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Coast / Coast

#1 Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

The Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park , better known simply as Fort Taylor (or Fort Zach to locals), is a Florida State Park and National Historic Landmark centered on a Civil War -era fort located near the southern tip of Key West , Florida . "Fort Taylor" redirects here. For the army post in

#2 Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Fort Walton Beach is a city in southern Okaloosa County, Florida , United States. As of the 2020 U.S. census , the population was 20,922, [4] up from 19,507 in 2010. [5] It is the principal city of the Fort Walton Beach− Crestview − Destin Metropolitan Statistical Area . City in Florida Fort Walton

#3 Kopli

Kopli ( Estonian for "Paddock" ) is a subdistrict of the district of Põhja-Tallinn (Northern Tallinn) in Tallinn , the capital of Estonia . It is located on the Kopli Peninsula and is bordered by parts of the Tallinn Bay , the Kopli Bay to the southwest and the Paljassaare Bay to the north. Kopli ha

#4 Peloponnese

The Peloponnese ( / ˌ p ɛ l ə p ə ˈ n iː z , - ˈ n iː s / ), Peloponnesus ( / ˌ p ɛ l ə p ə ˈ n iː s ə s / ; Greek : Πελοπόννησος , romanized :   Pelopónnēsos ,( IPA:   [peloˈponisos] ), or Morea is a peninsula and geographic region in southern Greece . It is connected to the central part of the cou

#5 Rockaway, Queens

The Rockaway Peninsula , commonly referred to as The Rockaways or Rockaway , is a peninsula at the southern edge of the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island , New York . Relatively isolated from Manhattan and other more urban parts of the city, Rockaway became a popular summer retreat in t

#6 Morecambe

Morecambe ( / ˈ m ɔːr k ə m / MOR -kəm [2] [3] ) is a seaside town in the City of Lancaster district in Lancashire , England, on the southern coast of Morecambe Bay . This article is about the town. For other uses, see Morecambe (disambiguation) . Town in England Morecambe Town Morecambe seafront Mo

#7 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#8 Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Scarborough ( / ˈ s k ɑːr b r ə / ) [3] is a seaside town in the Borough of Scarborough in North Yorkshire , England. Scarborough is located on the North Sea coastline. Historically in the North Riding of Yorkshire , the town lies between 10 and 230 feet (3–70 m) above sea level, from the harbour ri

#9 Ormond Beach, Oxnard, California

Ormond Beach is an industrial region of the city of Oxnard in Ventura County , Southern California. It's situated southeast of the neighboring community of Port Hueneme and extends southeast to Naval Air Station Point Mugu . This article contains content that is written like an advertisement . ( May

#10 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is an independent city located on the southeastern coast of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. The population was 459,470 as of the 2020 census . [2] Although mostly suburban in character, it is the most populous city in Virginia , fifth-most populous city in the Mid-A

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Island / Island

#1 Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia ( UK : / s ən t l uː ˈ s iː ə , - ˈ l uː ʃ ə / ( listen ) , US : / s eɪ n t ˈ l uː ʃ ə / ( listen ) ; French : Sainte-Lucie ) is an island country in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. [8] The island was previously called Iyonola , the n

#2 Dinagat Islands

The Dinagat Islands ( Cebuano : Mga Pulo sa Dinagat ; Surigaonon : Mga Puyo nan Dinagat ; Kabalian : Mga Puyo san Dinagat ; Waray : Mga Purô han Dinagat ; Filipino : Mga Islang Dinagat [4] ) are a group of islands constituting a province in the Caraga region in the Philippines , located on the south

#3 Kharg Island

Kharg or Khark Island ( Persian : جزیره خارک ) is a continental island in the Persian Gulf belonging to Iran . The island is located 25   km (16   mi) off the coast of Iran and 483   km (300   mi) northwest of the Strait of Hormuz . Its total area is 20   km 2 (7.7   sq   mi) . Administered by the a

#4 Misima Island

Misima (formerly called St. Aignan ) is a volcanic island in the northwest of Louisiade Archipelago within Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea . Misima Island Nickname: St. Aignan Island Misima Island photo Misima Island Geography Location Oceania Coordinates 10°41′S 152°43′E Archipelago Louisiad

#5 Nólsoy

Nólsoy (previously also Nölsoy ; Danish : Nolsø ; Old Norse : Norsey ) is an island and village in central Faroe Islands , 4   km east of the capital Tórshavn in Streymoy . Island in Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark Nólsoy Island Location within the Faroe Islands Coordinates: 62°00′33″N 6°40′7″W St

#6 Great Palm Island

Great Palm Island , usually known as Palm Island , is the largest island in the Palm Islands group off Northern Queensland , Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal community, the legacy of an Aboriginal reserve , the Palm Island Aboriginal Settlement (also known as "the Mission"). The original in

#7 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Orlando Resort)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a themed area spanning two theme parks — Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida —at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida . The area is themed to the Harry Potter media franchise, adapting elements from the film series and novels by J. K.

#8 Filicudi

Filicudi ( Italian pronunciation:   [filiˈkuːdi] ) is one of eight islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago , situated 56   km (35   mi) northeast of the island of Sicily , southern Italy . It is a frazione of the comune of Lipari . Island in Italy Filicudi Filicudi as seen from Alicudi Filicudi

#9 Barbados

Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies , in the Caribbean region of the Americas , and the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands. It occupies an area of 432   km 2 (167   sq   mi) and has a population of about 287,000 (2019 estimate). [3] Its capital and largest cit

#10 Dragon Challenge

Dragon Challenge (known as Dueling Dragons from 1999 to 2010) was a pair of intertwined, inverted roller coasters in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area of Universal Studios ' Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida , United States. The ride was themed to two chasing dragons , one side being a

#11 Montserrat

Montserrat ( / ˌ m ɒ n t s ə ˈ r æ t / MONT -sə- RAT ) is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean . It is part of the Leeward Islands , the northern portion of the Lesser Antilles chain of the West Indies . Montserrat is about 16   km (10   mi) long and 11   km (7   mi) wide, with roughly 40  

#12 Tuvalu

Tuvalu ( / t uː ˈ v ɑː l uː / ( listen ) too- VAH -loo or / ˈ t uː v ə l uː / TOO -və-loo ; [6] formerly known as the Ellice Islands ) is an island country in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean . Its islands are situated about midway between Hawaii and Australia . They lie east

#13 Naifaru

Naifaru is an island in the Maldives 141   km (88   mi) north of the capital, Malé . It is the capital and most populous island of Lhaviyani Atoll . Inhabited island in Maldives Naifaru ނައިފަރު Inhabited island Naifaru Location in Maldives Coordinates: 5°26′39.74″N 73°21′56.56″E Country Maldives Ad

#14 Randalls and Wards Islands

Randalls Island (sometimes called Randall's Island ) and Wards Island are conjoined islands, collectively called Randalls and Wards Islands , in New York County , New York City , [1] [2] [3] separated from Manhattan Island by the Harlem River , from Queens by the East River and Hell Gate , and from

#15 Diamond Rock

Diamond Rock ( French : rocher du Diamant ) is a 175-metre-high (574   ft) [1] basalt island located south of "Grande Anse du Diamant" before arriving from the south at Fort-de-France , the main port of the Caribbean island of Martinique . The uninhabited island is about 3 kilometres (1.9   mi) from

#16 Sgat Mòr and Sgat Beag

Sgat Mòr and Sgat Beag ( Scottish Gaelic pronunciation:   [s̪kat̪ moːrˠ ɪs̪ s̪kat̪ pɛk] ; English : The Skate Islands or, less commonly, Skate Island and Wee Skate Island ) are two small islands that lie at the mouth of Loch Fyne by the shore of the Cowal peninsula on the west coast of Scotland . Sc

#17 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a motion-based dark ride located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -themed areas of Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida ; Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California ; Universal Studios Japan in Osaka , Japan; and Universal Studios Be

#18 Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island ( / h aʊ / ; formerly Lord Howe's Island ) is an irregularly crescent-shaped volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand , part of the Australian state of New South Wales . It lies 600   km (320   nmi) directly east of mainland Port Macquarie , 780   km (420

#19 Unalaska Island

Unalaska ( Aleut : Nawan-Alaxsxa , [1] Russian : Уналашка ) is a volcanic island in the Fox Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in the US state of Alaska located at 53°38′N 167°00′W . The island has a land area of 1,051 square miles (2,720   km 2 ) . It measures 79.4   mi (127.8   km) long and 34.

#20 Long Island (Whitsunday Islands)

Long Island is a member of the Whitsunday Island group off the east coast of Queensland, Australia . It is 9 kilometres (5.6   mi) in length and is at its widest point only 400 metres (1,300   ft) . Long Island is the closest island in the Whitsunday group to the mainland of Australia, being only 1

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Round Hill (Dartmouth, Massachusetts)

Round Hill is a location in Dartmouth, Massachusetts of historical significance. The MIT radio telescope at Round Hill with Buzzards Bay in the foreground.

#2 Allegheny Mountains

The Allegheny Mountain Range ( / æ l ɪ ˈ ɡ eɪ n i / ; also spelled Alleghany or Allegany ), informally the Alleghenies , is part of the vast Appalachian Mountain Range of the Eastern United States and Canada and posed a significant barrier to land travel in less developed eras. The Allegheny Mountai

#3 Sangeang Api

Sangeang Api ( Gunung Api or Gunung Sangeang ) is an active complex volcano on the island of Sangeang in Indonesia . It consists of two volcanic cones, 1,949 metres (6,394   ft) Doro Api and 1,795   m (5,889   ft) Doro Mantoi. [1] Sangeang Api is one of the most active volcanoes in the Lesser Sunda

#4 Huascarán

Huascarán ( Spanish pronunciation:   [waskaˈɾan] ) ( Quechua : Waskaran ), Nevado Huascarán or Mataraju is a mountain in the Peruvian province of Yungay ( Ancash Department ), situated in the Cordillera Blanca range of the western Andes . The southern summit of Huascarán (Huascarán Sur), which reach

#5 Vasiliki Ridge

Vasiliki Ridge [3] is a three-mile-long ridge located in Okanogan County of Washington state. It is part of the Methow Mountains which is a sub-range of the North Cascades . Vasiliki Ridge is situated north of Silver Star Mountain on land administered by the Okanogan–Wenatchee National Forest . The

#6 Hubble (climbing route)

Hubble is a short 10-metre (33   ft) sport climb at the limestone Raven Tor crag in Derbyshire , England. When it was first climbed by English climber Ben Moon on 14 June 1990, it became the first climb in the world to have a consensus 8c+   (5.14c) grade; [3] [5] and the highest grade in the Englis

#7 Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier ( / r eɪ ˈ n ɪər / ), also known as Tahoma , Tacoma , Tacobet , or təqʷubəʔ , [lower-alpha 1] [5] [6] is a large active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest , located in Mount Rainier National Park about 59 miles (95   km) south-southeast of Seattle . [7] With a

#8 Stanton Peak

Stanton Peak is a granitic mountain with a summit elevation of 11,695 feet (3,565   m) located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Tuolumne County of northern California , United States. [4] The remote summit is set within Yosemite National Park , and is situated 0.63   mile southwest of line pa

#9 Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning Hill , formerly Government Hill , Singapore Hill and Bukit Larangan ( Forbidden Hill in Malay ), is a small hill, about 48 metres (157   ft) high, in the southeast portion of the island city-state of Singapore , within the Central Area that forms Singapore's central business district. I

#10 Chamlang

Chamlang is a mountain in the Nepalese Himalayas , near Makalu . It lies in the southern section of the Mahalangur subrange of the Himalayas. Chamlang has an elevation of 7,319 metres (24,012   ft) . Mountain in Nepal Chamlang From left to right: the peaks of Mount Everest and Lhotse , then Makalu,

#11 Blue Mountains (New South Wales)

The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales , Australia . The region borders on Sydney 's metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres (31   mi) west of centre of the state capital , close to Penrith on the outskirts of Greater Sydney

#12 Kaiser Mountains

The Kaiser Mountains [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] ( German : Kaisergebirge , meaning Emperor Mountains ) are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps and Eastern Alps . Its main ridges – are the Zahmer Kaiser and south of it the Wilder Kaiser . The mountains are situated in the Austrian province of Ty

#13 Maiktoli

Maiktoli (Hindi: मैकटोली) is a mountain of Kumaun Himalayas located in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand state in India. It stands at 6,803 metres (22,320   ft) . It is jointly the 32nd highest located entirely within the uttrakhand India. Nanda Devi is the highest mountain in this category. Mai

#14 Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani ( Indonesian : Gunung Rinjani ) is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok . Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara ( Indonesian : Nusa Tenggara Barat , NTB). It rises to 3,726 metres (12,224   ft) , making it the second high

#15 Nilkantha (mountain)

Nilkantha (or Neelakant , Neelkanth , Nilkanth , Nilkanta ) is a major peak of the Garhwal division of the Himalayas , in the Uttarakhand region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand . Although substantially lower than the highest peaks of the region, it towers dramatically over the valley of the Alakn

#16 Ramsay Round

The Ramsay Round , also known as the Charlie Ramsay Round , is a long distance hill running challenge near Fort William, Scotland . The route is a circuit of 58 miles (93 kilometres), taking in 24 summits with a total climb of around 28,500 feet (8,700 metres). Ben Nevis , Great Britain 's highest p

#17 Kīlauea

Kīlauea ( US : / ˌ k ɪ l ə ˈ w eɪ ə / KIL -ə- WAY -ə , Hawaiian:   [kiːlɐwˈwɛjə] ) is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands . Located along the southeastern shore of the Big Island of Hawai ʻ i , the volcano is between 210,000 and 280,000 years old and emerged above sea level about 100,00

#18 Mantis Peak

Mantis Peak is the unofficial name of a 7,614-foot (2,321-metre) double-summit mountain located in North Cascades National Park in Skagit County of Washington state. Its nearest higher peak is Snowfield Peak , 1.23   mi (1.98   km) to the west, and Styloid Peak rises 0.48   mi (0.77   km) to the eas

#19 Chisos Mountains

The Chisos Mountains , also known as the Chisos , are a mountain range located in the Big Bend area of the Trans-Pecos region of Texas , United States . [1] The mountain system covers 40 square miles (104 square km) and is contained entirely within the boundaries of Big Bend National Park , making i

#20 Mount Pavlof

Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula . It has been one of the most active volcanoes in the United States since 1980, with eruptions recorded in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986–1988, 1996–1997, 2007, 2013, twice in 2014, 2016, and is currently erupting as of August 2

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River in the Southwestern United States . It is located in the states of Nevada and Arizona , 24   mi (39   km) east of Las Vegas . It is the largest reservoir in the US in terms of water capacity. Lake Mead provides water to the stat

#2 Redd's Pond

Redd's Pond is a pond located in Marblehead, Massachusetts . [1] It was named after Wilmot Redd [ citation needed ] . Body of water Redd ' s Pond Redd ' s Pond Location Essex County, Massachusetts Coordinates 42°30′36″N 70°50′51″W Type pond

#3 New Bullards Bar Dam

New Bullards Bar Dam is a variable radius concrete arch dam constructed in the early 1960s in California on the North Yuba River . Located near the town of Dobbins in Yuba County , the dam forms the New Bullards Bar Reservoir , which can hold about 969,600   acre⋅ft (1,196,000   dam 3 ) of water. Th

#4 Sutton Place, Surrey

Sutton Place , 3 miles (4.8   km) north-east [n 1] of Guildford in Surrey , is a Grade I listed [1] Tudor manor house built c. 1525 [2] by Sir Richard Weston (d. 1541), courtier of Henry VIII . It is of great importance to art history in showing some of the earliest traces of Italianate renaissance

#5 McArthur Lake (Ontario)

McArthur Lake is a lake in Ontario, Canada to the south of the city of Timmins . The lake has a rocky shoreline and 13 islands. It is used for recreation in the summer, but freezes in the winter. Due to the harsh climate most of the trees around the lake are conifers. The rocks around the lake have

#6 Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake is a reservoir on the American River in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California , United States. Reservoir on the American River in the Sacramento metropolitan area Body of water Folsom Lake Folsom Lake in 2012 Folsom Lake Location in California Location Northern California Coordinates

#7 Tuttle Creek Lake

Tuttle Creek Lake is a reservoir on the Big Blue River 5 miles (8   km) north of Manhattan , in the Flint Hills region of northeast Kansas . It was built and is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers for the primary purpose of flood control. Secondary functions of the project include release of wat

#8 Optima Lake

Optima Lake was built to be a reservoir in Texas County, Oklahoma . The site is just north of Hardesty and east of Guymon in the Oklahoma Panhandle . [2] Abandoned reservoir Body of water Optima Lake Optima Lake and Dam Optima Lake Show map of Oklahoma Optima Lake Show map of the United States Locat

#9 San Luis Dam

San Luis Dam (also known as B.F. Sisk Dam , after Bernie Sisk ) is a major earth-filled dam in Merced County , California , which forms San Luis Reservoir , the largest off-stream reservoir in the United States . The dam and reservoir are located in the Diablo Range to the east of Pacheco Pass and a

#10 Farakka Barrage

Farakka Barrage is a barrage across the Ganga river located in Murshidabad district in the Indian state of West Bengal , roughly 18 kilometres (11   mi) from the border with Bangladesh near Shibganj . Farakka Barrage Township is located in Farakka (community development block) in Murshidabad distric

#11 Indirasagar Dam

The Indira Sagar Dam is the largest dam in India , in terms of volume of water stored in the reservoir. It is located on the Narmada River at the town of Narmada Nagar , Punasa in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh in India . The foundation stone of the project was laid by the prime minister of

#12 Lake Whatcom

Lake Whatcom (from the Lummi word for "loud water") is located in Whatcom County, Washington , United States. It is the drinking water source for approximately 85,000 residents in the city of Bellingham as well as Whatcom County. It is approximately 10 miles (16   km) in length and 1 mile (1.6   km)

#13 Van Norman Lake (Michigan)

Van Norman Lake is a private, all-sports, 66-acre lake along the main branch of the Clinton River , [3] in Oakland County , in the U.S. state of Michigan . Most of the lake lies within Independence Township ; however, the southern portion of the lake is in Waterford Township . [4] Body of water Van

#14 Cheat Lake

Cheat Lake is a 13-mile-long (21   km) reservoir on the Cheat River in Monongalia County , West Virginia , United States . [2] It was originally named Lake Lynn , but the Board on Geographic Names officially decided upon Cheat Lake as the reservoir's name in 1976. [1] The surface area of Cheat Lake

#15 Lake George (lake), New York

Lake George ( Mohawk : Kaniá:taro’kte ), [2] nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes , [3] is a long, narrow oligotrophic lake located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains , in the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of New York . It lies within the upper region of the Great Appalachia

#16 Lake Palić

Lake Palić ( Serbian : Палићко језеро , romanized :   Palićko jezero ; Hungarian : Palicsi-tó ) is a lake 8 kilometres (5.0   mi) from Subotica , near the town of Palić , in Serbia . It covers an area of 3.8 square kilometres (1.5   sq   mi) . The average depth of the lake is 2 metres (6   ft 7   in

#17 Lake Manitoba

Lake Manitoba ( French : Lac Manitoba [4] ) is the 14th largest lake in Canada and the 33rd largest lake in the world with a total area of 4,624   km 2 (1,785   sq   mi) . It is located within the Canadian province of Manitoba about 75   km (47   mi) northwest of the province's capital, Winnipeg , a

#18 Harlan County Reservoir

The Harlan County Reservoir includes a dam and a reservoir of 13,250 acres (54   km 2 ) located in Harlan County in south-central Nebraska . Its southernmost part extends into northern Phillips County , Kansas . The reservoir is formed by a dam constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the

#19 Vianden Pumped Storage Plant

The Vianden Pumped Storage Plant is located just north of Vianden in Diekirch District , Luxembourg . The power plant uses the pumped-storage hydroelectric method to generate electricity and serves as a peaking power plant . Its lower reservoir is located on the Our River , bordering Germany, and th

#20 Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene

Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene are the heritage-listed former town of Adaminaby and the reservoir that flooded the town, now at Eucumbene , Snowy Valleys Council , New South Wales , Australia. The town was established in 1830. The reservoir was designed by the Snowy Hydro Electric Authority and bu

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River / River

#1 Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway

The Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway is a protected green belt corridor , more than one and a half miles (1.6   km) wide in places, that was the former route of the proposed Cross Florida Barge Canal . [1] [2] It is named for the leader of opposition to the Cross Florida Barge Canal, Marj

#2 Petite rivière Bellevue

The Petite rivière Bellevue ( in English: little Bellevue river ) is a tributary of the Lemoine River . It flows entirely in the municipality of Sainte-Victoire in the Pierre-De Saurel Regional County Municipality (MRC), in the administrative region of Montérégie , on the South Shore of St. Lawrence

#3 Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi ( French pronunciation:   ​ [kanal dy midi] ; Occitan : Canal del Miègjorn [ka'nal del mjɛdˈd͡ʒuɾ ] ) is a 240   km (150   mi) long canal in Southern France ( French : le Midi ). Originally named the Canal royal en Languedoc (Royal Canal in Languedoc) and renamed by French revoluti

#4 Atimokateiw River

The Atimokateiw River is a tributary of the south shore of the Gouin Reservoir , flowing into the territory of the town of La Tuque , in the area of Mauricie , Quebec , Canada. Atimokateiw Plan de la rivière Saint-Maurice Map of Gouin Reservoir seen from space Location Country Canada Province Quebec

#5 Pidcock Creek

Pidcock Creek is a tributary of the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania . Rising in Buckingham Township , it flows into the Delaware in Solebury Township after a short side trip within Upper Makefield Township . River in Pennsylvania, United States Pidcock Creek Van Sant Covered Bridge on P

#6 Godavari River

The Godavari ( IAST : Godāvarī [ɡod̪aːʋəɾiː] ) is India 's second longest river after the Ganges river and drains into the third largest basin in India, covering about 10% of India's total geographical area. [3] Its source is in Trimbakeshwar , Nashik , Maharashtra . [4] It flows east for 1,465 kilo

#7 Vamsadhara River

River Vamsadhara or River Banshadhara is an important east flowing river between Rushikulya and Godavari , in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in India . River in India Vamsadhara Banshadhara River as seen from Salihundam in Srikakulam district Native name Banshadhara   ( Odia ) Location Country Ind

#8 Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall ( Chinese : 十分大瀑布 ; pinyin : Shífēn Dà Pùbù ) is a scenic waterfall located in Pingxi District , New Taipei City , Taiwan , on the upper reaches of the Keelung River . The falls' total height is 20 metres (66   ft) and 40 metres (130   ft) in width, making it the broadest waterfall

#9 Willamette Falls Locks

The Willamette Falls Locks are a lock system on the Willamette River in the U.S. state of Oregon . Opened in 1873 and closed since 2011, they allowed boat traffic on the Willamette to navigate beyond Willamette Falls and the T.W. Sullivan Dam . Since their closure in 2011 the locks are classified to

#10 Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls is a waterfall of the Agus River in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines. It is sometimes called the "twin falls" as the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. [1] It is a landmark of Iligan City , nicknamed the City of Majestic Waterfalls , becaus

#11 Bras de Riche

The Bras de Riche ( in English: Arm of Rich ) flows in the municipalities of Saint-Cyrille-de-Lessard , Saint-Aubert and L'Islet (Saint-Eugène sector), in the L'Islet Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches , in Quebec , in Canada. River in Chaudière-Appal

#12 Bras du Nord-Est (Bras de Riche)

The Bras du Nord-Est ( in English: North-East Arm ) flows entirely in the municipality of Saint-Cyrille-de-Lessard , in the L'Islet Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches , in Québec , in Canada. River in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (Canada) Bras du Nord

#13 Barwon River (Victoria)

The Barwon River is a perennial river of the Corangamite catchment, located in The Otways and the Bellarine Peninsula regions of the Australian state of Victoria . Perennial river in Victoria, Australia For the Darling River tributary, see Barwon River (New South Wales) . Barwon Barwon River (East B

#14 Tank Stream

The Tank Stream is a heritage-listed former fresh water tributary of Sydney Cove and now tunnel and watercourse located in the Sydney central business district , in the City of Sydney local government area of New South Wales , Australia. The Tank Stream was the fresh water supply for the fledgling c

#15 Trent–Severn Waterway

The Trent–Severn Waterway is a 386-kilometre-long (240   mi) canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Georgian Bay , Lake Huron , at Port Severn . Its major natural waterways include the Trent River , Otonabee River , Kawartha Lakes , Lake Simcoe , Lake Couchiching and Severn River . Its sc

#16 Dennison Fork

Dennison Fork is a stream located northwest of Lock Haven , about 6.9 miles from Renovo in Noyes Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania , in the United States . [1] The stream is located south east of Cooks Run. [2] The Dennison Fork branches off from the Fish Dam Run stream, which branches off from

#17 Durance

The Durance ( French pronunciation:   ​ [dyʁɑ̃s] ; Durença in the Occitan classical norm or Durènço in the Mistralian norm ) is a major river in Southeastern France . A left tributary of the Rhône , it is 323.2   km (200.8   mi) long. [1] Its drainage basin is 14,472   km 2 (5,588   sq   mi) . [2] F

#18 Republican River

The Republican River is a river in the central Great Plains of North America , rising in the High Plains of eastern Colorado and flowing east 453 miles (729   km) [4] through the U.S. states of Nebraska and Kansas . River in Kansas, United States Republican River Forche des Republiques , [1] Coster

#19 Chickahominy River

The Chickahominy is an 87-mile-long (140   km) [1] river in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of Virginia . The river, which serves as the eastern border of Charles City County , rises about 15 miles (24   km) northwest of Richmond and flows southeast and south to the James River . The river was

#20 Main Line of Public Works

The Main Line of Public Works was a package of legislation passed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1826 [lower-alpha 1] to establish a means of transporting freight [lower-alpha 2] between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh . It funded the construction of various long-proposed canal and road projects

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#1 Watsons Bay, New South Wales

Watsons Bay is a harbourside, eastern suburb of Sydney , in the state of New South Wales , Australia . Watsons Bay is located 11 km north-east of the Sydney central business district , in the local government area of the Municipality of Woollahra . Suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Watson

#2 Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is a bay located on the eastern coast of Australia 14 kilometres (8.7   mi) from central Brisbane , Queensland . It is one of Queensland's most important coastal resources. [2] The waters of Moreton Bay are a popular destination for recreational anglers and are used by commercial operato

#3 Port Jackson

Port Jackson , consisting of the waters of Sydney Harbour , Middle Harbour , North Harbour and the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers, is the ria or natural harbour of Sydney , New South Wales, Australia. The harbour is an inlet of the Tasman Sea (part of the South Pacific Ocean ). It is the location o

#4 Carey Bay, New South Wales

Carey Bay is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales , Australia , and is located on a peninsula southeast of the town of Toronto on the western side of Lake Macquarie . Suburb of City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia Carey Bay New South Wales Population 931   ( 2011 c

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