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Coast / Coast

#1 Point Reyes

Point Reyes ( Spanish : Punto de los Reyes , meaning "Point of the Kings ") is a prominent cape and popular Northern California tourist destination on the Pacific coast . Located in Marin County , it is approximately 30 miles (50   km) west-northwest of San Francisco . The term is often applied to t

#2 Leo Carrillo State Park

Leo Carrillo State Park is a state park in Los Angeles County, California , United States. Situated along the Malibu coast, the park is a component of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area . With 1.5 miles (2.4   km) of beach, the parkland stretches into the Santa Monica Mountains . The pa

#3 Kurgalsky Peninsula

The Kurgalsky Peninsula ( Russian : Кургальский полуостров) is a peninsula that divides the southern part of the Gulf of Finland into the Narva Bay (to the west) and the Luga Bay (to the east). The northernmost spot is Cape Pitkenen-Nos. The peninsula is rather swampy and contains several lakes . Ab

#4 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#5 Happisburgh

Happisburgh ( / ˈ h eɪ z b ʌr ə , - b ər ə / ( listen ) ) is a village civil parish in the English county of Norfolk . The village is on the coast, to the east of a north–south road, the B1159 from Bacton on the coast to Stalham . It is a nucleated village . The nearest substantial town is North Wal

#6 Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a part of the Sea Islands chain that stretches along the East Coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida ; it is the southernmost of the Sea Islands, and the northernmost of the barrier islands on Florida's Atlantic coast. [1] Lying in Nassau County , Florida, it is 1

#7 Bournemouth

Bournemouth ( / ˈ b ɔːr n m ə θ / ( listen ) ) is a coastal resort town in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council area of Dorset , England . [lower-alpha 1] At the 2011 census, the town had a population of 183,491, making it the largest town in Dorset. It is situated on the English south co

#8 Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Bolivar Peninsula ( / ˈ b ɒ l ɪ v ər / BOL -i-vər ) is a census-designated place (CDP) in Galveston County , Texas , United States. The population was 2,417 at the 2010 census. [3] The communities of Port Bolivar , Crystal Beach , Caplen , Gilchrist , and High Island are located on Bolivar Peninsula

#9 Machars

The Machars ( Scottish Gaelic : Machair Ghallghaidhealaibh ) is a peninsula in the historical county of Wigtownshire in Galloway in the south-west of Scotland . Its name (in Scots [1] and English) is derived from the Gaelic word Machair meaning low-lying or level land, known as "links" on the east c

#10 Mazatlán

Mazatlán ( Spanish pronunciation:   [masaˈtlan] ( listen ) ) is a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa . The city serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipio , known as the Mazatlán Municipality . It is located at 23°13′N 106°25′W on the Pacific coast, across from the southernmost tip

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Island / Island

#1 Jaluit Atoll

Jaluit Atoll ( Marshallese : Jālwōj , [tʲælʲ(o)wɤtʲ] , or Jālooj , [tʲælʲoːtʲ] [2] ) is a large coral atoll of 91 islands in the Pacific Ocean and forms a legislative district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands . Its total land area is 11.34 square kilometers (4.38   sq   mi) , and it enclos

#2 Weh Island

Weh Island ( Indonesian : Pulau Weh ), often known as Sabang after the city of which the island is administrated, is a small active volcanic island to the northwest of Sumatra , 45 minutes by fast regular ship or 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh . [4] It was originally connected to the Sum

#3 Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is an island in New York City 's East River , within the borough of Manhattan . It lies between Manhattan Island to the west, and the borough of Queens , on Long Island , to the east. Running from the equivalent of East 46th to 85th Streets on Manhattan Island, it is about 2 miles (

#4 Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll ( colloquial : Midway Islands ; Hawaiian : Kauihelani , lit.   ' the backbone of heaven ' ; Pihemanu , ' the loud din of birds ' ) [2] [3] is a 2.4   sq   mi (6.2   km 2 ) atoll in the North Pacific Ocean. Midway Atoll is an insular area of the United States and is an unorganized and un

#5 Karaginsky Island

Karaginsky Island or Karaginskiy Island ( Russian : Карагинский остров ) is an island in the Karaginsky Gulf of the Bering Sea . The 40   km (25   mi) -wide strait between the Kamchatka Peninsula and this island is called Litke Strait . Karaginsky Island is a Ramsar site . Map including Karaginsky I

#6 Tabiteuea

Tabiteuea (formerly Drummond's Island ) is an atoll in the Gilbert Islands , Kiribati , farther south of Tarawa . This atoll is the bigger and the most populated of the Gilbert Islands but Tarawa. The atoll consists of one main island, Aanikai   [ it ] in the north, and several smaller islets in bet

#7 Tino (island)

Tino is an Italian island situated in the Ligurian Sea , at the westernmost end of the Gulf of La Spezia . It is part of an archipelago of three closely spaced islands jutting out south from the mainland at Portovenere . The largest of the three, Palmaria , lies to the north and the tiny Tinetto to

#8 Wake Island

Wake Island ( Marshallese : Ānen Kio , lit.   ' island of the kio flower ' ; also known as Wake Atoll ) is a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia subregion , 1,501 miles (2,416 kilometers) east of Guam , 2,298 miles (3,698 kilometers) west of Honolulu ,

#9 Naval Advance Base Saipan

Naval Base Saipan or Naval Advance Base Saipan or Naval Air Base Saipan was a United States Navy Naval base built during World War II to support Pacific Ocean theater of war and the many warships and troops fighting the war. The base was on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands . The

#10 Fort Lafayette

Fort Lafayette was an island coastal fortification in the Narrows of New York Harbor , built offshore from Fort Hamilton at the southern tip of what is now Bay Ridge in the New York City borough of Brooklyn . The fort was built on a natural island known as Hendrick's Reef. Construction on the fort b

#11 Wolmido

Wolmido (월미도), also known as Wŏlmi-do , is an island 1 kilometer (0.62   mi) off the coast of South Korea near Incheon . It was connected to the mainland by a highway in 1989, and was later connected by a monorail which opened in late 2019. [1] [2] It is a weekend destination and tourist area, with

#12 Utila

Utila (Isla de Utila) is the smallest of Honduras ' major Bay Islands , after Roatán and Guanaja , in a region that marks the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System , the second-largest in the world. Smallest of Islas de la Bahía, Honduras Utila Typical road near the Munchies Restaurant,

#13 Anjediva Island

Anjediva Island (also Anjadip Island ) ( Konkani : Anjadiv; Portuguese : Ilha de Angediva ) is an Indian island in the Arabian Sea . It sits off the coast of Canacona . It is politically part of Goa state , geographically the nearest mainland is the coast of the Canara subregion of Karnataka state.

#14 Beryozovye Islands

Beryozovye Islands ( Russian : Берёзовые острова , Finnish: Koivisto, Swedish: Björkö; literally: "Birch Islands"), alternatively spelled Berezovye Islands , is an island group in Leningrad Oblast , Russia . The islands are situated at the head of the Gulf of Finland , just outside the town of Primo

#15 Tortola

Tortola / t ɔːr ˈ t oʊ l ə / is the largest and most populated island of the British Virgin Islands , a group of islands that form part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands . [2] It has a surface area of 55.7 square kilometres (21.5 square miles) with a total population of 23,908, with 9,400 res

#16 Ada Kaleh

Ada Kaleh ( Romanian pronunciation:   [ˈada kaˈle] ; from Turkish : Adakale , meaning "Island Fortress"; Hungarian : Újorsova or Ada Kaleh ; Serbian and Bulgarian : Адакале, romanised : Adakale ) was a small island on the Danube in what is modern Romania , that was submerged during the construction

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Jesse Handsley

Jesse Handsley (29 March 1876   – c. 3 June 1916) was an able seaman who served with distinction under Captain Robert Falcon Scott on Scott's first expedition to the Antarctic regions; the Discovery expedition of 1901 to 1904. Royal Navy able seamen and Antarctic explorer This article's tone or styl

#2 Piz Scerscen

Piz Scerscen ( Romansh , Italian : Monte Scerscen , formerly Monte Rosso di Scerscen ), culminating at 3,971 m above sea level, is one of the highest peaks in the Bernina Range , straddling the border between Switzerland and Italy . It is a satellite peak of Piz Bernina , joining it by its north-eas

#3 Pic du Midi de Bigorre

The Pic du Midi de Bigorre or simply the Pic du Midi (elevation 2,877   m (9,439   ft) ) is a mountain in the French Pyrenees . It is the site of the Pic du Midi Observatory. Not to be confused with Pic du Midi d'Ossau . Pic du Midi de Bigorre Highest   point Elevation 2,877   m (9,439   ft) Promine

#4 Nimbus Hills

Nimbus Hills ( 79°35′S 82°50′W ) is a rugged line of hills and peaks about 14 nautical miles (26   km) long, forming the southeast part of Pioneer Heights in the Heritage Range , Ellsworth Mountains . Mapped by United States Geological Survey (USGS) from ground surveys and U.S. Navy air photos, 1961

#5 Piz Bernina

Piz Bernina ( Romansh , Italian : Pizzo Bernina , Italian pronunciation:   [ˈpittso berˈniːna] ) is the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps , the highest point of the Bernina Range , and the highest peak in the Rhaetian Alps . [3] It rises 4,048.6   m (13,283   ft) and is located south of Pontresin

#6 Mamayev Kurgan

Mamayev Kurgan ( Russian : Мамаев Курган ) is a dominant height overlooking the city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) in Southern Russia . The name in Russian means " tumulus of Mamai ". [1] The formation is dominated by a memorial complex commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 to Feb

#7 Chitteri

Chitteri , also known as Sitheri hills , are one of the segments of Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu , spread over an area of 654.52   km² within the geographical limit of 78°15’−78°45’E longitude and 11°44’−12°08’N latitude. The hill harbour various vegetation types such as the evergreen, the semi-everg

#8 Mamostong Kangri

Mamostong Kangri or Mamostang Kangri , surveyed as K35 , is the highest peak in the remote Rimo Muztagh , a subrange of the Karakoram range in Ladakh union territory of India . It is located about 30   km east-southeast of the snout of the Siachen Glacier . It is the 48th-highest independent peak in

#9 Volcán de Fuego

Volcán de Fuego ( Spanish pronunciation:   [bolˈkan de ˈfweɣo] ; Spanish for "Volcano of Fire", often shortened to Fuego ) or Chi Q'aq' ( Kaqchikel for "where the fire is") is an active stratovolcano in Guatemala , on the borders of Chimaltenango , Escuintla and Sacatepéquez departments. It sits abo

#10 Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc ( French : Mont Blanc [mɔ̃ blɑ̃] ; Italian : Monte Bianco [ˈmonte ˈbjaŋko] , both meaning "white mountain") is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe , rising 4,807.81   m (15,774   ft) above sea level. [3] It is the second-most prominent mountain in Europe, after Mount Elbru

#11 Genesis Peak

Genesis Peak is a 7,244   ft (2,210   m) mountain summit located in the North Cascades , in Whatcom County of Washington , United States . It is situated within North Cascades National Park and Stephen Mather Wilderness . The nearest higher neighbor is Mount Prophet , 2.22 miles (3.57   km) to the n

#12 Sakurajima

Sakurajima ( Japanese : 桜島 , literally " Cherry Blossom Island") is an active stratovolcano , formerly an island and now a peninsula, in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu , Japan . [2] The lava flows of the 1914 eruption connected it with the Ōsumi Peninsula . [3] It is the most active volcano in Japan

#13 Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains ( pronounced   ( help · info ) ), Tatras , or Tatra ( Tatry either in Slovak ( pronounced   [ˈtatri] ) or in Polish ( pronounced   [ˈtatrɨ] ) - plurale tantum ), is a mountain range in Central Europe that forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland . They are the highest m

#14 List of mountains of the Alps over 4000 metres

This list tabulates all of the 82 official mountain summits of 4,000 metres (13,123   ft) or more in height in the Alps , as defined by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). [1] All are located within France , Italy or Switzerland , and are often referred to by mountaineer

#15 Chapelco

Chapelco , or Cerro Chapelco , is a mountain and massif in Neuquén Province , south-western Argentina . The ski station of the same name is located 19 kilometres (12   mi) from the resort town of San Martín de los Andes . Mountain in Argentina Cerro Chapelco Location Neuquén Province , Argentina Nea

#16 Berry Hill (New York)

Berry Hill is a 1,962-foot-tall (598   m) mountain in the Central New York region of New York . It is located west-northwest of Norwich in Chenango County . The Berry Hill Fire Observation Station is located on top of the mountain. The fire tower was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934.

#17 Piz Roseg

Piz Roseg (pronounced as peetse rawzech ) is a mountain of the Bernina Range , overlooking the Val Roseg in the Swiss canton of Graubünden . Mountain in Switzerland Piz Roseg The Güssfeldtsattel , the Roseg Pitschen , the main summit and the Schneekuppe (left to right) Highest   point Elevation 3,93

#18 Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya ( Kikuyu : Kĩrĩnyaga , Kamba , Ki Nyaa ) is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa , after Kilimanjaro . [6] The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian ( 5,199 metres or 17,057 feet ), Nelion ( 5,188   m or 17,021   ft ) and Point Lenana ( 4,985   m or 16,355  

#19 Mount Pavlof

Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula . It has been one of the most active volcanoes in the United States since 1980, with eruptions recorded in 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986–1988, 1996–1997, 2007, 2013, twice in 2014, 2016, and is currently erupting as of August 2

#20 Baugur (crater)

Baugur [ˈpœiːɣʏr̥] is the informal [1] name of one of three volcanic craters which have appeared as of 7 September 2014 - according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office website - in the Holuhraun lava field in Iceland as a result of an eruption in August 2014. [2] Lava fountains on 13 September 20

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Bolon

Lake Bolon ( Russian : Болонь ) is a large freshwater lake in the Khabarovsk Krai , Russia . It has an area of 338   km²; it is 70   km long and 20   km wide, and has a maximum depth of about 4 m. It is located on the broad west-bank flood plain of the Amur River about 80   km south of Komsomolsk an

#2 Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station

The Taum Sauk pumped storage plant is a power station in the St. Francois mountain region of Missouri , United States about 90 miles (140   km) south of St. Louis near Lesterville, Missouri , in Reynolds County . It is operated by Ameren Missouri . Water stored in the upper reservoir is used to gene

#3 Lake Merced

Lake Merced ( Spanish : Laguna de Merced ) is a freshwater lake in the southwest corner of San Francisco , in the U.S. state of California . It is surrounded by three golf courses (the private Olympic Club and San Francisco Golf Club , and the public TPC Harding Park ), as well as residential areas,

#4 Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona , United States . It is a major vacation destination visited by approximately two million people every year. It is the second largest artificial reservoir by maximum water capacity in the United States behind Lake Mead

#5 Millerton Lake

Millerton Lake is an artificial lake near the town of Friant about 15   mi (24   km) north of downtown Fresno . The reservoir was created by the construction of 319   ft (97 m) high Friant Dam on the San Joaquin River which, with the lake, serves as much of the county line between Fresno County to t

#6 Gokyo Lakes

Gokyo Lakes are oligotrophic lakes in Nepal 's Sagarmatha National Park , located at an altitude of 4,700–5,000   m (15,400–16,400   ft) above sea level . Lakes and resort were named after Gokyo Ri peak (5484 m). [2] These lakes are the world's highest freshwater lake system comprising six main lake

#7 Redmire Pool

Redmire Pool is near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire , England . At only 3 acres (1.2   ha) in size it is considered by angling experts to be the home of carp fishing . [1] The earliest sign of its potential was unveiled on 3 October 1951 when a British record carp of 31.25   lb (14.17   kg) was caught

#8 Lake Manych-Gudilo

Lake Manych-Gudilo ( Russian : Ма́ныч-Гуди́ло ) is a large saltwater reservoir lake in Kalmykia , Russia . Part of the lake lies also in Rostov Oblast and Stavropol Krai . It has an area of about 344   km² and average depth of only about 0.6   m. [3] Saltwater lake in Kalmykia, Russia Body of water

#9 Izunuma-Uchinuma

Izunuma and Uchinuma ( 伊豆沼・内沼 ) are a pair of interconnected freshwater lakes in the alluvial plain of the Hasama River, a tributary of the Kitakami River in Miyagi Prefecture , Japan . [1] In 1967 the birdlife and habitat of the lakes were designated a Natural Monument . [3] In 1985 an area of 559

#10 Lake Chany

Lake Chany ( Russian : озеро Чаны ) is a lake in Novosibirsk Oblast , Russia . For the urban-type settlement in Novosibirsk Oblast, see Chany . Body of water Lake Chany озеро Чаны Lake Chany Sentinel-2 picture, October 2021 Lake Chany Show map of Russia Lake Chany Show map of Novosibirsk Oblast Loca

#11 Zuiderzee Works

The Zuiderzee Works ( Dutch : Zuiderzeewerken ) is a man-made system of dams and dikes , land reclamation and water drainage work, in total the largest hydraulic engineering project undertaken by the Netherlands during the twentieth century. The project involved the damming of the Zuiderzee , a larg

#12 Van Norman Lake (Michigan)

Van Norman Lake is a private, all-sports, 66-acre lake along the main branch of the Clinton River , [3] in Oakland County , in the U.S. state of Michigan . Most of the lake lies within Independence Township ; however, the southern portion of the lake is in Waterford Township . [4] Body of water Van

#13 Lake Udyl

Lake Udyl ( Russian : Удыль ) is a large freshwater lake in Khabarovsk Krai , Russia . It has an area of 330 square kilometres (130   sq   mi) . It is 50 miles (80   km) long and 9 kilometres (5.6   mi) wide. Maximum depth is about 5 metres (16   ft) . It lies near the left bank of the Amur River .

#14 History of Lake Wawasee

Lake Wawasee is a large, natural, freshwater lake southeast of Syracuse in Kosciusko County, Indiana . It is the largest natural lake within Indiana's borders. Main article: Lake Wawasee Lake Wawasee 1910

#15 Lovatnet

Lovatnet (also Loenvatnet) is a lake in the municipality of Stryn in Vestland county, Norway . It is located about 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) southeast of the village of Loen and about 6 kilometres (3.7   mi) east of the village of Olden . The lake lies just 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) southwest of the mou

#16 Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona , United States , near the town of Page . The 710-foot (220   m) high dam was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) from 1956 to 1966 and forms Lake Powell , one of the largest man-made reservoirs in th

#17 Friant Dam

Friant Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the San Joaquin River in central California in the United States, on the boundary of Fresno and Madera Counties. It was built between 1937 and 1942 as part of a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) water project to provide irrigation water to the southern San Joa

#18 Mountain Meadows Reservoir

Mountain Meadows Reservoir is an artificial lake, located in Lassen County, California . The lake is also known as Walker Lake . [3] Its waters are impounded by the Indian Ole Dam , which was completed in 1924. Body of water Mountain Meadows Reservoir Mountain Meadows Reservoir can be seen at right

#19 Torey Lakes

The Torey Lakes are a pair of soda lakes , Barun-Torey and Zun-Torey, in Russia's Zabaykalsky Krai , on the border with Mongolia (Coordinates 50°04'N, 115°31'E). Body of water Torey Lakes Lake Zun-Torey Torey Lakes Location of the Torey Lakes Coordinates 50°04′N 115°31′E Type endorheic soda lakes Pr

#20 Windermere

Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. [1] More than 11 miles (18   km) in length, and almost 1 mile (1.5   km) at its widest, it is a ribbon lake formed in a glacial trough after the retreat of ice at the start of the current interglacial period. It has been one of the country's most po

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River / River

#1 Carbon Canal

The Carbon Canal is an irrigation canal in the central portion of Utah , United States. The canal was constructed by the Carbon Canal Company between 1907 and 1909 to provide water to agricultural fields west and south of the Price River . Irrigation canal in Utah, United States Diversion weir on th

#2 Cipinang River

The Cipinang River is a river flowing in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta , Indonesia . [1] Cipinang river is a tributary of Sunter River , [2] conjoining near I Gusti Ngurah Rai Street and Cipinang Muara Ilir Street, Jakarta, [3] but in the middle it is cut by the beginning of Banjir Kanal Tim

#3 Apsley Falls

The Apsley Falls are two waterfalls on the Apsley River in the Northern Tablelands region of New South Wales , Australia . The falls are located about 20 kilometres (12   mi) east of Walcha , and 1 kilometre off the Oxley Highway in a deep gorge, that is part of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park .

#4 Khlong Maha Sawat

Khlong Maha Sawat ( Thai : คลองมหาสวัสดิ์ , pronounced [kʰlɔ̄ːŋ mā.hǎː sā.wàt] ), also known as Khlong Chaiyaphruek (คลองชัยพฤกษ์), [1] is a khlong (canal) in Thailand . It is a man-made waterway dug in 1859–1860 in the reign of King Rama IV . Today it is listed by the Fine Arts Department as a nati

#5 Kuban (river)

The Kuban [lower-alpha 1] is a river in Russia that flows through the Western Caucasus and drains into the Sea of Azov . The Kuban runs mostly through Krasnodar Krai for 660 kilometres (410   mi) , but also in the Karachay–Cherkess Republic , Stavropol Krai and the Republic of Adygea . River in the

#6 Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay ( / m oʊ ˈ b iː l / moh- BEEL ) is a shallow inlet of the Gulf of Mexico , lying within the state of Alabama in the United States . Its mouth is formed by the Fort Morgan Peninsula on the eastern side and Dauphin Island , a barrier island on the western side. The Mobile River and Tensaw R

#7 Cow Creek (Montana)

Cow Creek is a tributary of the Missouri River , approximately 35 miles (56   km) long, in north central Montana in the United States. Cow Creek rises in the southern foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains in western Blaine County and flows east and then south, joining the Missouri approximately 25 air

#8 Glenview Creek

Glenview Creek flows on the eastern side of Glenview, Illinois , in the County of Cook . It now originates just south of Glenview Road and alongside the abandoned Skokie Subdivision of the Union Pacific Railroad (formerly Chicago & North Western) right of way. Glenview Creek flows in a west by south

#9 Olona

The Olona ( Olona in Italian ; Ulona , [1] Urona or Uòna [2] in Western Lombard ) is an Italian river belonging to the Po Basin , 71 kilometres (44   mi) long, [3] [4] [5] that runs through the Province of Varese and Metropolitan City of Milan whose course is developed entirely in Lombardy . River i

#10 Whitewater Canal

The Whitewater Canal , which was built between 1836 (186   years ago)   ( 1836 ) and 1847 (175   years ago)   ( 1847 ) , spanned a distance of 76 miles (122   km) and stretched from Lawrenceburg, Indiana on the Ohio River to Hagerstown, Indiana near the West Fork of the White River . Whitewater Cana

#11 Fanno Creek

Fanno Creek is a 15-mile (24   km) tributary of the Tualatin River in the U.S. state of Oregon . [3] Part of the drainage basin of the Columbia River , its watershed covers about 32 square miles (83   km 2 ) in Multnomah , Washington , and Clackamas counties, including about 7 square miles (18   km

#12 Gulf of Ob

The Gulf of Ob (also known as Ob Bay ) ( Russian : О́бская губа́ , Obskaya guba ) is a bay of the Arctic Ocean , located in Northern Russia at the mouth of the Ob River . [2] It is the world's longest estuary . [3] Bay of the Arctic Ocean For other uses, see Ob (disambiguation) . Body of water Gulf

#13 Oaks Creek

Oaks Creek is a river that drains Canadarago Lake , which is situated in the north central region of Otsego County, New York . The creek begins by the Hamlet of Schuyler Lake and flows southeast approximately 9.32 miles (15.00   km) , dropping only 105 feet (32   m) in elevation, before converging w

#14 Kikhchik (river)

The Kikhchik ( Russian : Кихчик ) is a river in the western Kamchatka Peninsula , Russia. It is used for spawning by various species of Pacific salmon . River in Kamchatka Krai, Russia Kikhchik Native name Кихчик     ( Russian ) Location Country Russia Federal subject Kamchatka Krai District Ust-Bol

#15 Ibo River

The Ibo River (揖保川) is a river in Hyōgo Prefecture , Japan. [1] The Ibo, Kako, Ichi , Yumesaki, and Chikusa rivers are collectively referred to as the Harima Gokawa , the five major rivers that flow into the Harima Sea . The basin area is the second largest of the Harima Gokawa after the Kako River.

#16 Big Sur River

The Big Sur River is a 15.7-mile-long (25.3   km) [1] river on the Central Coast of California . The river drains a portion of the Big Sur area, a thinly settled region of the Central California coast where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean . The upper river and watershe

#17 Gardner River

The Gardner River (also known as the Gardiner River ) is a tributary of the Yellowstone River , approximately 25 miles (40   km) long, [1] in northwestern Wyoming and south central Montana in the United States . The entire river is located within Yellowstone National Park . It rises on the slope of

#18 Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River ( Spanish : Río de Los Ángeles ), historically known as the Porciúncula River ( Río Porciúncula ), is a major river in Los Angeles County, California . Its headwaters are in the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains , and it flows nearly 51 miles (82   km) from Canoga Park thro

#19 Crow Creek (Alaska)

Crow Creek is a stream in the Chugach Mountains , Alaska , US. It is the only notable tributary of Glacier Creek , which enters Turnagain Arm from the north, 12 miles (19   km) from its eastern end. [1] The stream is notable as the site of ongoing gold mining since the late 19th century.

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Sea / Sea

#1 Great Australian Bight

The Great Australian Bight is a large oceanic bight , or open bay, off the central and western portions of the southern coastline of mainland Australia . Open bay off southern Australia For other uses, see Great Australian Bight (disambiguation) . This article's lead section may be too short to adeq

#2 Bristol Channel

The Bristol Channel ( Welsh : Môr Hafren , literal translation: "Severn Sea") is a major inlet in the island of Great Britain , separating South Wales from Devon and Somerset in South West England . It extends from the lower estuary of the River Severn ( Welsh : Afon Hafren ) to the North Atlantic O

#3 Gulf of Finland

The Gulf of Finland ( Finnish : Suomenlahti ; Estonian : Soome laht ; Russian : Фи́нский зали́в , tr. Finskiy zaliv , IPA:   [ˈfʲinskʲɪj zɐˈlʲif] ; Swedish : Finska viken ) is the easternmost arm of the Baltic Sea . It extends between Finland to the north and Estonia to the south, to Saint Petersbur

#4 Bight of Biafra

The Bight of Biafra (officially Bight of Bonny , in Nigeria) is a bight off the West African coast, in the easternmost part of the Gulf of Guinea . Body of water Bight of Biafra Gulf of Guinea map showing the Bight of Biafra. Bight of Biafra Coordinates 2°50′N 8°0′E Native name Golfo de Biafra     (

#5 Onega Bay

The Onega Bay ( Russian : Онежская губа, Онежский залив ) is located in the Republic of Karelia and Arkhangelsk Oblast in Northwestern Russia , west of the city of Arkhangelsk . It is the southernmost of four large bays and gulfs of the White Sea , the others being the Dvina Bay , the Mezen Bay , an

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