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Coast / Coast

#1 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Kitty Hawk is a town in Dare County , North Carolina , United States, and is a part of what is known as North Carolina's Outer Banks . [8] The population was 3,708 at the 2020 Census . [5] It was established in the early 18th century as Chickahawk. Town in North Carolina, United States Kitty Hawk, N

#2 Onega Peninsula

The Onega Peninsula is located in Arkhangelsk Oblast , Russia . It protrudes into the White Sea , with Onega Bay to the south-west, and Dvina Bay to the north-east. The length of the peninsula is about 150 kilometres (93   mi) , and the width varies between 60 kilometres (37   mi) and 75 kilometres

#3 Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Kill Devil Hills is a town in Dare County , North Carolina , United States. The population was 7,633 at the 2020 census, [6] up from 6,683 in 2010. It is the most populous settlement in both Dare County and on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Kill Devil Hills Micropolitan Statistical Area is p

#4 Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is a peninsula located south of Melbourne , Victoria , Australia . It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, and is connected to the mainland in the north. Geographically, the peninsula begins its protrusion from the

#5 Beachy Head

Beachy Head is a chalk headland in East Sussex , England . It is situated close to Eastbourne , immediately east of the Seven Sisters . Chalk headland in East Sussex, England For other uses, see Beachy Head (disambiguation) . Beachy Head from the air, with Beachy Head Lighthouse at its foot. Looking

#6 Punta Dúngeness

Punta Dúngeness is a headland at the eastern entrance of the Strait of Magellan on its north shore, opposite Cabo del Espiritu Santo in Tierra del Fuego . West of the Punta Dungeness lies the Bahía Posesión . Punta Dungeness marks the border between Chile and Argentina , and according to the Treaty

#7 Outer Banks

The Outer Banks (frequently abbreviated OBX ) are a 200   mi (320   km) string of barrier islands and spits off the coast of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia , on the east coast of the United States. They line most of the North Carolina coastline, separating Currituck Sound , Albemarle Sound

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Island / Island

#1 Mercury Island

Mercury Island is a small rocky island off The Diamond Coast , Namibia . Despite its small size it is recognised by BirdLife International and other global conservation groups as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for its important coastal seabird breeding. Island off Namibia Mercury Island Mercury Island

#2 Kiritimati

Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island ) is a Pacific Ocean atoll in the northern Line Islands . It is part of the Republic of Kiribati . The name is derived from the English word "Christmas" written in Gilbertese according to its phonology , in which the combination ti is pronounced s , giving

#3 Canaveral National Seashore

The Canaveral National Seashore (CANA) is a National Seashore located between New Smyrna Beach and Titusville, Florida , in Volusia and Brevard Counties. The park, located on a barrier island, was created on January 3, 1975, by an act of Congress. The park is split between Brevard and Volusia counti

#4 Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a multiple-launch steel motorbike roller coaster [3] located at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade section of Universal Orlando ’s Islands of Adventure theme park. The attraction opened on June 13, 2019 and was manufactured by Intamin ,

#5 Heron Island (Queensland)

Heron Island is a coral cay located near the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern Great Barrier Reef , 80 kilometres (50 miles) north-east of Gladstone, Queensland , Australia , and 460   km (290   mi) north-north-west of the state capital Brisbane . The island is situated on the leeward (western) si

#6 Central Breakwater

The Central Breakwater ( 中央防波堤 , Chūō bōhatei ) is a breakwater and artificial island located in Tokyo Bay , adjacent to the Tokyo Gate Bridge . Map

#7 Ligitan and Sipadan dispute

The Ligitan and Sipadan dispute [2002] ICJ 3 was a territorial dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia over two islands in the Celebes Sea , namely Ligitan and Sipadan . The dispute began in 1969 and was largely resolved by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2002, which opined that both of t

#8 Kadavu Island

Kadavu (pronounced [kanˈdaβu] ), with an area of 411 square kilometres (159   sq   mi) , is the fourth largest island in Fiji , and the largest island in the Kadavu Group , a volcanic archipelago consisting of Kadavu, Ono , Galoa and a number of smaller islands in the Great Astrolabe Reef . Its main

#9 Savage Islands

The Savage Islands or Selvagens Islands ( Portuguese : Ilhas Selvagens IPA:   [ˈiʎɐʃ sɛɫˈvaʒɐ̃j̃ʃ] ; also known as the Salvage Islands [2] [3] ) are a small Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, 280 kilometres (175   mi) south of Madeira , and 165 kilometres (105   mi) north of the Can

#10 Mosqueiro

Mosqueiro is an island near the south bank of the Pará River in the Brazilian state of Pará . Since July 6, 1989, the northwest coast of the island has comprised an administrative district of the city of Belém , roughly 67   km (42   mi) north of the downtown area of the city. [2] [3] The island has

#11 Kapingamarangi

Kapingamarangi [ needs IPA ] is an atoll and a municipality in the state of Pohnpei of the Federated States of Micronesia . It is by far the most southerly atoll or island of the country and of the Caroline Islands , 300   km (190   mi) south of the next southerly atoll, Nukuoro , and 740   km (460

#12 Hans Island

Hans Island ( Inuktitut and Greenlandic : Tartupaluk , lit.   ' kidney shaped ' ; [2] Inuktitut syllabics : ᑕᕐᑐᐸᓗᒃ ; Danish : Hans Ø ; French : Île Hans ) is a Canadian and Greenlandic ( Denmark ) island in the very centre of the Kennedy Channel of Nares Strait in the high Arctic region. The island

#13 Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands ( 尖 閣 諸 島 , Senkaku-shotō , variants: 尖閣群島 Senkaku-guntō [7] and 尖閣列島 Senkaku-rettō [8] ) are a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea , administered by Japan. They are located northeast of Taiwan , east of China , west of Okinawa Island , and north of the southwester

#14 Isla de Mona

Mona ( Spanish : Isla de Mona ) is the third-largest island of the Puerto Rican archipelago , after the main island of Puerto Rico and Vieques . It is the largest of three islands in the Mona Passage , a strait between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the others being Monito Island and Desech

#15 Masthead Island

Masthead Island is a coral cay located in the southern Great Barrier Reef , 60 kilometres northeast of Gladstone , Queensland . The island is a protected area and forms part of Capricornia Cays National Park . Masthead Island is one of the most undisturbed cays in the national park because human and

#16 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#17 Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet is a large island castle in Guernsey , and former tidal island , also known as Cornet Rock or Castle Rock . Its importance was as a defence not only of the island, but of the roadstead . In 1859 it became part of one of the breakwaters of the Guernsey's main harbour, St Peter Port's ha

#18 Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura ( Spanish:   [ˌfweɾteβenˈtuɾa] ) is one of the Canary Islands , in the Atlantic Ocean , part of the North Africa region, and politically part of Spain . It is located 97   km (60   mi) away from the northwestern coast of Africa. The island was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in

#19 Ferdinandea Island

Ferdinandea Island (also Graham Island, Graham Bank or Graham Shoal ; French : Ile Julia ) is a certain volcanic island/seamount in the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Sicily that has, on more than one occasion, risen above the Mediterranean via volcanic action and soon thereafter been washed a

#20 Magusaiai

Magusaiai is an island of the Shortland Islands archipelago, [1] located in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands is the Pacific Ocean. The estimated terrain elevation above sea level is some 14 metres. [2] [3] [4]

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Baden-Powell Peak

Baden-Powell Scout Peak , formerly known as Urkema Peak , in Nepal is part of the Himalayas , the highest mountain range in the world. [2] It is on the border with China about a hundred miles west of Mount Everest . As part of the Scouting 2007 Centenary , the government of Nepal renamed Urkema Peak

#2 Mayon

Mayon ( Central Bikol : Bulkan Mayon ; Tagalog : Bulkang Mayon , IPA:   [mɐjɔn] ), also known as Mount Mayon and Mayon Volcano ( Spanish : Monte Mayón, Volcán Mayón ), [4] is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay in Bicol Region , on the island of Luzon in the Philippines . A popular tour

#3 Hawkes Heights

Hawkes Heights (or Mount Hawkes ) is an ice-filled volcanic crater rising to 6,562   ft (2,000   m) that dominates the southern part of Coulman Island , in the Ross Sea , Antarctica, and marks the island's summit. The feature was named by the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (NZGSA

#4 Mount Sporli

Mount Sporli ( 79°33′S 83°36′W ) is a prominent mountain , 2,255 m, standing at the east side of the head of Driscoll Glacier in the Pioneer Heights , Heritage Range . It was named by the University of Minnesota Geological Party to these mountains in 1963–64 for Bernhard K. Sporli , a geologist with

#5 Lascar (volcano)

Lascar is a stratovolcano in Chile within the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes , a volcanic arc that spans Peru , Bolivia , Argentina and Chile. It is the most active volcano in the region, with records of eruptions going back to 1848. It is composed of two separate cones with several summit crate

#6 Erma Knoll

Erma Knoll ( Bulgarian : Ерменска могила , romanized :   Ermenska mogila , IPA:   [ˈɛrmɛnskɐ moˈɡiɫɐ] ) is a 412m peak in upper Huron Glacier , Livingston Island . The peak was first visited on 17 December 2004 by the Bulgarian Lyubomir Ivanov from Camp Academia , and was mapped by Bulgaria in 2005

#7 Cnoc na Péiste

Cnoc na Péiste ( Irish for "hill of the serpent"), anglicised Knocknapeasta , [3] at 988 metres (3,241   ft) , is the fourth-highest peak in Ireland , on the Arderin and Vandeleur-Lynam lists. Cnoc na Péiste is part of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks range in County Kerry . It is one of only two 3,000 ft

#8 Pukekawa

Pukekawa is a town in the Lower Waikato River area of New Zealand's North Island , 66   km south of central Auckland . The area's fertile soils are used to grow a range of vegetables, including onions, potatoes and carrots. The town was in the Franklin District until the district's abolition in 2010

#9 Pierian Mountains

The Pierian Mountains (or commonly referred to as Piéria ) are a mountain range between Imathia , Pieria and Kozani Region , south of the plain of Kambania in Central Macedonia , Greece . The village of Vergina , where the archaeological site of ancient Aigai lies, is built at the foot of these moun

#10 Toubkal

Toubkal or Tubkal ( Berber : ⵜⵓⴳⴳ ⴽⴰⵍ/ⵜⵓⴱⵇⴰⵍ Tugg kal/Tubqal ; Arabic : توبقال Tūbqāl ) is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco , located in the Toubkal National Park . At 4,167 metres (13,671   ft) , it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains , Morocco , and North Africa . Located 63   km (39

#11 Remutaka Range

The Remutaka Range (spelled Rimutaka Range before 2017) is the southernmost range of a mountain chain in the lower North Island of New Zealand. The chain continues north into the Tararua , then Ruahine Ranges, running parallel with the east coast between Wellington and East Cape . "Rimutaka" redirec

#12 Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro is an active volcano in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in Nicaragua , about 10   km (6.2   mi) from the village of Malpaisillo . It is a very new volcano, the youngest in Central America, having first appeared in April 1850. It consists of a gravelly basaltic cinder cone ,

#13 Volcán de Colima

The Volcán de Colima , 3,820 m (12,533 ft), also known as Volcán de Fuego , is part of the Colima Volcanic Complex (CVC) consisting of Volcán de Colima, Nevado de Colima ( Spanish pronunciation:   [neˈβaðo ðe koˈlima] ( listen ) ) [3] and the eroded El Cántaro (listed as extinct). It is the youngest

#14 Mount Lokon

Mount Lokon ( Indonesian : Lo'kon ), also known as Gunung Lokon , together with Mount Empung , is a twin volcano ( 2.2   km or 1.4   mi apart) in the Tomohon , Minahasa Regency , North Sulawesi , Indonesia , roughly 10   km (6   mi) south of Manado . Both rise above the Tondano plain and are among a

#15 Rattlesnake Hills

The Rattlesnake Hills , also known as Rattlesnake Ridge , [1] is a 16-mile (26   km) long anticline mountain ridge in Yakima County and Benton County in the U.S. state of Washington . It should not be confused with the much smaller Rattlesnake Ridge located near the west end of Ahtanum Ridge just so

#16 Klein Matterhorn

The Klein Matterhorn (sometimes translated as Little Matterhorn ) is a peak of the Pennine Alps , overlooking Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais . At 3,883 metres (12,740   ft) above sea level, it is the highest place in Europe that can be reached by aerial tramway or gondola lift , as well as by

#17 West Mata

West Mata is a submarine volcano at 1,100 meters depth 200 kilometres (120   mi) southwest of the Samoas . Its eruptions are currently the deepest observed. [2] [3] West Mata Bands of glowing magma from West Mata (May 2009) Highest   point Elevation -1,100 metres (-4,000 ft) [1] Coordinates 15.101°S

#18 Necker Island (Hawaii)

Necker Island , in Hawaiian Mokumanamana ("Branched Island"), [2] is a small island in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands . It is located at 23°34′30″N 164°42′01″W in the Pacific Ocean, 430 miles (370   nmi; 690   km) northwest of Honolulu , Hawaii , 155 miles (135   nmi; 249   km) northwest of Nihoa

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Baram Dam

The Baram Dam , also known as Baram 1 Dam , (Baram Hydro-electric Dam Project) is a proposed gravity dam on the Baram River in Sarawak , Malaysia . The site of the dam is 250 kilometres (160   mi) inland from Miri , the second largest city in Sarawak. The dam is part of the Sarawak Corridor of Renew

#2 Wyaralong Dam

The Wyaralong Dam is a mass concrete gravity dam with an un-gated spillway across the Teviot Brook that is located in the South East region of Queensland , Australia . The main purpose of the dam is for supply of potable water for the Scenic Rim region. [1] The dam was initiated by the Queensland Go

#3 Gilgel Gibe III Dam

The Gilgel Gibe III Dam is a 250 m high roller-compacted concrete dam with an associated hydroelectric power plant on the Omo River in Ethiopia . It is located about 62   km (39   mi) west of Sodo in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region . Once fully commissioned, it will be the t

#4 Bedok Reservoir

Bedok Reservoir ( Malay : Empangan Bedok , Chinese : 勿洛蓄水池 ; pinyin : Wùluò Xùshuǐchí , Tamil : பெடோக் நீர்த்தேக்கம் ) is a reservoir in the eastern part of Singapore , to the north of Bedok . The reservoir has a surface area of 880,000 m², and a capacity of 12.8 million m³. The mean depth of the re

#5 South Holston Dam

South Holston Dam is a hydroelectric and flood control dam on the South Fork Holston River in Sullivan County , in the U.S. state of Tennessee . It is the uppermost of three dams on the South Fork Holston owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority , which built the dam in the 1940s as part

#6 Barker Reservoir

Barker Reservoir is a flood control structure in Houston, Texas which prevents downstream flooding of Buffalo Bayou , the city's principal river. The reservoir operates in conjunction with Addicks Reservoir to the northeast, which impounds Mayde and Bear Creeks, two tributaries of the Buffalo. Both

#7 Lower Churchill Project

The Lower Churchill Project is an ongoing hydroelectric project in the Labrador region of Newfoundland and Labrador , Canada , to develop the remaining 35 per cent of the Churchill River that was not developed by the Churchill Falls Generating Station . The station at Muskrat Falls will have a capac

#8 Lake Bardwell

Lake Bardwell is a lake in Ellis County, Texas . The lake was constructed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1965. Lake Bardwell is not used for military operations, and is accessible to the public for recreational purposes; it has seven facilities, but the state public ramp is closed.

#9 Watauga Dam

Watauga Dam is a hydroelectric and flood control dam on the Watauga River in Carter County , in the U.S. state of Tennessee . It is owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority , which built the dam in the 1940s as part of efforts to control flooding in the Tennessee River watershed. At 318

#10 Addicks Reservoir

The Addicks Reservoir and Addicks Dam in conjunction with the Barker Reservoir prevent downstream flooding of Buffalo Bayou in the City of Houston , Texas . Both reservoirs were authorized under the Rivers and Harbors Act of June 20, 1938, which was modified by the Flood Control Acts of August 11, 1

#11 Fontana Dam

Fontana Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Little Tennessee River in Swain and Graham counties, North Carolina, United States. The dam is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority , which built the dam in the early 1940s to satisfy the skyrocketing electricity demands in the Tennessee Valley to supp

#12 Hussain Sagar

Hussain Sagar (alternatively referred to as Tank Bund ; [1] Telugu pronunciation:   [ɦusen sɑːgər] ) is a heart-shaped lake in Hyderabad, Telangana , built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1563. It is spread across an area of 5.7 square kilometres (2.2   sq   mi) and is fed by the River Musi . A large m

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River / River

#1 Rio de Flag

The Rio de Flag , which has historically been known as the River de Flag [2] and San Francisco river, [3] is a river in Arizona that runs through Flagstaff , originating from the San Francisco Peaks before draining into the Little Colorado River . The river's age is unknown, though its first channel

#2 Hottai Falls

Hottai Falls ( 法体の滝 , Hottai-no-taki ) is a waterfall in the city of Yurihonjō , Akita Prefecture , Japan , on the Akasawa River, a tributary of the Koyoshi River system in the foothills of Mount Chōkai . It is one of " Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls ", in a listing published by the Japanese Ministry of

#3 Brussels–Charleroi Canal

The Brussels–Charleroi Canal , also known as the Charleroi Canal amongst other similar names, ( French : canal Bruxelles-Charleroi , Dutch : kanaal Brussel-Charleroi ) is an important canal in Belgium . The canal is quite large, with a Class IV Freycinet gauge , and its Walloon portion is 47.9 kilom

#4 Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is a 150-foot waterfall along the Manoa Falls Trail in Honolulu , Hawaii. [1] Swimming in the pool below the waterfall is highly discouraged because there is a threat of becoming infected with Leptospirosis , a disease causing mild to moderate flulike symptoms that can last for 1 to 2 we

#5 Central Oregon Irrigation District

Central Oregon Irrigation District is a municipal corporation to provide irrigation water for Central Oregon , U.S. The canals serve agricultural and industrial users in the arid lands between Alfalfa , Bend , Redmond , Terrebonne , and Powell Butte . Among its 4,000 or so individual customer accoun

#6 Mekong

The Mekong or Mekong River is a trans-boundary river in East Asia and Southeast Asia . It is the world's twelfth longest river and the third longest in Asia. [1] Its estimated length is 4,909   km (3,050   mi) , [1] and it drains an area of 795,000   km 2 (307,000   sq   mi) , discharging 475   km 3

#7 Prądnik (river)

Prądnik (also called Białucha in its lower course) is a river in Poland , running through the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland in Poland's Lesser Poland voivodeship . The river is a left tributary of Vistula . The source of the river lies in the village of Sułoszowa in the Olkusz Uplands . It flows in a de

#8 Trent–Severn Waterway

The Trent–Severn Waterway is a 386-kilometre-long (240   mi) canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Georgian Bay , Lake Huron , at Port Severn . Its major natural waterways include the Trent River , Otonabee River , Kawartha Lakes , Lake Simcoe , Lake Couchiching and Severn River . Its sc

#9 Greenbrier River

The Greenbrier River is a tributary of the New River , 162 miles (261   km) long, [2] in southeastern West Virginia , in the United States . Via the New, Kanawha and Ohio rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River , draining an area of 1,656 square miles (4,290   km 2 ) . [2] It is

#10 Patowmack Canal

The Patowmack Canal , sometimes called the Potomac Canal , is a series of five inoperative canals located in Maryland and Virginia , United States , that was designed to bypass rapids in the Potomac River upstream of the present Washington, D.C. , area. The most well known of them is the Great Falls

#11 Lockington Locks

The Lockington Locks are a group of canal locks on the former Miami and Erie Canal in Lockington , Ohio , United States . Built beginning in 1833, [1] the locks opened for regular use in 1845. The system consists of seven locks: six together at one end, and a seventh at the southern end. Along with

#12 Burdekin River

The Burdekin River is a river located in North and Far North Queensland , Australia. The river rises on the northern slopes of Boulder Mountain at Valley of Lagoons , part of the western slope of the Seaview Range , and flows into the Coral Sea at Upstart Bay over 200 kilometres (124   mi) to the so

#13 Hooghly River

The Hooghly River (Anglicized alternatively spelled Hoogli or Hugli ) or the 'Bhāgirathi-Hooghly', called the Ganga or the Kati-Ganga in mythological texts, is the eastern distributary of the Ganges River in West Bengal , India , rising close to Giria in Murshidabad . [1] The main distributary of th

#14 Montgomery Canal

The Montgomery Canal ( Welsh : Camlas Trefaldwyn ), known colloquially as "The Monty", [1] is a partially restored canal in eastern Powys and northwest Shropshire . The canal runs 33 miles (53   km) from the Llangollen Canal at Frankton Junction to Newtown via Llanymynech and Welshpool and crosses t

#15 Sunday River (Osgood River tributary)

The Sunday River ( in French: rivière Sunday ) is a tributary of the Osgood River , whose course flows successively into the Palmer River and Bécancour River ; the latter being in turn a tributary of the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . River in Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (Canada) Sunday Ri

#16 Lick Run (Clinton County, Pennsylvania)

Lick Run is a 17.2-mile-long (27.7   km) [1] tributary of the West Branch Susquehanna River in Clinton County , Pennsylvania in the United States . Tributary in Clinton County, Pennsylvania Not to be confused with Lick Run (Peters Creek) or Lick Run (West Branch Susquehanna River) . This article rel

#17 Nacimiento River

The Nacimiento River ( Spanish : Río Nacimiento ) is a 64.8-mile-long (104.3   km) [3] river in southern Monterey County and northern San Luis Obispo County, California . A large portion of the river's run is on military reservations . The river's upper reaches are inside Fort Hunter Liggett , Lake

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Sea / Sea

#1 Catherine Hill Bay, New South Wales

Catherine Hill Bay is a coastal bay and village on the southern peninsula forming Lake Macquarie , south of the Pacific Ocean entrance channel at Swansea in New South Wales , Australia . It is part of the City of Lake Macquarie local government area . The village is the oldest continuous settlement

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