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Coast / Coast

#1 Great Orme

The Great Orme ( Welsh : Y Gogarth ) is a limestone headland on the north coast of Wales , north-west of the town of Llandudno . Referred to as Cyngreawdr Fynydd by the 12th-century poet Gwalchmai ap Meilyr , [1] its English name derives from the Old Norse word for sea serpent . [2] The Little Orme

#2 Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and south of Angola from the Kunene River south to the Swakop River , although the name is sometimes used to describe the entire Namib Desert coast. The indigenous San people , formerly known as Bushmen , of the Namibian interi

#3 Gibraltar

Gibraltar ( / dʒ ɪ ˈ b r ɔː l t ər / jih- BRAWL -tər , Spanish:   [xiβɾalˈtaɾ] ), is a British Overseas Territory and city [6] located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula . [7] [8] [lower-alpha 1] It has an area of 6.7   km 2 (2.6   sq   mi) and is bordered to the north by Spain . The lands

#4 King Edward Point

King Edward Point (also known as KEP ) is a permanent British Antarctic Survey research station on South Georgia island and is the capital of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands . [1] It is situated in Cumberland East Bay on the northeastern coast of the is

#5 Valdivian Coastal Reserve

Valdivian Coastal Reserve is a natural reserve located in the Cordillera Pelada , in Los Ríos Region of Chile , near Corral . Valdivian Coastal Reserve Reserva Costera Valdiviana IUCN category III ( natural monument or feature ) Dunes and freshwater lagoon at Colún Beach Location Los Ríos Region , C

#6 North Bondi, New South Wales

North Bondi is a coastal, eastern suburb of Sydney , in the state of New South Wales , Australia 7 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district , in the local government area of Waverley Council . This article is about North Bondi. For other uses, see Bondi (disambiguation) . Suburb of Sy

#7 Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery ( 48°23′09″N 124°43′37″W ) is the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States . It is in Clallam County, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula , where the Strait of Juan de Fuca joins the Pacific Ocean . It is also part of the Makah Reservation , [1] and is the northern bounda

#8 South Bethany, Delaware

South Bethany is an incorporated town in Sussex County , Delaware , United States. According to the 2010 census, the population of the town is 449, a decrease of 8.7% over the previous decade. [3] It is part of the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area . Town in Delaware, United

#9 Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula , or simply Sinai ( now usually / ˈ s aɪ n aɪ / SY -ny ) ( Arabic : سِينَاء , Egyptian Arabic : سينا , Coptic : Ⲥⲓⲛⲁ ), is a peninsula in Egypt , and the only part of the country located in Asia. It is between the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the south, and i

#10 Northern Neck

The Northern Neck is the northernmost of three peninsulas (traditionally called "necks" in Virginia) on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in the Commonwealth of Virginia (along with the Middle Peninsula and the Virginia Peninsula ). The Potomac River forms the northern boundary of the peninsul

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Island / Island

#1 Akiaki

Akiaki [2] is a low coral atoll in the eastern area of the Tuamotu Archipelago , French Polynesia . Akiaki's nearest neighbor is Vahitahi , which is located 41   km to the southeast. Atoll in French Polynesia Akiaki Map of Akiaki Atoll Akiaki Geography Location Pacific Ocean Coordinates 18°33′S 139°

#2 Rikers Island

Rikers Island is a 413.17-acre (167.20-hectare) island in the East River between Queens and the Bronx that contains New York City 's main prison complex. [1] Named after Abraham Rycken, who took possession of the island in 1664, the island was originally under 100 acres (40   ha) in size, but has si

#3 Bimini

Bimini / ˈ b ɪ m ɪ n iː / is the westernmost district of the Bahamas and comprises a chain of islands located about 80 kilometres (50   mi) due east of Miami. Bimini is the closest point in the Bahamas to the mainland United States and approximately 210   km (130   mi) west-northwest of Nassau . The

#4 Penrhyn atoll

Penrhyn (also called Tongareva , Māngarongaro , Hararanga , and Te Pitaka ) is an atoll in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the south Pacific Ocean . The northernmost island in the group, it is located at 1,365   km (848   mi) north-north-east of the capital island of Rarotonga , 9 degrees

#5 Marvel Super Hero Island

Marvel Super Hero Island is an area at Universal Orlando 's Islands of Adventure park in Orlando, Florida that is themed after popular Marvel Comics superheroes. The area opened in 1999, ten years prior to Universal competitor The Walt Disney Company acquiring Marvel Entertainment in 2009. The islan

#6 Yas Island

Yas Island ( Arabic : جزيرة ياس ) is an island in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates . [1] It occupies a total land area of 25   km 2 (9.7   sq   mi) . It is a popular leisure island and one of the top tourism projects in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island holds the Yas Marina Circuit , which has hosted the Formul

#7 Nukufetau

Nukufetau is an atoll that is part of the nation of Tuvalu . [1] [2] The atoll was claimed by the US under the Guano Islands Act some time in the 19th century and was ceded in a treaty of friendship concluded in 1979 and coming into force in 1983. It has a population of 597 who live on Savave islet

#8 Northeast Cay

Northeast Cay , also known as Parola Island ( Filipino : Pulo ng Parola , lit.   ' Island of [the] Lighthouse ' ; Mandarin Chinese : 北子島/北子岛 ; pinyin : Běizǐ Dǎo ; Vietnamese : Đảo Song Tử Đông ), with a land area of 12.7 hectares (31 acres) , is the fifth largest of the naturally occurring [1] Spra

#9 Nui (atoll)

Nui is an atoll and one of nine districts of the Pacific Ocean state of Tuvalu . [1] [2] It has a land area of 3.37   km² and a population of 610 (2017 Census). [3] For the small Pacific island nation sometimes pronounced "Nui", see Niue . Atoll in Tuvalu Nui Atoll Aerial view of Nui Map of the atol

#10 Caroline Island

Caroline Island (also known as Caroline Atoll or Millennium Island ) is the easternmost of several uninhabited coral atolls comprising the southern Line Islands in the central Pacific Ocean nation of Kiribati . Coral atoll in Pacific Ocean For the islands in the western Pacific, see Caroline Islands

#11 Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island ( / h aʊ / ; formerly Lord Howe's Island ) is an irregularly crescent-shaped volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand , part of the Australian state of New South Wales . It lies 600   km (320   nmi) directly east of mainland Port Macquarie , 780   km (420

#12 North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island ( Jandai : Minjerribah [1] ), colloquially Straddie or North Straddie , [2] is an island that lies within Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland , 30 kilometres (19   mi) southeast of the centre of Brisbane . Originally there was only one Stradbroke Island but in 1

#13 Gil Island (Canada)

Gil Island is an island on the North Coast of British Columbia , Canada , located on the west side of Whale Channel in the entrance to Douglas Channel , one of the main coastal inlets, on the route of the Inside Passage between Pitt Island and Princess Royal Island . It is 26 km (16 mi) long, with a

#14 Aramburu Island

Aramburu Island is a 17-acre (6.9   ha) island in Richardson Bay , Marin County, California . It, along with Strawberry Spit , came to exist in the 1950s and 1960s as a consequence of dumping dredged material from nearby developments into the bay. In the 1980s, the northern part of the landmass was

#15 Koror

Koror [1] [2] is the state comprising the main commercial centre of the Republic of Palau . [3] [4] It consists of several islands , the most prominent being Koror Island (also Oreor Island ). It is Palau’s most populous state. State in Palau Koror State Oreor Oreor; Ernguul State Koror State Flag L

#16 Zhongzhou Reef

Zhongzhou Reef also known as Ban Than Reef and Centre Cay [3] ( Mandarin Chinese : 中洲礁 ; pinyin : Zhōngzhōu Jiāo ; Vietnamese : Bãi Bàn Than ) is a small coral reef on the north edge of the Tizard Bank in the Spratly Islands , South China Sea under administration by Taiwan (Republic of China). It li

#17 Suluan

Suluan is an island barangay in the Philippines , in the municipality of Guiuan , Eastern Samar . It lies east of Leyte Gulf and west of Emden Deep . The inhabitants of the island were the first Filipinos to trade and interact with Ferdinand Magellan 's expedition which anchored on the nearby (then

#18 Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a federally owned island in New York Harbor , situated within the U.S. states of New York and New Jersey , that was the busiest immigrant inspection and processing station in the United States. From 1892 to 1954, nearly 12 million immigrants arriving at the Port of New York and New J

#19 Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands ( / ˈ tʃ æ t ə m / CHAT -əm ) ( Moriori : Rēkohu , lit. 'Misty Sun'; Māori : Wharekauri ) are an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about 800 kilometres (430 nautical miles) east of New Zealand 's South Island . They are administered as part of New Zealand. [4] The archipelago cons

#20 Matsu Islands

The Matsu Islands ( UK : / ˌ m æ t ˈ s uː / or US : / ˌ m ɑː t ˈ s uː / , [4] Chinese : 馬祖列島 ; pinyin : Mǎzǔ Lièdǎo ; Wade–Giles : Ma³-tsu³ Lieh⁴-tao³ ; Foochow Romanized : Mā-cū liĕk-dō̤), officially Lienchiang County ( / l j ɛ n ˈ dʒ j ɑː ŋ / , Chinese : 連江 縣 ; pinyin : Liánjiāng Xiàn ; Wade–Giles

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill ( French : Colline du Parlement ) , colloquially known as The Hill , is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa , Ontario , Canada. Its Gothic revival suite of buildings, and their architectural elements of national symbolic importance, is t

#2 Vulcano

Vulcano ( Sicilian : Vurcanu ) or Vulcan is a small volcanic island belonging to Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea , about 25   km (16   mi) north of Sicily and located at the southernmost end of the seven Aeolian Islands . [1] The island is 21   km 2 (8   sq   mi) in area, rises to 501   m (1,644   ft) a

#3 Mount Redoubt

Redoubt Volcano , or Mount Redoubt ( Dena'ina :  Bentuggezh K’enulgheli ), is an active stratovolcano in the largely volcanic Aleutian Range of the U.S. state of Alaska . Located at the head of the Chigmit Mountains subrange in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve , the mountain is just west of Coo

#4 La Soufrière (volcano)

La Soufrière or Soufrière Saint Vincent ( French pronunciation:   ​ [sufʁjɛʁ sɛ̃ vɛ̃sɑ̃] ) is an active stratovolcano on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines . It is the highest peak in Saint Vincent, and has had five recorded explosive eruptions since 1718. The

#5 Kanlaon

Kanlaon , also known as Mount Kanlaon and Kanlaon Volcano ( Hiligaynon : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Cebuano : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Filipino : Bulkang Kanlaon ), is an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the island of Negros in the Philippines , as well as the highest point in the Visayas , with a

#6 Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius ( / v ɪ ˈ s uː v i ə s / viss- OO -vee-əs ; Italian : Vesuvio [1] [veˈzuːvjo, -ˈsuː- ] ; Neapolitan : 'O Vesuvio [o vəˈsuːvjə] , also 'A muntagna or 'A montagna ; [2] Latin : Vesuvius [3] [wɛˈsʊwɪ.ʊs] , also Vesevius , Vesvius or Vesbius [4] ) is a somma - stratovolcano located on the

#7 Sikkim expedition

The Sikkim expedition ( Chinese : 隆吐山戰役 ; pinyin : Lóng tǔshān zhànyì ; lit. 'Battle of the Lingtu Mountain' ) was an 1888 British military expedition to expel Tibetan forces from Sikkim in present-day northeast India . The roots of the conflict lay in British-Tibetan competition for suzerainty over

#8 Bjelašnica

Bjelašnica ( Serbian Cyrillic : Бјелашница , pronounced   [bjělaːʃnit͡sa] ) is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina . It is to the southwest of Sarajevo , bordering Mount Igman . Bjelašnica's tallest peak, by which the mountain group got its name, rises to an elevation of 2,067 metres (6,781

#9 Peavine Peak

Peavine Peak , the highest point on Peavine mountain, is located in Washoe County Nevada , [3] at the northwest corner of the Truckee Meadows and about 3.5 miles (5.6   km) due east of the California state. It forms one of the most dominant geographical features in the Reno/Sparks area. Early prospe

#10 Mount Unzen

Mount Unzen ( 雲仙岳 , Unzen-dake ) is an active volcanic group of several overlapping stratovolcanoes , near the city of Shimabara, Nagasaki on the island of Kyushu , Japan 's southernmost main island. Mountain in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan "Unzen" redirects here. For the city, see Unzen, Nagasaki . M

#11 Titan Tower (Fisher Towers)

Titan Tower , also known as The Titan , is the largest of the Fisher Towers near Moab and Castle Valley , Utah . It has also been attributed to be the largest, free-standing, natural tower in the United States . The tower contains the Finger of Fate Route which is recognized in the historic climbing

#12 Hunsrück

The Hunsrück ( German pronunciation: [ˈhʊnsʁʏk] ( listen ) ) is a long, triangular, pronounced upland in Rhineland-Palatinate , Germany . It is bounded by the valleys of the Moselle-Saar (north-to-west), the Nahe (south), and the Rhine (east). It is continued by the Taunus mountains, past the Rhine

#13 Revelation Mountains

The Revelation Mountains are a small, rugged subrange of the Alaska Range in Alaska , United States . They mark the furthest western extent of the Alaska Range. The range is rarely visited because of the flying time necessary to get there and also because of the notoriously poor weather conditions t

#14 Scharfenstein (Hesse)

Scharfenstein is a 304 metres (997   ft) hill composed of basalt in the Schwalm-Eder-Kreis district of North Hesse , Germany . It is the remains of one of a number of extinct volcanoes in the West Hesse Depression . Mountain in Germany Scharfenstein View of Scharfenstein from Odenberg Highest   poin

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Buir Lake

Buir Lake ( Mongolian : Буйр нуур , romanized:   Buir nuur ; Chinese : 贝尔湖 ; pinyin : Bèi'ěr Hú ) is a freshwater lake that straddles the border between Mongolia and China . It lies within the Buir Lake Depression . The Chinese city of Hulunbuir is named after both this lake and Hulun Lake , which l

#2 Lago di Pontesei

Lago di Pontesei is a lake in the Province of Belluno, Veneto , Italy. Artificial lake in Northern Italy This article needs additional citations for verification . ( August 2019 ) Body of water Lago di Pontesei Lago di Pontesei Location Province of Belluno, Veneto , Italy Coordinates 46°20′13″N 12°1

#3 Lake Elizabeth (Fremont, California)

Lake Elizabeth , located in Central Park of Fremont, California , is a man made 83-acre (34   ha) lake with a 2 mile walkway around the lake. [2] When at average capacity, water rises to a depth of about seven feet. [1] Artificial body of water in the East Bay Body of water Lake Elizabeth Lake Eliza

#4 Chashma Barrage

Chashma Barrage is a barrage on the River Indus in Mianwali District of the Punjab province of Pakistan 304   km NW of Lahore and 56   km downstream of Jinnah Barrage . The contract for Chashma Barrage works was awarded on 10 February 1967 to French Consortium Société Dumez and Société Borie and was

#5 Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is a dam in southern Singapore built at the confluence of five rivers, across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South . [3] Dam in Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore Marina Barrage Official name Marina Barrage Location 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951 Coordinates

#6 Grube Gotthold

Grube Gotthold ("Gotthold Pit") is a former brown coal and gravel pit in the South Brandenburg county of Elbe-Elster . Grube Gotthold

#7 Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee ( US : / oʊ k i ˈ tʃ oʊ b i / ), [1] also known as Florida's Inland Sea , [2] is the largest freshwater lake in the U.S. state of Florida . [3] It is the tenth largest natural freshwater lake among the 50 states of the United States and the second-largest natural freshwater lake cont

#8 Ganga Lake (Mongolia)

Ganga Lake ( Mongolian : Ганга нуур ) is a saltwater lake located in Dariganga sum , Sükhbaatar Province , Mongolia . The lake lies on the transition zone between the southern steppes and the Gobi desert , giving it a unique landscape of lakes, steppes, and sand dunes. The lake and its wetlands (of

#9 Khabikki Lake

Khabikki Lake ( Urdu : کھبکی جھیل ) is a salt water lake , in the Soan Sakaser Valley [3] in the southern Salt Range area in Khushab District , Punjab , Pakistan . This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. [ citation needed ] It is part of Uchhali Wetlands Complex and has been

#10 Uvs Lake

Uvs Lake ( Mongolian : Увс нуур , romanized:   Uws nuur , pronounced   [ʊw̜s ˈnʊːr] ; Russian : Озеро Убсу-Нур , romanized :   Ozero Ubsu-Nur ) is a highly saline lake in an endorheic basin — Uvs Nuur Basin in Mongolia with a small part in Russia . It is the largest lake in Mongolia by surface area,

#11 Vajont Dam

The Vajont Dam (or Vaiont Dam ) is a disused dam in northern Italy. It is one of the tallest dams in the world , with a height of 262   m (860 feet) . [5] [6] It is in the valley of the Vajont River under Monte Toc , in the municipality of Erto e Casso , 100 kilometres (62   mi ) north of Venice . D

#12 Uchhali Lake

Uchhali ( Urdu : اوچھالی ) is a saltwater lake in Soan Sakaser Valley in the southern Salt Range area in Pakistan . This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Body of water Uchhali Lake اوچھالی LandsatLook image of Uchhali Lake Uchhali Lake اوچھالی Uchaali Lake is in Soon Valle

#13 Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee is located within Sullivan County and Merrimack County in western New Hampshire , the United States . It is the fifth-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire. For the steamship, see SS Lake Sunapee . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2014 ) Body of

#14 Lake Stechlin

Lake Stechlin or Großer Stechlinsee is a lake in Landkreis Oberhavel , Brandenburg , Germany . At an elevation of 60   m, its surface area is 4.52   km². The Stechlin cisco , a dwarfed fish, is found only in this lake. Theodor Fontane 's last novel, Der Stechlin , was set in its vicinity. Body of wa

#15 Atwood Lake

Atwood Lake is a reservoir located in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties in east central Ohio . The lake is formed by Atwood Dam 40°31′36″N 81°17′5″W [3] across Indian Fork, [4] a tributary of Conotton Creek . The lake is named for the community of Atwood 40°31′36″N 81°17′5″W [5] [6] [7] which was purc

#16 Holmenkollbakken

Holmenkollbakken is a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo , Norway . It has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120, and a capacity for 70,000 spectators. Holmenkollen has hosted the Holmenkollen Ski Festival since 1892, which since 1980 have been part of the FIS Ski J

#17 Achit Lake

Achit Lake ( Mongolian : Ачит Нуур ) is the largest freshwater lake in Uvs Aimag (Uvs province), Mongolia , in the west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level it covers an area of 290   km 2 . It is 28   km long, 16   km wide, and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes , mo

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River / River

#1 Lehigh Canal

The Lehigh Canal , or the Lehigh Navigation Canal , is a navigable canal that begins at the mouth of Nesquehoning Creek on the Lehigh River in eastern Pennsylvania . It was built in two sections over a span of twenty years, beginning in 1818. The lower section spanned the distance between Easton and

#2 Topčiderka

Topčiderska River ( Serbian : Топчидерска река / Topčiderska reka , "Topčider River"), or colloquially Topčiderka ( Serbian Cyrillic : Топчидерка ), or Topčiderski Creek ( Serbian : Топчидерски поток / Topčiderski potok , "Topčider Creek"), is a river in north-central Serbia , a 30   km-long right t

#3 Barnegat Bay

Barnegat Bay is a small brackish arm of the Atlantic Ocean , approximately 42 miles (68   km) long, along the coast of Ocean County , New Jersey in the United States . It is separated from the Atlantic by the long Island Beach State Park (colloquially called a " barrier island "), as well as by the

#4 Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal , also known unofficially as the Rideau Waterway , connects Canada's capital city of Ottawa , Ontario , to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston . It is 202 kilometres long. [1] The name Rideau , French for "curtain", is derived from the curtain-like appearance of th

#5 Mahanoy Creek

Mahanoy Creek is a 51.6-mile-long (83.0   km) [1] tributary of the Susquehanna River in Northumberland and Schuylkill counties, Pennsylvania . There are at least 35 sources of acid mine drainage in the creek's watershed . Anthracite was mined in the upper part of the Mahanoy Creek watershed in the 1

#6 Théols

The Théols is a 42.3-kilometre-long (26.3   mi) river in central France. [1] Its source is at 150   m (490   ft) near Bommiers , [1] in the Boischaut natural region. It joins the Arnon near Lazenay . [1] River in France Théols River near Issoudun Show map of France Show map of Centre-Val de Loire Lo

#7 Portugués River

Río Portugués is a river in the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico . In the 19th century, it was also known as Río de Ponce. [8] [9] Twenty-one bridges for motor vehicle traffic span Río Portugués in the municipality of Ponce alone. [10] The river is also known as Río Tibes in the area where it flow

#8 Edinburgh Union Canal Society

The Edinburgh Union Canal Society is a charitable canal society on the Union Canal in Edinburgh , Scotland . The Society's main base is Ashley Terrace Boathouse at Lockhart Bridge, near Harrison Park in the Polwarth area of Edinburgh. The society was founded in 1985 and is a founder member of the Sc

#9 Lacolle River

The Lacolle River flows in the municipality of Lacolle, Quebec , in Le Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality , Montérégie , on the south shore of St. Lawrence River in Quebec in Canada . The economy of the watershed is primarily agricultural (including orchards) and recreation and tourism incl

#10 Matanza River

River in Argentina This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Spanish . (November 2020) Click [show] for important translation instructions. View a machine-translated version of the Spanish article. Machine translation like DeepL or Google Translate is a usef

#11 Grant's Canal

Grant's Canal (also known as Williams's Canal ) was an incomplete military effort to construct a canal through De Soto Point in Louisiana , across the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, Mississippi . During the American Civil War , United States Navy forces attempted to capture the Confederate -held

#12 Mill River (Northampton, Massachusetts)

The Mill River is a 13.5-mile-long (21.7   km) [1] tributary of the Connecticut River arising in the western hilltowns of Hampshire County , Massachusetts . It is notable for dropping in elevation, along with its West Branch, more than 700 feet (210   m) over 15 miles (24   km) . Tributary of the Co

#13 Galveston Bay

Galveston Bay ( / ˈ ɡ æ l v ɪ s t ən / GAL -vis-tən ) is a bay in the western Gulf of Mexico along the upper coast of Texas . It is the seventh-largest estuary in the United States, [2] and the largest of seven major estuaries along the Texas Gulf Coast . It is connected to the Gulf of Mexico and is

#14 Waitetuna River

The Waitetuna River is a river of the Waikato Region of New Zealand 's North Island . It flows generally northwest from its sources southwest of Whatawhata to reach the southeastern coast of the Raglan Harbour . [1] River in New Zealand Waitetuna River the Waitetuna River reaches the Waitetuna arm o

#15 West Branch Delaware River

The West Branch Delaware River is one of two branches that form the Delaware River . It is approximately 90   mi (144   km) long, and flows through the U.S. states of New York and Pennsylvania . It winds through a mountainous area of New York in the western Catskill Mountains for most of its course,

#16 Houston Ship Channel

The Houston Ship Channel , in Houston, Texas , is part of the Port of Houston , one of the busiest seaports in the world . [1] The channel is the conduit for ocean-going vessels between Houston-area terminals and the Gulf of Mexico , and it serves an increasing volume of inland barge traffic. The Bu

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Sea / Sea

#1 Yuzhnaya Bay

Yuzhnaya Bay is one of the harbour bays in Sevastopol . Body of water Yuzhnaya Bay Yuzhnaya Bay Location Black Sea Coordinates 44°36′26.05″N 33°31′52.29″E Ocean/sea sources Atlantic Ocean Basin   countries Disputed between Russia and Ukraine [1] Salinity 18 ‰ Settlements Sevastopol On March 22, 2014

#2 Flushing Bay

Flushing Bay is a tidal embayment in New York City . It is located on the south side of the East River and stretches to the south near the neighborhood of Flushing, Queens . It is bordered on the west by LaGuardia Airport and the Grand Central Parkway , on the south by Northern Boulevard , and on th

#3 Lyme Bay

Lyme Bay is an area of the English Channel off the south coast of England. The south western counties of Devon and Dorset front onto the bay. Lyme Bay shown within Great Britain The exact definitions of the bay vary. The eastern boundary is usually taken to be Portland Bill on the Isle of Portland ,

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