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Coast / Coast

#1 Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula is a peninsula of volcanic origin on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It has an area of approximately 1,150 square kilometres (440   sq   mi) and encompasses two large harbours and many smaller bays and coves. The South Island's largest city, Christchurch , is immed

#2 Bridlington

Bridlington is a coastal town and a civil parish on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea in the East Riding of Yorkshire , England. It is about 28 miles (45   km) north of Hull and 34 miles (55   km) east of York . The Gypsey Race enters the North Sea at its harbour. The 2011 Census gave a parish p

#3 Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a 1,208-acre (489-hectare) park along Lake Michigan on the North Side of Chicago , Illinois . Named after US President Abraham Lincoln , it is the city's largest public park and stretches for seven miles (11   km) from Grand Avenue (500 N), on the south, [1] [2] to near Ardmore Avenu

#4 The Sunken City

The Sunken City is the name given to the site of a natural landslide which occurred in the Point Fermin area of the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, starting in 1929. A slump caused several beachside homes to slide into the ocean. The development of cliffside homes and exclusive bungalows was

#5 Balkans

The Balkans ( / ˈ b ɔː l k ən z / BAWL -kənz ), also known as the Balkan Peninsula , is a geographic area in southeastern Europe with various geographical and historical definitions. [1] [2] [3] The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch throughout the whole of Bulgaria . The B

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Island / Island

#1 Basilan

Basilan , officially the Province of Basilan ( Chavacano : Provincia de Basilan ; Yakan : Wilayah Basilanin ; Tausug : Wilaya' sin Basilan ; Tagalog : Lalawigan ng Basilan ) is an island province of the Philippines located primarily in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region . Basilan Island is the largest

#2 Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg

Wilhelmsburg ( German pronunciation   ( help · info ) ) ( Low German : Willemsborg ) is a quarter ( Stadtteil ) of Hamburg , Germany within the borough ( Bezirk ) of Hamburg-Mitte . It is situated on several islands between the Northern and Southern branches of the Elbe river ( Norderelbe and Südere

#3 Barbados

Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies , in the Caribbean region of the Americas , and the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands. It occupies an area of 432   km 2 (167   sq   mi) and has a population of about 287,000 (2019 estimate). [3] Its capital and largest cit

#4 Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport ( Japanese : 関西国際空港 , romanized :   Kansai Kokusai Kūkō ) commonly known as 関空 ( Kankū ) ( IATA : KIX , ICAO : RJBB ) is the primary international airport in the Greater Osaka Area of Japan and the closest international airport to the cities of Osaka , Kyoto , and Kobe .

#5 Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia , in Glynn County . It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands . The island is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body. [1] Island off the coast of Geo

#6 Chubu Centrair International Airport

Chubu Centrair International Airport ( 中部国際空港 , Chūbu Kokusai Kūkō ) ( IATA : NGO , ICAO : RJGG ) is an international airport on an artificial island in Ise Bay , Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture , 35   km (22   mi) south of Nagoya in central Japan. [2] Primary airport serving Nagoya, Japan For the

#7 Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island ( / h aʊ / ; formerly Lord Howe's Island ) is an irregularly crescent-shaped volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand , part of the Australian state of New South Wales . It lies 600   km (320   nmi) directly east of mainland Port Macquarie , 780   km (420

#8 Antigua

Antigua ( / æ n ˈ t iː ɡ ə / ann- TEE -gə ), [2] also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the native population, is an island in the Lesser Antilles . It is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region and the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda . Antigua and Barbuda became an indepen

#9 Labuan

Labuan ( / l ə ˈ b uː ə n / ), officially the Federal Territory of Labuan ( Malay : Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan ), is a Federal Territory of Malaysia . Its territory includes Labuan Island and six smaller islands, off the coast of the state of Sabah in East Malaysia . Labuan's capital is Victoria and

#10 Willis Island

Willis Island is the only permanently inhabited island in the Coral Sea Islands Territory , an external territory of Australia , located beyond the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea . The island is located some 450 kilometres (280   mi) east of Cairns , Queensland . It is the southernmost of the W

#11 Chios

Chios ( / ˈ k aɪ . ɒ s , ˈ k aɪ . oʊ s , ˈ k iː -/ ; Greek : Χίος , romanized :   Chíos [ˈçi.os] ( listen ) , traditionally known as Scio in English) is the fifth largest of the Greek islands , situated in the northern Aegean Sea . The island is separated from Turkey by the Chios Strait . Chios is n

#12 Flat Holm

Flat Holm ( Welsh : Ynys Echni ) is a Welsh island lying in the Bristol Channel approximately 6   km (4   mi) from Lavernock Point in the Vale of Glamorgan . It includes the most southerly point of Wales. [1] Island in Wales Flat Holm Native name: (Welsh) Ynys Echni Flat Holm in April 2008 Geography

#13 Evangelistas Islets

The Evangelistas Islets (Spanish: Islotes Evangelistas ) comprise a group of four small, rocky islands lying on the Chilean continental shelf , some 30   km north-west of the western entrance to the Strait of Magellan , in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean , facing the full force of the " Furious Fift

#14 Liancourt Rocks

The Liancourt Rocks [2] form a group of islets in the Sea of Japan between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago . The Liancourt Rocks comprise two main islets and 35 smaller rocks; the total surface area of the islets is 0.187554 square kilometres (46.346 acres) and the highest elevatio

#15 Kish Island

Kish ( Persian : کیش listen   ( help · info ) ) is a 91.5-square-kilometre (35.3   sq   mi) resort island in Bandar Lengeh County , Hormozgān Province , off the southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf . Owing to its free trade zone status, the island is touted as a consumer's paradise, with numer

#16 Blackrock Island, County Mayo

Blackrock Island ( 54°4′0.67″N 10°19′12.66″W ; Irish : An Tor ) is a rocky island rising to a height of 70 metres above sea level and located northwest of Achill Island approximately 12 miles west of Blacksod Bay . [1] Typical rainfall is 72 inches per annum, and the island is often shrouded in mist

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Mount Bona

Mount Bona is one of the major mountains of the Saint Elias Mountains in eastern Alaska , and is the fifth-highest independent peak in the United States . [4] It is either the tenth- or eleventh-highest peak in North America . Mount Bona and its adjacent neighbor Mount Churchill are both large ice-c

#2 Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus ( Russian : Эльбрус , tr. Elbrus , IPA:   [ɪlʲˈbrus] ; Kabardian : Ӏуащхьэмахуэ , romanized:   'uaşhəmaxuə ; Karachay-Balkar : Минги тау , romanized:   Mingi Taw ) is the highest and most prominent peak in Russia and Europe. It is situated in the western part of the Caucasus and is the

#3 Jutulsessen

Jutulsessen is a nunatak in the Gjelsvik Mountains in Queen Maud Land , Antarctica . It is located in Princess Martha Coast , 235 kilometers (146   mi) from the King Haakon VII Sea . Jutulsessen is the site of the Norwegian research station Troll and the affiliated Troll Satellite Station , which ha

#4 Jinggang Mountains

The Jinggang Mountains ( Chinese : 井冈山 ; pinyin : Jǐnggāngshān ), historically rendered as Chingkang Mountains are a mountain range of the Luoxiao Mountains System (罗霄山), in the border region of Jiangxi and Hunan Provinces. "Jinggang" redirects here. For the town in Hunan, see Jinggang Town . For a

#5 Vladimir Putin Peak

Vladimir Putin Peak ( Kyrgyz : Владимир Путин атындагы чоку , romanized :   Vladimir Putin atındagı çoku , [1] Russian : Пик Владимира Путина , romanized :   Pik Vladimira Putina ) is a mountain of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Range mountain range in the Tian Shan system. It is located in the Chuy Region of K

#6 Mount Greylock

Mount Greylock is a 3,489-foot (1,063-meter) mountain located in the northwest corner of Massachusetts and is the highest point in the state. Its summit is in the western part of the town of Adams (near its border with Williamstown ) in Berkshire County . Technically, Mount Greylock is geologically

#7 Prince Albert Mountains

The Prince Albert Mountains ( 76°00′S 161°30′E ) are a major mountain group in Antarctica over 320   km (200   mi) long. Located in Victoria Land , they run north–south between the Priestley and Ferrar glaciers. [1] They were named for Prince Albert , the consort of the British Queen Victoria . Alth

#8 Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus ( / ˈ ɛr ɪ b ə s / ) is the second-highest volcano in Antarctica (after Mount Sidley ), the highest active volcano in Antarctica, and the southernmost active volcano on Earth. It is the sixth-highest ultra mountain on the continent. [1] With a summit elevation of 3,794 metres (12,448  

#9 Pine Mountain Jump

The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is a ski jump located in Iron Mountain, Michigan , Dickinson County . It is part of the Kiwanis Ski Club and hosts annual FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup competitions. [1] "Pine Mountain Slide is known throughout the world as one of the better jumping hills." Annually in F

#10 Shinmoedake

Shinmoedake ( Japanese : 新燃岳 ) is a volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture , Kyūshū , Japan , and a part of the Mount Kirishima cluster of volcanoes. [1] It is believed to have formed between 7,300 and 25,000 years ago. [2] Volcano on the island of Kyushu, Japan Shinmoedake Highest   point Elevation 1,420.

#11 Mount Everest

Mount Everest ( Nepali : सगरमाथा , romanized:   Sagarmāthā ; Tibetan : Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ ; Chinese : 珠穆朗玛峰 ; pinyin : Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng ) is Earth's highest mountain above sea level , located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas . The China–Nepal border runs across its summit poin

#12 Eight-thousander

The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) recognises eight-thousanders as the 14 mountains that are more than 8,000 metres (26,247   ft) in height above sea level , and are considered to be sufficiently independent from neighbouring peaks. There is no precise definition of the

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Metigoshe State Park

Lake Metigoshe State Park is a public recreation area occupying some 1,500 acres (610   ha) on the shores of Lake Metigoshe in the Turtle Mountains , 14 miles northeast of Bottineau , North Dakota , on the Canada–US border . [3] The state park lies adjacent to the southwest corner of the much larger

#2 Cachuma Lake

Cachuma Lake is a reservoir in the Santa Ynez Valley of central Santa Barbara County, California on the Santa Ynez River adjoining the north side of California State Route 154 . The artificial lake was created by the construction of Bradbury Dam , a 201   ft (61   m) earth-fill structure built by th

#3 Southeastern Anatolia Project

The Southeastern Anatolia Project ( Turkish : G üneydoğu A nadolu P rojesi , GAP ) is a multi-sector integrated regional development project based on the concept of sustainable development for the 9 million people (2005) living in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey . GAP's basic aim is to el

#4 Kanopolis Lake

Kanopolis Lake is a reservoir in Ellsworth County in the Smoky Hills of central Kansas , about 31 miles southwest of Salina and a few miles southeast of the town of Kanopolis . The lake is formed by Kanopolis Dam. Completed in 1948 as a flood control and water conservation project of the United Stat

#5 Stillwater Reservoir

Stillwater Reservoir is a man-made lake located by Beaver River, New York within the Western Adirondacks . The lake has a large amount of recreational uses including camping, canoeing, boating, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. The lake has undeveloped edges with remote campi

#6 Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada , refers to a 320-acre (130   ha) reservoir and the 3,592-acre (1,454   ha) developed area around the reservoir. [2] [3] The area is sometimes referred to as the Lake Las Vegas Resort . It is being developed by 5 companies including Lake at Las Vegas Joint Venture

#7 Yamhill River lock and dam

The Yamhill River lock and dam was completed in 1900. It was built near Lafayette, Oregon , to allow better river transport on the Yamhill River from Dayton , to McMinnville, Oregon . While the Corps of Engineers had recommended against construction of the lock, it was built anyway, largely as a res

#8 Hume Dam

Hume Dam , formerly the Hume Weir , is a major dam across the Murray River downstream of its junction with the Mitta River in the Riverina region of New South Wales , Australia . The dam's purpose includes flood mitigation , hydro-power , irrigation , water supply and conservation. The impounded res

#9 Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal ( / b aɪ ˈ k ɑː l , - ˈ k æ l / , [3] Russian : Oзеро Байкал , romanized :   Ozero Baykal [ˈozʲɪrə bɐjˈkaɫ] ); [lower-alpha 1] is a rift lake in Russia . It is situated in southern Siberia , between the federal subjects of Irkutsk Oblast to the northwest and the Republic of Buryatia to t

#10 Fred Haigh Dam

The Fred Haigh Dam (also called Monduran Dam) is a dam in the Bundaberg Region , Queensland , Australia. It was constructed across the Kolan River in 1978 creating Lake Monduran . The dam's catchment area, north of Bundaberg in Queensland, covers 1308 km2. [2] It is named after Frederick Haigh who w

#11 Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County, California . This reservoir in the Vaca Mountains was formed following the construction of the Monticello Dam on Putah Creek in the 1950s. Since the early 1960s, this reservoir has provided water and hydroelectricity to the North Bay region of the S

#12 Los Vaqueros Reservoir

The Los Vaqueros Reservoir and watershed is located in the northern Diablo Range , within northeastern Contra Costa County , northern California . It was completed by the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) in 1998 to improve the quality of drinking water for its 550,000 customers in Central and East

#13 Idukki Dam

The Idukki Dam is a double curvature Arch dam constructed across the Periyar River in a narrow gorge between two granite hills locally known as Kuravan and Kurathi in Idukki district , Kerala , India . At 168.91 metres (554.2   ft) , [1] it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia . It is constructed

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River / River

#1 Lock No. 1, North New River Canal

Lock No. 1, North New River Canal (also known as the Sewell Lock or Broward Memorial Lock ), which opened in 1912, is a historic lock on the North New River Canal located between Davie and Plantation , Florida , United States. It is located south of Plantation on SR 84 . On February 17, 1978, it was

#2 Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal , also known unofficially as the Rideau Waterway , connects Canada's capital city of Ottawa , Ontario , to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston . It is 202 kilometres long. [1] The name Rideau , French for "curtain", is derived from the curtain-like appearance of th

#3 Ochtum

The Ochtum is a river in Lower Saxony and Bremen , Germany . Roughly 26   km (16   mi) long, it is a left tributary of the Weser . River in Germany Ochtum Sunset over the Ochtum near Bremen Location Country Germany States Lower Saxony and Bremen Physical   characteristics Source     •   location Sou

#4 Graham River

The Graham River is a river in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand. It arises to the south-east of Mount McCormick and flows north, then west, then north again, and into Whatamangō Bay on the south side of Queen Charlotte Sound . [1] [2] Not to be confused with a tributary of the Motueka River , w

#5 Eramosa River

The Eramosa River is a river in Wellington County in southwestern Ontario which rises near Erin, Ontario , and flows southwest through the city of Guelph , where it joins the Speed River , which then enters the Grand River in Cambridge . [1] The river is believed to derive its name from the Mississa

#6 Saimaa Canal

The Saimaa Canal ( Finnish : Saimaan kanava ; Swedish : Saima kanal ; Russian : Сайменский канал ) is a transportation canal that connects lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland near Vyborg , Russia. The canal was built from 1845 to 1856 and opened on 7 September 1856 ( Old Style : 26 August 1856). It

#7 River Gipping

The River Gipping is the source river for the River Orwell in the county of Suffolk in East Anglia , England , which is named from the village of Gipping , and which gave its name to the former Gipping Rural District . The name is unrelated to the name of Ipswich . [1] although the County Town takes

#8 Levern Water

The Levern Water , ( Scottish Gaelic : Uisge Labharain ) is a small river in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow , Scotland . It rises in the Long Loch , and flows generally north and east, past the towns of Neilston and Barrhead , for a total distance of 9 miles (14   km) . [1] It empties into the White

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Sea / Sea

#1 Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay ( Spanish : Bahía Vizcaína ) is a lagoon with characteristics of an estuary located on the Atlantic coast of South Florida . The northern end of the lagoon is surrounded by the densely developed heart of the Miami metropolitan area while the southern end is largely undeveloped with a la

#2 Bay of Meldorf

The Bay of Meldorf [1] [2] also called Meldorf Bay ( German : Meldorfer Bucht ), is a bay on the coast of the North German state of Schleswig-Holstein , which forms part of the Heligoland Bight . Bay of Meldorf

#3 North Sea

The North Sea lies between Great Britain , Norway , Denmark , Germany , the Netherlands and Belgium . An epeiric sea on the European continental shelf , it connects to the Atlantic Ocean through the English Channel in the south and the Norwegian Sea in the north. It is more than 970 kilometres (600

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