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Coast / Coast

#1 Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California)

Glass Beach is a beach adjacent to MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California , named from a time when it was abundant with sea glass created from years of dumping garbage into an area of coastline near the northern part of the town. [1] It is illegal to collect glass at this state park. [

#2 Morjim

Morjim (pronounced Morji the alphabet m is silent) is a Census Town in Pernem , Goa , India; it is situated on the northern bank of the Chapora River estuary. It is home to a variety of birds and is a nesting site for Olive Ridley sea turtles . The village has become known as "Little Russia" because

#3 Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park

Parts of this article have been adapted from the BC Parks website . Provincial park in British Columbia, Canada M q uqʷin/Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park IUCN category Ib ( wilderness area ) A deserted beach on southern coast of the Brooks Peninsula Location British Columbia , Canada Nearest   city

#4 Gyda Peninsula

The Gyda Peninsula ( Russian : Гыда́нский полуо́стров , romanized :   Gydansky poluostrov ) is a geographical feature of the Siberian coast in the Kara Sea . It takes its name from the river Gyda , that flows on the peninsula. It is roughly 400   km long and 360   km wide. This wide peninsula lies b

#5 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#6 Subic, Zambales

Subic , officially the Municipality of Subic ( Ilocano : Ili ti Subic ; Tagalog : Bayan ng Subic ), is a 1st class municipality in the province of Zambales , Philippines . According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 111,912 people.   [3] This article is about the municipality. For other use

#7 South Shore, Chicago

South Shore is one of 77 defined community areas of Chicago , Illinois , United States. Located on the city's South Side , the area is named for its location along the city's southern lakefront . Although South Shore has seen a greater than 40% decrease in residents since Chicago's population peaked

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Island / Island

#1 Chiloé Island

Chiloé Island ( Spanish : Isla de Chiloé , pronounced   [tʃiloˈe] , locally   [ʃiloˈe] ) also known as Greater Island of Chiloé ( Isla Grande de Chiloé ), is the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago off the west coast of Chile , in the Pacific Ocean . The island is located in southern Chile, in

#2 Tatihou

Tatihou is an islet of Normandy in France with an area of 29 hectares (72 acres) . It is located to the east of the Cotentin peninsula just off the coast near Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue . It is almost uninhabited, and is usually reached by amphibious craft although, being a tidal island , it is also poss

#3 Great Glennie Island

Great Glennie Island is a small, rugged, granite island in the Glennie group of islands off the west coast of Wilsons Promontory , Victoria , Australia . [1] It is part of the Wilsons Promontory Islands Important Bird Area , identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance for

#4 Chorão (island)

Chorão , also known as Choddnnem (pronounced choddne the letter m is silent) or Chodan , is an island along the Mandovi River near Tiswadi , Goa , India . It is the largest among other 17 islands of Goa. It is located 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) away from the state capital, the city of Panaji and 10 ki

#5 Neuwerk

Neuwerk ( pronunciation   ( help · info ) ; ( Archaic English : New Werk [1] or Newark [2] ) is a 3   km 2 (1.2   sq   mi) tidal island in the Wadden Sea on the German North Sea coast, with a population [ when? ] of 32. Neuwerk is located 13   km (8   mi) northwest of Cuxhaven , between the Weser an

#6 Batanes

Batanes ( Ivatan : Provinsiya nu Batanes ; Tagalog : Lalawigan ng Batanes , IPA:   [bɐˈtanes] ) is an archipelagic province in the Philippines , administratively part of the Cagayan Valley region . It is the northernmost province in the country, and also the smallest, both in population and land are

#7 Spanish Virgin Islands

The Spanish Virgin Islands ( Spanish : Islas Vírgenes Españolas ), [1] [2] formerly called the Passage Islands (Spanish: Islas del Pasaje ) and also known as the Puerto Rican Virgin Islands ( Spanish : Islas Vírgenes de Puerto Rico , Islas Vírgenes Puertorriqueñas ), West Virgin Islands ( Spanish :

#8 Guam

Guam ( / ˈ ɡ w ɑː m / ( listen ) ; Chamorro : Guåhan [ˈɡʷɑhɑn] ) is an organized, unincorporated territory of the United States in the Micronesia subregion of the western Pacific Ocean . [4] [5] It is the westernmost point and territory of the United States (reckoned from the geographic center of th

#9 Schouwen-Duiveland

Schouwen-Duiveland ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˌsxʌuʋə(n) ˈdœyvəlɑnt] ( listen ) ) is a municipality and an island in the southwestern Netherlands province of Zeeland . The municipality has 33,737 inhabitants (1 January 2016) and covers an area of 488.94 square kilometres (188.78 square miles) (of which

#10 Turtle Islands, Tawi-Tawi

Turtle Islands , officially the Municipality of Turtle Islands , is a 5th class municipality in the province of Tawi-Tawi , Philippines . According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 5,683 people.   [3] Municipality in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines Turtle Islan

#11 Butaritari

Butaritari is an atoll in the Pacific Ocean island nation of Kiribati . The atoll is roughly four-sided. The south and southeast portion of the atoll comprises a nearly continuous islet. The atoll reef is continuous but almost without islets along the north side. Bikati and Bikatieta islets occupy a

#12 Augustine Volcano

Augustine Volcano ( Sugpiaq : Utakineq ; [3] Dena'ina :  Chu Nula ) is a stratovolcano in Alaska consisting of a central complex of summit lava domes and flows surrounded by an apron of pyroclastic , lahar , avalanche, and ash deposits. The volcano is frequently active, with major eruptions recorded

#13 Savaiʻi

Savai ʻ i is the largest ( area 1,694   km 2 ) and highest ( Mt Silisili at 1,858   m) island both in Samoa and in the Samoan Islands chain. The island is also the sixth largest in Polynesia , behind the three main islands of New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands of Hawaii and Maui . Island in the Sa

#14 Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island ( / ˈ b uː v eɪ / ; Norwegian : Bouvetøya [3] [bʉˈvèːœʏɑ] or Bouvetøyen ) [4] is an island claimed by Norway, and declared an uninhabited protected nature reserve. It is a subantarctic volcanic island, situated in the South Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge ,

#15 Madagascar

Madagascar ( / ˌ m æ d ə ˈ ɡ æ s k ər , - k ɑːr / ; Malagasy : Madagasikara ), officially the Republic of Madagascar ( Malagasy: Repoblikan'i Madagasikara , Malagasy pronunciation:   [republiˈkʲan madaɡasˈkʲarə̥] ; French : République de Madagascar ), is an island country in the Indian Ocean , appro

#16 Ternate

Ternate is a city in the Indonesian province of North Maluku and an island in the Maluku Islands . It was the de facto provincial capital of North Maluku before Sofifi on the nearby coast of Halmahera became the capital in 2010. It is off the west coast of Halmahera, and is composed of eight islands

#17 D'Hainaut Island

D'Hainaut Island is a small island lying in Mikkelsen Harbor , Trinity Island , in the Palmer Archipelago . It was charted by the French Antarctic Expedition, 1908–10 , under Jean-Baptiste Charcot , and named by the sixth Chilean Antarctic Expedition (1952) for Lieutenant Ladislao D'Hainaut . D'Hain

#18 Saint Helena

Saint Helena ( / h ə ˈ l iː n ə / ) is a British overseas territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean . It is a remote volcanic tropical island 1,950 kilometres (1,210 miles) west of the coast of south-western Africa, and 4,000 kilometres (2,500   mi) east of Rio de Janeiro in South America. It is

#19 Vella Lavella

Vella Lavella is an island in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands . It lies to the west of New Georgia , but is considered one of the New Georgia Group . To its west are the Treasury Islands . One of the Solomon Islands in the south-west Pacific Vella Lavella Geography Location Pacific Ocean

#20 List of island countries

This is a list of island countries . An island is a landmass (smaller than a continent ) that is surrounded by water. [1] Many island countries are spread over an archipelago , as is the case with Indonesia and the Philippines (both countries consist of thousands of islands). Others consist of a sin

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Mount Byerly

Mount Byerly ( 81°53′S 89°23′W ) is a major peak in the eastern part of the Nash Hills , Marie Byrd Land . It was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958, and named for Perry Byerly, chairman of the Technical Panel for Seismology and Gravity of the U.S. National Com

#2 Niigata-Yakeyama

Niigata-Yake-Yama ( 新潟焼山 , Niigata Yakeyama ) is an active volcano in Honshu , Japan. A large eruption in 887 AD sent pyroclastic flows all the way to the Japan Sea . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( February 2017 ) Active volcano on the island of Honshu, Japan Niigata-Ya

#3 Martin Hills

The Martin Hills ( 82°4′S 88°1′W ) are an isolated range of predominantly ice-covered hills, or peaks, in Antarctica, nearly 4 nautical miles (7   km) long, lying about 50 nautical miles (90   km) south of the Pirrit Hills . The feature was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth–Byrd Traverse Party on 10

#4 Plöckenstein

The Plöckenstein ( Czech : Plechý ) is a mountain, 1,379   m   (AA) high, in the Bohemian Forest on the Austro - Czech border. Its summit is the highest point in the Bohemian Forest in both countries, and also the highest point in the regions of Mühlviertel and South Bohemia . It is well known as a

#5 List of Munro mountains

This is a list of Munro mountains and Munro Tops in Scotland by height . Munros are defined as Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet (914.4   m) in height, and which are on the Scottish Mountaineering Club ("SMC") official list of Munros. [lower-alpha 2] [1] [2] In addition, the SMC define Munro Tops ,

#6 Mount Arayat

Mount Arayat is a potentially active stratovolcano located in the province of Pampanga on the island of Luzon, Philippines , rising to a height of 1,033 metres (3,389   ft) . The volcano has a breached crater on its northwest side with a smaller andesitic dome in the collapse amphitheater. There are

#7 Mount Semprebon

Mount Semprebon ( 82°4′S 88°1′W ) is a prominent, partly snow-free peak rising 1 nautical mile (1.9   km) northeast of Mount Barsoum in Martin Hills . The peak was positioned by the U.S. Ellworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958, and named for Louis C. Semprebon, an ionospheric physicist and

#8 Nash Hills

Nash Hills ( 81°53′S 89°23′W ) is a short range of isolated mostly ice-covered hills about 25 nautical miles (46   km) northwest of Martin Hills . The feature was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958. Named by Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) for L

#9 Mount Barsoum

Mount Barsoum ( 82°4′S 88°7′W ) is a pointed and partly snow-free peak on the west end of Martin Hills . It was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958, and was named for Lieutenant Adib H. Barsoum, U.S. Navy , Medical Officer at Ellsworth Station in 1958. Snow peak

#10 Montpelier Hill

Montpelier Hill ( Irish : Cnoc Mount Pelier ) [2] is a 383 metres (1,257 foot) hill in County Dublin , Ireland. [1] It is commonly referred to as the Hell Fire Club ( Irish : Club Thine Ifreann ), [3] the popular name given to the ruined building at the summit believed to be one of the first Freemas

#11 Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro is an active volcano in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in Nicaragua , about 10   km (6.2   mi) from the village of Malpaisillo . It is a very new volcano, the youngest in Central America, having first appeared in April 1850. It consists of a gravelly basaltic cinder cone ,

#12 Mount Goodwin

Mount Goodwin ( 81°16′S 85°33′W ) is a rock peak that is the second most prominent summit in the Pirrit Hills of Antarctica. It was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth–Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958, and was named for Robert J. Goodwin, a glaciologist with the traverse party. [1] Mountain in

#13 Mount Tidd

Mount Tidd ( 81°17′S 85°13′W ) is a prominent rock peak which is the highest summit in Pirrit Hills . The peak was positioned by the U.S. Ellsworth-Byrd Traverse Party on December 10, 1958. It was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) for Lieutenant Paul Tidd of the U.S. Navy

#14 Rodrigues

Rodrigues ( French : Île Rodrigues [il ʁɔdʁiɡ] ; Creole : Rodrig ) is a 108   km 2 (42   sq   mi) autonomous outer island of the Republic of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean , about 560   km (350   mi) east of Mauritius. [1] It is part of the Mascarene Islands , which include Mauritius and Réunion . Ro

#15 Modjeska Peak

Modjeska Peak is the northern mountain of the Saddleback landform in Orange County California . It is the second-highest peak of the Santa Ana Mountains , after Santiago Peak , whose summit is less than 0.6   mi (0.97   km) to the northwest. Modjeska lies within Cleveland National Forest and, despit

#16 Bamboesberg

The Bamboesberg is a mountain range in the Eastern Cape , South Africa . This range was named for the bamboo Thamnocalamus tessellatus growing in its ravines. [1] Mountain range in Eastern Cape, South Africa Bamboesberg The Bamboesberg from highway R56 between Steynsburg and Molteno Highest   point

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Monona

Lake Monona is a freshwater drainage lake in Dane County, Wisconsin , surrounded on three sides by the city of Madison, Wisconsin , and on the south east side by the city of Monona, Wisconsin . [1] It is the second-largest of a chain of four lakes along the Yahara River (also including Mendota , Keg

#2 Link River Dam

The Link River Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Link River in the city of Klamath Falls, Oregon , United States. It was built in 1921 by the California Oregon Power Company (COPCO), the predecessor of PacifiCorp , which continues to operate the dam. The dam is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Reclama

#3 Lake Waubesa

Lake Waubesa is one of the four major lakes in Dane County , Wisconsin that surround the city of Madison . [1] The lake has a surface area of 2,074 acres (8.39   km 2 ) and a max depth of 38   ft (12   m) . [2] Body of water Lake Waubesa Lake Waubesa Show map of Wisconsin Lake Waubesa Show map of th

#4 Gezhouba Dam

The Gezhouba Dam or Gezhouba Water Control Project ( Chinese : 长江葛洲坝水利枢纽工程 ) on the Yangtze River is located in the western suburbs of Yichang City in central China 's Hubei province. The dam, one of the largest of run-of-the-river type, [1] sits a few kilometers upstream from downtown Yichang, just

#5 Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam , or more specifically since the 1960s, the Aswan High Dam , is the world's largest embankment dam , which was built across the Nile in Aswan , Egypt , between 1960 and 1970. Its significance largely eclipsed the previous Aswan Low Dam initially completed in 1902 downstream. Based on t

#6 Boeung Kak

Boeung Kak ( Khmer : បឹងកក់ ) is an area in Khan Daun Penh and Khan Toul Kork centrally located in the capital city of Cambodia , Phnom Penh . [1] Until around 2010, it was covered by the largest urban lake in Phnom Penh. [2] Residential areas, businesses, restaurants, hotels, embassies and other lo

#7 Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is a fresh water impoundment ( reservoir ) located in the southern part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas. The lake encompasses parts of Tarrant , Dallas and Ellis counties. The lake measures 7,740 acres (31.3   km 2 ) with a conservation storage capacity of 176,900 acr

#8 Chiaming Lake

The Chiaming Lake ( Chinese : 嘉明湖 ; pinyin : Jiāmíng Hú ; Bunun : Cidanuman Buan (mirror of the moon)) is a lake in Haiduan Township , Taitung County , Taiwan . It is the second highest lake area in Taiwan. Lake in Haiduan, Taitung County, Taiwan Body of water Chiaming Lake Chiaming Lake Location Ha

#9 Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is a masonry dam across the Krishna River at Nagarjuna Sagar which straddles the border between Nalgonda district in Telangana and Palnadu district in Andhra Pradesh . [2] The dam provides irrigation water to the Nalgonda , Suryapet , Krishna , NTR , Bapatla , Eluru , Palnadu , K

#10 Shilongba Hydropower Station

The Shilongba Hydropower Station ( Chinese : 石龙坝水电站 ), also called as Shilongba Dam , [2] is the first hydropower station in Mainland China , [3] and "Shilongba" refers to "Stone Dragon Dam". [4] The plant is located upstream of the Tanglang River in Haikou Town , Xishan District , Kunming City , Yu

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River / River

#1 Bentley Brook

Bentley Brook is a stream in Derbyshire , England. [1] It rises on Matlock Moor, flowing south through Cuckoostone Dale , under the A632 , into Lumsdale, gathering the valley's waters—notably from Knabhall Brook, out of Tansley , itself dammed and supporting large mills. In Lumsdale it enters a now

#2 Padma River

The Padma ( Bengali : পদ্মা Pôdma ) is a major river in Bangladesh . It is the main distributary of the Ganges , flowing generally southeast for 120 kilometres (75   mi) to its confluence with the Meghna River near the Bay of Bengal . [1] The city of Rajshahi is situated on the banks of the river. [

#3 Brooks River

The Brooks River ( in French: rivière Brooks ) is a tributary of the Nicolet River which flows on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . The Brooks River flows in the municipalities of Chesterville and Saint-Christophe-d'Arthabaska , in the Arthabaska Regional County Municipality (MRC), in the

#4 Calabar River

The Calabar River in Cross River State , Nigeria flows from the north past the city of Calabar , joining the larger Cross River about 8 kilometres (5.0   mi) to the south. The river at Calabar forms a natural harbor deep enough for vessels with a draft of 6 metres (20   ft) . [1] Place in Cross Rive

#5 Minetta Creek

Minetta Creek was one of the largest natural watercourses in Manhattan , New York City , United States. Minetta Creek was fed from two tributaries , one originating at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street, and the other originating at Sixth Avenue and 16th Street. They joined near Fifth Avenue and 11th Stre

#6 The Conscious Seed of Light

The Conscious Seed of Light is the first studio album by Pennsylvania death metal band Rivers of Nihil . The album was released on October 15, 2013 via Metal Blade Records . It is the first album in the band's tetralogy based around the four seasons; it represents spring . [4] 2013 studio album by R

#7 Hikiji River

The Hikiji River ( 引地川 , Hikijigawa ) is a Class B river in Kanagawa Prefecture , Japan . It is also called Hikichi River ( ひきちがわ , Hikichigawa ) and Hikiji River ( ひきぢがわ , Hikijigawa ) . [1] [2] River in Kanagawa, Japan "Ōba River" redirects here. For the river in Nigeria, see Oba River . Hikiji Ri

#8 Standedge Tunnels

The Standedge Tunnels ( / s t æ n ɪ dʒ / ) are four parallel tunnels through the Pennine hills at the Standedge crossing between Marsden in Kirklees , West Yorkshire and Diggle in Oldham , Greater Manchester in northern England. Three are railway tunnels and the other is a canal tunnel. Before bound

#9 Samandere Waterfall

Samandere Waterfall ( Turkish : Samandere Şelalesi ) is a waterfall in Düzce Province , northwestern Turkey. It is the first ever registered natural monument of the country. Waterfall in Düzce Province, Turkey Samandere Waterfall Samandere Şelalesi Location Düzce Province , Turkey Coordinates 40°41′

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Sea / Sea

#1 Sea of Azov

The Sea of Azov ( Russian : Азовское море , romanized :   Azovskoye more ; Ukrainian : Азовське море , romanized :   Azovs’ke more ) [3] is a sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the narrow (about 4   km or 2.5   mi ) Strait of Kerch , and is sometimes regarded as a northern extension

#2 Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a bay of the Pacific Ocean located on the coast of the U.S. state of California , south of the San Francisco Bay Area and its major city at the south of the bay, San Jose . San Francisco itself is further north along the coast, by about 75 miles, accessible via Highway 1 and Highway

#3 Fannie Bay, Northern Territory

Fannie Bay is a middle/inner suburb of the city of Darwin , Northern Territory, Australia. Not to be confused with Fanny Bay . Suburb of Darwin, the Northern Territory, Australia Fannie Bay Darwin ,   Northern Territory Fannie Bay, Darwin Fannie Bay Coordinates 12°25′37″S 130°50′25″E [1] Population

#4 Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay ( / ˈ dʒ ɜːr v ɪ s , ˈ dʒ ɑːr -/ ) [2] [3] [4] is a 102-square-kilometre (39   sq   mi) [5] oceanic bay and village on the south coast of New South Wales , Australia , said to possess the whitest sand in the world. [6] For other uses, see Jervis Bay (disambiguation) . Body of water Jervis

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