River in Ore

#19 Umpqua River

The Umpqua River ( / ˈ ʌ m p k w ə / UMP -kwə ) on the Pacific coast of Oregon in the United States is approximately 111 miles (179   km) long. One of the principal rivers of the Oregon Coast and known for bass and shad, the river drains an expansive network of valleys in the mountains west of the C

#20 Rivière Saumon Ouest

The Rivière Saumon Ouest ( English: Salmon River West ) is a tributary of the Saumon River , flowing only in the territory of the municipality of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours , in the Papineau Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Outaouais , in the province from Quebec , to Can

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Sea / Sea

#1 Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay ( Spanish : Bahía Bodega ) is a shallow, rocky inlet of the Pacific Ocean on the coast of northern California in the United States . It is approximately 5   mi (8   km) across and is located approximately 40   mi (60   km) northwest of San Francisco and 20   mi (32   km) west of Santa Ros

#2 Timor Sea

The Timor Sea ( Indonesian : Laut Timor , Portuguese : Mar de Timor , Tetum : Tasi Mane or Tasi Timór ) is a relatively shallow sea bounded to the north by the island of Timor , to the east by the Arafura Sea , and to the south by Australia. Sea between Malay Archipelago and Australia Body of water

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