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Coast / Coast

#1 Keweenaw Peninsula

The Keweenaw Peninsula ( / ˈ k iː w ɪ n ɔː / KEE -wi-naw , sometimes locally /ˈkiːvənɔː/ ) is the northernmost part of Michigan 's Upper Peninsula . It projects into Lake Superior and was the site of the first copper boom in the United States , leading to its moniker of " Copper Country ." As of the

#2 Ramsgate

Ramsgate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet in east Kent , England. It was one of the great English seaside towns of the 19th century. In 2001 it had a population of about 40,000. In 2011, according to the Census, there was a population of 40,408. Ramsgate's main attraction is its coastline

#3 Southend-on-Sea

Southend-on-Sea ( / ˌ s aʊ θ ɛ n d ɒ n ˈ s iː / ( listen ) ), commonly referred to as Southend ( / s aʊ ˈ θ ɛ n d / ), is a coastal city and unitary authority area with borough status in southeastern Essex , England. It lies on the north side of the Thames Estuary , 40 miles (64   km) east of centra

#4 Arauco, Chile

Arauco is a city and commune ( Spanish : comuna ) in Chile , located in Arauco Province in the Bío Bío Region . The meaning of Arauco means Chalky Water in Mapudungun . The region was a Moluche aillarehue . The Spanish settlements founded here during the Conquest of Chile were destroyed on numerous

#5 Ocracoke, North Carolina

Ocracoke / ˈ oʊ k r ə k oʊ k / [4] is a census-designated place (CDP) and unincorporated town located at the southern end of Ocracoke Island , located entirely within Hyde County , North Carolina , United States. The population was 948 as of the 2010 census . [5] In the 2020 census, the population h

#6 Ingrid Christensen Coast

The Ingrid Christensen Coast is that portion of the coast of Antarctica lying between Jennings Promontory , in 72°33′E, and the western end of the West Ice Shelf in 81°24′E. It is located in the western half of Princess Elizabeth Land , just east of the Amery Ice Shelf . Coast in Princess Elizabeth

#7 Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Old Orchard Beach is a resort town and census-designated place (CDP) in York County , Maine , United States . The population was 8,960 at the 2020 census . [3] It is part of the Portland − South Portland − Biddeford , Maine Metropolitan Statistical Area . Town in Maine, United States Old Orchard Bea

#8 Florida

Florida is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States . Florida is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico , to the northwest by Alabama , to the north by Georgia , to the east by the Bahamas and Atlantic Ocean , and to the south by the Straits of Florida and Cuba ; it is the

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Island / Island

#1 Hoy (Lake Constance)

Hoy is an uninhabited island in Lake Constance in Germany . It lies 400 metres east of the island of Lindau in the Bay of Reutin and 100 metres south of the lakeshore near the mouth of the Oberreitnauer Ach ( Lindauer Ach ). This article does not cite any sources . ( November 2019 ) Hoy Hoy seen fro

#2 Keeragh Islands

The Keeragh Islands ( Irish : Oileáin na gCaorach ) are a pair of small islets located approximately 1.5   km (1 mile) off the coast of Bannow in south County Wexford , Ireland (GPS: Latitude: 52.1983, Longitude: -6.73778). They are a designated Natural Heritage Area due to their importance as a bre

#3 Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha ( / ˌ t r ɪ s t ən d ə ˈ k uː n ( j ) ə / ), colloquially Tristan , is a remote group of volcanic islands in the South Atlantic Ocean . It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying approximately 2,787 kilometres (1,732   mi) from Cape Town in South Africa , 2,437

#4 Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe Island ( Spanish : Isla Róbinson Crusoe , pronounced   [ˈizla ˈroβinson kɾuˈso] ), formerly known as Más a Tierra ( lit.   ' Closer to Land ' ), [3] is the second largest of the Juan Fernández Islands , situated 670   km (362   nmi; 416   mi) west of San Antonio , Chile , in the Sout

#5 Smith Island (South Australia)

Smith Island is an island located in Spencer Gulf off the east coast of Jussieu Peninsula on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia approximately 32   km (20   mi) south-east of Port Lincoln . It was named by Matthew Flinders in memory of William Smith who was one of the eight crew lost from a cutter tha

#6 Cocos Island (Guam)

Cocos Island ( Chamorro : Islan Dåno ) is an island 1 mile (1.6   km) off the southern tip of the United States territory of Guam , located within the Merizo Barrier Reef , part of the municipality of Merizo . The island is uninhabited, 1,600 meters (5,200   ft) long in a southwest-northeast directi

#7 Wardang Island

Wardang Island , also known as Waralti (also spelled Waraldi or Wauraltee) is a low-lying 20   km 2 island in the Spencer Gulf close to the western coast of the Yorke Peninsula , South Australia . It acts as a natural breakwater, protecting the former grain port of Port Victoria and providing a shel

#8 Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [feʁˈnɐ̃du d(ʒ)i noˈɾoɲɐ] ) is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean , part of the State of Pernambuco , Brazil , and located 354   km (191   nmi; 220   mi) off the Brazilian coast. It consists of 21 islands and islets , extending over an area of 26  

#9 Staten Island

Staten Island ( / ˈ s t æ t ən / STAT -ən ) is a borough of New York City , coextensive with Richmond County , in the U.S. state of New York . Located in the city's southwest portion, the borough is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull and from the rest of New York by N

#10 Avery Island (Louisiana)

Avery Island (historically French : Île Petite Anse ) is a salt dome best known as the source of Tabasco sauce . Located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana , United States, it is approximately three miles (4.8   km) inland from Vermilion Bay , which in turn opens onto the Gulf of Mexico . A small human pop

#11 Geography of Greenland

Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean , northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland . The territory comprises the island of Greenland—the largest island in the world —and more than a hundred other smaller islands (see alphabetic list ). Greenland has a 1.2 kilom

#12 Williams Island (South Australia)

Williams Island is an island in the Australian state of South Australia located off the south coast of Jussieu Peninsula on Eyre Peninsula approximately 34   km (21   mi) south-east of Port Lincoln . It was named by Matthew Flinders for Robert Williams who subsequently lost his life along with seven

#13 Hopkins Island

Hopkins Island is an island located in Spencer Gulf off the east coast of Jussieu Peninsula on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia approximately 32   km (20   mi) south-east of Port Lincoln . It was named by Matthew Flinders in memory of John Hopkins who was one of the eight crew lost from a cutter th

#14 Canvey Island

Canvey Island is a town, civil parish and reclaimed island in the Thames estuary , near Southend-on-Sea , in the Castle Point district, in the county of Essex , England. It has an area of 7.12 square miles (18.44   km 2 ) and a population of 38,170. [1] It is separated from the mainland of south Ess

#15 North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island ( Jandai : Minjerribah [1] ), colloquially Straddie or North Straddie , [2] is an island that lies within Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland , 30 kilometres (19   mi) southeast of the centre of Brisbane . Originally there was only one Stradbroke Island but in 1

#16 Bogoslof Island

Bogoslof Island or Agasagook Island ( Aleut : Aĝasaaĝux̂ [4] ) is the summit of a submarine stratovolcano at the south edge of the Bering Sea , 35 miles (56   km) northwest of Unalaska Island of the Aleutian Island chain. It has a land area of 319.3 acres (1.292   km 2 ) and is uninhabited. The peak

#17 Laurie Island

Laurie Island is the second largest of the South Orkney Islands . The island is claimed by both Argentina as part of Argentine Antarctica , and the United Kingdom as part of the British Antarctic Territory . However, under the Antarctic Treaty System all sovereignty claims are frozen, as the island

#18 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#19 Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten ( Dutch pronunciation: [sɪntˈmaːrtə(n)] ( listen ) ) is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean . [4] With a population of 41,486 [1] as of January 2019 on an area of 41.44   km 2 (16.00   sq   mi) , it encompasses the southern 44% of the divided island

#20 Guernsey

Guernsey ( / ˈ ɡ ɜːr n z i / ( listen ) ; Guernésiais : Guernési ; French : Guernesey ) is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy that is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey , a British Crown Dependency . Island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy This article is about

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Storm King Mountain (New York)

Storm King Mountain is a mountain on the west bank of the Hudson River just south of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York . Together with Breakneck Ridge on the opposite bank of the river it forms "Wey-Gat" or Wind Gate, the picturesque northern narrows of the Hudson Highlands . Its distinctive curved ridge

#2 Asbestos and the law

The mineral asbestos is subject to a wide range of laws and regulations that relate to its production and use, including mining, manufacturing, use and disposal. [1] [2] [3] Injuries attributed to asbestos have resulted in both workers' compensation claims and injury litigation. [4] [5] Health probl

#3 Jurong Hill

Jurong Hill ( Chinese : 裕廊山; Malay : Bukit Peropok ) is a scenic hill situated in western Singapore off Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim . Originally, the hill is known as Bukit Peropok in Malay . [1] It is enveloped in 15 hectares of lush greenery and stands at 60 meters. This article needs additional citations

#4 Malaxa Mountain

Malaxa Mountain is a mountain at Malaxa on the island of Crete in the country of Greece . [1] This mountain feature is situated in northwestern coastal Crete in the vicinity of the city of Chania . Trypali limestone is a dominant rock of Malaxa Mountain. [2] The ancient city of Kydonia held sway ove

#5 Mount Caroline Mikkelsen

Mount Caroline Mikkelsen is a small coastal mountain discovered on February 20, 1935. Its height is 235 metres (770   ft) and it is between Hargreaves Glacier and Polar Times Glacier on Ingrid Christensen Coast . The mountain overlooks the southern extremity of Prydz Bay , 4 nautical miles (7   km)

#6 Big Mountain (Oklahoma)

Big Mountain is a mountain in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma . It is part of the Kiamichi Mountains , a subrange of the Ouachita Mountains . Big Mountain Deer Mountain Big Mountain Location of Big Mountain in Oklahoma Highest   point Elevation 1,145   ft (349   m) Coordinates 34°24′55″N 95°36′52″W Geog

#7 Mount Cordeaux

Mount Cordeaux is a mountain near Brisbane , Australia and rises 1,135 m. It lies to the immediate north of Cunninghams Gap in the Main Range National Park . It is known to the Aboriginal People as Niamboyoo , however, the meaning is unknown. [1] It appears that early usage on names for the mountain

#8 Nevado del Huila

Nevado del Huila ( / n ɛ ˈ v ɑː d oʊ d ɛ l ˈ w iː l ə / , Spanish pronunciation:   [neˈβaðo ðel ˈwila] ) at 5,364 metres (17,598   ft) , [1] is the highest volcano in Colombia , located at the tripoint of the departments of Huila , Tolima and Cauca . It is visible from the city of Cali . [2] The and

#9 Michoacán–Guanajuato volcanic field

Michoacán–Guanajuato volcanic field is located in the Michoacán and Guanajuato states of central Mexico. It is a volcanic field that takes the form of a large cinder cone field, with numerous shield volcanoes and maars . Pico de Tancítaro (3860 m) is the highest peak. Volcanic field in the Michoacán

#10 Lascar (volcano)

Lascar is a stratovolcano in Chile within the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes , a volcanic arc that spans Peru , Bolivia , Argentina and Chile. It is the most active volcano in the region, with records of eruptions going back to 1848. It is composed of two separate cones with several summit crate

#11 Mount Martyn

Mount Martyn ( 69°24′S 157°10′E ) is a cluster of bare rock faces with one peak , standing 3 nautical miles (6   km) south of Eld Peak in the Lazarev Mountains of Antarctica. This is probably the most prominent rock outcrop on the west side of Matusevich Glacier . The mountain was photographed by U.

#12 Kelud

The Kelud ( Javanese : ꦏꦼꦭꦸꦢ꧀ , romanized:   Kelud , sometimes spelled as Klut , Cloot , Kloet , Kloete , Keloed or Kelut ) is an active stratovolcano located in Kediri , East Java , Indonesia . Like many Indonesian volcanoes and others on the Pacific Ring of Fire , Kelud is known for large explosiv

#13 Mount Petrie

Mount Petrie is a mountain in the south east of the city of Brisbane , Queensland , Australia. [2] The 170   metre rise is sometimes referred to as Petrie Hill. It elevates semi-rural residential parts in the suburbs of Mackenzie and Burbank . Mount Petrie The top of Mount Petrie Highest   point Ele

#14 Vestfold Hills

The Vestfold Hills are rounded, rocky, coastal hills, 411 square kilometres (159   sq   mi) in extent, on the north side of Sorsdal Glacier on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land , Antarctica . The hills are subdivided by three west-trending peninsulas bounded by narrow fjords. M

#15 Huaynaputina

Huaynaputina ( / ˌ w aɪ n ə p ʊ ˈ t iː n ə / WY -nə-puu- TEE -nə ; Spanish:   [wajnapuˈtina ] ) is a volcano in a volcanic high plateau in southern Peru . Lying in the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes , it was formed by the subduction of the oceanic Nazca Plate under the continental South American

#16 List of people who died on the Presidential Range

The Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire consist of a series of mountains whose maximum elevation reaches 6,288 feet (1,917   m) and represent some of the highest mountains in the United States east of the Mississippi River . Fatalities in this area are dominated by those that

#17 Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa ( / ˌ m ɔː n ə ˈ l oʊ . ə / or / ˌ m aʊ n ə ˈ l oʊ . ə / ; Hawaiian : [ˈmɐwnə ˈlowə] ; English: Long Mountain [1] ) is one of five volcanoes that form the Island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaiʻi in the Pacific Ocean . The largest subaerial volcano (as opposed to subaqueous volcanoes)

#18 Mount Dalton

Mount Dalton ( 69°29′S 157°54′E ) is a peak 1,175 metres (3,850   ft) high, in East Antarctica . It is on the east side of Matusevich Glacier , 6 nautical miles (11   km) southeast of Thompson Peak , in the northwest part of the Wilson Hills . It was sketched and photographed by Phillip Law on Febru

#19 Pine Mountain Jump

The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is a ski jump located in Iron Mountain, Michigan , Dickinson County . It is part of the Kiwanis Ski Club and hosts annual FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup competitions. [1] "Pine Mountain Slide is known throughout the world as one of the better jumping hills." Annually in F

#20 Strzelecki Ranges

The Strzelecki Ranges (pronounced STREHZ leckee) is a set of low mountain ridges located in the West Gippsland and South Gippsland regions of the Australian state of Victoria . Strzelecki Ranges Tolone [1] View of the Strzelecki Ranges looking towards Mirboo North. Highest   point Peak Mount Tassie

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Hashihaka Kofun

The Hashihaka kofun ( 箸 墓 古墳 ) is a megalithic tomb ( kofun ) located in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture , Japan. The Hashihaka kofun is considered to be the first large keyhole-shaped kofun constructed in Japan and is associated with the emergence of the Yamato Kingship   [ ja ] . [1] Megalithic tomb in J

#2 Keswick Dam

Keswick Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Sacramento River about 2 miles (3.2   km) northwest of Redding , California . Part of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 's Central Valley Project , the dam is 157 feet (48   m) high and impounds the Keswick Reservoir , which has a capacity of 23,800   acre⋅f

#3 Bosher Dam

Bosher's Dam is a historic lowhead dam (also called a weir) built upon the James River just west of Richmond , Virginia . It is a 12-foot-high stone structure which interrupts the natural flow of Virginia's largest self-contained river by spanning the waterway between suburban Tuckahoe in Henrico Co

#4 Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ( GERD or TaIHiGe ; Amharic : ታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዳሴ ግድብ , romanized :   Tālāqu ye-Ītyōppyā Hidāsē Gidib , Oromo : Hidha Haaromsaa Guddicha Itoophiyaa [6] ), formerly known as the Millennium Dam and sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam ( Amharic : ሕዳሴ ግድብ , romanized :   H

#5 Lake Garda

Lake Garda ( Italian : Lago di Garda [ˈlaːɡo di ˈɡarda] or (Lago) Benaco [beˈnaːko] ; Eastern Lombard : Lach de Garda ; Venetian : Ƚago de Garda ; Latin : Benacus ; Ancient Greek : Βήνακος [1] ) is the largest lake in Italy . It is a popular holiday location in northern Italy, about halfway between

#6 Seminoe Dam

Seminoe Dam is a concrete thick-arch dam on the North Platte River in the U.S. state of Wyoming . The dam stores water for irrigation and hydroelectricity generation, and is owned and operated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation . It is the uppermost dam on the North Platte River and is located direct

#7 Anderson Lake (California)

Anderson Lake , also known as Anderson Reservoir , is an artificial lake in Morgan Hill , located in southern Santa Clara County, California . The reservoir is formed by the damming of Coyote Creek just below its confluence with Las Animas Creek. A 4,275-acre (1,730   ha) county park surrounds the r

#8 Lake Ogawara

Lake Ogawara ( 小川原湖 , Ogawarako ) is Japan 's eleventh largest lake (by area) and the largest in Aomori Prefecture . [1] It spans the boundaries of the city of Misawa , the town of Tōhoku , and the village of Rokkasho in Kamikita District . Lake in Aomori Prefecture, Japan Body of water Lake Ogawara

#9 Blackbrook Reservoir

Blackbrook Reservoir is a 33.4 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest between Shepshed and Whitwick in Leicestershire . [1] [2] Blackbrook Reservoir Site of Special Scientific Interest Location Leicestershire Grid reference SK 459 173 [1] Interest Biological Area 33.4 hectares [1] No

#10 Lake Apopka

Lake Apopka is the fourth largest lake in the U.S. state of Florida . [1] It is located 15 miles (24   km) northwest of Orlando , mostly within the bounds of Orange County , although the western part is in Lake County . Fed by a natural spring, rainfall and stormwater runoff, water from Lake Apopka

#11 Black Lake (Nova Scotia)

There are various Black Lakes in Nova Scotia , Canada. [1] They vary widely in size, depth and usability. Many counties, such as Cumberland, Halifax, Inverness, and Pictou Counties have more than one Black Lake so named, while other counties mentioned in this article have only one named Black Lake.

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River / River

#1 Hamilton Canal

The Hamilton Canal ( Sinhala : හැමිල්ටන් ඇල Hæmiltan Æla ) (also commonly known as the Dutch Canal ) is a 14.5   km (9.0   mi) canal connecting Puttalam to Colombo , passing through Negombo in Sri Lanka . The canal was constructed by the British in 1802 and completed in 1804. It was designed to drai

#2 Tsarap River

The Tsarap River or the Tsarap Chu , is a river 182 kilometres (113   mi) long, which forms the eastern part of the Zanskar valley , in the Ladakh union territory of India . Indian river Tsarap River Tsarap Chu Tsarap River at village Char Location Country   India State Ladakh Region Zanskar Distric

#3 Wiese (river)

The Wiese is a river, 57.8 kilometres long, [1] and a right-hand tributary of the Rhine in southwest Germany and northwest Switzerland . A tributary of the Rhine in the southern Black Forest This article is about the German river. For other uses, see Wiese . Wiese The Wiese near Lörrach Location Loc

#4 Haast River

The Haast River / Awarua is a river on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The Māori name for the river is Awarua. It drains the western watershed of the Haast Pass . The Haast River is 100 kilometres (62   mi) in length, and enters the Tasman Sea near Haast township. The river's main

#5 Warren County Canal

The Warren County Canal was a branch of the Miami and Erie Canal in southwestern Ohio about 20 miles (32   km) in length that connected the Warren County seat of Lebanon to the main canal at Middletown in the mid-19th century. Lebanon was at the crossroads of two major roads, the highway from Cincin

#6 Coyote Creek (Santa Clara County)

Coyote Creek ( Spanish : Arroyo Coyote ) [5] [6] is a river that flows through the Santa Clara Valley in Northern California . Its source is on Mount Sizer , in the mountains east of Morgan Hill . It eventually flows into Anderson Lake in Morgan Hill and then northwards through Coyote Valley to San

#7 Interstate River Water Disputes Act

The Interstate River Water Disputes Act, 1956 (IRWD Act) is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted under Article 262 of Constitution of India on the eve of reorganization of states on linguistic basis to resolve the water disputes that would arise in the use, control and distribution of an inters

#8 Kishwaukee River

The Kishwaukee River , locally known as simply The Kish , is a 63.4-mile-long (102.0   km) [2] river in the U.S. state of Illinois . [3] It is a tributary of the Rock River [4] and its name derives from the Potowatomi word for "river of the sycamore ". [5] River in the United States Kishwaukee River

#9 Kaveri River water dispute

The sharing of waters of the Kaveri River has been the source of a serious conflict between the two Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka . The genesis of this conflict rests in two agreements in 1892 and 1924 between the Madras Presidency and Kingdom of Mysore . The 802 kilometres (498   mi) Ka

#10 Main Line of Public Works

The Main Line of Public Works was a package of legislation passed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1826 [lower-alpha 1] to establish a means of transporting freight [lower-alpha 2] between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh . It funded the construction of various long-proposed canal and road projects

#11 Vistula Spit canal

The Vistula Spit canal (official name Nowy Świat ship canal , Polish : Kanał żeglugowy Nowy Świat [1] ) is a canal across the Polish section of the Vistula Spit that creates a second connection between the Vistula Lagoon and Gdańsk Bay . It allows ships to enter the Vistula Lagoon and the port of El

#12 Sacramento River

The Sacramento River ( Spanish : Río Sacramento ) is the principal river of Northern California in the United States and is the largest river in California. [9] Rising in the Klamath Mountains , the river flows south for 400 miles (640   km) before reaching the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta and

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Sea / Sea

#1 Lauritzen Bay

Lauritzen Bay is a bay about 12 nautical miles (22   km) wide, occupied by bay ice and ice shell, indenting the coast of Antarctica between Cape Yevgenov and Coombes Ridge . The Matusevich Glacier Tongue joins Coombes Ridge in forming the west side of the bay. It was photographed from the air by U.S

#2 Louth Bay, South Australia

Louth Bay (formerly Laurence ) is a town and locality in the Australian state of South Australia . [1] It is named after the bay named by Matthew Flinders on 26 February 1802 which itself is derived from a place in Lincolnshire . [1] At the 2006 census , Louth Bay had a population of 408. [7] Town i

#3 Harald Bay

Harald Bay is a bay about 4 nautical miles (7   km) wide indenting the coast between Archer Point and Williamson Head in Oates Land , Antarctica . It contains Kartografov Island . The bay was photographed from the air by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump in 1947. It was sketched and photographed by Phill

#4 Amanda Bay

Amanda Bay , also sometimes known as Hovde Cove , lies in southern Prydz Bay on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land , East Antarctica . It is best known for its breeding colony of several thousand pairs of emperor penguins on sea ice at the south-west corner of the bay. The bay h

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