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Coast / Coast

#1 Cape Fligely

Cape Fligely ( Russian : Мыс Флигели ; Mys Fligeli ), is located on the northern shores of Rudolf Island and Franz Josef Land in the Russian Federation , [1] [2] and is the northernmost point of Russia, Europe , and Eurasia as a whole. It is 911 kilometres (566   mi) south from the North Pole . Cape

#2 Children's Pool Beach

Children's Pool Beach is a small sandy beach area located at 850 Coast Boulevard, at the end of Jenner Street, in San Diego , California , United States. Aerial view of the pool, May 2011, with over 200 seals on the beach The Children's Pool earned its name after the construction of a concrete break

#3 Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe is a seaside town in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire , England, part of the civil parish of Mablethorpe and Sutton . [1] The population including nearby Sutton-on-Sea was 12,531 at the 2011 census and estimated at 12,633 in 2019. [2] The town was visited regularly by Alfred, Lo

#4 Sewell's Point

Sewells Point is a peninsula of land in the independent city of Norfolk, Virginia in the United States , located at the mouth of the salt-water port of Hampton Roads . Sewells Point is bordered by water on three sides, with Willoughby Bay to the north, Hampton Roads to the west, and the Lafayette Ri

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Island / Island

#1 Dinagat Islands

The Dinagat Islands ( Cebuano : Mga Pulo sa Dinagat ; Surigaonon : Mga Puyo nan Dinagat ; Kabalian : Mga Puyo san Dinagat ; Waray : Mga Purô han Dinagat ; Filipino : Mga Islang Dinagat [4] ) are a group of islands constituting a province in the Caraga region in the Philippines , located on the south

#2 Saint Vincent (Antilles)

Saint Vincent is a volcanic island in the Caribbean . It is the largest island of the country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is located in the Caribbean Sea , between Saint Lucia and Grenada . It is composed of partially submerged volcanic mountains. Its largest volcano and the country's highe

#3 Tahiti

Tahiti ( English: / t ə ˈ h iː t i / ; Tahitian [taˈhiti] ; [2] French pronunciation:   ​ [ta.i.ti] ; previously also known as Otaheite ) is the largest island of the Windward group of the Society Islands in French Polynesia . It is located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean and the nearest ma

#4 Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is an island in New York City 's East River , within the borough of Manhattan . It lies between Manhattan Island to the west, and the borough of Queens , on Long Island , to the east. Running from the equivalent of East 46th to 85th Streets on Manhattan Island, it is about 2 miles (

#5 Russell Island (Moreton Bay)

Russell Island is an island, a town and a locality in the City of Redland , Queensland , Australia. [2] [3] [4] The island is also known by its traditional Aboriginal name of Canaipa . [5] In the 2016 census , Russell Island had a population of 2,836 people. [1] For other places with the same name,

#6 Franz Josef Land

Franz Josef Land , Frantz Iosef Land , Franz Joseph Land or Francis Joseph's Land ( Russian : Земля́ Фра́нца-Ио́сифа , tr. Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa , Norwegian : Fridtjof Nansen Land ) is a Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean . It is inhabited only by military personnel. [1] It constitutes the nort

#7 Leeward Islands (Society Islands)

The Leeward Islands ( French : Îles Sous-le-vent ; Tahitian : Fenua Raro Mata’i , literally "Islands Under-the-Wind") are the western part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia , an overseas collectivity of France in the South Pacific . They lie south of the Line Islands (part of Kiribati ), ea

#8 Astypalaia

Astypalaia ( Greek : Αστυπάλαια, pronounced   [astiˈpalea] ), is a Greek island with 1,334 residents (2011 census). It belongs to the Dodecanese , an archipelago of fifteen major islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea . For the figure in Greek mythology, see Astypalaia (mythology) . For the town on

#9 Hog Island (Wisconsin)

Hog Island is an uninhabited island located off the eastern shore of Washington Island in the town of Washington , Door County, Wisconsin, United States. [1] The island has a land area of 2.14 acres (8,656   m 2 ) [2] and an elevation of 10 feet [3] or 20 feet [4] above Lake Michigan. Island in Lake

#10 Onrust Island

Onrust Island also known as Pulau Onrust or Pulau Kapal (ship island) is an Indonesian island off the coast of Jakarta . It measures about 3.5   km 2 (1.4   sq   mi) and is part of the Thousand Islands Indonesian island Onrust Island A Dutch engraving of the island, c.   1765 Onrust Island Geography

#11 Ko Pha-ngan

Ko Pha-ngan [1] ( Thai : เกาะพะงัน , RTGS :   Ko Pha-ngan ,

#12 St Catherine's Island

St Catherine's Island ( Welsh : Ynys Catrin ) is a small tidal island linked to Tenby in Pembrokeshire , Wales , by Castle beach at low tide . The island, which is known colloquially as St Catherine's Rock, is the location of St Catherine's Fort . [1] Small tidal island linked to Tenby in Pembrokesh

#13 Green Island (Queensland)

Green Island (originally Dabuukji ) is a marine island and locality in the Cairns Region , Queensland , Australia. [2] [3] In the 2016 census Green Island had a population of 25 people. [1] For the National Park, see Green Island National Park . Green Island Native name: Dabuukji Green Island jetty

#14 Suvarnadurg

Suvarnadurg ( Marathi : सुवर्णदुर्ग - translation : Golden Fort , also spelt Severndroog in English, a spelling sometimes also used for Savandurga [2] [3] ) is a fort that is located between Mumbai and Goa on a small island in the Arabian Sea , near Harnai in Konkan , along the West Coast of India ,

#15 Utila

Utila (Isla de Utila) is the smallest of Honduras ' major Bay Islands , after Roatán and Guanaja , in a region that marks the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System , the second-largest in the world. Smallest of Islas de la Bahía, Honduras Utila Typical road near the Munchies Restaurant,

#16 North Rona

Rona [6] ( Scottish Gaelic : Rònaigh ) is a remote, uninhabited Scottish island in the North Atlantic . Rona is often referred to as North Rona to distinguish it from South Rona (another small island, in the Inner Hebrides ). It has an area of 109 hectares (270 acres) and a maximum elevation of 108

#17 Naval Base Okinawa

Naval Base Okinawa , now Naval Facility Okinawa , was and is a number of bases built after the Battle of Okinawa by United States Navy on the Okinawa Island of Japan . The naval bases were built to support the landings on Okinawa on April 1, 1945, and the troops fighting on Okinawa. The Navy repaire

#18 Saint Helena Island (South Carolina)

St. Helena Island is a Sea Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina , United States. The island is connected to Beaufort by U.S. Highway 21 . The island has a land area of about 64   sq   mi (170   km 2 ) and a population of 8,763 as of the 2010 census . It is included as part of the Hilton Head Is

#19 Cephalonia

Kefalonia or Cephalonia ( Greek : Κεφαλονιά ), formerly also known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia ( Κεφαλληνία ), is the largest of the Ionian Islands [1] in western Greece and the 6th largest island in Greece after Crete , Euboea , Lesbos , Rhodes and Chios . It is also a separate regional unit of th

#20 Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays are an archipelago located in the Southern Grenadines of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines comprising five small islands and extensive coral reefs . The cays – Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby – are a popular tourism destination. Archipelago in the Southern

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288.2   ft (1,916.6   m) and the most topographically prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River . Highest mountain in Northeastern United States For other uses, see Mount Washington (disambiguation) and List of peaks

#2 Klokova

Klokova ( Greek : Κλόκοβα , also known as Paliovouna (Παλιοβούνα)) is a mountain in the southeast of Aetolia-Acarnania , in western Greece . In classical antiquity, the mountain was known as Taphiassus (Ταφιασσός). [2] Its highest point is 1,039 m. [1] Klokova (Κλόκοβα) Taphiassos View of Klokova fr

#3 Hekla

Hekla ( Icelandic pronunciation:   ​ [ˈhɛhkla] ( listen ) ), or Hecla , [2] [3] is a stratovolcano in the south of Iceland with a height of 1,491   m (4,892   ft) . Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes ; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middl

#4 Scharfenstein (Ilsenburg)

The Scharfenstein is a mountain, 697.6   m   above   sea level (NN) [1] high, in the Harz Mountains of Germany, near Ilsenburg in the district of Harz in Saxony-Anhalt . It is part of the Harz National Park . This article includes a list of references , related reading or external links , but its so

#5 Barisan Mountains

The Bukit Barisan or the Barisan Mountains are a mountain range on the western side of Sumatra , Indonesia , covering nearly 1,700   km (1,050   mi) from the north to the south of the island. The Bukit Barisan range consists primarily of volcanoes shrouded in dense jungle cover, including Sumatran t

#6 Turrialba Volcano

Turrialba Volcano is an active volcano in central Costa Rica that has been explosively eruptive in recent years including 2016 [2] and in January, March and April 2017. [3] [4] [5] [6] Visitors used to be able to hike down into the main crater, but increased volcanic activity in 2014–17, resulting i

#7 Jinggang Mountains

The Jinggang Mountains ( Chinese : 井冈山 ; pinyin : Jǐnggāngshān ), historically rendered as Chingkang Mountains are a mountain range of the Luoxiao Mountains System (罗霄山), in the border region of Jiangxi and Hunan Provinces. "Jinggang" redirects here. For the town in Hunan, see Jinggang Town . For a

#8 Mount Grace (Chugach Mountains)

Mount Grace is a remote 10,540-foot (3,213   m) glaciated mountain summit located in the Chugach Mountains , in the U.S. state of Alaska . The unofficially named peak is situated 63   mi (101   km) east of Anchorage , 6   mi (10   km) north of College Fjord , 3.35   mi (5   km) east of Mount Goode ,

#9 Pilsdon Pen

Pilsdon Pen is a 277-metre (909   ft) hill in Dorset in South West England , situated at the north end of the Marshwood Vale , approximately 4.5 miles (7.2   km) west of Beaminster . It is Dorset's second highest point and has panoramic views extending for many miles. It was bequeathed to the Nation

#10 Kersal Moor

Kersal Moor is a recreation area in Kersal , Greater Manchester , England which consists of eight hectares of moorland [1] bounded by Moor Lane, Heathlands Road, St. Paul's Churchyard and Singleton Brook. Mountain in the United Kingdom Kersal Moor Kersal Moor, August 2007 Highest   point Elevation 3

#11 Kellerwald

The Kellerwald is a low mountain range reaching heights of up to 675 m in the western part of northern Hesse , Germany . Its assets include Germany's largest contiguous beech woodland and it contains Hesse's only national park , the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park . It is a UNESCO World Heritage Si

#12 Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands ( / ˈ f ɛər oʊ / FAIR -oh ), or simply the Faroes or Faeroes ( Faroese : Føroyar [ˈfœɹjaɹ] ( listen ) ; Danish : Færøerne [ˈfeɐ̯ˌøˀɐnə] ), are a North Atlantic archipelago island country and self-governing nation under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark . Danish ter

#13 Great Fire of Valparaíso

The Great Fire of Valparaíso ( Spanish: Gran Incendio de Valparaíso ) [1] [2] started on 12 April 2014 at 16:40 local time (19:40 UTC ), in the hills of the city of Valparaíso , Chile . [4] The wildfire destroyed at least 2,500 homes, leaving 11,000 people homeless. An additional 6,000 people were e

#14 Mount Rubidoux

Mount Rubidoux is a mountain just west of downtown in the city of Riverside, California , United States, that has been designated a city park and landmark. The mountain was once a popular Southern California tourist destination and is still the site of the oldest outdoor non-denominational Easter Su

#15 List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate . Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatoa for its global effects in 1883, [1] the Lake Toba Caldera for its supe

#16 Poás Volcano

The Poás Volcano , ( Spanish : Volcán Poás ), is an active 2,697-metre (8,848   ft) stratovolcano in central Costa Rica and is located within Poas Volcano National Park . It has erupted 40 times since 1828, including April 2017 when visitors and residents were evacuated. [2] The volcano and surround

#17 Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa ( 田沢湖 , Tazawa-ko ) is a caldera lake in the city of Semboku , Akita Prefecture , northern Japan . It is the deepest lake in Japan at 423 metres (1,388   ft) . The area is a popular vacation area and several hot spring resorts can be found in the hills above the lake. Akita Prefecture's

#18 Mount Silverthrone (Alaska)

Mount Silverthrone is 13,220   ft (4,030   m) glaciated mountain summit located in Denali National Park and Preserve , in the Alaska Range , in the U.S. state of Alaska . It is situated 10.8   mi (17   km) east of Denali . The first ascent of this peak was made April 12, 1945, by Norman Bright and F

#19 Fagradalsfjall

Fagradalsfjall ( Icelandic:   [ˈfaɣraˌtalsˌfjatl] ( listen ) ) is a tuya volcano formed in the Last Glacial Period on the Reykjanes Peninsula , [4] [5] around 40 kilometres (25   mi) from Reykjavík , Iceland . [6] Fagradalsfjall is also the name for the wider volcanic system covering an area 5 kilom

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir is a reservoir in Wasatch County, Utah , United States, [1] just north of Heber City . Reservoir in the state of Utah, United States Body of water Jordanelle Reservoir Looking southwest across the Jordanelle Reservoir, with Mount Timpanogos in the distance and the US-40 / US-189

#2 Mansfield Hollow Lake

Mansfield Hollow Lake is a reservoir resting on the border of Windham County and Tolland County, Connecticut . The reservoir provides drinking water for Willimantic and helps control flooding in the 159-square-mile Thames River watershed. [4] It was created by the Mansfield Hollow Dam and is entirel

#3 Cormorant Lake (Minnesota)

Big Cormorant Lake is located in northwestern Minnesota's Becker County , about an hour's drive due east of the Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area. Public access boat ramps are located on the northeast and west sides of the Lake. Lake of the United States This article has

#4 Aasee (Münster)

A lake in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Body of water Aasee Aasee Location Münster , North Rhine-Westphalia Coordinates 51°56′58″N 7°36′12.65″E Type artificial lake Primary inflows Münstersche Aa Primary outflows Münstersche Aa Basin   countries Germany Surface area 0.402   km 2 (0.155   sq   mi)

#5 Birchville Dam

Birchville Dam is believed to be the second unreinforced concrete arch dam built for water supply in New Zealand . It was built in 1930 for the Upper Hutt Borough Council to provide increased water capacity for the borough and replaced a water supply weir built in 1913–1914 at the same location on C

#6 Ganges Barrage Project

The Ganges Barrage Project was a proposed project in Bangladesh to hold back rain water of the monsoon season because of the periodic drying up of the Ganges River in Bangladesh due to the Farakka Barrage . It was formally cancelled in 2017. Ganges and Brahmaputra This article is part of a series ab

#7 Avalon Dam

Avalon Dam is a small dam on the Pecos River about 5 miles (8.0   km) north of Carlsbad, New Mexico , United States. The dam is a storage and regulating reservoir, and diverts water into the main canal of the Carlsbad Project , an irrigation scheme. [1] Dam in Eddy County, New Mexico Avalon Dam Spil

#8 Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam

The Iran–Turkmenistan Friendship Dam or Doosti Reservoir Dam ( Persian : سد دوستی , Turkmen : Dostluk Suw Howdany ) is a dam on the Hariroud River , which forms part of the international boundary between Iran and Turkmenistan ( Iran-Turkmenistan border ). The dam was completed in 2004, and both coun

#9 Hussain Sagar

Hussain Sagar (alternatively referred to as Tank Bund ; [1] Telugu pronunciation:   [ɦusen sɑːgər] ) is a heart-shaped lake in Hyderabad, Telangana , built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1563. It is spread across an area of 5.7 square kilometres (2.2   sq   mi) and is fed by the River Musi . A large m

#10 Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River , about 15 kilometres (9   mi) from Sambalpur in the state of Odisha in India. It is the longest earthen dam in the world. Behind the dam extends a lake, Hirakud Reservoir , 55   km (34   mi) long. It is one of the first major multipurpose river valley

#11 Horicon Marsh

Horicon Marsh is a marsh located in northern Dodge and southern Fond du Lac counties of Wisconsin . It is the site of both a national and a state wildlife refuge . The silted-up glacial lake is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. [3] State Wildlife Area in Dodge and Fond du La

#12 Hatnur Dam

Hatnur dam is an earth fill dam in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra , India. The dam is named after a nearby Hatnur village, which is present by side of the dam. [3] Earth fill dam in Jalgaon, India This article uses bare URLs , which are uninformative and vulnerable to link rot . ( September 2022 )

#13 Crystal Dam

Crystal Dam is a 323-foot-tall (98   m) , double-curvature, concrete, thin arch dam located 6 miles downstream from Morrow Point Dam on the Gunnison River in Colorado , United States. Crystal Dam is the newest of the three dams in Curecanti National Recreation Area ; construction on the dam was fini

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River / River

#1 Duru River

The Duru River is a river of the Haut-Uélé province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo . It is a right tributary of the Uele River . Duru River Location Country Democratic Republic of the Congo Province Haut-Uélé Physical   characteristics Source     •   coordinates 4.3398°N 29.2260°E  / 4.339

#2 Monkland Canal

The Monkland Canal was a 12 + 1 ⁄ 4 -mile-long (19.7   km) canal designed to bring coal from the mining areas of Monklands to Glasgow in Scotland. In the course of a long and difficult construction process, it was opened progressively as short sections were completed, from 1771. It reached Gartcraig

#3 Barnes Run

Barnes Run (also known as Barnes Run Creek [1] ) is a tributary of Black Creek in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania . It is approximately 2.2 miles (3.5   km) long and flows through Black Creek Township . [2] The stream has been used as a water supply for portions of Hazleton and some surrounding areas.

#4 Paddy Run

Paddy Run (also known as Paddy Run Creek [1] ) is a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania . It is approximately 1.0 mile (1.6   km) long and flows through Salem Township and Shickshinny . [2] The stream is in the United States Geological Survey quadrangle of Shickshinny.

#5 Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is a 150-foot waterfall along the Manoa Falls Trail in Honolulu , Hawaii. [1] Swimming in the pool below the waterfall is highly discouraged because there is a threat of becoming infected with Leptospirosis , a disease causing mild to moderate flulike symptoms that can last for 1 to 2 we

#6 Izvorul Bigăr

Bigăr ( English: Bigăr Spring, but more commonly known as Bigăr Waterfall ) is a protected area (nature reserve IUCN category IV) situated in the administrative territory of Bozovici , in Caraș-Severin County in southwestern Romania . On 7 June 2021, part of the Bigăr waterfall collapsed. Izvorul Bi

#7 Duckport Canal

Duckport Canal was built by Union forces during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War . Ordered built in late March 1863 by Major General Ulysses S. Grant , the canal stretched from the Mississippi River near Duckport, Louisiana , to New Carthage, Louisiana , and was intended to provide a

#8 Wipper (Saale)

The Wipper is a river in Saxony-Anhalt , Germany , a left tributary of the Saale . It is 85 kilometres (53   mi) long. Its name comes from the old German word Uipparaha , which means "singing, bouncing river". River in Germany Wipper The Wipper at Hettstedt Location Country Germany State Saxony-Anha

#9 Lower Bari Doab Canal

The Lower Bari Doab Canal is a canal in Punjab, Pakistan . [1] Part of the part of the second-largest irrigation system of the province, it serves approximately 275,000 farmsteads. It is located south-west of Lahore and runs alongside the River Ravi . [2] Lower Bari Doab Canal Location Punjab Countr

#10 Hocking River

The Hocking River (formerly the Hockhocking River ) is a 102-mile-long (164   km) right tributary of the Ohio River in southeastern Ohio in the United States . River in southeastern Ohio, United States Hocking River The Hocking River near Logan Location Country United States State Ohio Counties Fair

#11 Fensch

The Fensch or Fentsch is a river in the Moselle department of the Grand Est region of France. It is a left tributary of the Moselle , and thus a sub-tributary of the Rhine . River in Grand Est, France Fensch Fentsch The source of the Fensch in Fontoy . Show map of France Show map of Grand Est Locati

#12 Susitna River

The Susitna River ( / s uː ˈ s ɪ t n ə / ; Ahtena : Sasutna’ ; Tanaina : Susitnu ) is a 313-mile (504   km) long river in the Southcentral Alaska . It is the 15th largest river in the United States, ranked by average discharge volume at its mouth. [2] The river stretches from the Susitna Glacier to

#13 River Trent

The River Trent is the third-longest river in the United Kingdom . Its source is in Staffordshire , on the southern edge of Biddulph Moor . It flows through and drains the North Midlands . The river is known for dramatic flooding after storms and spring snowmelt, which in the past often caused the r

#14 Moselle

The Moselle ( / m oʊ ˈ z ɛ l / moh- ZEL , [1] French:   [mɔzɛl] ( listen ) ; German : Mosel [ˈmoːzl̩] ( listen ) ; Luxembourgish : Musel [ˈmuzəl] ) is a river that rises in the Vosges mountains and flows through north-eastern France and Luxembourg to western Germany . It is a left bank tributary of

#15 Gordon Splits

The Gordon Splits is a notable section of gorges of the Gordon River , located in South West Tasmania , Australia. The once impassable gorges are situated on the lower Gordon River in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park , part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area . [1] The split

#16 Spanish River (Alabama)

The Spanish River is a brackish distributary river that forms part of the border between Baldwin and Mobile counties in Alabama . It is approximately 8 miles (13   km) long and is influenced by tides. It begins at the northernmost tip of Blakeley Island , where it diverges from the Mobile River , at

#17 Old Bedford River

The Old Bedford River is an artificial, partial diversion of the waters of the River Great Ouse in the Fens of Cambridgeshire , England. It was named after the fourth Earl of Bedford who contracted with the local Commission of Sewers to drain the Great Level of the Fens beginning in 1630. It provide

#18 River Etherow

The River Etherow is a river in northern England , and a tributary of the River Goyt . Although now passing through South Yorkshire , Derbyshire and Greater Manchester , it historically formed the ancient county boundary between Cheshire and Derbyshire. The upper valley is known as Longdendale . The

#19 Sutlej Yamuna link canal

Satluj Yamuna Link Canal or SYL as it is popularly known, is an under-construction 214-kilometer (133   mi) long canal in India to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers. [2] However, the proposal met obstacles [3] and was referred to the Supreme Court of India . [2] It was defined as river water shar

#20 Clinton–Kalamazoo Canal

The Clinton–Kalamazoo Canal is a canal in Michigan that was abandoned after being only partially completed. The canal was to connect Lake St. Clair with Lake Michigan . Project backers were inspired by the success of the Erie Canal in New York , which was completed in 1825. After gaining statehood i

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Sea / Sea

#1 Camasunary

Camasunary is a bay on the Strathaird peninsula of the Isle of Skye , Scotland . Camasunary is the Scots form of the Gaelic name Camas Fhionnairigh , and means "Bay of the White Shieling". The township has about 10 ruined houses. [1] Human settlement in Scotland Camasunary Camasunary Location within

#2 Bay of Biscay

The Bay of Biscay ( / ˈ b ɪ s k eɪ , - k i / ), known in Spain as the Gulf of Biscay ( Spanish : Golfo de Vizcaya , Basque : Bizkaiko Golkoa ), and in France and some border regions as the Gulf of Gascony ( French : Golfe de Gascogne , Occitan : Golf de Gasconha , Breton : Pleg-mor Gwaskogn ), is a

#3 Sandusky Bay

Sandusky Bay is a bay on Lake Erie in northern Ohio , formed at the mouth of the Sandusky River . It was identified as Lac Sandouské on a 1718 French map, with early variations recorded that suggest the name was derived from Native American languages. The Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge was constru

#4 Baird Bay

Baird Bay is a small fishing village located 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of Streaky Bay on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia . It is situated on the east coast of a bay named Baird Bay which opens into the north end of Anxious Bay . [7] Town in South Australia Baird Bay South Au

#5 Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal is the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean , bounded on the west and northwest by India , on the north by Bangladesh , and on the east by Myanmar and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India . Its southern limit is a line between Sangaman Kanda , Sri Lanka , and the north western

#6 Sceale Bay, South Australia

Sceale Bay (formerly Yanera ) (pronounced "Scale Bay") is a small town 32   km south of Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia . With a permanent population of only 28, the town's numbers increase by threefold over the summer holiday period. The town is primarily an isolated holiday de

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