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Coast / Coast

#1 Cape Three Forks

Cape Three Forks or Cape Tres Forcas is a headland on the Mediterranean coast of northeastern Morocco . Cape in northern Morocco Cape Three Forks as seen from the highlands over Melilla to its south Location in Morocco.

#2 Blackpool

Blackpool is a seaside resort in Lancashire , England. Located on the northwest coast of England, it is the main settlement within the borough also called Blackpool . The town is by the Irish Sea , between the Ribble and Wyre rivers, and is 27 miles (43   km) north of Liverpool and 40 miles (64   km

#3 Lizard Point, Cornwall

Lizard Point ( from Cornish an Lysardh   'the high court' ) in Cornwall is at the southern tip of the Lizard Peninsula . It is situated half-a-mile (800   m) south of Lizard village in the civil parish of Landewednack and about 11 miles (18   km) southeast of Helston . [1] Human settlement in Englan

#4 Shippan Point

Shippan Point (or Shippan ) is the southernmost neighborhood in Stamford , Connecticut , United States , located on a peninsula in Long Island Sound . Street names such as Ocean Drive West and Lighthouse Way reflect the neighborhood's shoreline location. It is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in

#5 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#6 Rua Reidh Lighthouse

Rua Reidh Lighthouse stands close to the entrance to Loch Ewe in Wester Ross , Scotland. Lighthouse Rua Reidh Lighthouse Rubha Reidh Rubh' Re Rua Reidh Lighthouse Location Melvaig Gairloch Wester Ross Scotland OS grid NG7396491847 Coordinates 57°51′31.8″N 05°48′42.3″W Tower Constructed 1912 Built by

#7 Pelješac

Pelješac ( Croatian pronunciation:   [pɛ̌ʎɛʃats] ; Chakavian : Pelišac ; Italian : Sabbioncello ) is a peninsula in southern Dalmatia [1] in Croatia . The peninsula is part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and is the second largest peninsula in Croatia. From the isthmus that begins at Ston , to the t

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Island / Island

#1 Chambers Island

Chambers Island , named in honor of Col. Talbot Chambers , is a 2,834 acre (4.428 sq. mi.) island in Green Bay , about 7 miles (11   km) off the coast of the Door Peninsula , near Gibraltar , Wisconsin . It is part of the Town of Gibraltar in Door County . [2] Chambers Island Chambers Island on Octo

#2 Saipan

Saipan ( / s aɪ ˈ p æ n / Chamorro : Sa’ipan , Carolinian : Seipél , formerly in Spanish : Saipán , and in Japanese : 彩帆島 , romanized :   Saipan-tō ) is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands , a commonwealth of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean . According to 2020 estimates

#3 Kii Ōshima

Kii Ōshima ( 紀伊大島 ) is an inhabited island lying off the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula and the southernmost point of Honshū , Japan . It has an estimated population of around 2000, and is administratively part of the town of Kushimoto in Wakayama Prefecture . The island is approximately 8 kilome

#4 Île Seguin

Île Seguin ( Seguin Island ) is an island on the Seine river between Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres , in the west suburbs of Paris , France. It has a surface area of approximately 11.5 hectares (28 acres), and is positioned opposite Meudon , a short distance downstream from the Île Saint-Germain .

#5 Chiloé Archipelago

The Chiloé Archipelago ( Spanish : Archipiélago de Chiloé , pronounced   [tʃiloˈe] , locally   [ʃiloˈe] ) is a group of islands lying off the coast of Chile , in the Los Lagos Region . It is separated from mainland Chile by the Chacao Channel in the north, the Sea of Chiloé in the east and the Gulf

#6 Côn Sơn Island

Côn Sơn ( [koŋ˧˧ ʂəːŋ˧˧] cong-suhng ), also known as Côn Lôn is the largest island of the Côn Đảo archipelago, off the coast of southern Vietnam . [1] Island of Con Dao district, Vietnam For the film, see Tiger Cage (film) . Côn Đảo Prison Côn Sơn Island Cambodia Laos Vietnam South China Sea Locatio

#7 Portsea Island

Portsea Island is a flat and low-lying natural island 24.5 square kilometres (9.5   sq   mi; 6,100 acres) in area, just off the southern coast of Hampshire in England . Portsea Island contains the majority of the city of Portsmouth . Island off the southern coast of England For the town in Australia

#8 Neebish Island

Neebish Island is located in the U.S. state of Michigan , in the St. Marys River , which connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron at the easternmost point of Michigan's upper peninsula . Island Neebish Island Native name: Aniibiish (Ojibwe) Neebish Island Geography Location St. Marys River Coordinates

#9 Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands ( / ˈ p ɪ t k ɛər n / ; [3] Pitkern : Pitkern Ailen ), officially the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands , [4] [5] [6] [7] is a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form the sole British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean. The four isla

#10 Iles Purpuraires

Iles Purpuraires are a set of small islands off the western coast of Morocco at the bay located at Essaouira , the largest of which is Mogador Island . These islands were settled in antiquity by the Phoenicians , chiefly to exploit certain marine resources and as a promontory fort . (Hogan, 2007) Ro

#11 Anholt (Denmark)

Anholt ( Danish pronunciation:   [ˈænˌhʌlˀt] ) is a Danish island in the Kattegat , midway between Jutland and Sweden at the entrance to the North Sea in Northern Europe. There are 136 permanent residents as of 1 January 2021. [2] Anholt is seven   mi (11   km) long and about four   mi (6.4   km) wi

#12 Zubair Group

Zubair Group , Al Zubair Group or Zubayr Group ( Arabic : مجموعة جزر الزبير , or simply: جزر الزبير ) is a group of 10 major volcanic islands, on top of an underlying shield volcano in the Red Sea , which reach a height of 191   m (627   ft) above sea level. The volcano has continued to erupt in his

#13 Geography of Greenland

Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean , northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland . The territory comprises the island of Greenland—the largest island in the world —and more than a hundred other smaller islands (see alphabetic list ). Greenland has a 1.2 kilom

#14 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai ( ɽ ( listen ) ) is a submarine volcano in the South Pacific located about 30   km (19   mi) south of the submarine volcano of Fonuafo ʻ ou and 65   km (40   mi) north of Tongatapu , Tonga 's main island. [3] It is part of the highly active Kermadec-Tonga subduction zone an

#15 Sulawesi

Sulawesi ( / ˌ s uː l ɑː ˈ w eɪ s i / ), [1] also known as Celebes ( / ˈ s ɛ l ə ˌ b iː z , s ə ˈ l iː b iː z / ), [2] is one of the four Greater Sunda Islands . It is governed by Indonesia . The world's eleventh-largest island , it is situated east of Borneo , west of the Maluku Islands , and south

#16 Livingston Island

Livingston Island (Russian name Smolensk , [1] [2] 62°36′S 60°30′W ) is an Antarctic island in the Southern Ocean , part of the South Shetlands Archipelago , a group of Antarctic islands north of the Antarctic Peninsula . It was the first land discovered south of 60° south latitude in 1819, a histor

#17 Bethel Island

Bethel Island is an island in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta of Contra Costa County, California , approximately 10 kilometres (6.2   mi) east of Antioch . [6] The island describes itself as "the heart of the California Delta." Bethel Island USGS aerial imagery of Bethel Island (right) and Je

#18 List of populated islands of the Great Lakes

The following is a list of populated islands of the Great Lakes and connecting rivers. The islands listed have a specified year-round population of over 50 residents. This list is incomplete ; you can help by adding missing items . ( May 2012 ) A map showing the Great Lakes Populated islands are mos

#19 Thimble Islands

The Thimble Islands is an archipelago consisting of small islands in Long Island Sound , located in and around the harbor of Stony Creek in the southeast corner of Branford, Connecticut . The islands are under the jurisdiction of the United States with security provided by the town of Branford polic

#20 Mogador Island

Mogador Island ( Arabic : جزيرة موكادور Jazīra Mūkādūr , Berber : ⴰⵎⴳⴷⵓⵍ, Amegdul , French: Ile Mogador) is the main island of the Iles Purpuraires near Essaouira in Morocco . It is about 3 kilometres (2 miles) long and 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) wide, and lies about 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) from Essaou

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Kunyang Chhish East

Kunyang or Khunyang Chhish East is a 7,400 metres (24,300   ft) mountain in the Khunyang Chhish massif (a subrange of the Karakoram mountains of Pakistan ). It is separated by a 7,160 metres (23,490   ft) pass from the main summit 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) to the West and has a 2,700 metres (8,900   f

#2 Rampisham Down

Rampisham Down is a chalk hill in the Dorset Downs , eight miles north west of Dorchester in west Dorset , England . The highest part of the hill is 221   metres (720   feet). To the north east of the hill is the Frome valley and the village of Rampisham , to the south west is the Hooke valley and t

#3 St. Boris Peak

St. Boris Peak ( Bulgarian : връх Св. Борис , romanized :   vrah Sv. Boris , IPA:   [ˈvrɤx svɛˈti boˈris] ) is an ice-covered mountain rising to 1,699   m in Friesland Ridge , Tangra Mountains on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands , Antarctica . It is the second highest peak of both the

#4 Mount Jackson (Western Australia)

Mount Jackson is a hill in outback Western Australia located at 30.249°S 119.264°E  / -30.249; 119.264 . [1] It is situated 67 kilometres (42   mi) NNW of Koolyanobbing and 110 kilometres (68   mi) NNE of Southern Cross . It is in the Shire of Yilgarn . Augustus Gregory discovered and named the 617

#5 Gareloi Volcano

The Gareloi Volcano is a stratovolcano in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska , United States , about 1,259 miles (2,026   km) from Anchorage . Gareloi is located on Gareloi Island , and comprises most of its land mass. The island also has two small glaciers which protrude to the northwest and southeast.

#6 Tangra Mountains

Tangra Mountains (in Bulgarian Тангра планина , 'Tangra planina' \'tan-gra pla-ni-'na\) ( 62°40′00″S 60°06′00″W ) form the principal mountain range of Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands , Antarctica . The range had been nameless until 2001, when it was named after Tangra, "the name of t

#7 Black Hills

The Black Hills ( Lakota : Ȟe Sápa ; Cheyenne : Moʼȯhta-voʼhonáaeva ; Hidatsa : awaxaawi shiibisha [1] ) are a small and isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains of North America in western South Dakota and extending into Wyoming , United States. [2] Black Elk Peak (formerly known as Har

#8 Mount Arayat

Mount Arayat is a potentially active stratovolcano located in the province of Pampanga on the island of Luzon, Philippines , rising to a height of 1,033 metres (3,389   ft) . The volcano has a breached crater on its northwest side with a smaller andesitic dome in the collapse amphitheater. There are

#9 Mount Tabor (Oregon)

Mount Tabor is an extinct [1] [2] volcanic vent [3] with a city park on the volcano, located in Portland, Oregon 's neighborhood of the same name . The name refers to Mount Tabor, Israel . It was named by Plympton Kelly, son of Oregon City pioneer resident Clinton Kelly . [4] Extinct volcano vent, n

#10 Simeon Peak

Simeon Peak ( Bulgarian : връх Симеон , romanized :   vrah Simeon , IPA:   [ˈvrɤx simɛˈɔn] ) rises to 1,580   m [1] [2] in Friesland Ridge , Tangra Mountains , Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands , Antarctica . The peak is heavily glaciated, connected to St. Boris Peak to the northeast b

#11 Mount Whewell

Mount Whewell ( 72°3′S 169°35′E ) is a massive mountain (2,945   m) between the mouths of Ironside and Honeycomb Glaciers in the Admiralty Mountains , Victoria Land . Named by Sir James Clark Ross , January 15, 1841, for the Reverend Dr . William Whewell , Master of Trinity College , Cambridge. Moun

#12 Cerro Cedral

The Cerro Cedral is the second highest mountain of the Cerros de Escazú , Costa Rica with 2,420   m (7,940   ft) . [1] Cedral means 'cedar forest' referring to an endangered tree species locally known as Cedro Dulce , which occurs there. [2] Cerro Cedral Cerro Cedral Location in Costa Rica Highest  

#13 Cerro Pico Blanco

The Cerro Pico Blanco is the second highest mountain of the Cerros de Escazú , Costa Rica , with a summit elevation of 2,428   m (7,966   ft) . [1] Pico Blanco means literally 'white peak', making reference of the rocky outcropping close to its highest point, that looks light gray from the Central V

#14 Mount Lindesay (Queensland)

Mount Lindesay is a rural locality in the Scenic Rim Region , Queensland , Australia. [2] It borders New South Wales . [3] In the 2016 census , Mount Lindesay had a population of 3 people. [1] Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap   Download coordinates as: KML Suburb of Scenic Rim Region, Queens

#15 Temple Mount

The Temple Mount ( Hebrew : הַר הַבַּיִת , romanized:   Har haBayīt , lit.   ' Mount of the House [of the Holy] ' ), also known as al-Ḥaram al-Sharīf ( Arabic : الحرم الشريف, lit. 'The Noble Sanctuary'), al-Aqsa Mosque compound , or simply al-Aqsa Mosque ( المسجد الأقصى , al-Masjid al-Aqṣā , lit. 'T

#16 List of people who died on the Presidential Range

The Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire consist of a series of mountains whose maximum elevation reaches 6,288 feet (1,917   m) and represent some of the highest mountains in the United States east of the Mississippi River . Fatalities in this area are dominated by those that

#17 Capelinhos

The Capelinhos (from Capelo + -inhos diminutive, which literally means "little cape") is a monogenetic volcano located on the western coast of Faial Island in the Azores . It is part of the larger volcanic complex of Capelo, which includes 20 scoria cones and lava fields that are aligned west-northw

#18 Mount Everest

Mount Everest ( Nepali : सगरमाथा , romanized:   Sagarmāthā ; Tibetan : Chomolungma ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ ; Chinese : 珠穆朗玛峰 ; pinyin : Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng ) is Earth's highest mountain above sea level , located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas . The China–Nepal border runs across its summit poin

#19 Academia Peak

Academia Peak ( Bulgarian : връх Академия , romanized :   vrah Akademiya , IPA:   [ˈvrɤx ɐkɐˈdɛmijɐ] ) is a peak rising to 1,253   m in the Friesland Ridge , Tangra Mountains on eastern Livingston Island in Antarctica . The peak has precipitous and ice-free north-western slopes and surmounts Huntres

#20 Steigerwald

The Steigerwald is a hill region up to 498.5   m   above   sea level (NHN) [1] in the Bavarian - Franconian part of the South German Scarplands between Würzburg and Nuremberg . It is part of the Keuper Uplands , and within it, it is continued to the north-northeast and right of the river Main , by t

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Buffalo Bill Dam

Buffalo Bill Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Shoshone River in the U.S. state of Wyoming . It is named after the famous Wild West figure William "Buffalo Bill" Cody , who founded the nearby town of Cody and owned much of the land now covered by the reservoir formed by its construction. The

#2 Perry Lake (Kansas)

Perry Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers operated reservoir in northeast Kansas . Its primary purposes are flood control , water reserve for nearby areas and regional recreation. The lake is approximately 11,150 acres (45   km²) in size, with over 160 miles (260   km) of shoreline. [5] Perry Lake'

#3 Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is a saline lake on the edge of Middle Island , the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago in the Goldfields-Esperance region, off the south coast of Western Australia . It is particularly notable for its pink colour. A long and thin shore divides the S

#4 Lake Chagan

Lake Chagan ( Kazakh : Шаған , Şağan ), or Lake Balapan , is a lake in Kazakhstan created by the Chagan nuclear test on January 15, 1965, which was conducted as part of the Soviet Union ' s Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy program. A 140 kiloton device was placed in a 178-metre-deep (584

#5 Austin Dam failure (Pennsylvania)

The Austin Dam , also known as the Bayless Dam , was a concrete gravity dam in the Austin, Pennsylvania area that served the Bayless Pulp and Paper Mill. Built in 1909, It was the largest dam of its type in Pennsylvania at the time. The catastrophic failure of the dam on September 30, 1911 caused si

#6 Lake Bemidji

Lake Bemidji is a small glacially-formed lake , approximately 11 square miles (28,000,000   m 2 ; 7,000 acres; 2,800   ha) in area, in northern Minnesota in the United States . Located less than 50 miles (80   km) downstream from the source of the Mississippi River , it both receives and is drained

#7 Senanayake Samudraya

Senanayake Samudraya ( Sinhala : සේනානායක සමූද්‍රය, Tamil : சேனானாயக்க சமூத்ரய) is the biggest reservoir and man-made lake in Sri Lanka . It is locally known as the sea ( Sinhala :සමූද්‍රය samudraya , Tamil :கடல்). Senanayake Samudraya was opened on 28 August 1949 under the Gal Oya Multipurpose Sche

#8 Lindston Loch, South Ayrshire

Lindston Loch (NS 37272 16195) was a small freshwater loch situated within a glacial 'kettle hole.' The loch lies in the South Ayrshire Council Area, Parish of Dalrymple , Scotland. Body of water Lindston Loch The site of Lindston Loch Lindston Loch The location of The Lindston Loch, South Ayrshire

#9 Lake Sunapee

Lake Sunapee is located within Sullivan County and Merrimack County in western New Hampshire , the United States . It is the fifth-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire. For the steamship, see SS Lake Sunapee . This article needs additional citations for verification . ( May 2014 ) Body of

#10 Tislit Lake

Lake Tislit is a lake located in Morocco 's Haut Atlas Oriental National Park , in the administrative division of Imilchil . This is an "agdal" (which means "proprietary grazing field" in the Berber language ) where the tribes of Ayt Ḥdiddu lead their flocks during the summer. The lake has been desi

#11 Lovatnet

Lovatnet (also Loenvatnet) is a lake in the municipality of Stryn in Vestland county, Norway . It is located about 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) southeast of the village of Loen and about 6 kilometres (3.7   mi) east of the village of Olden . The lake lies just 2 kilometres (1.2   mi) southwest of the mou

#12 Holmenkollbakken

Holmenkollbakken is a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo , Norway . It has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120, and a capacity for 70,000 spectators. Holmenkollen has hosted the Holmenkollen Ski Festival since 1892, which since 1980 have been part of the FIS Ski J

#13 Lake Aguelmame Sidi Ali

Aguelmame Sidi Ali is a lake in Khénifra Province , Béni Mellal-Khénifra , Morocco . Located at an altitude of 2,080 metres, Aguelmame Sidi Ali has a surface area of approximately 500 hectares (1,200 acres) and a depth of 36   m (118   ft) . [2] It is near the boundary of the province of Ifrane with

#14 Lake Julius

Lake Julius was formed following the construction of Julius Dam in 1976 for irrigation and town water storage. The dam wall is located just below the junction of the Leichhardt River and Paroo Creek some 70 kilometres (43   mi) North East of Mount Isa . With a catchment area of 4,845 square kilometr

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River / River

#1 Columbia Canal

The Columbia Canal is the surviving canal of a series of canals built by the State of South Carolina in 1824 using the labor of indentured Irishmen to provide direct water routes between the upstate settlements and the towns on the Fall Line . It is on the Congaree and Broad rivers in Columbia, Sout

#2 Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway

The Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway is a protected green belt corridor , more than one and a half miles (1.6   km) wide in places, that was the former route of the proposed Cross Florida Barge Canal . [1] [2] It is named for the leader of opposition to the Cross Florida Barge Canal, Marj

#3 White Sea–Baltic Canal

The White Sea–Baltic Canal ( Russian : Беломо́рско-Балти́йский кана́л , Byelomorsko-Baltiyskiy kanal , BBK ), often abbreviated to White Sea Canal ( Belomorkanal ) is a ship canal in Russia opened on 02/08/1933. It connects the White Sea , in the Arctic Ocean , with Lake Onega , which is further con

#4 Moulouya River

The Moulouya River ( Berber : iɣẓer en Melwect , Arabic : وادي ملوية ) is a 520   km-long river in Morocco . Its sources are located in the Ayashi mountain in the Middle Atlas . [2] It empties into the Mediterranean Sea near Saïdia , in northeast Morocco. 520 km-long river in Morocco Moulouya River

#5 Caldon Canal

Caldon Canal is a branch of the Trent and Mersey Canal which opened in 1779. It runs 18 miles (29   km) from Etruria , Stoke-on-Trent , to Froghall , Staffordshire. The canal has 17 locks and the 76-yard (69   m) Froghall Tunnel. [1] Caldon Canal The southern portal of Leek Tunnel Specifications Len

#6 Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal , also known unofficially as the Rideau Waterway , connects Canada's capital city of Ottawa , Ontario , to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston . It is 202 kilometres long. [1] The name Rideau , French for "curtain", is derived from the curtain-like appearance of th

#7 Draa River

The Draa ( Berber languages : Asif en Dra , ⴰⵙⵉⴼ ⴻⵏ ⴷⵔⴰ , Moroccan Arabic : واد درعة , romanized:   wad dərʿa ; also spelled Dra or Drâa , in older sources mostly Darha or Dara ) is Morocco 's longest river, at 1,100 kilometres (680   mi) . It is formed by the confluence of the Dadès River and Imini

#8 Little Mecatina River

The Little Mécatina River ( French : Rivière du Petit Mécatina ) is a major river in the Côte-Nord region of the provinces of Labrador and Quebec, Canada. Studies have been made to exploit the hydroelectric potential of the river, which could be around 1,200   MW from three dams. The Little Mécatina

#9 Paint Creek (Washtenaw County, Michigan)

Paint Creek is a stream mostly located within Washtenaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan . The stream flows south before entering as a tributary to Stony Creek along the county line with Monroe County . [1] For the creek in Oakland County, see Paint Creek (Oakland County, Michigan) . River in Mi

#10 Stony Clove Creek

Stony Clove Creek is a 10.3-mile-long (16.6   km) [3] creek in the Catskill Mountains in New York . It is a tributary of Esopus Creek , which in turn is a tributary of the Hudson River . It joins the Esopus in the village of Phoenicia , and has two smaller tributaries up north of Phoenicia. River in

#11 Chitravathi River

The Chitravathi is an inter-state river in southern India that is a tributary of the Penna River . Rising in Karnataka , it flows into Andhra Pradesh and its basin covers an area of over 5,900   km 2 . The pilgrim town of Puttaparthi is located on its banks. River in India The Chitravathi at Puttapa

#12 Uttoxeter Canal

The Uttoxeter Canal pronounced (listen)   ( help · info ) was a thirteen-mile extension of the Caldon Canal running from Froghall as far as Uttoxeter in Staffordshire , England . It was authorised in 1797, but did not open until 1811. With the exception of the first lock and basin at Froghall, it cl

#13 Istanbul Canal

The Istanbul Canal ( Turkish : Kanal İstanbul ) is a project for an artificial sea-level waterway, which is planned by Turkey on East Thrace , connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara , and thus to the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Istanbul Canal would bisect the current European side of Ista

#14 Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain ( / ˈ p ɒ n tʃ ə t r eɪ n / PON -chə-trayn ) [1] is a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana in the United States. It covers an area of 630 square miles (1,600   km 2 ) with an average depth of 12 to 14 feet (3.7 to 4.3   m) . Some shipping channels are kept deeper thr

#15 Ural (river)

The Ural ( Russian : Урал , pronounced   [ʊˈraɫ] ), known as Yaik ( Russian : Яик , Bashkir : Яйыҡ , romanized:   Yayıq , pronounced   [jɑˈjɯq] ; Kazakh : Жайық , romanized:   Zhayyk , pronounced   [ʑɑˈjəq] ) before 1775, is a river flowing through Russia and Kazakhstan in the continental border bet

#16 Loukkos River

The Loukkos River (واد لوكوس) (Spanish:Río Luco) is a major river in northern Morocco . Although it is relatively short (about 100   km), the river is the third largest in Morocco with an average flow of 50 m³/s. The Loukkos river's source is located in the Rif Mountains and flows into the Atlantic

#17 Minetta Creek

Minetta Creek was one of the largest natural watercourses in Manhattan , New York City , United States. Minetta Creek was fed from two tributaries , one originating at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street, and the other originating at Sixth Avenue and 16th Street. They joined near Fifth Avenue and 11th Stre

#18 Ohio and Erie Canal

The Ohio and Erie Canal was a canal constructed during the 1820s and early 1830s in Ohio . It connected Akron with the Cuyahoga River near its outlet on Lake Erie in Cleveland , and a few years later, with the Ohio River near Portsmouth . It also had connections to other canal systems in Pennsylvani

#19 Dollis Creek

Dollis Creek (formerly Squaw Creek) is a creek that spans the border between British Columbia and the Yukon . The creek is 8 miles in length and flows from the Atlin Country region of British Columbia north across the BC-Yukon boundary into the Tatshenshini River approximately 10 miles from Old Dalt

#20 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls ( / n aɪ ˈ æ ɡ ər ə / ) is a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge , spanning the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls , which straddles the international bo

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Sea / Sea

#1 Port Phillip

Port Phillip ( Kulin : Narm-Narm [1] ) or Port Phillip Bay is a horsehead-shaped enclosed bay on the central coast of southern Victoria , Australia . The bay opens into the Bass Strait via a short, narrow channel known as The Rip , and is completely surrounded by localities of Victoria's two largest

#2 Hope Bay

Hope Bay ( Spanish : Bahía Esperanza ) on Trinity Peninsula , is five kilometres (three miles) long and three kilometres (two miles) wide, indenting the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and opening on Antarctic Sound . It is the site of the Argentinian Antarctic settlement Esperanza Base , established

#3 Amundsen Bay

Amundsen Bay , also known as Ice Bay , is a long embayment 39 kilometres (24   mi) wide, close west of the Tula Mountains in Enderby Land , Antarctica . The bay was seen as a large pack-filled recession in the coastline by Sir Douglas Mawson on 14 January 1930. Seen by Captain Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen

#4 Meretoto / Ship Cove

Meretoto / Ship Cove is a small bay in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand , renowned as the first place of prolonged contact between Māori and Europeans. [1] It is located near the entrance of Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui , west of nearby Motuara Island and Long Island . Locality in New Zeal

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