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Coast / Coast

#1 Bexhill-on-Sea

Bexhill-on-Sea (often shortened to Bexhill [4] ) is a seaside town and civil parish situated in the county of East Sussex in South East England . An ancient town and part of the local government district of Rother , Bexhill is home to a number of archaeological sites, a Manor House in the Old Town,

#2 Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija ( Serbian Cyrillic : Ада Циганлија , pronounced   [ˈǎːda tsiˈɡǎnlija] ), colloquially shortened to Ada , is a river island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, located in the Sava River 's course through central Belgrade , Serbia . The name can also refer to the adjoinin

#3 Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach (or simply Wasaga ) is a town in Simcoe County, Ontario , Canada. Situated along the longest freshwater beach in the world, [4] it is a popular summer tourist destination. It is located along the southern end of Georgian Bay , approximately 150   km (93   mi) north of Toronto and about

#4 Eastbourne

Eastbourne ( / ˈ iː s t b ɔːr n / ( listen ) ) is a town and seaside resort in East Sussex , on the south coast of England, 19 miles (31   km) east of Brighton and 54 miles (87   km) south of London . Eastbourne is immediately east of Beachy Head , the highest chalk sea cliff in Great Britain and pa

#5 Paljassaare

Paljassaare ( Estonian for "Bare Island" ) is the name of the Paljassaare Peninsula in the Tallinn Bay , and the name of a subdistrict ( Estonian : asum ) in the district of Põhja-Tallinn ( Northern Tallinn ) in the city of Tallinn , the capital of Estonia . The subdistrict is located on the peninsu

#6 Coastal Reserve (Ukraine)

The Coastal Reserve was a former conservation area in Ukraine that was under protection from 1930 to 1933. It was primarily a bird sanctuary and officially became part of the Askania-Nova reserve in 1933. Former bird sanctuary in Ukraine This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it .

#7 Lafonia

Lafonia is a peninsula forming the southern part of East Falkland , the largest of the Falkland Islands . Location of Lafonia within the Falkland Islands.

#8 Homigot

Homigot ( Korean : 호미곶 , lit. ""tiger's tail cape") is a point of land in North Gyeongsang Province , South Korea jutting out into the East Sea . Homigot is located to the east of urban Pohang in Daebo-myeon   [ Ko ] . The area is home to the Homigot Lighthouse , the tallest lighthouse in South Kore

#9 Kopli

Kopli ( Estonian for "Paddock" ) is a subdistrict of the district of Põhja-Tallinn (Northern Tallinn) in Tallinn , the capital of Estonia . It is located on the Kopli Peninsula and is bordered by parts of the Tallinn Bay , the Kopli Bay to the southwest and the Paljassaare Bay to the north. Kopli ha

#10 Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1962. It consists of 2,762 acres (11.18   km 2 ) of saltwater marsh , grassland, mixed deciduous woods, and cropland located on an abandoned military airfield in McIntosh County, Georgia , north of the intersection of Route 131 and Harris Neck

#11 Children's Pool Beach

Children's Pool Beach is a small sandy beach area located at 850 Coast Boulevard, at the end of Jenner Street, in San Diego , California , United States. Aerial view of the pool, May 2011, with over 200 seals on the beach The Children's Pool earned its name after the construction of a concrete break

#12 South India

South India , also known as Dakshina Bharata or Peninsular India , [4] consists of the southern part of India encompassing the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka , Kerala , Tamil Nadu , and Telangana , as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry , comprising 19.31% of Ind

#13 Rockaway, Queens

The Rockaway Peninsula , commonly referred to as The Rockaways or Rockaway , is a peninsula at the southern edge of the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island , New York . Relatively isolated from Manhattan and other more urban parts of the city, Rockaway became a popular summer retreat in t

#14 Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa ( HoA ), also known as the Somali Peninsula , [3] [4] [5] is a large peninsula and geopolitical region in East Africa . [6] Located on the easternmost part of the African mainland, it is the fourth largest peninsula in the world. It is composed of Ethiopia , Eritrea , Somalia and

#15 Ballintra

Ballintra ( Irish : Baile an tSratha ) [2] is a village in the parish of Drumholm in the south of County Donegal , Ireland, just off the N15 road between Donegal town and Ballyshannon . Ballintra lies on the northern bank of the Blackwater river (sometimes referred to as the Ballintra River). [3] Th

#16 Costa Brava

The Costa Brava ( Catalan:   [ˈkɔstə ˈβɾaβə] , Spanish:   [ˈkosta ˈβɾaβa] ; [lower-alpha 1] "Wild Coast" or "Rough Coast") is a coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain , consisting of the comarques (counties) of Alt Empordà , Baix Empordà and Selva in the province of Girona . Costa Brava s

#17 Hermaness

Hermaness is the northernmost headland of Unst , the most northerly inhabited island of Shetland , Scotland . It consists of huge sea cliffs and moorland, making it an ideal habitat for a variety of birds. Hermaness was designated a national nature reserve (NNR) in 1955. The NNR extends over 965 hec

#18 Gibraltar

Gibraltar ( / dʒ ɪ ˈ b r ɔː l t ər / jih- BRAWL -tər , Spanish:   [xiβɾalˈtaɾ] ), is a British Overseas Territory and city [6] located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula . [7] [8] [lower-alpha 1] It has an area of 6.7   km 2 (2.6   sq   mi) and is bordered to the north by Spain . The lands

#19 Råbylille Strand

Råbylille Strand ( Danish pronunciation:   [ʁoːpyˈlilə ˈstʁɑnˀ] , English: Raabylille Beach ) is a resort on the south coast of eastern Møn , an island on the Baltic Sea in south-east Denmark . On 1 January 2007, it became part of the new Vordingborg municipality. Råbylille Strand - The beach It is

#20 Rossnowlagh

Rossnowlagh ( Irish : Ros Neamhlach ) [1] is a seaside village in the south of County Donegal , Ireland. It is about 8 kilometres (5   mi) north of Ballyshannon and 16   km (10   mi) southwest of Donegal Town . The area's 3   km (2   mi) long beach, or 2   km (1.2   mi) if measuring from the cliffs

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Island / Island

#1 Atoll K

Atoll K is a 1951 French-Italian co-production film—also known as Robinson Crusoeland in the United Kingdom and Utopia in the United States – which starred the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy in their final screen appearance. The film co-stars French singer/actress Suzy Delair and was directed by Léo Jo

#2 Als (island)

Als ( Danish pronunciation:   [ˈælˀs] , German : Alsen ) is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea . Als Sønderborg Harbour Geography Location Little Belt Coordinates 54°59′N 09°55′E Area 321   km 2 (124   sq   mi) Administration Denmark Region South Denmark Region Municipality Sønderborg Municipality La

#3 Rongelap Atoll

Rongelap Atoll / ˈ r ɒ ŋ ɡ əl æ p / RONG -gə-lap ( Marshallese : Ron̄ļap , [rʷɔŋʷ(ɔ)lˠɑpʲ] [2] ) is a coral atoll of 61 islands (or motus ) in the Pacific Ocean , and forms a legislative district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands . Its total land area is 8 square miles (21   km 2 ) . It enc

#4 Stóra Dímun

Stóra Dímun ( Danish : Stor Dímun ) is an island in the southern Faroe Islands , sometimes only referred to as Dímun. It is accessible by sea only during periods of clear and calm weather, but there is a regular helicopter service twice a week all year. There is a lighthouse on the island. This arti

#5 Goeree-Overflakkee

Goeree-Overflakkee ( Dutch pronunciation: [ɣuˌreː ˈoːvərflɑˌkeː] ) is the southernmost delta island of the province of South Holland , Netherlands . It is separated from Voorne-Putten and Hoeksche Waard by the Haringvliet , from the mainland of North Brabant by the Volkerak , and from Schouwen-Duive

#6 Ireland

Ireland ( / ˈ aɪər l ə n d / ( listen ) YRE -lənd ; Irish : Éire [ˈeːɾʲə] ( listen ) ; Ulster-Scots : Airlann [ˈɑːrlən] ) is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean , in north-western Europe . It is separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel , the Irish Sea , and St George's Channel

#7 Langeland

Langeland ( Danish:   [ˈlɑŋəˌlænˀ] ( listen ) , lit.   ' Long land ' ) is a Danish island located between the Great Belt and Bay of Kiel . The island measures 285   km 2 (c. 110 square miles) and, as of 1 January 2018, has a population of 12,446. [1] The island produces grain and is known as a recre

#8 Mauritius

Mauritius ( / m ə ˈ r ɪ ʃ ( i ) ə s , m ɔː -/ ( listen ) mər- ISH -(ee-)əs, mor- ; French: Maurice [mɔʁis, moʁis] ( listen ) ; Mauritian Creole : Moris [moʁis] ), officially the Republic of Mauritius , is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200   mi) off the southeast coas

#9 Mallorca

Mallorca , [lower-alpha 1] or Majorca , [lower-alpha 2] [2] [3] is the largest island in the Balearic Islands , which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. Island in the Mediterranean Sea "Majorca" redirects here. For other uses, see Majorca (disambiguation) . Mallorca Majorca Flag of

#10 Tanna (island)

Tanna (sometimes misspelled Tana ) is an island in Tafea Province of Vanuatu . Island in Tafea Province of Vanuatu Tanna Tanna and the nearby island of Aniwa Geography Location South Pacific Ocean Coordinates 19°30′S 169°20′E Archipelago Vanuatu Area 550   km 2 (210   sq   mi) Length 40   km (25   m

#11 Taransay

Taransay ( Scottish Gaelic : Tarasaigh , pronounced   [ˈt̪ʰaɾas̪aj] ) is an island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland . It was the host of the British television series Castaway 2000 . Uninhabited since 1974, except for holidaymakers, Taransay is the largest Scottish island without a permanent popula

#12 Herdla (island)

Herdla is an island in the municipality of Askøy in Vestland county, Norway . The 1.6-square-kilometre (0.62   sq   mi) island lies just north of the larger island of Askøy and just west of the island of Holsnøy . The island is surrounded by the Herdlefjorden and Hjeltefjorden . [1] Herdla View of t

#13 Tromelin Island

Tromelin Island ( / ˌ t r oʊ m l ɪ n / [ citation needed ] ; French : Île Tromelin , pronounced   [il tʁɔmlɛ̃] ) is a low, flat French island in the Indian Ocean about 500   km (310   mi) north of Réunion and about 450   km (280   mi) east of Madagascar . Tromelin is administered as part of the Fren

#14 Fais Island

Fais Island is a raised coral island in the eastern Caroline Islands in the Pacific Ocean , and forms a legislative district in Yap State in the Federated States of Micronesia . Fais Island is located approximately 87 kilometres (54   mi) east of Ulithi and 251 kilometres (156   mi) northeast of Yap

#15 Great Palm Island

Great Palm Island , usually known as Palm Island , is the largest island in the Palm Islands group off Northern Queensland , Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal community, the legacy of an Aboriginal reserve , the Palm Island Aboriginal Settlement (also known as "the Mission"). The original in

#16 Birkholm

Birkholm is a small Danish island off the southern coast of Funen in Ærø Municipality . With an area of just 0.9   km 2 (0.3   sq   mi) , as of 1 January 2010 it has a population of 10. [1] The flat, low-lying island is just over 2   km (1   mi) long and 2 metres (6   ft 7   in) above sea level at i

#17 Ko Yao district

Ko Yao ( Thai : เกาะยาว , pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ jāːw] ) is a district ( amphoe ) in Phang Nga province in Thailand 's south. District in Phang Nga, Thailand Ko Yao เกาะยาว District District location in Phuket province Coordinates: 8°6′42″N 98°35′27″E Country Thailand Province Phang Nga Seat Ko Yao Noi Di

#18 Manhattan

Manhattan ( / m æ n ˈ h æ t ən , m ə n -/ ), known regionally as The City , [1] is the most densely populated and geographically smallest of the five boroughs of New York City . It is the urban core of the New York metropolitan area , and coextensive with New York County , one of the original counti

#19 Siø

Siø is a small Danish island in the South Funen Archipelago between Tåsinge and Langeland . It is part of Langeland Municipality . With an area of 1.3   km 2 , as of 1 January 2014 it has a population of 16. [1] Since 1681, a system of dykes has expanded it to include the former islands of Skovø and

#20 Sula (island)

Sula ( Urban East Norwegian:   [ˈsʉ̀ːɽɑ] ( listen ) ) is an island in Sula Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway . The island (and municipality) are part of the Ålesund Region surrounding the city of Ålesund . The 59-square-kilometre (23   sq   mi) island lies north of the Storfjorden , nor

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Mount Troy

Mount Troy is a mountain in the City and Borough of Juneau , Alaska , United States. It is a peak of the Boundary Ranges , located on Douglas Island , west of the head of Kowee Creek and 3 miles (4.8   km) southwest of the city of Juneau. Mount Troy Highest   point Elevation 2,841   ft (866   m) Coo

#2 Penang Hill

Penang Hill is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks near the center of Penang Island , Malaysia . It is located within the Air Itam suburb, 9   km (5.6   mi) west of the center of George Town . Penang Hill is also known by the Malay name Bukit Bendera , which actually refers to Flagstaff Hill ,

#3 Mount Pleasant, Queensland (Moreton Bay Region)

Mount Pleasant is a rural locality in the Moreton Bay Region , Queensland , Australia. [2] In the 2016 census , Mount Pleasant had a population of 332 people. [1] Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap   Download coordinates as: KML Suburb of Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia Mount Pleasan

#4 Hoher Sonnblick

The Hoher Sonnblick (also Rauriser Sonnblick ) is a glaciated mountain , 3,106   m   (AA) high, on the main Alpine chain in the Goldberg Group on the border between the Austrian states of Carinthia and Salzburg . At its summit is the Sonnblick Observatory and the Alpine refuge hut of Zittelhaus . Ho

#5 Allegheny Mountains

The Allegheny Mountain Range ( / æ l ɪ ˈ ɡ eɪ n i / ; also spelled Alleghany or Allegany ), informally the Alleghenies , is part of the vast Appalachian Mountain Range of the Eastern United States and Canada and posed a significant barrier to land travel in less developed eras. The Allegheny Mountai

#6 Delano Peak

Delano Peak is a mountain in the Tushar Mountains in the Fishlake National Forest in Beaver and Piute counties in Utah , United States. [4] Delano Peak Delano Peak on January 1, 2006 Highest   point Elevation 12,174   ft (3,711   m)   NAVD   88 [1] Prominence 4,689   ft (1,429   m) [2] Listing North

#7 The Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian Friendship

The Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian Friendship is a 2,770-metre (9,090   ft) peak near the Bruce plateau in Antarctica . It was climbed and named in 2004 by an 8-member team consisting of four Israelis and four Palestinians . [1] [2] The joint Israeli and Palestinian team display flags of their coun

#8 Conrad Mountains

The Conrad Mountains ( German : Conradgebirge, Norwegian : Conradfjella ) are a narrow chain of mountains, 30   km (19   mi) long, located between the Gagarin Mountains and Mount Dallmann in Queen Maud Land , Antarctica . The Conrad Mountains are a subrange of the Orvin Mountains . With its summit a

#9 Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill ( French : Colline du Parlement ) , colloquially known as The Hill , is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa , Ontario , Canada. Its Gothic revival suite of buildings, and their architectural elements of national symbolic importance, is t

#10 Sierra Maestra

The Sierra Maestra is a mountain range that runs westward across the south of the old Oriente Province in southeast Cuba , rising abruptly from the coast. The range falls mainly within the Santiago de Cuba and in Granma Provinces . [1] Some view it as a series of connecting ranges (Vela, Santa Catal

#11 Mount VX-6

Mount VX-6 ( 72°38′S 162°12′E ) is a distinctive, sharp mountain , 2,185 metres (7,169   ft) , standing 4 nautical miles (7.4   km) north of Minaret Nunatak in the Monument Nunataks in Victoria Land , East Antarctica . Mountain in Ross Dependency, Antarctica Mount VX-6 Mount VX-6 Map depicting the l

#12 Lyaskovets Peak

Lyaskovets Peak ( Bulgarian : връх Лясковец , romanized :   vrah Lyaskovets , IPA:   [ˈvrɤx ˈʎaskovɛt͡s] ) is the easternmost peak of Friesland Ridge in the Tangra Mountains , eastern Livingston Island and has an elevation of 1,473 m. The peak is bounded by Catalunyan Saddle on the west and Shipka S

#13 Llaima

The Llaima Volcano is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Chile . It is situated 82   km East of Temuco and 663   km South of Santiago , within the borders of Conguillío National Park . Mountain in Chile Llaima Yaima The snowy cone of Llaima volcano (2018) Highest   point Elevation 3,240

#14 Queen Mary's Peak

Queen Mary's Peak is the summit of the island of Tristan da Cunha , in the South Atlantic Ocean . It has an elevation of 2,062 metres (6,765   ft) above sea level. It is named after Mary of Teck , the Queen consort of King George V . It is the highest point of the British overseas territory of Saint

#15 Adarra

Adarra (short for "Adarramendi", meaning 'mount of horns' in Basque ) is a mountain south of the city of San Sebastian in the Basque Country . It is a popular peak with the local residents. The mountain is flanked on the north by the minor summits of Oindi or Onddi ( Basque pronunciation:   ['onɟi ]

#16 Nagelfluhkette

The Nagelfluhkette is a mountain range located in Bavaria , Germany and Vorarlberg , Austria , bordering on the northern edge of the Allgäu Alps . [1] It has a maximum altitude of 1,834 m above sea level . Its name derives from the rock type Nagelfluh . In older and geological literature, as well as

#17 Camp 15 Peak

Camp 15 Peak is a mountain in the borough of Juneau, Alaska , United States. It is part of the Boundary Ranges of the Coast Mountains in western North America. On the divide east of Battle Glacier , it is located 3 miles southwest of The Tusk and 28 miles north-northwest of the city of Juneau. [1] T

#18 Hoher Peißenberg

Hoher Peißenberg is a mountain of Bavaria , Germany . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( July 2019 ) Hoher Peißenberg Hohenpeißenberg and Hoher Peißenberg, view from the railway tracks Highest   point Elevation 988   m (3,241   ft) Geography Location Bavaria , Germany

#19 John Muir Wilderness

The John Muir Wilderness is a wilderness area that extends along the crest of the Sierra Nevada of California for 90 miles (140   km) , in the Inyo and Sierra National Forests . [2] Established in 1964 by the Wilderness Act and named for naturalist John Muir , it encompasses 652,793 acres (2,641.76

#20 Killiney Hill

Killiney Hill ( Irish : Cnoc Chill Iníon Léinín ) is the southernmost of the two hills which form the southern boundary of Dublin Bay , the other being Dalkey Hill . These two hills form part of Killiney Hill Park . An obelisk on Killiney Hill bears the inscription: "Last year being hard with the po

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is a shallow, landlocked, highly saline body of water in Riverside and Imperial counties at the southern end of the U.S. state of California. It lies on the San Andreas Fault within the Salton Trough that stretches to the Gulf of California in Mexico. Over millions of years, the Color

#2 Cruachan Power Station

The Cruachan Power Station (also known as the Cruachan Dam ) is a pumped-storage hydroelectric power station in Argyll and Bute , Scotland. The scheme can provide 440   MW of power and produced 705 GWh in 2009. Dam in Argyll and Bute Cruachan Power Station The dam containing the upper reservoir Coun

#3 Alavian Dam

The Alavian Dam and Lake is situated on the Soofian Chay river in East Azerbaijan Province , north-western Iran . It is located about 3 kilometres north of Maraqeh . It is an earth-fill embankment dam with a height of 76 metres and was built between 1990 and 1995; opening on January 1, 1996. [1] The

#4 Lake Ülemiste

Lake Ülemiste ( Estonian : Ülemiste järv ) is the largest of the lakes surrounding Tallinn , Estonia . Ülemiste is the main part of the Tallinn water supply system , which supplies the city with most of its drinking water. The lake is fed mostly by Kurna stream and the Pirita River , through the Vas

#5 Lake Wickenden

Lake Wickenden ( French: Lac Wickenden ) is the largest lake on Anticosti Island , located in the municipality of L'Île-d'Anticosti , in the Saint Lawrence River , in the Minganie Regional County Municipality , in the region administration of the Côte-Nord , in the province of Quebec, Canada . Lake

#6 Wairere Power Station

The Wairere Power Station is a hydroelectric power facility in the Waikato region in New Zealand which makes use of water from the Mokau River . Water is drawn from behind a dam above the Wairere Falls, which diverts the water through two penstocks to the Wairere Power Station, before being discharg

#7 Lake Rāzna

Rāzna ( Latvian : Rāznas ezers , [1] Rēznas ezers [1] ) is the second largest water surface [2] and the first in terms of water volume [3] lake in Latvia . It is located in the eastern part of the country on the territory of Rēzekne Municipality , the water area of the lake is divided between Kaunat

#8 Aston Reservoir

Aston Reservoir , sometimes known as Salford Lake , Salford Park Pool or Salford Bridge Reservoir , is a 19th-century reservoir , formerly used for drinking water extracted from the River Tame , [1] in Birmingham , England. It was built by the Birmingham Waterworks Company [1] and was at that time s

#9 Radar Lake

Radar Lake is located in Woodinville, Washington and is one of the first man-made lakes built specifically for water sports . The land it is built on was initially bought and developed by water sports innovator Herb O'Brien in 1972. O'Brien, drawing from his water sports experiences as a young man,

#10 Cedar Creek Reservoir (Texas)

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a reservoir located in Henderson and Kaufman Counties, Texas ( USA ), 50   miles   (80.5   km) southeast of Dallas . It is built on Cedar Creek , which flows into the Trinity River . Floodwaters are discharged through a gated spillway into a discharge channel that connects t

#11 Grays Lake (Idaho)

Grays Lake is a wetland in Idaho , United States . It lies in Bonneville County and Caribou County . Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in the area in 1965. Ranching (cattle, sheep, hay production) is the predominant use of surrounding lands. A variant name was "John Grays Lake". [1

#12 List of beaches in Palestine

This is an incomplete list of beaches in Palestine broken down by bodies of water they are on. A list of beaches in Palestine This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformative and vulnerable to link rot . ( August 2022 )

#13 Lake Bagsværd

Lake Bagsværd is a lake in northeastern Zealand , Denmark. After Furesø , it is the second largest lake in the Mølleå system. The lake is an appendix to the Mølleåen via Furå further on to Lyngby Lake . Body of water Lake Bagsværd Lake Bagsværd Location Northeastern Zealand Coordinates 55°46′20″N 12

#14 Zengwen Dam

Zengwen Dam , also spelled Tsengwen Dam , ( Chinese : 曾文壩 ; Hanyu Pinyin : Zéngwén Bà ; Tongyong Pinyin : Zéngwún Shuěibà ; Wade–Giles : Tseng 2 -wen 2 Shui 3 -b'a 4 ) is a major earthen dam in Dapu Township , Chiayi County , Taiwan on the Zengwen River . It is the third tallest dam in Taiwan, and f

#15 Harveys Lake (Pennsylvania)

Harveys Lake (also known as Harvey Lake or Harvey's Lake [1] ) is a natural lake in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania . It has a surface area of approximately 621.5 acres, or nearly a square mile. The lake is situated entirely within the borough of Harveys Lake . [2] [3] By volume, it is the largest natu

#16 Onondaga Lake

Onondaga Lake is a lake in Central New York , immediately northwest of and adjacent to Syracuse, New York . The southeastern end of the lake and the southwestern shore abut industrial areas and expressways; the northeastern shore and northwestern end border a series of parks and museums. [2] Onondag

#17 Lake Tulloch

Lake Tulloch, located in Copperopolis, California , is one of the few lakes in California that has private shoreline houses. At roughly 504 feet (154   m) in elevation the lake covers 1,260 acres (510   ha) . [1] Lake Tulloch provides water needs to downstream users and hydroelectricity to users thr

#18 Heʻeia Fishpond

Heʻeia Fishpond ( Hawaiian : Loko I ʻ a O He ʻ eia ) is an ancient Hawaiian fishpond located at Heʻeia on the island of Oahu in Hawaii . A walled coastal pond ( loko i ʻ a kuapā ), it is the only Hawaiian fishpond fully encircled by a wall ( kuapā ). Constructed sometime between the early 1200s and

#19 Blue Lake Regional Park

Blue Lake Regional Park is a public park in Fairview , in the U.S. state of Oregon . The 101-acre (41   ha) park, near the south shore of the Columbia River in Multnomah County , includes many covered and uncovered picnic areas, playing fields for sports such as softball , a cross country course (ho

#20 Scott Lake (Washington)

Scott Lake is a lake in Thurston County, Washington , United States. [1] It is located 3.2 miles (5.1   km) south of the Tumwater city limits, 8.4 miles (13.5   km) south of the Olympia city limits, and 14.1 miles (22.7   km) north of the Centralia city limits. [7] The location for Scott Lake is in

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River / River

#1 Arawhata River

The Arawhata River (often spelt with the Ngāi Tahu Māori dialect spelling Arawata River ) is in the West Coast region of the South Island of New Zealand. [1] River in West Coast Region, New Zealand Arawhata River Arawata River Native name Arawhata     ( Māori ) Physical   characteristics Mouth     •

#2 River Meon

The River Meon ( / ˈ m iː ɒ n / ) is a chalk stream in Hampshire in the south of England. It rises at East Meon then flows 34   km (21   mi) in a generally southerly direction to empty into the Solent at Hill Head near Stubbington . [1] Above Wickham , the river runs through the South Downs National

#3 Huddersfield Broad Canal

The Huddersfield Broad Canal or Sir John Ramsden's Canal , is a wide-locked navigable canal in West Yorkshire in northern England. The waterway is 3.75 miles (6   km) long and has 9 wide locks. It follows the valley of the River Colne and connects the Calder and Hebble Navigation at Cooper Bridge ju

#4 Macclesfield Canal

The Macclesfield Canal is a canal in east Cheshire , England . There were various proposals for a canal to connect the town of Macclesfield to the national network from 1765 onwards, but it was not until 1824 that a scheme came to fruition. There were already suggestions by that date that a railway

#5 South Branch Leach Creek

South Branch Leach Creek is a tributary of Leach Creek in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 0.8 miles (1.3   km) long and flows through Scranton . [1] The watershed of the creek has an area of 0.463 square miles (1.20   km 2 ) . A substantial portion of the

#6 Covey Swamp Creek

Covey Swamp Creek (also known as Covey Creek [1] ) is a tributary of Spring Brook in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 2.2 miles (3.5   km) long and flows through Moosic . [2] Dams in the watershed of the creek include the Glenwood Lake Dam, the Covey Dam, a

#7 Castlereagh River

The Castlereagh River is located in the central–western district of New South Wales , Australia . It is part of the Macquarie -Castlereagh catchment within the Murray–Darling basin and is an unregulated river, meaning no dams or storage have been built on it to control flows. [4] On a map of NSW, th

#8 Spies Run

Spies Run is a tributary of Catawissa Creek in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 1.0 mile (1.6   km) long and flows through East Union Township. [1] The stream has a pH that is fairly close to neutral. The stream is in the United States Geological Survey qua

#9 Bridgewater Canal

The Bridgewater Canal connects Runcorn , Manchester and Leigh , in North West England . It was commissioned by Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater , to transport coal from his mines in Worsley to Manchester. It was opened in 1761 from Worsley to Manchester, and later extended from Manchester to

#10 Wolffs Run

Wolffs Run is a tributary of Stony Creek in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania . [1] It is approximately 0.4 miles (0.64   km) long and flows through Hazle Township . [2] The watershed of the stream has an area of 0.6 square miles (1.6   km 2 ) . A reservoir known as the Humboldt Reservoir is located on i

#11 New York State Canal System

The New York State Canal System (formerly known as the New York State Barge Canal ) is a successor to the Erie Canal and other canals within New York . Currently, the 525-mile (845   km) system is composed of the Erie Canal , the Oswego Canal , the Cayuga–Seneca Canal , and the Champlain Canal . [2]

#12 Lane Cove River

The Lane Cove River , a northern tributary of the Parramatta River , is a tide -dominated, drowned valley estuary [1] west of Sydney Harbour , located in Sydney , New South Wales , Australia . The river is a tributary of the Parramatta River, winding through a bushland valley. It joins Parramatta Ri

#13 Falls Run

Falls Run is a tributary of Black Creek in Columbia County and Luzerne County , in Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 3.1 miles (5.0   km) long and flows through Beaver Township in Columbia County and Black Creek Township in Luzerne County. [1] The watershed of the stream has a

#14 Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi ( French pronunciation:   ​ [kanal dy midi] ; Occitan : Canal del Miègjorn [ka'nal del mjɛdˈd͡ʒuɾ ] ) is a 240   km (150   mi) long canal in Southern France ( French : le Midi ). Originally named the Canal royal en Languedoc (Royal Canal in Languedoc) and renamed by French revoluti

#15 Grand Junction Canal

The Grand Junction Canal is a canal in England from Braunston in Northamptonshire to the River Thames at Brentford , with a number of branches. The mainline was built between 1793 and 1805, to improve the route from the Midlands to London, by-passing the upper reaches of the River Thames near Oxford

#16 Grand Union Canal Carrying Company

The Grand Union Canal Carrying Company was a freight carrying transport service in England from 1934 to 1948. The boat was originally built by Harland and Wolff in May 1937 for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company, but is seen here at Tatenhill Lock, Staffordshire, in British Waterways colours fol

#17 Mountain Lake Run

Mountain Lake Run is a tributary of Stafford Meadow Brook in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is more than 0.8 miles (1.3   km) [note 1] long and flows through Scranton . [1] The watershed of the stream has an area of approximately 2 square miles (5.2   km 2 ) . A dammed la

#18 Course of the Rogue River (Oregon)

The Rogue River in the U.S. state of Oregon begins at Boundary Springs on the border between Klamath and Douglas counties near the northern edge of Crater Lake National Park . The Rogue River flows generally west for 215 miles (346   km) from the Cascade Range through the Rogue River – Siskiyou Nati

#19 Shadow Brook

Shadow Brook , also known as East Springfield Brook , [3] [4] is a river in northern Otsego County in the U.S. State of New York . It begins north-northeast of the Hamlet of East Springfield , and flows into Otsego Lake south-southeast of the Hamlet of Springfield Center , near Glimmerglass State Pa

#20 Gravel Run (Black Creek tributary)

Gravel Run is a tributary of Black Creek in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 0.5 miles (0.80   km) long and flows through Hazle Township . [1] The stream drains part of the city of Hazleton. In the early 1900s, it was polluted by acid mine drainage . A borehol

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#1 Guanabara Bay

Guanabara Bay ( Portuguese : Baía de Guanabara , [ɡwɐ̃nɐˈbaɾɐ] ) is an oceanic bay located in Southeast Brazil in the state of Rio de Janeiro . On its western shore lie the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Duque de Caxias , and on its eastern shore the cities of Niterói and São Gonçalo . Four other muni

#2 Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Bay ( Vietnamese : Vịnh Cam Ranh ) is a deep-water bay in Vietnam in Khánh Hòa Province . It is located at an inlet of the South China Sea situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, between Phan Rang and Nha Trang , approximately 290 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City

#3 Porvarinlahti

Porvarinlahti ( Swedish Borgarstrandsviken ) is a bay in Helsinki (before 1 January 2009 in Vantaa ), Finland , near the borders of Vantaa and Sipoo . Porvarinlahti used to be the only place where Vantaa directly bordered the Baltic Sea . The bay is approximately 2   km long and 50 m wide. Immediate

#4 Wok Tai Wan

Wok Tai Wan ( Chinese : 鑊底灣 ) was a bay on the northwest coast of Tsing Yi Island , Hong Kong. The beach in the bay was once a naturist resort . The difficulties involved in getting to the bay on foot with high its surrounding hills, or by small boat because of turbulence in the nearby sea, made it

#5 Rapid Bay, South Australia

Rapid Bay is a locality that includes a small seaside town and bay on the west coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula , South Australia . It lies within the District Council of Yankalilla and its township is approximately 100   km south of the state capital, Adelaide . A pair of jetties are popular attract

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