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San Marco in Boccalama was an island, now submerged, in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. It was located between Campana, Sant'Angelo della Polvere and the motte di Volpego. The name derived from the presence of a church dedicated to St. Mark, and to its location at the mouth the Lama, an old branch of the river Brenta's mouth.

San Marco in Boccalama
San Marco in Boccalama
Coordinates45.388611°N 12.281389°E / 45.388611; 12.281389
Adjacent bodies of waterVenetian Lagoon
ProvinceProvince of Venice

An oratory existed here from as early as 1013. After 1328 subsidence and erosion made life impossible for the monks, and from 1348 it was used as a common burial place in the wake of the outbreak of the Black Death in Venice and its neighborhood. The last mentions of the islands date to the 16th century, after which it is likely it had already disappeared.

In the 1990s two medieval ships were found near the submerged island, a rascona (a flat transport boat) and a galley, the first example of this type found so far.


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    San Marco in Boccalama était une île, aujourd’hui submergée, dans la partie centre-méridionale de la lagune de Venise. Elle était insérée entre l'ex batterie Campana ou Podo, Sant'Angelo della Polvere et le motte di Volpego. Le nom fait référence au fait que l’île, sur laquelle s’élevait une église de San Marco, se trouvait à l’embouchure du Lama, un antique bras du fleuve Brenta.

    [it] San Marco in Boccalama

    San Marco in Boccalama era un'isola, oggi sommersa, nella parte centro meridionale della laguna di Venezia. Essa era ubicata tra l'ex batteria Campana o Podo, Sant'Angelo della Polvere e le motte di Volpego. Il nome fa riferimento al fatto che l'isola, su cui sorgeva una chiesa di San Marco, si trovava alla foce del Lama, un antico ramo del Brenta.

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