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Coast / Coast

#1 Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs is a large peninsula bounded on three sides by a large meander in the River Thames in East London , England, which includes the Cubitt Town , Millwall and Canary Wharf districts. The area was historically part of the Manor, Hamlet, Parish and, for a time, the wider borough of Poplar

#2 Walmer

Walmer is a town in the district of Dover, Kent , in England. Located on the coast, the parish of Walmer is six miles (9.7   km) south-east of Sandwich, Kent . Largely residential, its coastline and castle attract many visitors. It has a population of 6,693 (2001), increasing to 8,178 at the 2011 Ce

#3 Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Scarborough ( / ˈ s k ɑːr b r ə / ) [3] is a seaside town in the Borough of Scarborough in North Yorkshire , England. Scarborough is located on the North Sea coastline. Historically in the North Riding of Yorkshire , the town lies between 10 and 230 feet (3–70 m) above sea level, from the harbour ri

#4 Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Bald Head Island , historically Smith Island , is a village located on the east side of the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County , North Carolina , United States. Compared to the nearby city of Wilmington to the north, the village of Bald Head Island is small and somewhat remote. It is accessible by

#5 Barry Island

Barry Island ( Welsh : Ynys y Barri ) is a district, peninsula and seaside resort , forming part of the town of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan , South Wales . It is named after the 6th century Saint Baruc . Barry's stretch of coast, on the Bristol Channel , has the world's second highest tidal range

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Island / Island

#1 Fuxing Islet

Fuxing Islet ( Chinese : 復興 嶼 ; pinyin : Fùxīng Yǔ ; Wade–Giles : Fu 4 -hsing 1 Yü 3 ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : Ho̍k-heng-sū ; lit. 'rejuvenation islet' ) [2] [3] ( Fuhsing Islet , [4] [5] [6] [7] 后宅嶼 [8] :   36   Hou-chai Hsü [9] ) is an islet located south of Lesser Kinmen (Lieyu) in Lieyu Township , Kinmen C

#2 Three Islands National Park

Three Islands and Three Islands Reef are part of the Three Islands Group National Park in Far North Queensland , Australia, in the Coral Sea , 1,581   km (982   mi) northwest of Brisbane , about 44   km (27   mi) north-northeast of Cooktown . Protected area in Queensland, Australia Three Islands Nat

#3 Toyosu

Toyosu ( 豊洲 ) is an area of Kōtō, Tokyo , Japan. Its subdivisions consist of Toyosu 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 chome . Toyosu (from Harumi Ohashi)

#4 Canton Island

Canton Island (also known as Kanton or Abariringa ), previously known as Mary Island , Mary Balcout's Island or Swallow Island , is the largest, northernmost, and as of 2020 [update] , the sole inhabited island of the Phoenix Islands , in the Republic of Kiribati . It is an atoll located in the Sout

#5 Great Palm Island

Great Palm Island , usually known as Palm Island , is the largest island in the Palm Islands group off Northern Queensland , Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal community, the legacy of an Aboriginal reserve , the Palm Island Aboriginal Settlement (also known as "the Mission"). The original in

#6 Scolt Head Island

Scolt Head Island is an offshore barrier island between Brancaster and Wells-next-the-Sea in north Norfolk . It is in the parish of Burnham Norton and is accessed by a seasonal ferry from the village of Overy Staithe . The shingle and sand island appears to have originated from a former spit extendi

#7 Numfor

Numfor (also Numfoor , Noemfoor , Noemfoer ) is one of the Schouten Islands (also known as the Biak Islands) in Papua province , northeastern Indonesia . Indonesian island off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea Numfor Numfor Geography Location Melanesia ; Maritime South East Asia Coordinates 1.0

#8 Tubuai

Tubua ʻ i or Tupua ʻ i is the main island of the Austral Island group , located 640   km (400   mi) south of Tahiti . In addition to Tubuai, the group of islands include Rimatara , Rurutu , Raivavae , Rapa and the uninhabited Îles Maria . They are part of the Austral Islands in the far southwest of

#9 Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island ( / w aɪ ˈ h ɛ k iː / ; Māori : [ˈwaihɛkɛ] ) is the second-largest island (after Great Barrier Island ) in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand . Its ferry terminal in Matiatia Bay at the western end is 21.5   km (13.4   mi) from the central-city terminal in Auckland . Island in the Haurak

#10 Faial Island

Faial Island ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [fɐˈjaɫ] ), also known in English as Fayal , is a Portuguese island of the Central Group (Portuguese: Grupo Central ) of the Azores . The Capelinhos Volcano, the westernmost point of the island, may be considered the westernmost point of Europe , if the Mon

#11 Téviec

Téviec or Théviec is an island situated to the west of the isthmus of the peninsula of Quiberon , near Saint-Pierre-Quiberon in Brittany , France . The island is an important archaeological site due to its occupation during the Mesolithic period. Many archaeological finds have been made dating back

#12 Tobago

Tobago ( / t ə ˈ b eɪ ɡ oʊ / ) is an island and ward within the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago . It is located 35 kilometres (22   mi) northeast of the larger island of Trinidad and about 160 kilometres (99   mi) off the northeastern coast of Venezuela . It also lies to the southeast of Grenada . T

#13 Wake Island

Wake Island ( Marshallese : Ānen Kio , lit.   ' island of the kio flower ' ; also known as Wake Atoll ) is a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia subregion , 1,501 miles (2,416 kilometers) east of Guam , 2,298 miles (3,698 kilometers) west of Honolulu ,

#14 Isola del Giglio

Isola del Giglio ( Italian pronunciation:   [ˈiːzola del ˈdʒiʎʎo] ; English: Giglio Island , Latin : Igilium ) is an Italian island and comune in the Tyrrhenian Sea , off the coast of Tuscany , and is part of the Province of Grosseto . The island is one of seven that form the Tuscan Archipelago , ly

#15 Minamitorishima

Minamitorishima ( 南鳥島 , lit. "Southern Bird Island") , also known as Marcus Island , is an isolated Japanese coral atoll in the northwestern Pacific Ocean , located some 1,848 kilometers (1,148   mi) southeast of Tokyo and 1,267   km (787   mi) east of the closest Japanese island, South Iwo Jima of

#16 Texel

Texel ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛsəl] ( listen ) ; Texels dialect: Tessel ) is a municipality and an island with a population of 13,643 in North Holland , Netherlands . It is the largest and most populated island of the West Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea . The island is situated north of Den Hel

#17 List of islands of Maine

This list primarily derives from the Maine Coastal Island Registry, [1] a database of the 3166 coastal islands from the largest ( Mount Desert Island ) to the smallest islets and ledges exposed above mean high tide. Some notable inland freshwater islands, like Frye Island in Sebago Lake , have been

#18 Simberi Island

Simberi Island is a volcanic island in the Tabar Group , in Papua New Guinea 's New Ireland Province . [1] Simberi Simberi Geography Location Melanesia Coordinates 2°37′29.33″S 151°58′25.96″E Archipelago Bismarck Archipelago Area 40   km 2 (15   sq   mi) Highest   elevation 340   m (1120   ft) Admin

#19 List of island countries

This is a list of island countries . An island is a landmass (smaller than a continent ) that is surrounded by water. [1] Many island countries are spread over an archipelago , as is the case with Indonesia and the Philippines (both countries consist of thousands of islands). Others consist of a sin

#20 Kuril Islands

The Kuril Islands or Kurile Islands ( / ˈ k ʊər ɪ l , ˈ k jʊər ɪ l , k j ʊ ˈ r iː l / ; Russian : Кури́льские острова́ , tr. Kuril'skiye ostrova , IPA:   [kʊˈrʲilʲskʲɪjə ɐstrɐˈva] ; Japanese : Kuriru rettō ( クリル列島 , "Kuril Islands") or Chishima rettō ( 千島列島 , "Thousand Islands") ) are a volcanic arc

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Naranjo de Bulnes

The Naranjo de Bulnes (known as Picu Urriellu in Asturian ) is a limestone peak dating from the Paleozoic Era , located in the Macizo Central region of the Picos de Europa , Asturias (Spain). Its name Picu Urriellu is believed to be derived from the term Los Urrieles , which is used to describe the

#2 Dents du Midi

The Dents du Midi ( French : "teeth of noon") are a three-kilometre-long mountain range in the Chablais Alps in the canton of Valais , Switzerland . Overlooking the Val d'Illiez and the Rhône valley to the south, they face the Lac de Salanfe , an artificial reservoir, and are part of the geological

#3 Ortler

Ortler ( German pronunciation: [ˈɔrtlɐ] ; Italian : Ortles [ˈɔrtles] ) is, at 3,905   m (12,812   ft) above sea level, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps outside the Bernina Range . It is the main peak of the Ortler Range . It is the highest point of the Southern Limestone Alps , of South Tyro

#4 Mount Feathertop

Mount Feathertop is the second-highest mountain in the Australian state of Victoria and is part of the Australian Alps and is located within the Alpine National Park . It rises to 1,922 metres (6,306   ft) and is usually covered in snow from June to September. Unlike most mountains in the Australian

#5 Jurong Hill

Jurong Hill ( Chinese : 裕廊山; Malay : Bukit Peropok ) is a scenic hill situated in western Singapore off Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim . Originally, the hill is known as Bukit Peropok in Malay . [1] It is enveloped in 15 hectares of lush greenery and stands at 60 meters. This article needs additional citations

#6 Sarwali Peak

Sarwali Peak , also known as Dabbar Peak and Toshe Ri is actually Toshain-I which at an altitude of 6,326 metres (20,755   ft) above sea level at the junction of the Neelam and Shounter Valleys in Pakistan administered Kashmir , Pakistan [1] at on Toshain/Rupal Glacier towering in Rupal Valley of Na

#7 Waiowa

Waiowa (also called Goropu) is an isolated trachyandesitic volcano on New Guinea island, Papua New Guinea . It is located 19   km inland from Collingwood Bay in Oro Province . It lies on a fault line along the northeast flank of the Owen Stanley metamorphic belt . It is one of the planet's newest vo

#8 Vetter Mountain

Vetter Mountain is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and within the Angeles National Forest , Los Angeles County , California . Elevation 5,911 feet (1,802   m) feet. Vetter Mountain Vetter Mountain fire lookout tower Highest   point Elevation 5,911   ft (1,802   m)   NAVD   88 [1] Prominence 708

#9 Kitten Mountain

Kitten Mountain (also Mao'er Mountains ; Chinese : 猫儿山 ; pinyin : Māo'ér Shān ) is a 2,142 metres (7,028   ft) mountain located on the border between Ziyuan County and Xing'an County , Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GZAR) in the People's Republic of China that lies about 80 kilometres (50   mi) f

#10 Dufourspitze

The Dufourspitze is the highest peak of Monte Rosa , an ice-covered mountain massif in the Alps . Dufourspitze is the highest mountain peak of both Switzerland and the Pennine Alps and is also the second-highest mountain of the Alps and Western Europe , after Mont Blanc . It is located between Switz

#11 Grizzly Mountain (Canada)

Grizzly Mountain is a 2,754-metre (9,035-foot) mountain summit located in Glacier National Park , in the Hermit Range of the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia , Canada . Grizzly Mountain is situated 57   km (35   mi) northeast of Revelstoke , and 42   km (26   mi) west of Golden . It is also set

#12 Rosengartenspitze

The Rosengartenspitze ( Italian Cima Catinaccio , Ladin Ciadenac ) is a mountain in the Dolomites in South Tyrol , Italy . Mountain in Italy Rosengartenspitze Highest   point Elevation 2,981   m (9,780   ft) Prominence 425   m (1,394   ft) [1] Listing Alpine mountains 2500–2999 m Coordinates 46°27′1

#13 Ramsay Round

The Ramsay Round , also known as the Charlie Ramsay Round , is a long distance hill running challenge near Fort William, Scotland . The route is a circuit of 58 miles (93 kilometres), taking in 24 summits with a total climb of around 28,500 feet (8,700 metres). Ben Nevis , Great Britain 's highest p

#14 Piz Roseg

Piz Roseg (pronounced as peetse rawzech ) is a mountain of the Bernina Range , overlooking the Val Roseg in the Swiss canton of Graubünden . Mountain in Switzerland Piz Roseg The Güssfeldtsattel , the Roseg Pitschen , the main summit and the Schneekuppe (left to right) Highest   point Elevation 3,93

#15 Pic Eccles

Pic Eccles (4,041 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in the Aosta Valley , Italy . It lies at the foot of the Innominata ridge to the summit of Mont Blanc. The mountain is named after the English mountaineer and geologist James Eccles . Mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in the Aosta Valley, I

#16 Popocatépetl

Popocatépetl ( Spanish pronunciation:   [popokaˈtepetl] ( listen ) ; Nahuatl : Popōcatepētl Nahuatl pronunciation:   [popoːkaˈtepeːt͡ɬ] ) is an active stratovolcano located in the states of Puebla , Morelos , and Mexico in central Mexico . It lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic be

#17 Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga , also spelled Kanchenjunga and Khangchendzonga , is the third highest mountain in the world . Its summit lies at 8,586   m (28,169   ft) in a section of the Himalayas , the Kangchenjunga Himal , which is bounded in the west by the Tamur River , in the north by the Lhonak River and Jon

#18 Cadini di Misurina

Cadini di Misurina ( Ciadìs de Meśorìna in Ladin ) is a group of mountains in the eastern Dolomites in the Province of Belluno , Italy . These mountains rise to the west of Auronzo di Cadore , north-east of Cortina d'Ampezzo and south of Dobbiaco , in a position overlooking Lake Misurina . They are

#19 Hkakabo Razi

Hkakabo Razi ( Burmese : ခါကာဘိုရာဇီ , pronounced   [kʰàkàbò ɹàzì] ; simplified Chinese : 开加博峰 ; traditional Chinese : 開加博峯 ; pinyin : Kāijiābó Fēng or Chinese : 卡加伯拉吉山 ) is believed to be Myanmar 's highest mountain . The 5,881-meter (19,295   ft) -tall mountain is the highest mountain in Southeast

#20 Aiguilles d'Entrèves

The Aiguilles d'Entrèves ( 3,600 metres (11,800   ft) ) is a mountain peak in the Mont Blanc massif of the Alps . It is situated at the head of the Glacier du Géant , and its rocky summit ridge forms part of the frontier between France and Italy . It lies east of the Tour Ronde , between the Col d'E

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Bloomington

Lake Bloomington is located near Hudson, Illinois , United States. Lake Bloomington is a man-made lake , the original purpose of constructing the lake was to supply Bloomington-Normal with a reliable, primary source of water. Lake Bloomington is fed by Money Creek, whose water source is mostly field

#2 Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is a reservoir in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania . It is the largest lake that is entirely within Pennsylvania . The original lake was built by the Simpson family of Huntingdon as a hydroelectric project. The current 8,300-acre (34   km 2 ) Raystown Lake was completed in 1973 by the A

#3 Enguri Dam

The Enguri Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Enguri River in Tsalenjikha , Georgia . Currently it is the world's second highest concrete arch dam with a height of 271.5 metres (891   ft) . [1] [2] [3] It is located north of the town Jvari . It is part of the Enguri hydroelectric power station (HES)

#4 Dorney Lake

Dorney Lake (also known as Eton College Rowing Centre , and as Eton Dorney as a 2012 Summer Olympics venue) is a purpose-built rowing lake in England . It is near the village of Dorney , Buckinghamshire , and is around 3   km (2 miles) west of Windsor and Eton , close to the River Thames . Body of w

#5 Lake Mariout

Lake Mariout ( Arabic : بحيرة مريوط Boḥēret Maryūṭ , IPA:   [boˈħeːɾet mɑɾˤˈjuːtˤ] , also spelled Maryut or Mariut ), is a brackish lake in northern Egypt near the city of Alexandria . The lake area covered 200 square kilometres (77   sq   mi) and had a navigable canal at the beginning of the 20th c

#6 Daniel-Johnson dam

The Daniel-Johnson dam ( French : Barrage Daniel-Johnson ), formerly known as Manic-5 , is a multiple-arch buttress dam on the Manicouagan River that creates the annular Manicouagan Reservoir . The dam is composed of 14 buttresses and 13 arches and is 214   km (133   mi) north of Baie-Comeau in Queb

#7 Jatigede Dam

The Jatigede Dam is an embankment dam on the Cimanuk River in Sumedang Regency , West Java , Indonesia . It is located 19   km (12   mi) east of the town of Sumedang . Construction on the dam began in 2008 and it was completed in 2015. [2] The power station is expected to be commissioned in 2019. Th

#8 Yamhill River lock and dam

The Yamhill River lock and dam was completed in 1900. It was built near Lafayette, Oregon , to allow better river transport on the Yamhill River from Dayton , to McMinnville, Oregon . While the Corps of Engineers had recommended against construction of the lock, it was built anyway, largely as a res

#9 DeQueen Lake

DeQueen Lake is a small reservoir along the Rolling Fork River in Sevier County, Arkansas . It is 4 miles (6   km) from DeQueen, Arkansas . Not to be confused with Queen Lake . Body of water DeQueen Lake DeQueen Lake Location Sevier County, Arkansas Coordinates 34.1135°N 94.3890°W  / 34.1135; -94.3

#10 Zuiderzee Works

The Zuiderzee Works ( Dutch : Zuiderzeewerken ) is a man-made system of dams and dikes , land reclamation and water drainage work, in total the largest hydraulic engineering project undertaken by the Netherlands during the twentieth century. The project involved the damming of the Zuiderzee , a larg

#11 Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

Lake Ariel is a village in Lake and Salem Townships , Wayne County, Pennsylvania , United States. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page . ( Learn how and when to remove these template messages ) This article needs additional citations for v

#12 Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the largest of the many reflecting pools in Washington, D.C. , United States. It is a long and large rectangular pool located on the National Mall , directly east of the Lincoln Memorial , with the Washington Monument to the east of the reflecting pool. [1] Pa

#13 Loch Cluanie

Loch Cluanie ( Scottish Gaelic : Loch Cluanaidh ) is a loch in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland at the south-east end of Glen Shiel . It is a reservoir , contained behind the Cluanie Dam , constructed by Mitchell Construction and completed in 1957 as part of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric B

#14 Palak Dil

Palak Dil or Pala Tipo ( Mara language for "swallowing lake") is the largest and biggest lake in Mizoram , northeast India . It is located in near Phura village in Saiha district , within the Mara Autonomous District Council in the southern most district of Mizoram. Its geographical location falls u

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River / River

#1 Peak Forest Canal

The Peak Forest Canal is a narrow ( 7-foot (2.13   m) gauge) locked artificial waterway in northern England . It is 14.8 miles (23.8   km) long and forms part of the connected English/Welsh inland waterway network. Canal in Derbyshire/Cheshire/Greater Manchester, England, UK Peak Forest Canal Horseb

#2 San Antonio Creek (Vandenberg Space Force Base)

San Antonio Creek is a creek flowing from the Solomon Hills to the Pacific Ocean , located in Santa Barbara County , California . San Antonio Creek ( Vandenberg Space Force Base ) Arroyo De Los Alamos, Guaymas Creek, Guaymas River, Jesus Maria Creek, Jesus Maria River, Los Alamos Creek [1] Location

#3 Potomac River

The Potomac River ( / p ə ˈ t oʊ m ə k / ( listen ) ) drains the Mid-Atlantic United States , flowing from the Potomac Highlands into Chesapeake Bay . It is 405 miles (652   km) long, [4] with a drainage area of 14,700 square miles (38,000   km 2 ), [5] and is the fourth-largest river along the East

#4 Tongue River (Montana)

The Tongue River is a tributary of the Yellowstone River , approximately 265   mi (426   km) long, in the U.S. states of Wyoming and Montana . The Tongue rises in Wyoming in the Big Horn Mountains , flows generally northeast through northern Wyoming and southeastern Montana, and empties into the Yel

#5 Ogunpa River

The Ogunpa River river system is a third-order stream with a channel length of 21.5 kilometres (13.4   mi) and a drainage basin covering 73.3 square kilometres (28.3   sq   mi) draining the densely populated eastern part of Ibadan , Nigeria . The city of Ibadan in southwestern Nigeria (7º23’ N, 3º5’

#6 Nausta

Nausta is a river in Sunnfjord Municipality in Vestland county, Norway . It runs through the Naustdal valley to the southwest before emptying into Førde Fjord at the village of Naustdal below Kletten Hill. The 36-kilometre (22   mi) long river drains a watershed area of about 276 square kilometres (

#7 Peak Forest Tramway

The Peak Forest Tramway was an early horse- and gravity-powered industrial railway (or tramway ) system in Derbyshire , England . Opened for trade on 31 August 1796, it remained in operation until the 1920s. Much of the route and the structures associated with the line remain. The western section of

#8 River Dee, Galloway

The River Dee ( Scottish Gaelic : Dè / Uisge Dhè ), in south-west Scotland , flows from its source in Loch Dee amongst the Galloway Hills , firstly to Clatteringshaws Loch , then into Loch Ken , where it joins the Water of Ken . From there, the Dee flows 15 miles (24   km) southwards to Kirkcudbrigh

#9 Makaroro River

The Makaroro River is a river of the southern Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand 's North Island . It flows southeast from the slopes of the Ruahine Range , meeting the waters of the Waipawa River 12 kilometres (7   mi) west of Tikokino . River in New Zealand Makaroro River Location Country New Zeala

#10 Valin River (La Côte-de-Beaupré)

The Valin River flows south, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River , in the municipalities of L'Ange-Gardien and Château-Richer , in the La Côte-de-Beaupré Regional County Municipality in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province of Quebec , in Canada . River in La Côt

#11 Gravel Run (Susquehanna River tributary)

Gravel Run is a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 4.4 miles (7.1   km) long and flows through Rush Township and Upper Augusta Township . [1] The watershed of the stream has an area of 6.33 square miles (16.4   km 2 )

#12 Glenamoy River

The Glenamoy River ( Irish : Abhainn Ghleann na Muaidhe ) [1] is a river in north County Mayo , in the northwest of Ireland . It is renowned for its stocks of sea trout and salmon . [2] River in County Mayo, Ireland Glenamoy River Road bridge over the Glenamoy River at Glenamoy , County Mayo Native

#13 Shrewsbury Canal

The Shrewsbury Canal (or Shrewsbury and Newport Canal ) was a canal in Shropshire, England. Authorised in 1793, the main line from Trench to Shrewsbury was fully open by 1797, but it remained isolated from the rest of the canal network until 1835, when the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal bui

#14 Qinnguata Kuussua

Qinnguata Kuussua is a river in a valley of the same name in the Qeqqata municipality in central-western Greenland . Its source is a large meltwater outflow from Russell Glacier flowing from the Greenland Ice Sheet . It is the main river in the Kangerlussuaq area. For most of its run, the river is v

#15 Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls , is situated in Athirappilly Panchayat in Chalakudy Taluk of Thrissur District in Kerala , India on the Chalakudy River , which originates from the upper reaches of the Western Ghats at the entrance to the Sholayar ranges. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala, which stands tall

#16 Fulmer Creek

Fulmer Creek is an 11.5-mile-long (18.5   km) river that flows into the Mohawk River in Mohawk, New York . The creek derives its name from the "Fulmer" family (members of the Tryon County militia ), who bought land through the Burnetsfield patent of 1725 , in which lands on the present village site

#17 Byske (river)

The Byske (Swedish: Byskeälven ) is a river in Sweden . River in Sweden Byske Native name Byskeälven     ( Swedish ) Location Country Sweden Physical   characteristics Mouth Gulf of Bothnia   •   coordinates 64°56′33″N 21°14′00″E   •   elevation 0   m (0   ft) Length 215   km (134   mi) Basin size 3

#18 Tancheon

Tancheon , a tributary of Seoul 's Han River , is a stream beginning in the city of Yongin in Gyeonggi-do and flowing through Seongnam and then between the districts of Songpa-gu and Gangnam-gu in Seoul before entering flowing into the Han River . It has a total length of 35.6 kilometres. For the ci

#19 Wombridge Canal

The Wombridge Canal was a tub-boat canal in Shropshire , England, built to carry coal and iron ore from mines in the area to the furnaces where the iron was extracted. It opened in 1788, and parts of it were taken over by the Shrewsbury Canal Company in 1792, who built an inclined plane at Trench. I

#20 Mikron Theatre Company

The Mikron Theatre Company is an English touring theatre company, founded in 1972, which is notable for its tours by canal boat during the summer months, and by road in the spring and autumn. [1] [2] The company believes itself to be the only theatre company in the world which tours by narrowboat. [

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Sea / Sea

#1 Towlers Bay, New South Wales

Towlers Bay is a locality in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park , north of the city of Sydney , New South Wales , Australia , situated on the Northern Beaches . The bay located there, formerly of the same name, was renamed Morning Bay on 31 August 1984. It had been named after Bill Toler, who used to c

#2 Browns Bay (Northern Ireland)

Browns Bay is a small sandy bay on the northern tip of the Islandmagee peninsula, near Larne in County Antrim , Northern Ireland . The car park has 150 spaces. The caravan park closed in 2014 for operational reasons. A review of the facilities is currently being carried out. Dogs must be on a lead b

#3 ANZAC Cove

Anzac Cove ( Turkish : Anzak Koyu ) is a small cove on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey . It became famous as the site of World War I landing of the ANZACs ( Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ) on 25 April 1915. The cove is 600 metres (2,000   ft) long, bounded by the headlands of Arıburnu to t

#4 Carey Bay, New South Wales

Carey Bay is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales , Australia , and is located on a peninsula southeast of the town of Toronto on the western side of Lake Macquarie . Suburb of City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia Carey Bay New South Wales Population 931   ( 2011 c

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