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Coast / Coast

#1 Cape Fonar

Cape Fonar ( Russian : Мыс Фонарь , Ukrainian : Мис Фонар , Crimean Tatar : Fener, Фенер , Greek : Παρθένιον ) is the easternmost point of the Crimean peninsula. [1] The cape is located on the western shore of Kerch Strait near the exit to Azov Sea . Cape Fonar Cape Fonar Cape Fonar, location on the

#2 Children's Pool Beach

Children's Pool Beach is a small sandy beach area located at 850 Coast Boulevard, at the end of Jenner Street, in San Diego , California , United States. Aerial view of the pool, May 2011, with over 200 seals on the beach The Children's Pool earned its name after the construction of a concrete break

#3 Bridlington

Bridlington is a coastal town and a civil parish on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea in the East Riding of Yorkshire , England. It is about 28 miles (45   km) north of Hull and 34 miles (55   km) east of York . The Gypsey Race enters the North Sea at its harbour. The 2011 Census gave a parish p

#4 Son of the Beach

Son of the Beach is an American sitcom that aired from March 14, 2000, to October 1, 2002, on FX . The series is a spoof of Baywatch , with much of the comedy based on sexual double entendres , puns , innuendo and the like. A major running gag portrayed the handsome David Hasselhoff character as a b

#5 South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is a resort town in Cameron County , Texas , United States. [5] It is part of the Brownsville – Harlingen Metropolitan Statistical Area . The population was 2,066 at the 2020 census . [6] The town is located on South Padre Island , a barrier island along the Texas Gulf Coast acces

#6 Sheringham

Sheringham ( / ˈ ʃ ɛr ɪ ŋ ə m / ; population 7,367) is an English seaside town within the county of Norfolk , United Kingdom . [2] The motto of the town, granted in 1953 to the Sheringham Urban District Council, is Mare Ditat Pinusque Decorat , Latin for "The sea enriches and the pine adorns". [3] S

#7 Tai Long Sai Wan

Sai Wan ( Chinese : 西灣 ; lit. 'West Bay' ) is a beach in Sai Kung Peninsula , Hong Kong . To distinguish it from other bays and beaches of the same name , it is commonly known as Tai Long Sai Wan , as it is one of the four main beaches of Tai Long Wan . It came first in the Hong Kong Best 10 Scenic

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Island / Island

#1 Ushant

Ushant ( / ˈ ʌ ʃ ə n t / ; [2] Breton : Eusa , pronounced   [ˈøsa] ; French : Ouessant , pronounced   [wɛsɑ̃] ) is a French island at the southwestern end of the English Channel which marks the westernmost point of metropolitan France . It belongs to Brittany and, in medieval terms, Léon . In lower

#2 Neuwerk

Neuwerk ( pronunciation   ( help · info ) ; ( Archaic English : New Werk [1] or Newark [2] ) is a 3   km 2 (1.2   sq   mi) tidal island in the Wadden Sea on the German North Sea coast, with a population [ when? ] of 32. Neuwerk is located 13   km (8   mi) northwest of Cuxhaven , between the Weser an

#3 Monemvasia

Monemvasia ( Greek : Μονεμβασιά, Μονεμβασία , or Μονεμβάσια ) is a town and municipality in Laconia , Greece . The town is located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese , surrounded by the Myrtoan Sea . The island is connected to the mainland by a short causeway 200 metres (660   f

#4 Ward Hunt Island

Ward Hunt Island is a small, uninhabited island in the Arctic Ocean , located off the north coast of Ellesmere Island near the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf . The island is located just 750   km (470   mi) from the geographical North Pole . The northern cape of Ward Hunt Island is one of the northernmost elem

#5 Cormorant Rock (Essex County, Massachusetts)

Cormorant Rock is a small island about 300 feet off the southeastern tip of Children's Island just outside Marblehead Harbor, at latitude 42.510ºN, longitude 70.812ºW. [1] Formerly known as Cat Island Rock and Eastern Rock of Cat Island, it is considered to be a part of Children's Island and was the

#6 Lido di Venezia

The Lido , or Venice Lido ( Italian : Lido di Venezia ), is an 11-kilometre-long (7-mile) barrier island in the Venetian Lagoon , northern Italy ; it is home to about 20,400 residents. The Venice Film Festival takes place at the Lido late August/early September. [1] Lido Island seen from the campani

#7 Wardang Island

Wardang Island , also known as Waralti (also spelled Waraldi or Wauraltee) is a low-lying 20   km 2 island in the Spencer Gulf close to the western coast of the Yorke Peninsula , South Australia . It acts as a natural breakwater, protecting the former grain port of Port Victoria and providing a shel

#8 Turtle Islands, Tawi-Tawi

Turtle Islands , officially the Municipality of Turtle Islands , is a 5th class municipality in the province of Tawi-Tawi , Philippines . According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 5,683 people.   [3] Municipality in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines Turtle Islan

#9 Tsunoshima

Tsunoshima ( 角島 ) is an island located in the Sea of Japan . Located in the north west of Yamaguchi Prefecture , it is a part of Shimonoseki city. The island has an area of 4.1 square kilometers (1.6   sq   mi) and has a coastline of 17.1 kilometres (10.6   mi) . The island consists primarily of bas

#10 Ashmore and Cartier Islands

The Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands [1] is an uninhabited external territory [2] of Australia consisting of four low-lying tropical islands in two separate reefs , and the 12-nautical-mile (22   km; 14   mi) territorial sea generated by the islands. [3] The territory is located in the India

#11 Shi Islet

Shi Islet [4] [5] [6] ( Chinese : 獅 嶼 ; pinyin : Shī Yǔ ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : sai-sū ; lit. 'Lion Islet' ; also Shi Yu , [7] [8] Shih Yü , [9] Shiyu , [2] [10] Shiyu Islet [2] and Lion Islet [10] [11] ) is an islet located northwest of Lesser Kinmen (Lieyu) in Lieyu Township , Kinmen County (Quemoy), Fujia

#12 Anjediva Island

Anjediva Island (also Anjadip Island ) ( Konkani : Anjadiv; Portuguese : Ilha de Angediva ) is an Indian island in the Arabian Sea . It sits off the coast of Canacona . It is politically part of Goa state , geographically the nearest mainland is the coast of the Canara subregion of Karnataka state.

#13 Wuqiu, Kinmen

Wuqiu ( Wuchiu , Wuciou , Ockseu [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] ) ( Puxian Min : Ou-chhiu , Hakka: Vû-hiu-hiông ) is a group of islands comprising two major islands, namely Greater Qiu Islet and Smaller Qiu Islet, in the Taiwan Strait . Administratively, Wuqiu Township [14] is a rural t

#14 Menghu Islet

Menghu Islet ( Chinese : 猛虎 嶼 ; pinyin : Měnghǔ Yǔ ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī : bíng-hóo-sū ) [2] [3] ( Tiger Island [4] ) is an islet located southwest of Lesser Kinmen (Lieyu) in Lieyu Township , Kinmen County (Quemoy), Fujian Province, Republic of China (Taiwan). [5] The islet was originally named Hu-tzu Hsü [

#15 Inchmurrin

Inchmurrin ( Scottish Gaelic : Innis Mhearain ) is an island in Loch Lomond in Scotland . It is the largest fresh water island in the British Isles . [5] Inchmurrin Scottish Gaelic name Innis Mhearain Meaning of name St Mirin's Island Location Inchmurrin Inchmurrin shown within West Dunbartonshire O

#16 Children's Island

Children's Island , formerly known as "Cat Island" is an island off Marblehead , Massachusetts , and is part of the City of Salem , Massachusetts. The YMCA of the North Shore has owned and operated a children's day camp on it since 1955. The first written record of the island was in 1655 when it was

#17 Cartier Island

Cartier Island is an uninhabited and unvegetated sand cay in a platform reef in the Timor Sea north of Australia and south of Indonesia . It is within the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands , an external territory of Australia . The land area of Cartier Island is about 0.4 hectares (0.99 acres

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Inyan Kara Mountain

Inyan Kara Mountain ( Lakota : Íŋyaŋ Káǧa , Rock Gatherer [2] ) is a mountain associated with the Bear Lodge Mountains of Crook County, Wyoming (part of the Black Hills ) that is considered sacred by the Lakota people , particularly for mothers in childbirth. Inyan Kara stands apart from the main bo

#2 Adventtoppen

Adventtoppen is a mountain on the east side of Adventfjorden in the northern part of Nordenskiöld Land on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard , Norway . It is 786 metres (2,579   ft) tall. [1] In 1901, Bergen-Spitsbergen Kullgrube-kompani started mining coal in Adventtoppen. During their first sum

#3 Ganalo Peak

Ganalo Peak ( Urdu : گینالو ) is a subsidiary peak of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan 's western Himalayas . Anchoring the rock and ice battlements northwest of Nanga Parbat's main summit, Ganalo rises 9,000 feet above the Rakhiot Glacier and 8,000 feet above the nearby Rakhiot Base Camp. The remote villag

#4 Morro da Igreja

Morro da Igreja ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [ˈmoʁu dɐ iˈɡɾeʒɐ] "Hill of the Church") is a peak situated in Urubici , a municipality of the Santa Catarina state, in southern Brazil . Its latitude is 28º07'31" S and its longitude is 49º29'38" W, with an elevation of 1,822 metres (5,977 feet), the hi

#5 Yukshin Gardan Sar

Yukshin Gardan Sar ( Urdu : یکشن گردن سر ) is a high peak in the Shimshal Valley , a village in the Karakoram range in Pakistan . Its height is also often given as 7,469   m (24,505   ft) or 7,641   m (25,069   ft). It lies about 16   km (10   mi) northeast of Khunyang Chhish and 6   km (3.75   mi)

#6 Kick 'em Jenny

Kick 'em Jenny (also: Kick-'em-Jenny or Mt. Kick-'Em-Jenny ) is an active submarine volcano or seamount on the Caribbean Sea floor, located 8   km (5   mi) north of the island of Grenada and about 8   km (5   mi) west of Ronde Island in the Grenadines . Kick-'em-Jenny rises 1,300   m (4,265   ft) ab

#7 Kjerag

Kjerag or Kiragg is a mountain in the Sandnes municipality in Rogaland county, Norway . The 1,110-metre (3,640   ft) tall mountain sits on the southern shore of Lysefjorden , just southwest of the village of Lysebotn . Its northern side is a massive cliff, plunging 984 metres (3,228   ft) almost str

#8 Savur-Mohyla

Savur-Mohyla ( Ukrainian : Савур-могила ), often transliterated using the Russian spelling Saur-Mogila ( Russian : Саур-Могила ), is a strategic height in the Donets ridge near the city of Snizhne , located about 5   km (3.1   mi) from the border between Ukraine and Russia 's Rostov Oblast . Height

#9 Innere Schwarze Schneid

The Innere Schwarze Schneid is a mountain in the Weisskamm group of the Ötztal Alps . Innere Schwarze Schneid Innere Schwarze Schneid from the North from the Rettenbachferner . Highest   point Elevation 3,367   m (11,047   ft) Prominence 293   m (961   ft) Parent peak Wildspitze Isolation 3.7   km (

#10 Grosses Fiescherhorn

Grosses Fiescherhorn is a mountain peak of the Bernese Alps , located on the border between the cantons of Bern and ValaisValais , halfway between the Mönch and the Finsteraarhorn . At 4,049 metres (13,284   ft) above sea level, its summit culminates over the whole Fiescherhorn massif ( German : Fie

#11 Mount McDuffie

Mount McDuffie is a 13,291-foot-elevation (4,051 meter) mountain summit located west of the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Fresno County of northern California , United States. [1] This peak is situated in Kings Canyon National Park , 1.9 miles (3.1   km) northwest of The Citadel , an

#12 Black Hills

The Black Hills ( Lakota : Ȟe Sápa ; Cheyenne : Moʼȯhta-voʼhonáaeva ; Hidatsa : awaxaawi shiibisha [1] ) are a small and isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota and extending into Wyoming , United States. [2] Black Elk Peak (formerly known as Har

#13 Eiger

The Eiger ( German pronunciation: [ˈaɪ̯ɡɐ] ) is a 3,967-metre (13,015   ft) mountain of the Bernese Alps , overlooking Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland , just north of the main watershed and border with Valais . It is the easternmost peak of a ridge crest that ext

#14 King Peak (Yukon)

King Peak (sometimes called Mount King) is the fourth-highest mountain in Canada and the ninth-highest peak in North America . Situated just west of Mount Logan (highest in Canada), in Yukon , it is considered a satellite peak of the massive mountain. Mountain in Canada For other uses, see King Peak

#15 Grossglockner

The Grossglockner ( German pronunciation: [ˈɡʀoːsˌɡlɔknɐ] ( listen ) ; German : Großglockner or just Glockner ) is, at 3,798 metres above the Adriatic (12,461   ft), the highest mountain in Austria and the highest mountain in the Alps east of the Brenner Pass . It is part of the larger Glockner Grou

#16 Dunantspitze

The Dunantspitze [2] (German for "Peak Dunant", [1] 4,632   m), formerly called Ostspitze ("Eastern Peak"), is a peak of the Monte Rosa Massif in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland . It is the second highest peak of the massif, after the Dufourspitze (4,634   m) and the second highest summit in Switzer

#17 Ilford Peak

Ilford Peak (Hasho Peak II) is a peak located on the watershed of the Nangmah, Khane and Lachit valleys, Pakistan . The mountain, located in the Karakoram mountain range, is 6080 meters high. It was first climbed on July 23, 2019 by the group of Russian climbers Markevich Konstantin, Sushko Denis an

#18 Waiowa

Waiowa (also called Goropu) is an isolated trachyandesitic volcano on New Guinea island, Papua New Guinea . It is located 19   km inland from Collingwood Bay in Oro Province . It lies on a fault line along the northeast flank of the Owen Stanley metamorphic belt . It is one of the planet's newest vo

#19 List of mountains of the Alps over 4000 metres

This list tabulates all of the 82 official mountain summits of 4,000 metres (13,123   ft) or more in height in the Alps , as defined by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). [1] All are located within France , Italy or Switzerland , and are often referred to by mountaineer

#20 Mount Arapiles

Mount Arapiles is a rock formation that rises about 140 metres (460   ft) above the Wimmera plains in western Victoria , Australia . It is located in Arapiles approximately 10 kilometres (6.2   mi) west of the town of Natimuk and is part of the Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park . Arapiles is a very po

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is an artificial perennial reservoir located just north of Tempe Butte at the confluence of the intermittent Salt River and the ephemeral Indian Bend Wash in Tempe, Arizona , United States. The reservoir receives much of its water from the Colorado River via the Central Arizona Proje

#2 Sangiin Dalai Lake

Sangiin Dalai Lake ( Mongolian : Сангийн далай нуур ) is a salt water lake in northern Mongolia , located at the border between the Tsagaan-Uul , Shine-Ider , and Bürentogtokh sums of Khövsgöl aimag , and the Ikh-Uul sum of Zavkhan aimag . It is surrounded by mountains, hills, and rocks. The 8.4 M w

#3 Dvuhyurtochnoe Lake

Dvuhyurtochnoe Lake ( Russian : о́зеро Двухюрточное ) [1] is a freshwater lake in the Ust-Kamchatka region of the Kamchatka Territory , Russia . Its area is 11.9 square kilometres (4.6   sq   mi) , its length is 6.3 kilometres (3.9   mi) , and its maximum width is 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) . The lake

#4 Ullswater

Ullswater is the second largest lake in the English Lake District , being about 7 miles (11   km) long and 0.75 miles (1   km) wide, with a maximum depth a little over 60 metres (197   ft) . It was scooped out by a glacier in the Last Ice Age . Lake in Cumbria, England This article is about the lake

#5 Lake Ouareau

Lac (Lake) Ouareau is a fairly large lake located near the town of Saint-Donat , in Matawinie Regional County Municipality, Quebec , in administrative region of Lanaudière , in the province of Quebec , Canada . For other uses, see Ouareau . Body of water Lake Ouareau Aerial view of Lac Ouareau from

#6 Lake Erie

Lake Erie ( / ˈ ɪər i / "eerie") is the fourth largest lake (by surface area) of the five Great Lakes in North America and the eleventh-largest globally. [6] [10] It is the southernmost, shallowest, and smallest by volume of the Great Lakes [11] [12] and therefore also has the shortest average water

#7 Drigh Lake

Drigh Lake ( Urdu : ڈرگ جھیل ) is situated in Qambar Shahdadkot District in Sindh , Pakistan , 29 kilometres (18   mi) from Larkana city and 7 kilometres (4   mi) from Qambar town. It has a surface area of 408 acres (165   ha) and the running length of the lake from North to South is about 5.64 Mile

#8 Lower Otay Reservoir

Lower Otay Reservoir is a reservoir in San Diego County , Southern California . It is flanked by Otay Mountain to the southeast, the Jamul Mountains to the east, Otay Lakes Road and Upper Otay Reservoir to the north, and the city of Chula Vista to the west. Body of water Lower Otay Reservoir Lower O

#9 Lake Garda

Lake Garda ( Italian : Lago di Garda [ˈlaːɡo di ˈɡarda] or (Lago) Benaco [beˈnaːko] ; Eastern Lombard : Lach de Garda ; Venetian : Ƚago de Garda ; Latin : Benacus ; Ancient Greek : Βήνακος [1] ) is the largest lake in Italy . It is a popular holiday location in northern Italy, about halfway between

#10 Lake Buel

Lake Buel is a 196-acre (0.79   km 2 ) great pond in Berkshire County , Massachusetts just south of Route 57 and east of Great Barrington . [1] It is surrounded by over one-hundred summer homes and a few dozen year-round homes in about a dozen separate, tight-knit neighborhoods, each with its own pr

#11 Beaver Lake (Texas)

Beaver Lake was a small lake or beaver pond formerly found on the Devils River in what is now Val Verde County, Texas . It was located about 19 miles north of second crossing of Devil's River and 44 miles from Howard Springs . [1]

#12 Lake Disappear

Lake Disappear is an intermittent volcanogenic lake (see also turlough and polje ) situated in the North Island of New Zealand, just over 20   km from Raglan , 4   km beyond Bridal Veil waterfall . It has also been described as a solution lake. [1] The south end can be seen from Kawhia Rd and, when

#13 Ross Barnett Reservoir

The Ross Barnett Reservoir , often called the Rez , is a reservoir of the Pearl River between Madison and Rankin counties in the U.S. state of Mississippi . The 33,000-acre (130   km 2 ) lake serves as the state's largest drinking water resource, and is managed by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply

#14 Lake Herrera

Lake Herrera is a small lake located at 5 kilometres (3.1   mi) from the urban centre of Mosquera and about 20 kilometres (12   mi) west of the capital Bogotá in Cundinamarca , Colombia . The Andean lake has made its name in the Herrera Period , the period in the history of central Colombia before t

#15 Haleji Lake

Haleji Lake ( Urdu : ہالیجی جھیل ) is a perennial freshwater lake in Thatta District of Sindh Province , Pakistan . It is 6.58   km 2 (2.54   sq   mi) in size and is surrounded by marshes and brackish seepage lagoons . [2] Body of water Haleji Lake Haleji Lake Location Thatta District , Sindh , Paki

#16 2018 Laos dam collapse

The 2018 Laos dam collapse was the collapse of Saddle Dam D, part of a larger hydroelectric dam system under construction in southeast Laos 's Champasak Province , on 23 July 2018. The dam collapse lead to widespread destruction and homelessness among the local population in neighbouring Attapeu Pro

#17 Lake Margaret Power Station

The Lake Margaret Power Stations comprise two hydroelectric power stations located in Western Tasmania , Australia. The power stations are part of the King   – Yolande Power Scheme and are owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania . Officially the Upper Lake Margaret Power Station , a conventional hydroe

#18 Keenjhar Lake

Keenjhar Lake ( Sindhi : ڪینجھر ڍنڍ ) commonly called Malik Lake ( Urdu : کلری Malik , Sindhi : Maik ڍنڍ ) is located in Thatta District of Sindh the province of Pakistan . It is situated about 36 kilometres (22   mi) from the city of Thatta . [3] It is the largest fresh water lake in Pakistan and a

#19 Steep Rock Lake

Steep Rock Lake is a body of water near the township of Atikokan , northern Ontario , Canada . It was originally fed by the Seine River . For the community in Manitoba, see Steep Rock . Steep Rock Lake Steep Rock Lake Location Ontario , Canada Coordinates 48.79°N 91.67°W  / 48.79; -91.67 Type lake

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River / River

#1 Neretva

The Neretva ( Serbian Cyrillic : Неретва , pronounced   [něreːtʋa] ), also known as Narenta , is one of the largest rivers of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin. Four HE power-plants with large dams (higher than 150,5 metres) [2] provide flood protection, power and water storage. It is recognize

#2 Wallowa River

The Wallowa River is a tributary of the Grande Ronde River , approximately 55 miles (89   km) long, in northeastern Oregon in the United States . It drains a valley on the Columbia Plateau in the northeast corner of the state north of Wallowa Mountains . Wallowa River Wallowa River at Wallowa, Orego

#3 Fossen (Fauske)

Fossen (literally, 'the waterfall') is a waterfall along the Sjønstå River in Nordland county , Norway . [1] It is about 9 kilometers (5.6   mi) upriver from the Sjønstå farm in the municipality of Fauske . Fossen Show map of Nordland Show map of Norway Location Nordland county, Norway Coordinates 6

#4 Salmon River (Idaho)

The Salmon River , also known as " The River of No Return ", is a river located in the U.S. state of Idaho in the western United States . It   flows for 425 miles (685   km) through central Idaho, draining a rugged, thinly populated watershed of 14,000 square miles (36,000   km 2 ) . The   river dro

#5 San Juan Creek

San Juan Creek , also called the San Juan River , [1] is a 29-mile (47   km) long stream in Orange and Riverside Counties, draining a watershed of 133.9 square miles (347   km 2 ) . [4] [5] Its mainstem begins in the southern Santa Ana Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest . It winds west and s

#6 Blyth Navigation

The Blyth Navigation was a canal in Suffolk , England , running 7 miles (11   km) from Halesworth to the North Sea at Southwold . It opened in 1761, and was insolvent by 1884. Its demise was accelerated by an attempt to reclaim saltings at Blythburgh , which resulted in the estuary silting up. It wa

#7 Continuous cruiser

A Continuous Cruiser licence is a class of boat licence issued on United Kingdom inland waterways under the control of the Canal and River Trust (a charity which replaced British Waterways in July 2012). The term "Continuous Cruiser" refers specifically to boats and/or owners operating under such li

#8 Casaluna

The Casaluna is a small river in the department of Haute-Corse , Corsica, France. It is a tributary of the Golo . River in the department of Haute-Corse, Corsica Casaluna Lano bridge Show map of Corsica Show map of France Location Country France Region Corsica Department Haute-Corse Physical   chara

#9 Mutha River

The Mutha River [1] is a river in western Maharashtra , India . It arises in the Western Ghats and flows eastward until it merges with the Mula River in the city of Pune . It has been dammed twice, first at the Panshet Dam (on the Ambi River ), used as a source of drinking water for Pune city and ir

#10 Prut

The Prut (also spelled in English as Pruth ; Romanian pronunciation:   [prut] , Ukrainian : Прут ) is a 953   km (592   mi) long river in Eastern Europe . [2] It is a left tributary of the Danube . [3] [4] In part of its course it forms Romania 's border with Moldova and Ukraine . River in Eastern E

#11 Gudbrandsdalslågen

The Gudbrandsdalslågen (or simply Lågen ) is a river which flows through the Gudbrandsdal valley in Innlandet county, Norway . The 204-kilometre (127   mi) long river runs through a large valley in Eastern Norway before emptying into Mjøsa , the largest lake in Norway. The river flows through the mu

#12 Sturgeon River (Michigan)

Sturgeon River may refer to any of the following streams in the U.S. state of Michigan: Sturgeon River (Delta County, Michigan) — The Sturgeon River rises as outflow of Sixteenmile Lake in Alger County at 46°17′35″N 86°46′00″W and flows primarily southward into the Big Bay de Noc at 45°50′17″N 86°40

#13 Sturgeon River (Delta County, Michigan)

Sturgeon River is a 63.6-mile-long (102.4   km) [2] river in the U.S. state of Michigan , flowing mostly southward through Alger County and Delta County counties on the Upper Peninsula . For other "Sturgeon Rivers" in Michigan, see Sturgeon River (Michigan) . River in the United States Sturgeon Rive

#14 Danube–Black Sea Canal

The Danube–Black Sea Canal ( Romanian : Canalul Dunăre–Marea Neagră ) is a navigable canal in Romania , which runs from Cernavodă on the Danube river, via two branches, to Constanța and Năvodari on the Black Sea . Administered from Agigea , it is an important part of the waterway link between the No

#15 Ashby Canal

The Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal is a 31-mile (50   km) long canal in England which connected the mining district around Moira , just outside the town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire , with the Coventry Canal at Bedworth in Warwickshire . It was opened in 1804, and a number of tramways were constr

#16 Detroit River

The Detroit River flows west and south for 24 nautical miles (44   km; 28   mi) from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie as a strait in the Great Lakes system. The river divides the metropolitan areas of Detroit , Michigan , and Windsor , Ontario —an area collectively referred to as Detroit–Windsor —and for

#17 Bindusara River

Bindusara (also called Bendsura) is a small river situated in the district of Beed in Maharashtra state of India . It is a tributary river of Sindphana and a sub-tributary of Godavari river. Bendsura dam overflowing in monsoon . Balaghat Range can be seen in the background. River in Maharashtra, Ind

#18 Messers Run

Messers Run is a tributary of Catawissa Creek in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. It is approximately 5.2 miles (8.4   km) long and flows through Kline Township and East Union Township . The only named tributary of the stream is Negro Hollow , but it has two unnamed tributarie

#19 Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River ( Spanish : Río de Los Ángeles ), historically known as the Porciúncula River ( Río Porciúncula ), is a major river in Los Angeles County, California . Its headwaters are in the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains , and it flows nearly 51 miles (82   km) from Canoga Park thro

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Sea / Sea

#1 Liever Marches Bay

Liever Marches Bay is a shallow bight on the north shore of the island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands , just east of Brown Bay , towards the eastern end of the island. It has a 450 feet (140   m) shingle beach .

#2 Port Etches

Port Etches is a bay in the southcentral part of the U.S. state of Alaska . It is located on the west side of Hinchinbrook Island and opens onto Hinchinbrook Entrance, a strait between Hinchinbrook Island and Montague Island , connecting Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska . Port Etches was

#3 Blue Mud Bay

Blue Mud Bay is a large, shallow, partly enclosed bay on the eastern coast of Arnhem Land , in the Northern Territory of Australia, facing Groote Eylandt on the western side of the Gulf of Carpentaria . It lies 580   km (360   mi) east-south-east of Darwin in the Arnhem Coast bioregion . Its name wa

#4 Grankullaviken

Grankullaviken (or Grankullavik ) is a shallow [1] bay at the northern tip of Öland , Sweden, located in Böda socken , Borgholm Municipality . The bay is almost completely enclosed by two headlands and a few small shoal islands (Stora grundet, Borren, and Lilla grundet). Grankullavik is also the nam

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