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Coast / Coast

#1 Sword Beach

Sword , commonly known as Sword Beach , was the code name given to one of the five main landing areas along the Normandy coast during the initial assault phase, Operation Neptune , of Operation Overlord , the Allied invasion of German-occupied France that commenced on 6 June 1944. Stretching 8 kilom

#2 Bexhill-on-Sea

Bexhill-on-Sea (often shortened to Bexhill [4] ) is a seaside town and civil parish situated in the county of East Sussex in South East England . An ancient town and part of the local government district of Rother , Bexhill is home to a number of archaeological sites, a Manor House in the Old Town,

#3 Teignmouth

Teignmouth ( / ˈ t ɪ n m ə θ / TIN -məth ) is a seaside town , fishing port and civil parish in the English county of Devon . It is situated on the north bank of the estuary mouth of the River Teign , about 12 miles south of Exeter . The town had a population of 14,749 at the last census in 2011. [1

#4 Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs is a large peninsula bounded on three sides by a large meander in the River Thames in East London , England, which includes the Cubitt Town , Millwall and Canary Wharf districts. The area was historically part of the Manor, Hamlet, Parish and, for a time, the wider borough of Poplar

#5 Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park ( / p r ɛ s k / ) is a 3,112-acre (1,259   ha) Pennsylvania State Park on an arching, sandy peninsula that juts into Lake Erie , 4 miles (6   km) west of the city of Erie , in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. The peninsula sweeps northeast

#6 Malibu, California

Malibu ( / ˈ m æ l ɪ b uː / MAL -ih-boo ; Spanish : Malibú ; Chumash : Humaliwo ) [11] is a beach city in the Santa Monica Mountains [12] region of Los Angeles County, California , situated about 30 miles (48   km) west of Downtown Los Angeles . It is known for its Mediterranean climate and its 21-m

#7 Comox, British Columbia

Comox ( English: / ˈ k oʊ m oʊ k s / ) [2] is a town on the southern coast of the Comox Peninsula in the Strait of Georgia on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island , British Columbia . [3] Thousands of years ago, the warm dry summers, mild winters, fertile soil, and abundant sea life attracted First

#8 Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park is a 135.9-acre (55.0   ha) park located in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle , Washington that consists of the Elliott Bay beach between Alki Point and Duwamish Head . [2] It has a 0.5 miles (0.80   km) of beachfront, and was the first public salt-water bathing beach on the w

#9 Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras / ˈ h æ t ə r ə s / is a cape located at a pronounced bend in Hatteras Island , one of the barrier islands of North Carolina . Cape on the shoreline of Hatteras Island, North Carolina, United States For the lighthouse located on Cape Hatteras, see Cape Hatteras Light . Cape Hatteras Ca

#10 Curracloe

Curracloe ( Irish : Currach Cló , meaning ' marsh of the impression ' [1] ) is a village in County Wexford , a few miles northeast of the town of Wexford , Ireland . It lies on the R742 regional road at the junction with R743 , and is linked to the long and sandy Curracloe Strand (beach) by the shor

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Island / Island

#1 Ireland

Ireland ( / ˈ aɪər l ə n d / ( listen ) YRE -lənd ; Irish : Éire [ˈeːɾʲə] ( listen ) ; Ulster-Scots : Airlann [ˈɑːrlən] ) is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean , in north-western Europe . It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel , the Irish Sea , and St George's Channel

#2 Ostøya

Ostøya is an island in the western section of Oslofjord (Vestfjorden), within the borders of the municipality of Bærum . It is the second largest island in the Oslo basin, after Nesøya . It is adjacent to the municipal border with Asker , where Nesøya and Brønnøya are to its northwest and southwest,

#3 Maunsell Forts

The Maunsell Forts are armed towers built in the Thames and Mersey estuaries during the Second World War to help defend the United Kingdom . They were operated as army and navy forts, and named after their designer, Guy Maunsell . [1] The forts were decommissioned in the late 1950s and later used fo

#4 East Caicos

East Caicos is the fourth largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands . To the west, it is separated from Middle Caicos by Lorimer Creek, a narrow passage that can accommodate only small boats. To the south is South Caicos . East Caicos has no inhabitants. Island East Caicos East Caicos The locat

#5 List of islands and peninsula of Macau

There are one peninsula , one main island, and several small artificial islands in the Macao Special Administrative Region . The main island is located to the south of the Macau Peninsula and at the east of Hengqin Island of the Pearl River (Zhujiang), Guangdong Province , China . The island remains

#6 Ustica

Ustica ( Italian pronunciation:   [ˈustika] ; [3] Sicilian : Ùstica ) is a small Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea . It is about 5 kilometres (3   mi) across and is situated 52 kilometres (32   mi) north of Capo Gallo , Sicily . Roughly 1,300   people live in the comune (municipality) of the same

#7 Hengqin

Hengqin ( simplified Chinese : 横琴岛 ; traditional Chinese : 橫琴島 , Portuguese : Ilha da Montanha ) is an island in Zhuhai , a prefecture-level city and special economic zone in Guangdong Province of the People's Republic of China . It has a population of about 3,000. Parts of Hengqin were leased to Ma

#8 Jarvis Island

Jarvis Island ( / ˈ dʒ ɑːr v ɪ s / ; formerly known as Bunker Island or Bunker's Shoal ) is an uninhabited 4.5   km 2 (1.7   sq   mi) coral island located in the South Pacific Ocean , about halfway between Hawaii and the Cook Islands . [1] It is an unincorporated, unorganized territory of the United

#9 Benbecula

Benbecula ( / b ɛ n ˈ b ɛ k j ʊ l ə / ( listen ) ; Scottish Gaelic : Beinn nam Fadhla [6] or Beinn na Faoghla ) [7] [8] is an island of the Outer Hebrides in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland . In the 2011 census, it had a resident population of 1,283 with a sizable percentage of Rom

#10 Baker Island

Baker Island (previously New Nantucket [1] ) is an uninhabited atoll just north of the Equator in the central Pacific Ocean about 3,090   km (1,920   mi) southwest of Honolulu . The island lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbor is Howland Island , 42   mi (68   km) to

#11 Cồn Cỏ district

Cồn Cỏ ( listen ) (also known as Tiger Island ) is a rural district of Quảng Trị province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam . It is an island and is located 27   km to the east of Mũi Lay. District in North Central Coast, Vietnam Cồn Cỏ district Huyện đảo Cồn Cỏ District (Island) Cồn Cỏ I

#12 Powder House Island

Powder House Island (also known as Dynamite Island ) is an artificial island on the lower Detroit River in southeast Michigan , directly adjacent to the Canada–United States border . It was constructed in the late 1880s by the Dunbar & Sullivan Company to store explosives during their dredging of th

#13 Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye , pronounced / æ m ˈ b ɜːr ɡ r ɪ s ˈ k iː / am- BUR -gris KEE ( Spanish : Cayo Ambergris), is the largest island of Belize , located northeast of the country's mainland, in the Caribbean Sea . It is about 40 kilometres (25   mi) long from north to south, and about 1.6 kilometres (1  

#14 Enewetak Atoll

Enewetak Atoll ( / ɛ ˈ n iː w ə ˌ t ɔː k , ˌ ɛ n ɪ ˈ w iː t ɔː k / ; [2] also spelled Eniwetok Atoll or sometimes Eniewetok ; Marshallese : Ānewetak , [ænʲeːwɛːdˠɑk] , or Āne-wātak , [ænʲeːwæːdˠɑk] ; [3] known to the Japanese as Brown Atoll or Brown Island ; Japanese : ブラウン環礁 ) is a large coral atol

#15 Lampedusa

Lampedusa ( / ˌ l æ m p ɪ ˈ dj uː z ə / LAM -pih- DEW -zə , US : /- s ə , - z ə / - ⁠ sə, - ⁠ zə , Italian:   [lampeˈduːza] ; Sicilian : Lampidusa [lambɪˈɾuːsa] ; Ancient Greek : Λοπαδοῦσσα [1] and Λοπαδοῦσα [2] and Λοπαδυῦσσα [2] , romanized :   Lopadoûssa ; Maltese : Lampeduża ) is the largest isl

#16 Minamitorishima

Minamitorishima ( 南鳥島 , lit. "Southern Bird Island") , also known as Marcus Island , is an isolated Japanese coral atoll in the northwestern Pacific Ocean , located some 1,848 kilometers (1,148   mi) southeast of Tokyo and 1,267   km (787   mi) east of the closest Japanese island, South Iwo Jima of

#17 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#18 North Caicos

North Caicos is the second-largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands (after Middle Caicos ). To the west, the Caicos Cays (the closest is Parrot Cay ) link to Providenciales . To the east, it is separated from Middle Caicos by Juniper Hole, a narrow passage that can accommodate only small boats

#19 Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa ( US : / ˈ h iː ʊ m ɑː , ˈ h iː ə m ɑː / , [2] [3] Estonian:   [ˈhiːumɑː] ) is the second largest island in Estonia and is part of the West Estonian archipelago , in the Baltic Sea . It has an area of 989   km 2 and is 22   km from the Estonian mainland. Its largest town is Kärdla . It is lo

#20 Hawaii

Hawaii ( / h ə ˈ w aɪ i / ( listen ) hə- WY -ee ; Hawaiian : Hawai ʻ i [həˈvɐjʔi] or [həˈwɐjʔi] ) is a state in the Western United States , located in the Pacific Ocean about 2,000 miles (3,200   km) from the U.S. mainland. It is the only U.S. state outside North America , the only state that is an

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Sunanda Devi

Nanda Devi East ( Devanagari : नंदा देवी पूर्व ), locally known as Sunanda Devi , is the lower of the two adjacent peaks of the highest mountain in Uttarakhand and second highest mountain in India ; Nanda Devi is its higher twin peak . Nanda Devi and Nanda Devi East are part of the Garhwal Himalayas

#2 Sierra Negra (Galápagos)

Sierra Negra ( Spanish : Black Mountain ) is a large shield volcano at the southeastern end of Isabela Island in the Galapagos that rises to an altitude of 1124m. [1] It coalesces with the volcanoes Cerro Azul to the west and Alcedo to the north. It is one of the most active of the Galapagos volcano

#3 The Kymin

The Kymin , ( Welsh : Cae-y-Maen ), [1] is a hill overlooking Monmouth , in Monmouthshire , Wales . It is located approximately one mile east of Monmouth, on the eastern side of the River Wye and adjacent to the border with the Forest of Dean and England . The summit of the hill, about 800 feet abov

#4 Aiguille Dibona

The Aiguille Dibona , formerly called (Aiguille du) Pain de Sucre du Soreiller [1] ( 3,130   m (10,269   ft) ), is a mountain in the Massif des Écrins in the French Alps notable for its "astonishing triangular granite spear." [2] Mountain in French Alps Aiguille Dibona Pain de Sucre du Soreiller Hig

#5 Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki ( Māori : Taranaki Maunga ), also known as Mount Egmont , is a dormant stratovolcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand 's North Island . [4] [5] It is the second highest point in the North Island, after Mount Ruapehu . The 2,518-metre (8,261   ft) mountain has a

#6 Rude's Hill

Rude's Hill is a 981-foot hill [1] just outside of the town of Mt. Jackson in Shenandoah County , Virginia , United States, primarily known because it was a strategically placed elevation on which many Civil War events occurred. It was named after the Danish Lutheran minister Anders Rudolph Rude , [

#7 Mount Remarkable

Mount Remarkable is a mountain in South Australia located in the Flinders Ranges about 250 kilometres (160   mi) north of the centre of the capital city of Adelaide and immediately north-west of the town of Melrose , which was once named Mount Remarkable itself, and which is located at its base. [1]

#8 Biligiriranga Hills

The Biligirirangana Hills or Biligirirangan Hills (as referred to in biology and geology [2] ) is a hill range situated in south-western Karnataka , at its border with Tamil Nadu (Erode District) in South India . The area is called Biligiri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary or simply BRT Wi

#9 St. Andrew Strait

St. Andrew Strait is a volcano in Papua New Guinea that has had eruptions in historical times. The volcano is not linked to any tectonic plates, the volcano is also in an area of very few earthquakes, suggesting that St. Andrew Strait is an Intraplate volcano. It consists of a group of Quaternary vo

#10 Driskill Mountain

Driskill Mountain (also referred to as Mount Driskill) is the highest natural summit in Louisiana , with an elevation of 535 feet (163   m) above sea level. [3] It lies about 5.3 miles (8.5   km) southeast of Bryceland , in Bienville Parish . A large pile of rocks marks the high point. Mountain in L

#11 Mount Pavlof

Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula . It has been one of the most active volcanoes in the United States since 1980, with eruptions recorded in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986–1988, 1996–1997, 2007, 2013, twice in 2014, 2016, and is currently erupting as of August 2

#12 Mount Randy Morgenson

Mount Randy Morgenson is a 13,927-foot-elevation (4,245   meter) mountain summit located along the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Tulare County , California . It is situated in Sequoia National Park , one mile north-northwest of Mount Whitney , 0.85   mile east of Mount Hale , and one-

#13 Saddleworth Moor

Saddleworth Moor is a moorland in North West England . Reaching more than 1,312 feet (400   m) above sea level, it is in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District National Park . It is crossed by the A635 road and the Pennine Way passes to its eastern side. [1] [2] Moorland in northwest England Saddle

#14 Breidden Hill

Breidden Hill is an extinct volcanic hill in Powys , Wales, near the town of Welshpool . It is immediately surrounded by the villages of Trewern , Middletown , Criggion , Crew Green and Llandrinio . The peak of the hill reaches to 367 metres (1,204   ft) . [1] Footpaths which lead up to the summit p

#15 Mount Everest

Mount Everest ( Nepali : सगरमाथा , romanized:   Sagarmāthā ; Tibetan : Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ ; Chinese : 珠穆朗玛峰 ; pinyin : Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng ) is Earth's highest mountain above sea level , located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas . The China–Nepal border runs across its summit poin

#16 Mount Ruapehu

Mount Ruapehu ( / ˈ r uː ə ˌ p eɪ h uː / ; Māori:   [ˈɾʉaˌpɛhʉ] ) is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupō Volcanic Zone and North Island volcanic plateau in New Zealand . It is 23 kilometres (14   mi) northeast of Ohakune and 23   km (14   mi) southwest of the southern shore of L

#17 Mount Billy Mitchell (Chugach Mountains)

Mount Billy Mitchell is a prominent 6,919-foot (2,109   m) peak located in the Chugach Mountains , 35 miles (56   km) east of Valdez and 12 miles (19   km) west of the Copper River in the U.S. state of Alaska . [2] This mountain forms a prominent and easily visible landmark between mile markers 43 a

#18 Elaine Castle

Elaine Castle is a 7,431-foot-elevation (2,265   meter) summit located in the Grand Canyon , in Coconino County of northern Arizona , US . [2] It is situated three miles north-northwest of King Arthur Castle near the head of Shinumo Creek, and immediately southwest of Lancelot Point. Topographic rel

#19 Tsambagarav

Tsambagarav ( Mongolian : Цамбагарав ) is a mountain between Khovd Province and Bayan-Olgii Province in western Mongolia , it is a mountain of the Altai Mountains range. It has two peaks, its highest peak "Tsast Uul" ( Mongolian : Цаст , lit. "snow-covered peak" ) has an elevation of 4,193 metres (1

#20 Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana ( Catalan pronunciation:   [ˈsɛrə ðə tɾəmunˈtanə] , Spanish : Sierra de Tramontana ) is a mountain range running southwest–northeast which forms the northern backbone of the Spanish island of Mallorca . It is also the name given to the comarca of the same area. On 27 June 201

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Yebatan Hydropower Station

The Yebatan Hydropower Station ( Chinese : 叶巴滩水电站 ) [2] is the hydropower project with the largest installed capacity in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River . [3] It is located at the junction of Baiyu County in Sichuan Province and Konjo County in Tibet Autonomous Region . [4] Dam in at the junct

#2 Delsjön

Delsjön consist of two coherent lakes, Stora Delsjön and Lilla Delsjön , located in eastern Gothenburg , in the Delsjöområdet nature reserve . They serve as a reservoir for the city, receiving water from the Göta River . At the shore of Stora Delsjön there is a popular beach. Body of water Delsjön D

#3 Sloan Lake (Colorado)

Sloan's Lake , also known as Sloan Lake and Sloans Lake , [1] is a body of water, park, and neighborhood in Denver , Colorado , US . The neighborhood is located on the northwest side of Denver. The lake is the central feature of Sloan's Lake Park, which is managed by the Parks and Recreation divisio

#4 Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir is a reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah , United States, [1] just north of Heber City . Reservoir in the state of Utah, United States Body of water Jordanelle Reservoir Looking southwest across the Jordanelle Reservoir, with Mount Timpanogos in the distance and the US-40 / US-189

#5 Mare d'Oursi

The Mare d'Oursi is a small, shallow lake in Oudalan Province in northern Burkina Faso , close to the town of Oursi . [2] It is included in the List of Ramsar wetlands of international importance . [3] Lake in Burkina Faso Body of water Mare d'Oursi Mare d'Oursi Location Oudalan Province , Burkina F

#6 Centennial Park Reservoir

The Centennial Park Reservoir or WS001 is a heritage-listed reservoir at 3R Oxford Street, Centennial Park , City of Randwick , New South Wales , Australia. It was designed and built by NSW Public Works Department from 1896 to 1898. The property is owned by Sydney Water , an agency of the Government

#7 Williamsbridge Reservoir

Williamsbridge Reservoir was a natural lake (despite its name) measuring 13.1 acres (5.3   ha) just south of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, New York . [1] Specifically the body of water was located at 208th Street and Bainbridge Avenue. [2] It was shaped like a saucer [3] and was normally 41 feet

#8 Devils Lake (North Dakota)

Devils Lake is a lake in the U.S. state of North Dakota . It is the largest natural body of water and the second-largest body of water in North Dakota after Lake Sakakawea . It can reach a level of 1,458   ft (444   m) before naturally flowing into the Sheyenne River via the Tolna Coulee . On June 2

#9 Lake Darling Dam

Lake Darling Dam is an earthen embankment dam on the Souris River in the west north central United States , located twenty miles (30   km) northwest of Minot in Ward County , North Dakota . The dam began impounding water in April 1936 and was completed July of that year; it was created for the purpo

#10 Great Lawn and Turtle Pond

The Great Lawn and Turtle Pond are two connected features of Central Park in Manhattan , New York City , United States . The lawn and pond are located on the site of a former reservoir for the Croton Aqueduct system which was infilled during the early 20th century. Geographical features in New York

#11 Spreckels Lake

The Spreckels Lake Model Yacht Facility , commonly referred to as "Spreckels Lake", is an artificial reservoir behind an earthen dam and adjoining clubhouse situated on the northern side of San Francisco 's Golden Gate Park . Completed in mid-March 1904, [1] the reservoir was built for the use of mo

#12 Mare aux Hippopotames

The Mare aux Hippopotames (Lake of Hippopotamuses) is a lake and national park in Burkina Faso , created in 1937 and designated in 1977 as the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the nation. The park was created around a freshwater lake and includes surrounding pools and marches in the flood plain of t

#13 Lake Brunner

Lake Brunner ( Māori : Kōtuku Moana or Kōtukuwhakaoka ) is the largest lake in the West Coast Region of New Zealand, located 31   km (19   mi) southeast of Greymouth . The main settlement, Moana , is on its northern shore. It is an important settlement and waystation for local Māori . The first Euro

#14 Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada ( Red Lagoon ) is a shallow salt lake in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia , within Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve and close to the border with Chile . Shallow salt lake in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia For the lake named Pukaqucha or Laguna Colorada

#15 Lake Palmer

Lake Palmer was a man-made lake in Nashville between 16th Ave and 17th Ave, south of Hayes St and north of West End Ave. [4] This was the proposed location of a long-mooted mixed-use construction project near downtown Nashville that failed to materialize for over ten years. [5] Conceived by Nashvill

#16 Woodhaven Lakes

Woodhaven Lakes is a privately owned camping resort , located in Sublette , Illinois in the United States. Established in 1971 as a gated, members-only campground , Woodhaven Lakes comprises 1,756 acres (7.11   km 2 ) of woodlands , seven man-made lakes , and over 15 miles (24   km) of hiking trails

#17 Missionary Lake

Missionary Lake [formerly named "Grand lac long" (Grand Long Lake)] is located in the municipalities of Trois-Rives and Lac-aux-Sables in the Mekinac Regional County Municipality (RCM), in Batiscanie , in the administrative area of the Mauricie , in the province of Quebec , Canada . It is named in h

#18 Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt is a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland, California , just east of Downtown . It is surrounded by parkland and city neighborhoods. It is historically significant as the United States' first official wildlife refuge, designated in 1870, and has been listed as a National Historic

#19 Woollahra Reservoir

The Woollahra Reservoir or WS022 is a heritage-listed reservoir at 5R Oxford Street, Centennial Park , City of Randwick , New South Wales , Australia. It was designed and built by the NSW Public Works Department . The property is owned by Sydney Water , an agency of the Government of New South Wales

#20 Calueque

Calueque is a town next to a dam and pumping station of the same name on the Kunene River in the Kunene Province of southern Angola . The water project is linked to Ruacana , 20   km (12   mi) away in Namibia , where the Ruacana Power Station is. This dam is one of the last landmarks along the Kunen

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River / River

#1 River Idle

The River Idle is a river in Nottinghamshire , England whose source is the confluence of the River Maun and River Meden near Markham Moor . The Idle flows north from its source through Retford and Bawtry before entering the River Trent at West Stockwith . Its main tributaries are the River Poulter a

#2 Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct ( Welsh pronunciation:   [ˌpɔntkəˈsəɬtɛ] ; Welsh : Traphont Ddŵr Pontcysyllte ) is a navigable aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal across the River Dee in the Vale of Llangollen in northeast Wales . Waterway in Wales Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Traphont Ddŵr Pontcysyllte C

#3 Grand Junction Canal

The Grand Junction Canal is a canal in England from Braunston in Northamptonshire to the River Thames at Brentford , with a number of branches. The mainline was built between 1793 and 1805, to improve the route from the Midlands to London, by-passing the upper reaches of the River Thames near Oxford

#4 Proprietors of Locks and Canals

The Proprietors of Locks and Canals on Merrimack River is a limited liability corporation founded on June 27, 1792, [1] making it one of the oldest corporations in the United States . Its named incorporators were Dudley Atkins Tyng, William Coombs, Joseph Tyler, Nicholas Johnson, and Joshua Carter.

#5 Patawalonga River

The Patawalonga River is a river located in the western suburbs of the Adelaide metropolitan area, in the Australian state of South Australia . It drains an area of flat, swampy lands formerly known as the Cowandilla Plains or The Reedbeds , which in the mid-20th century were drained by engineering

#6 Kewaunee River

The Kewaunee River is a 27.9-mile-long (44.9   km) [1] river in the U.S. state of Wisconsin . [2] It begins near Frog Station in northwest Kewaunee County and flows southeast to empty into Lake Michigan at the city of Kewaunee . On a yearly basis, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources stocks

#7 Middle Rhine

Between Bingen and Bonn , Germany, the river Rhine flows as the Middle Rhine ( German : Mittelrhein ) through the Rhine Gorge , a formation created by erosion, which happened at about the same rate as an uplift in the region, leaving the river at about its original level, and the surrounding lands r

#8 Stourbridge Extension Canal

The Stourbridge Extension Canal was a short canal built to serve a number of mines in the Kingswinford area of Staffordshire in England . Although connected to the Stourbridge Canal , it was independent from it. It opened in 1840, and was abandoned in 1935. A short section of it is still used as moo

#9 Rock Creek (Monocacy River tributary)

Rock Creek is an 18.9-mile-long (30.4   km) [3] tributary of the Monocacy River in south-central Pennsylvania and serves as the border between Cumberland and Mount Joy townships. Rock Creek was used by the Underground Railroad (at McAllister's Mill , "slaves would slosh through the water to throw of

#10 Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls is a 25-foot (7.6   m) waterfall located in Yancey County , North Carolina on the slope of Mount Mitchell , the highest mountain in the Appalachian Mountain chain and highest point in the eastern United States . The falls, the mountain and its related state park are named for Elisha M

#11 Manchester Ship Canal

The Manchester Ship Canal is a 36-mile-long (58   km) inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea . Starting at the Mersey Estuary at Eastham, near Ellesmere Port , Cheshire , it generally follows the original routes of the rivers Mersey and Irwell through the hi

#12 Mohawk River

The Mohawk River is a 149-mile-long (240   km) [5] river in the U.S. state of New York . It is the largest tributary of the Hudson River . The Mohawk flows into the Hudson in Cohoes, New York , a few miles north of the city of Albany . [10] The river is named for the Mohawk Nation of the Iroquois Co

#13 Droitwich Canal

The Droitwich Canal is a synthesis of two canals in Worcestershire , England ; the Droitwich Barge Canal and the Droitwich Junction Canal . The Barge Canal is a broad canal which opened in 1771 linking Droitwich Spa to the River Severn at Hawford Bottom Lock , Claines . The Droitwich Junction Canal

#14 Tolay Creek

Tolay Creek is a 12.5-mile-long (20.1   km) [2] southward-flowing stream in southern Sonoma County, California , United States, which flows through Tolay Lake and ends in north San Pablo Bay . River in California, United States Tolay Creek Location Country United States State California Region Sonom

#15 Little Catawissa Creek

Little Catawissa Creek is a tributary of Catawissa Creek in Columbia County and Schuylkill County , in Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 10.8 miles (17.4   km) long and flows through Conyngham Township in Columbia County and Union Township and North Union Township in Schuylkil

#16 Vlasina (river)

The Vlasina ( Serbian Cyrillic : Власина) is a river in southeastern Serbia , a 70   km-long [1] outflow of the Vlasina Lake and a right tributary to the South Morava , which also gives its name to the surrounding Vlasina region. [3] [4] River in Serbia Vlasina (Власина) River Vlasina, location: Puk

#17 Matadero Creek

Matadero Creek is a stream originating in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Santa Clara County, California , United States. The creek flows in a northeasterly direction for 8 miles (13   km) until it enters the Palo Alto Flood Basin, where it joins Adobe Creek in the Palo Alto Baylands at

#18 Grant's Canal

Grant's Canal (also known as Williams's Canal ) was an incomplete military effort to construct a canal through De Soto Point in Louisiana , across the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, Mississippi . During the American Civil War , United States Navy forces attempted to capture the Confederate -held

#19 Tuolumne River

The Tuolumne River / t u ˈ ɒ l əm i / ( Yokutsan : Tawalimnu ) [4] flows for 149 miles (240   km) through Central California , from the high Sierra Nevada to join the San Joaquin River in the Central Valley . Originating at over 8,000 feet (2,400   m) above sea level in Yosemite National Park , the

#20 Mokelumne River

The Mokelumne River ( / m ə ˈ k ʌ l əm n i / or / m ə ˈ k ʌ l əm i / ; Mokelumne , Miwok for "People of the Fish Net") is a 95-mile (153   km) -long river in northern California in the United States. The river flows west from a rugged portion of the central Sierra Nevada into the Central Valley and

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Sea / Sea

#1 Laptev Sea

The Laptev Sea ( Russian : мо́ре Ла́птевых , tr. more Laptevykh ; Yakut : Лаптевтар байҕаллара , romanized:   Laptevtar baỹğallara ) is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean . It is located between the northern coast of Siberia , the Taimyr Peninsula , Severnaya Zemlya and the New Siberian Islands . It

#2 East Siberian Sea

The East Siberian Sea ( Russian : Восто́чно-Сиби́рское мо́ре , tr. Vostochno-Sibirskoye more ) is a marginal sea in the Arctic Ocean . It is located between the Arctic Cape to the north, the coast of Siberia to the south, the New Siberian Islands to the west and Cape Billings , close to Chukotka , a

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