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Coast / Coast

#1 Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Chesapeake Beach is a town in Calvert County , Maryland , United States. Its major attractions include the Chesapeake Beach Railway Station , the Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail , a water park, marinas, piers, and charter boat fishing. The town's population was recorded as 5,753 in the 2010 census . Tow

#2 Cornwall

Cornwall ( / ˈ k ɔːr n w ɔː l , - w əl / ; [3] Cornish : Kernow [ˈkɛrnɔʊ] ) is a historic county and ceremonial county in South West England . It is recognised as one of the Celtic nations , and is the homeland of the Cornish people . Cornwall is bordered to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean

#3 Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes ( / ˌ k l iː θ ɒr p s / ) is a seaside town on the estuary of the Humber in North East Lincolnshire , England [2] with a population of 38,372 in 2020. [3] It has been permanently occupied since the 6th century, with fishing as its original industry, then developing into a resort in the 1

#4 Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida . It was incorporated on March 26, 1915. [6] The municipality is located on natural and man-made barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay , the latter of which separates the Beach from the mainland city of Miami .

#5 Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis ( / ˌ b ɒ ɡ n ər ˈ r iː dʒ ɪ s / ), sometimes simply known as Bognor ( / ˌ b ɒ ɡ n ər / ), is a town and seaside resort in West Sussex on the south coast of England, 55.5 miles (89   km) south-west of London , 24 miles (39   km) west of Brighton , 5.81 miles (9   km) south-east of Chich

#6 Pensacola Beach, Florida

Pensacola Beach is an unincorporated community located on Santa Rosa Island , a barrier island , in Escambia County , Florida , United States . It is situated south of Pensacola (and Gulf Breeze connected via bridges spanning to the Fairpoint Peninsula and then to the island) in the Gulf of Mexico .

#7 Gibraltar

Gibraltar ( / dʒ ɪ ˈ b r ɔː l t ər / jih- BRAWL -tər , Spanish:   [xiβɾalˈtaɾ] ), is a British Overseas Territory and city [6] located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula . [7] [8] [lower-alpha 1] It has an area of 6.7   km 2 (2.6   sq   mi) and is bordered to the north by Spain . The lands

#8 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#9 Arauco, Chile

Arauco is a city and commune ( Spanish : comuna ) in Chile , located in Arauco Province in the Bío Bío Region . The meaning of Arauco means Chalky Water in Mapudungun . The region was a Moluche aillarehue . The Spanish settlements founded here during the Conquest of Chile were destroyed on numerous

#10 Shelly Beach (Manly)

Shelly Beach (also known as Shelley Beach [1] [2] ) is a beach located in Manly , a suburb of Sydney , New South Wales , Australia . It is adjacent to North Head and Fairy Bower . Shelly Beach is a western facing beach on the eastern coast of Australia. Shelly Beach is part of the no take Cabbage Tr

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Island / Island

#1 Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah ( Dhivehi : ފުވައްމުލައް) is an island ( atoll ) in the Maldives . It is under Maldives’ administrative divisions of Gnaviyani Atoll or Nyaviyani Atoll . The inhabitants speak a distinctive form of the Dhivehi language , known as "Fuvahmulaki baha.” Inhabited island in Gnaviyani Atoll, Ma

#2 Kitakyushu Airport

Kitakyushu Airport ( 北九州空港 , Kitakyūshū-kūkō ) ( IATA : KKJ , ICAO : RJFR ) , sometimes called Kokuraminami Airport , is an airport in Kokuraminami-ku , Kitakyushu , Fukuoka , Japan . It is built on an artificial island in the western Seto Inland Sea , 3   km (1.9   mi) away from the main body of th

#3 Yas Island

Yas Island ( Arabic : جزيرة ياس ) is an island in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates . [1] It occupies a total land area of 25   km 2 (9.7   sq   mi) . It is a popular leisure island and one of the top tourism projects in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island holds the Yas Marina Circuit , which has hosted the Formul

#4 Anafi

Anafi or Anaphe ( Greek : Ανάφη ; Ancient Greek : Ἀνάφη ) [2] is a Greek island community in the Cyclades . In 2011, it had a population of 271. Its land area is 40.370 square kilometres (15.587 square miles) . [3] It lies east of the island of Thíra (Santorini). Anafi is part of the Thira regional

#5 Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll ( colloquial : Midway Islands ; Hawaiian : Kauihelani , lit.   ' the backbone of heaven ' ; Pihemanu , ' the loud din of birds ' ) [2] [3] is a 2.4   sq   mi (6.2   km 2 ) atoll in the North Pacific Ocean. Midway Atoll is an insular area of the United States and is an unorganized and un

#6 Mascarene Islands

The Mascarene Islands ( English: / m æ s k ə ˈ r iː n / , French : Mascareignes ) or Mascarenes or Mascarenhas Archipelago is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar consisting of the islands belonging to the Republic of Mauritius as well as the French department of Réunion . Their

#7 Polynesia

Polynesia [lower-alpha 1] [lower-alpha 2] ( UK : / ˌ p ɒ l ɪ ˈ n iː z i ə / , US : /- ˈ n iː ʒ ə / ) is a subregion of Oceania , made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean . The indigenous people who inhabit the islands of Polynesia are called Polynesian

#8 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a motion-based dark ride located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -themed areas of Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida ; Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California ; Universal Studios Japan in Osaka , Japan; and Universal Studios Be

#9 Chubu Centrair International Airport

Chubu Centrair International Airport ( 中部国際空港 , Chūbu Kokusai Kūkō ) ( IATA : NGO , ICAO : RJGG ) is an international airport on an artificial island in Ise Bay , Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture , 35   km (22   mi) south of Nagoya in central Japan. [2] Primary airport serving Nagoya, Japan For the

#10 Isla de Mona

Mona ( Spanish : Isla de Mona ) is the third-largest island of the Puerto Rican archipelago , after the main island of Puerto Rico and Vieques . It is the largest of three islands in the Mona Passage , a strait between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the others being Monito Island and Desech

#11 Long Island (Whitsunday Islands)

Long Island is a member of the Whitsunday Island group off the east coast of Queensland, Australia . It is 9 kilometres (5.6   mi) in length and is at its widest point only 400 metres (1,300   ft) . Long Island is the closest island in the Whitsunday group to the mainland of Australia, being only 1

#12 Paddy Island

Paddy Island is an island (latitude 24° 50’ S X longitude 152° 22’E) [1] situated on the Burnett River , northeast of the city of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia . ( June 2011 )

#13 Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios or Saint Eustratius ( Greek : Άγιος Ευστράτιος ), colloquially Ai Stratis ( Greek : Άη Στράτης ), anciently Halonnesus or Halonnesos ( Ancient Greek : Ἁλόννησος ), [3] is a small Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea about 30 kilometres (19 miles) southwest of Lemnos and 80 kilome

#14 Suvarnadurg

Suvarnadurg ( Marathi : सुवर्णदुर्ग - translation : Golden Fort , also spelt Severndroog in English, a spelling sometimes also used for Savandurga [2] [3] ) is a fort that is located between Mumbai and Goa on a small island in the Arabian Sea , near Harnai in Konkan , along the West Coast of India ,

#15 Mersea Island

Mersea Island / ˈ m ɜːr z i / [1] is an island in Essex , England, in the Blackwater and Colne estuaries to the south-east of Colchester . Its name comes from the Old English word meresig , meaning "island of the pool" and thus is tautological . [2] The island is split into two main areas, West Mers

#16 St Kilda, Scotland

St Kilda ( Scottish Gaelic : Hiort ) is an isolated archipelago situated 64 kilometres (40   mi) west-northwest of North Uist in the North Atlantic Ocean . It contains the westernmost islands of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. [note 2] The largest island is Hirta , whose sea cliffs are the highest i

#17 Piel Island

Piel Island lies in Morecambe Bay , around 1 ⁄ 2 mile (800 metres) off the southern tip of the Furness peninsula in the administrative county of Cumbria , England. It is one of the Islands of Furness , three of which sit near to Piel at the mouth of Walney Channel . The island is the location of Pie

#18 Queen Elizabeth II Island

Queen Elizabeth II Island , formerly Aspen Island , is an artificial island located within Lake Burley Griffin , in Canberra , Australian Capital Territory , Australia . It lies within the Parliamentary Triangle . Island in Canberra, Australia Queen Elizabeth II Island Aerial view with Kings Avenue

#19 List of island countries

This is a list of island countries . An island is a landmass (smaller than a continent ) that is surrounded by water. [1] Many island countries are spread over an archipelago , as is the case with Indonesia and the Philippines (both countries consist of thousands of islands). Others consist of a sin

#20 Torca Island

Torca Island was an inhabited phantom island said to be located in the Indian Ocean , possibly in the East Indies . It purportedly vanished when a volcano erupted on June 4, 1693. The survivors escaped to a nearby island called Amboy (also called Amboyan, present-day Ambon Island ) on 18 July 1693.

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Bidhan Parbat

Bidhan Parbat is a mountain of the northern Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand India.The elevation of Bidhan Parbat is 6,520 metres (21,391   ft) and its prominence is 234 metres (768   ft) . It is 84th highest located entirely within the Uttrakhand. Nanda Devi , is the highest mountain in this categor

#2 Manda I

Manda I is a mountain of the Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand India also called Manda. The elevation of Manda I is 6,510 metres (21,358   ft) and its prominence is 226 metres (741   ft) . It is joint 86th highest located entirely within the Uttrakhand. Nanda Devi , is the highest mountain in this cat

#3 Rigi

The Rigi (or Mount Rigi ; also known as Queen of the Mountains ) is a mountain massif of the Alps , located in Central Switzerland . The whole massif is almost entirely surrounded by the water of three different bodies of water: Lake Lucerne , Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz . The range is in the Schwyzer

#4 Pelly Peak

Pelly Peak , is a 2,048-metre (6,719-foot) mountain summit in the Russel Range of the Omineca Mountains in northern British Columbia , Canada. The mountain is situated west of the head of Finlay Reach of Williston Lake , and a remote 67   km (42   mi) south of Fort Ware in the Cassiar Land District

#5 Lampak II

Lampak II is a mountain of the Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand , India .The elevation of Lampak II is 6,181 metres (20,279   ft) and its prominence is 403 metres (1,322   ft) . It is 142nd joint highest located entirely within the Uttrakhand. Nanda Devi , is the highest mountain in this category. It

#6 Bethartoli South

Bethartoli South is a mountain of the Garhwal Himalaya in Uttarakhand, India.The elevation of Bethartoli South is 6,318 metres (20,728   ft) and its prominence is 277 metres (909   ft) . It is 117th highest located entirely within the Uttrakhand. Nanda Devi , is the highest mountain in this category

#7 Mount Drum

Mount Drum is a stratovolcano in the Wrangell Mountains of east-central Alaska in the United States . It is located at the extreme western end of the Wrangells, 18 miles (29   km) west-southwest of Mount Sanford and the same distance west-northwest of Mount Wrangell . It lies just inside the western

#8 Kikai Caldera

Kikai Caldera ( 鬼界カルデラ , Kikai karudera ) (alternatively Kikaiga-shima , Kikai Caldera Complex ) is a massive, mostly submerged caldera up to 19 kilometres (12   mi) in diameter in the Ōsumi Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture , Japan. [2] Not to be confused with the island Kikaijima nor the town on it

#9 Skamlingsbanken

Skamlingsbanken is a large hill located in Vejstrup Parish , Jutland , Denmark, between Kolding and Christiansfeld . With a peak rising to 113 metres (371   ft) above sea level, it is the highest point in Southern Jutland . Skamlingsbanken Memorial on Højskamling at Skamling for 18 people. (marts 20

#10 Mount Redoubt

Redoubt Volcano , or Mount Redoubt ( Dena'ina :  Bentuggezh K’enulgheli ), is an active stratovolcano in the largely volcanic Aleutian Range of the U.S. state of Alaska . Located at the head of the Chigmit Mountains subrange in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve , the mountain is just west of Coo

#11 Changabang

Changabang is a mountain in the Garhwal Himalaya of Uttarakhand , India . It is part of a group of peaks that form the northeast wall of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. It is a particularly steep and rocky peak, and all routes on it are serious undertakings. It has been the site of many significant climbs

#12 Larch Hill

Larch Hill International Scout and Guide Centre is the national campsite, and administrative and training headquarters of Scouting Ireland . It was previously owned by Scouting Ireland (CSI) . Larch Hill Owner Scouting Ireland Location Tibradden , Dublin Country Ireland Coordinates 53.253885°N 6.281

#13 Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani ( Indonesian : Gunung Rinjani ) is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok . Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara ( Indonesian : Nusa Tenggara Barat , NTB). It rises to 3,726 metres (12,224   ft) , making it the second high

#14 Ago di Sciora

Ago di Sciora is a mountain in the Bregaglia Range of the Alps , located south of Vicosoprano in the canton of Graubünden . It forms a sharp needle in the middle of the Sciora group. Mountain in Switzerland Ago di Sciora Ago di Sciora (centre) in the Sciora group. The left peak is Punta Pioda Highes

#15 Puyehue-Cordón Caulle

Puyehue ( / p ʊ ˈ j eɪ w eɪ / ; Spanish pronunciation:   [puˈʝewe] ) and Cordón Caulle / k ɔːr ˈ d oʊ n ˈ k aʊ j eɪ / are two coalesced volcanic edifices that form a major mountain massif in Puyehue National Park in the Andes of Ranco Province , in the South of Chile. In volcanology this group is kn

#16 Mountain Lake Site

The Mountain Lake Site ( Smithsonian trinomial : 21CO01 ) is an archaeological site in Mountain Lake Township, Minnesota , United States. It is a deeply stratified village site spanning the precontact era from the late Archaic to an Oneota occupation, with a particular concentration of Woodland peri

#17 Carn Llidi

Carn Llidi is a hill east of St David's Head in Pembrokeshire , Wales . Carn Llidi and its surrounding area is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park . [2] Hill in Wales Carn Llidi Highest   point Elevation 181   m (594   ft) [1] Prominence 122   m (400   ft) [1] Listing HuMP Coordinates 51°5

#18 Kīlauea

Kīlauea ( US : / ˌ k ɪ l ə ˈ w eɪ ə / KIL -ə- WAY -ə , Hawaiian:   [kiːlɐwˈwɛjə] ) is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands . Located along the southeastern shore of the Big Island of Hawai ʻ i , the volcano is between 210,000 and 280,000 years old and emerged above sea level about 100,00

#19 Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora , or Tomboro , is an active stratovolcano in West Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia . Located on Sumbawa in the Lesser Sunda Islands , it was formed by the active subduction zones beneath it. Before 1815 , its elevation reached more than 4,300 metres (14,100 feet) high, making it one of the ta

#20 Canjilón Mountain

Canjilón Mountain is a 10,922 feet (3,329   m) . mountain approximately six miles northeast of the village of Canjilón, [3] in the Carson National Forest . For Canjilon Hill, see San Felipe volcanic field §   Notable Vents . Canjilón Mountain Canjilón Mountain Location of Canjilón Mountain in New Me

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Trinity Dam

Trinity Dam is an earthfill dam on the Trinity River located about 7 miles (11   km) northeast of Weaverville , California in the United States . The dam was completed in the early 1960s as part of the federal Central Valley Project to provide irrigation water to the arid San Joaquin Valley . Dam in

#2 Marbury, Cheshire

Marbury is a small village located at SJ560457 in the civil parish of Marbury cum Quoisley , within the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire , England. It is administered jointly with the adjacent civil parishes of Norbury and Wirswall . The village lies around 3

#3 Walker Lake (Nevada)

Walker Lake is a natural lake in the Great Basin in western Nevada in the United States . It is 11   mi (17   km) long and 5   mi (8   km) wide, in northwestern Mineral County along the east side of the Wassuk Range , about 75   mi (120   km) southeast of Reno . The lake is fed from the north by the

#4 Graham Lakes (Minnesota)

The Graham Lakes are a pair of lakes located in the northeastern corner of Nobles County, Minnesota . The lakes are known as West Graham Lake and East Graham Lake. West Graham Lake is an oval shaped body of water that extends east-to-west slightly more than one mile (1.6   km). The north-to-south wi

#5 Poechos Reservoir

Poechos Reservoir is a middle-sized reservoir on Peru's Chira River in the border area between Peru and Ecuador . Its purpose is to improve the accumulation of water stocks in the upper part of Peru's Chira basin by flood control , irrigation , drainage and electricity generation . Lake in Peru Body

#6 Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a reservoir in the San Bernardino Mountains , in San Bernardino County , California , United States . It is a snow and rain fed lake, having no other means of tributaries or mechanical replenishment. At a surface elevation of 6,743   ft (2,055   m) , it has an east-west length of ap

#7 Boeung Kak

Boeung Kak ( Khmer : បឹងកក់ ) is an area in Khan Daun Penh and Khan Toul Kork centrally located in the capital city of Cambodia , Phnom Penh . [1] Until around 2010, it was covered by the largest urban lake in Phnom Penh. [2] Residential areas, businesses, restaurants, hotels, embassies and other lo

#8 Chott Melrhir

Chott Melrhir ( Arabic : شط ملغيغ ) also known as Chott Melghir or Chott Melhir is an endorheic salt lake in northeastern Algeria . It is the westernmost part of a series of depressions , which extend from the Gulf of Gabès into the Sahara . They were created between Miocene and Early Pleistocene as

#9 Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl ( German : Neusiedler See ), or Fertő ( Hungarian : Fertő (tó) ; Croatian : Nežidersko jezero, Niuzaljsko jezero ; Slovene : Nežidersko jezero ; Slovak : Neziderské jazero ; Czech : Neziderské jezero ) is the largest endorheic lake in Central Europe , straddling the Austrian – Hungaria

#10 Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake ( Urdu : عطا آباد جھیل ) is a lake located in the Gojal region of Hunza Valley in Gilgit−Baltistan , Pakistan . It was created in January 2010 as the result of a major landslide in Attabad . [1] [2] The lake has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gilgit−Baltistan , offerin

#11 Afghan-India Friendship Dam

Afghan-India Friendship Dam (AIFD), formerly Salma Dam , is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam project located on the Hari River in Chishti Sharif District of Herat Province in western Afghanistan . Since this project is funded and constructed by the Government of India as a part of the Indian aid p

#12 Lake Moeris

Lake Moeris ( Ancient Greek : Μοῖρις , genitive Μοίριδος) is an ancient lake in the northwest of the Faiyum Oasis , 80   km (50   mi) southwest of Cairo , Egypt . In prehistory , it was a freshwater lake, with an area estimated to vary between 1,270   km 2 (490   sq   mi) and 1,700   km 2 (660   sq

#13 Zeyzoun Dam

The Zeyzoun Dam is a failed embankment dam near Zayzun , Hama Governorate , Syria. It impounded water pumped from the nearby Orontes River . The dam was completed in 1996 and its primary purpose was the irrigation of about 14,000   ha (35,000 acres) . The dam's reservoir was filled in the winter and

#14 Holmenkollbakken

Holmenkollbakken is a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo , Norway . It has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120, and a capacity for 70,000 spectators. Holmenkollen has hosted the Holmenkollen Ski Festival since 1892, which since 1980 have been part of the FIS Ski J

#15 Runaway Pond

Runaway Pond is a marsh at the former site of Long Pond in Glover, Vermont . The name arose from an environmental disaster in 1810, when a manual attempt to divert some of the water of Long Pond broke the bank, causing the entire lake to suddenly empty out into the Barton River , uncontrolled. Body

#16 Lake of Fetzara

The Lake of Fetzara is located in northeastern Algeria , 18   km (11   mi) southeast of the city of Annaba . It measures 17   km (11   mi) from east to west and 13   km (8.1   mi) from north to south, with an area of about 18,600 hectares (46,000 acres) . It was officially classified as an area "Ram

#17 Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene

Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene are the heritage-listed former town of Adaminaby and the reservoir that flooded the town, now at Eucumbene , Snowy Valleys Council , New South Wales , Australia. The town was established in 1830. The reservoir was designed by the Snowy Hydro Electric Authority and bu

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River / River

#1 Love Canal

Love Canal is a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York , United States, infamous as the location of a 0.28   km 2 (0.11   sq   mi) landfill that became the site of an enormous environmental disaster in the 1970s. Decades of dumping toxic chemicals harmed the health of hundreds of residents; [1] the

#2 Lehigh Canal

The Lehigh Canal , or the Lehigh Navigation Canal , is a navigable canal that begins at the mouth of Nesquehoning Creek on the Lehigh River in eastern Pennsylvania . It was built in two sections over a span of twenty years, beginning in 1818. The lower section spanned the distance between Easton and

#3 Genesee Valley Canal Railroad

The Genesee Valley Canal Railroad was a part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system in western New York . It was built on the former Genesee Valley Canal alignment. Former railroad in western New York, U.S. Genesee Valley Canal Railroad Overview Locale Hinsdale, New York to Rochester, New York Dates of

#4 South Chuctanunda Creek

South Chuctanunda Creek is a river in Montgomery and Schenectady counties in the state of New York . It flows into the Mohawk River in Amsterdam . [2] River in New York, United States South Chuctanunda Creek Location of the mouth within New York Show map of New York Adirondack Park South Chuctanunda

#5 Chesterfield Canal

The Chesterfield Canal is a narrow canal in the East Midlands of England and it is known locally as 'Cuckoo Dyke'. [1] It was one of the last of the canals designed by James Brindley , who died while it was being constructed. It was opened in 1777 and ran for 46 miles (74   km) from the River Trent

#6 Mohawk River

The Mohawk River is a 149-mile-long (240   km) [5] river in the U.S. state of New York . It is the largest tributary of the Hudson River . The Mohawk flows into the Hudson in Cohoes, New York , a few miles north of the city of Albany . [10] The river is named for the Mohawk Nation of the Iroquois Co

#7 River Torrens

The River Torrens / ˈ t ɒr ən z / , ( Karrawirra Parri / Karrawirraparri ) is the most significant river of the Adelaide Plains . It was one of the main reasons for the siting of the city of Adelaide , capital of South Australia . It flows 85 kilometres (53   mi) from its source in the Adelaide Hill

#8 Canal du Centre (Belgium)

The Canal du Centre is a canal in Wallonia , Belgium , which, with other canals, links the waterways of the Meuse and Scheldt rivers. It has a total length of 20.9   km (13.0 miles) . It connects the artificial lake Grand Large near Nimy , with the Brussels–Charleroi Canal near Seneffe . Canal in Be

#9 Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay ( / ˈ tʃ ɛ s ə p iː k / CHESS -ə-peek ) is the largest estuary in the United States. The Bay is located in the Mid-Atlantic region and is primarily separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Delmarva Peninsula (including the parts: the Eastern Shore of Maryland / Eastern Shore of Vi

#10 Venice of Cieszyn

Venice of Cieszyn ( Polish : Cieszyńska Wenecja ) is a part of the Old Town in Cieszyn , Poland . It is a section of contemporary Przykopa Street (formerly Nad Młynówką ) which comprises buildings from the 18th-19th century, many of them with bridges over the course of Młynówka (an artificial canal)

#11 Stover Canal

The Stover Canal is a canal located in Devon , England. It was opened in 1792 and served the ball clay industry until it closed in the early 1940s. Today it is derelict, but the Stover Canal Society is aiming to restore it and reopen it to navigation. Derelict canal in Devon, England Stover Canal Th

#12 Pleasant River (Presumpscot River tributary)

The Pleasant River is a 13.1-mile-long (21.1   km) [2] tributary of the Presumpscot River in the U.S. state of Maine . River in Maine, United States Pleasant River Pleasant River confluence with Ditch Brook at U.S. Route 302 bridge Location Country United States State Maine Region Cumberland County

#13 Ramnadi

Ramnadi is a river in Pune District and is a tributary of Mula . It originates in the Sahyadris near Kathpewadi , north-west of Pune city . The river flows through the Bhugaon , Bhukum , Bavdhan , Pashan , Baner and Aundh areas of Pune city. It is defined as a brook by the Pune Municipal Corporation

#14 Water politics in the Jordan River basin

Water politics in the Jordan River basin refers to political issues of water within the Jordan River drainage basin , including competing claims and water usage, and issues of riparian rights of surface water along transnational rivers, as well as the availability and usage of ground water . Water r

#15 Puget Sound

Puget Sound ( / ˈ p juː dʒ ɪ t / ) is a sound of the Pacific Northwest , an inlet of the Pacific Ocean , and part of the Salish Sea . It is located along the northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington . It is a complex estuarine [3] system of interconnected marine waterways and basins, with

#16 Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge located in northern Arizona between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona . The canyon is often described as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because of its scenic beauty. State Route 89A enters the canyon on its north end via a series of hairpin turns before trave

#17 Genesee Valley Canal

The Genesee Valley Canal is a former canal that operated in central New York between 1840 and 1878. [1] It ran for a length of 124 miles, passing through 106 locks . [1] Its course was later used by the Genesee Valley Canal Railroad and today comprises portions of the Genesee Valley Greenway . Forme

#18 Gatineau River

The Gatineau River ( French : Rivière Gatineau , French pronunciation:   ​ [gatino] ) is a river in western Quebec , Canada, which rises in lakes north of the Baskatong Reservoir and flows south to join the Ottawa River at the city of Gatineau , Quebec . The river is 386   km (239.8   mi) long and d

#19 Possession Sound

Possession Sound is part of Puget Sound , located in the U.S. state of Washington between Whidbey Island and the shoreline of Snohomish County approximately between the cities of Everett and Mukilteo . Possession Sound connects the main Puget Sound basin to the south with Saratoga Passage and Port S

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Sea / Sea

#1 Bohai Bay

Bohai Bay ( simplified Chinese : 渤海湾 ; traditional Chinese : 渤海灣 ; pinyin : Bóhǎi Wān ) is one of the three major bays of the Bohai Sea , the northwestern and innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea . It is bounded by the coastlines of eastern Hebei province ( Tangshan and Cangzhou ), Tianjin municipality

#2 False Bay

False Bay ( Afrikaans Valsbaai ) is a body of water in the Atlantic Ocean between the mountainous Cape Peninsula and the Hottentots Holland Mountains in the extreme south-west of South Africa . The mouth of the bay faces south and is demarcated by Cape Point to the west and Cape Hangklip to the east

#3 Edgecumbe Bay

Edgecumbe Bay is a bay in the Whitsunday Region , Queensland , Australia. [1] Edgecumbe Bay, 1990

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