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Coast / Coast

#1 Poro Point

Poro Point , also known historically as San Fernando Point ( Spanish : Punta San Fernando ), is a headland and peninsula located in the city of San Fernando, La Union , on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It projects northwesterly about 3.2 kilometres (2.0   mi) into the South China Sea . [2]

#2 Cape St. Vincent

Cape St. Vincent ( Portuguese : Cabo de São Vicente , Portuguese pronunciation:   [ˈkabu dɨ sɐ̃w̃ viˈsẽtɨ] ) is a headland in the municipality of Vila do Bispo , in the Algarve , southern Portugal . It is the southwesternmost point of Portugal and of mainland Europe . For other uses, see Cape St. Vi

#3 St David's Head

St David's Head ( Welsh : Penmaen Dewi ) is a headland in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park , southwest Wales , which marks the divide between the Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea . It is noted for its wildflowers and wildlife, and for the remains of ancient human settlement. The headland and its im

#4 Antofagasta

Antofagasta ( Spanish pronunciation:   [antofaˈɣasta] ( listen ) ) is a port city in northern Chile , about 1,100 kilometres (700   mi) north of Santiago . It is the capital of Antofagasta Province and Antofagasta Region . According to the 2015 census, the city has a population of 402,669. [4] For o

#5 Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood is a city in southern Broward County , Florida , located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami . [5] As of July 1, 2019, Hollywood had a population of 154,817. [6] Founded in 1925, the city grew rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s, and is now the 12th-largest city in Florida. [7] Hollywood is a pri

#6 Balkans

The Balkans ( / ˈ b ɔː l k ən z / BAWL -kənz ), also known as the Balkan Peninsula , is a geographic area in southeastern Europe with various geographical and historical definitions. [1] [2] [3] The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch throughout the whole of Bulgaria . The B

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Island / Island

#1 Saipan

Saipan ( / s aɪ ˈ p æ n / Chamorro : Sa’ipan , Carolinian : Seipél , formerly in Spanish : Saipán , and in Japanese : 彩帆島 , romanized :   Saipan-tō ) is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands , a commonwealth of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean . According to 2020 estimates

#2 Chopawamsic

Chopawamsic Island is one of the few islands in the Potomac River within the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia. For other places called Chopawamsic, see Chopawamsic (disambiguation) .

#3 Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands , officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands ( CNMI ; Chamorro : Sankattan Siha Na Islas Mariånas ; Carolinian : Commonwealth Téél Falúw kka Efáng llól Marianas ), is an unincorporated territory and commonwealth of the United States consisting of 14 isla

#4 Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia , in Glynn County . It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands . The island is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body. [1] Island off the coast of Geo

#5 Chenail Island

Chenail Island (officially in French : Ile du Chenail [1] ) is an uninhabited island in the Ottawa River of Ontario , Canada. [2] It is part of the town of Hawkesbury, Ontario , and across the river from Grenville, Quebec . The only road on the island, the four-lane St. John Street, connects Ontario

#6 Funafuti

Funafuti is an atoll and the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu . [1] [2] It has a population of 6,320 people (2017 census), [3] and so it has more people than the rest of Tuvalu combined, with approximately 60% of the population. It consists of a narrow sweep of land between 20 and 400 metres (

#7 Bradford Island

Bradford Island is a 2,172-acre (879   ha) [2] island of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta , in Contra Costa County, California , United States. Bradford Island is inaccessible by roads, and is served by a ferry across the False River from nearby Jersey Island . Approximately 48 people lived on

#8 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#9 Fergusson Island

Fergusson Island is the largest island of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands , in Papua New Guinea . It has an area of just over 500   square miles (1,437   km 2 ), and mostly consists of mountainous regions, covered by rain forests . There are three large volcanoes on the island. Island in Papua New Guine

#10 Tanglewood Island

Tanglewood Island is a small island in Hale Passage off the northern shore of Fox Island in Pierce County, Washington . It was originally called Grave Island and was sacred to the Nisqually Indians, who for decades practiced tree burials by placing their honored dead in dugout canoes high in the fir

#11 Juan de Nova Island

Juan de Nova Island ( French : Île Juan de Nova , pronounced   [il ʒɥɑ̃ də nɔva] ), Malagasy : Nosy Kely ) [1] is a French-controlled tropical island in the narrowest part of the Mozambique Channel , about one-third of the way between Madagascar and Mozambique . It is a low, flat island, 4.8 square

#12 Curaçao

Curaçao ( / ˈ k jʊər ə s oʊ , - s aʊ , ˌ k jʊər ə ˈ s oʊ , - ˈ s aʊ / KYURE -əss-oh, - ⁠ ow, - ⁠ OH , - ⁠ OW ; [7] Dutch:   [kyːraːˈsʌu, kuːr- ] ( listen ) ; [8] Papiamento : Kòrsou , [ˈkɔrsɔu̯] ), officially the Country of Curaçao ( Dutch : Land Curaçao ; [9] Papiamento : Pais Kòrsou ), [10] [11] i

#13 Île-d'Arz

Île-d'Arz ( French pronunciation:   ​ [il daʁ] ; Breton : An Arzh , pronounced   [ãnars] ) is an archipelago of nine islands and a commune in the Morbihan department , Brittany , [3] northwestern France , only 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) to the southwest of Vannes . For the Austrian military leader of

#14 Duke of York Islands

The Duke of York Islands (formerly German: Neu lauenburg ) are a group of islands located in East New Britain Province , Papua New Guinea. They are found in St   George's Channel between New Britain and New Ireland islands and form part of the Bismarck Archipelago . The Duke of York Islands were nam

#15 Dog Island (New Zealand)

Dog Island (Motu Piu in Māori ) is located in Foveaux Strait some 5 kilometres (3.1   mi) from Bluff, New Zealand . It holds New Zealand's tallest lighthouse and since the maritime structure was fully automated in 1989, the island has been uninhabited. Dog Island Māori : Motu Piu View of a beach and

#16 Furö

Furö is an island located in the Baltic Sea five nautical miles (about 6 miles) off the east coast of Oskarshamn in Sweden . Nature reserve in Kalmar, Sweden Furö The old pilot building on Furö from 1933. Geography Location Oskarshamn archipelago , Baltic Sea Coordinates 57°16′51″N 16°37′18″E Length

#17 Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is an island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean , about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica . [1] Regionally part of Oceania and politically a part of Tasmania , Australia , since 1900, it became a Tasmanian State Reserve in 1978 and was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Si

#18 Pedra Branca, Singapore

Pedra Branca ( Portuguese pronunciation:   [pɛðɾɐ βɾɐ̃kɐ] ) is an outlying island and the easternmost point of Singapore . [1] The name of the island refers to whitish guano deposited on the rock. The island consists of a small outcrop of granite rocks with an area of about 8,560 square metres (92,1

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Reisseck Group

The Reisseck Group or Reißeck Group ( German : Reißeckgruppe ) is a small mountain sub-range in the Austrian state of Carinthia . As the southern part of the Ankogel Group , it belongs to the High Tauern range of the Central Eastern Alps . Mountains in Austria Reisseck Group The Gmeineck peak seen f

#2 Tungurahua

Tungurahua ( / t ʊ ŋ ɡ ʊ ˈ r ɑː w ə / ; from Quichua tunguri (throat) and rahua (fire), "Throat of Fire") [5] is an active stratovolcano located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador . The volcano gives its name to the province of Tungurahua . Volcanic activity restarted on August 19, 1999, [6] and

#3 Zlatibor

Zlatibor ( Serbian Cyrillic : Златибoр pronounced   [zlǎtibɔːr] ) is a mountainous region situated in the western part of Serbia . Mountainous region in western Serbia For other uses, see Zlatibor (disambiguation) . Zlatibor Златибор Highest   point Elevation 1,496   m (4,908   ft) Coordinates 43°38

#4 Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam is a mountain in the eastern Himalayan range of Province No. 1 , Nepal . The main peak is 6,812 metres (22,349   ft) , the lower western peak is 6,170 metres (20,243   ft) . Ama Dablam means "Mother's necklace"; the long ridges on each side like the arms of a mother ( ama ) protecting her

#5 Larch Hill

Larch Hill International Scout and Guide Centre is the national campsite, and administrative and training headquarters of Scouting Ireland . It was previously owned by Scouting Ireland (CSI) . Larch Hill Owner Scouting Ireland Location Tibradden , Dublin Country Ireland Coordinates 53.253885°N 6.281

#6 Mount Ellsworth (Antarctica)

Mount Ellsworth is the highest peak in the Queen Maud Mountains , on the elongated massif between the Steagall and Amundsen Glaciers . Mountain in Ross Dependency, Antarctica Mount Ellsworth Highest   point Elevation 2,925   m (9,596   ft) Coordinates 85°45′S 161°00′W Geography Location Antarctica P

#7 Kanlaon

Kanlaon , also known as Mount Kanlaon and Kanlaon Volcano ( Hiligaynon : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Cebuano : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Filipino : Bulkang Kanlaon ), is an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the island of Negros in the Philippines , as well as the highest point in the Visayas , with a

#8 Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains , located in Latacunga city of Cotopaxi Province , about 50   km (31   mi) south of Quito , and 31   km (19   mi) northeast of the city of Latacunga , Ecuador . [3] It is the second highest summit in Ecuador, reaching a height of 5,897   m (

#9 Galloway Hills

The Galloway Hills are part of the Southern Uplands of Scotland , and form the northern boundary of western Galloway . They lie within the bounds of the Galloway Forest Park , an area of some 300 square miles (800   km 2 ) of largely uninhabited wild land, managed by Forestry and Land Scotland . The

#10 Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor ( Cornish : Goon Brenn ) [1] is a granite moorland in north-eastern Cornwall , England. It is 208 square kilometres (80   sq   mi) in size, and dates from the Carboniferous period of geological history. It includes Brown Willy , the highest point in Cornwall, and Rough Tor , a slightly l

#11 Hays Mountains

The Hays Mountains ( 86°S 155°W ) are a large group of mountains and peaks of the Queen Maud Mountains of Antarctica, surmounting the divide between the lower portions of Amundsen Glacier and Scott Glacier and extending from the vicinity of Mount Thorne on the northwest to Mount Dietz on the southea

#12 Cerro Azul (Chile volcano)

Cerro Azul ( Spanish pronunciation:   [ˈsero aˈsul] , blue hill in Spanish ), sometimes referred to as Quizapu, is an active stratovolcano in the Maule Region of central Chile , immediately south of Descabezado Grande . Part of the South Volcanic Zone of the Andes , its summit is 3,788 meters (12,42

#13 Mount Lawu

The Lawu ( Javanese : ꦭꦮꦸ ), or Mount Lawu ( Javanese : ꦒꦸꦤꦸꦁ​​ꦭꦮꦸ , romanized:   Gunung Lawu ) is a massive compound stratovolcano straddling the border between East Java and Central Java , Indonesia . The north side is deeply eroded and the eastern side contains parasitic crater lakes and parasiti

#14 List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate . Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatoa for its global effects in 1883, [1] the Lake Toba Caldera for its supe

#15 Teneguía

Teneguía ( Spanish   pronunciation :   [ t e n e ˈ ɣ i a ] ) is a monogenetic cinder cone – a volcanic vent which has been active once (in 1971) and has had further seismic activity. [2] It is situated on the island of La Palma , one of the Canary Islands , and is located at the southern end of the

#16 Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus ( / ˈ ɛr ɪ b ə s / ) is the second-highest volcano in Antarctica (after Mount Sidley ), the highest active volcano in Antarctica, and the southernmost active volcano on Earth. It is the sixth-highest ultra mountain on the continent. [1] With a summit elevation of 3,794 metres (12,448  

#17 Prince Charles Mountains

The Prince Charles Mountains are a major group of mountains in Mac. Robertson Land in Antarctica , including the Athos Range , the Porthos Range , and the Aramis Range . The highest peak is Mount Menzies , with a height of 3,228   m (10,591   ft) . Other prominent peaks are Mount Izabelle and Mount

#18 Hoodoo Butte

Hoodoo Butte is a cinder cone butte in the Cascade Range of northern Oregon , located near Santiam Pass . Immediately to the east lies Hayrick Butte , a prime example of a tuya ; the two mountains' names were likely mistaken for each other, but stuck with them over time. The area has been subjected

#19 Kaibab Plateau

The Kaibab Plateau is a plateau almost entirely in Coconino County, Arizona (but extending slightly north into Kane County , Utah ) in the Southwestern United States . [4] The high plain is also known as the Buckskin Mountain , Buckskin Plateau , and Kaibab Mountain . [1] Landform in Arizona and Uta

#20 Rugova (region)

Rugova ( Albanian : Rugova or Rugovë ; Serbian : Ругова , romanized :   Rugova ) is a mountain region located to the north-west of the city of Peja , in Kosovo . According to notes of Rugova it has been inhabited since before the 12th century. In 2013, it was designated a national park by the Parlia

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Nishan Reservoir

Nishan Reservoir ( simplified Chinese : 尼山水库 ; traditional Chinese : 尼山水庫 ; pinyin : Níshān shuǐkù ), also known as Confucius Lake, [1] is a large-sized reservoir [2] located in Nishan Town, southeast of Qufu City , Shandong Province , China, on the upstream channel of the Xiaoyi River. It is mainly

#2 Hampstead Heath Ponds

Hampstead Heath Ponds are a series of some thirty bodies of water on or adjacent to Hampstead Heath , a vast open area of woodland and grassland in north London . Body of water Hampstead Heath Ponds Hampstead Heath's Model Boating Pond (Highgate Pond no. 3). Hampstead Heath Ponds Location London, En

#3 Tillegra Dam proposal

Tillegra Dam was a proposed dam on the Williams River to be located 20   km (12   mi) northwest of Dungog , in the Hunter Region of New South Wales , Australia . It was first proposed in the 1970s but a formal proposal was not announced until 2006. Community opposition and changing needs saw the end

#4 Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is a lake in southern Ontario , Canada, the fourth-largest lake wholly in the province, after Lake Nipigon , Lac Seul , and Lake Nipissing . [6] At the time of the first European contact in the 17th century the lake was called Ouentironk ("Beautiful Water") by the native Wendat/Ouendat (

#5 Martin Mere

Martin Mere is a mere near Burscough , in Lancashire , England, on the West Lancashire Coastal Plain . The mere is a vast marsh , around grid reference SD 41 15 that was, until it was drained, the largest body of fresh water in England. [2] Marshland area near Burscough, in Lancashire, England Not t

#6 Saint Petersburg Dam

The Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex [1] ( Russian : Ко́мплекс защи́тных сооруже́ний Санкт-Петербу́рга от наводне́ний , tr. kómpleks zashchítnykh sooruzhéniy Sankt-Peterbúrga ot navodnéniy ), unofficially the Saint Petersburg Dam , is a 25   km (16   mi) long complex of dams for fl

#7 Lake Eppalock

Lake Eppalock is an Australian reservoir [2] [4] in North Central Victoria about 130 kilometres (81   mi) northwest of Melbourne . It was formed by the construction of a major earth and rockfill embankment dam , known as Eppalock Dam, with a controlled chute spillway across the Campaspe and the Coli

#8 Spellman Lake

Spellman Lake is the name for two small lakes (North and South Spellman Lake), located 8 miles south of Clarkfield in Normania Township of Yellow Medicine County , Minnesota . The lakes and much of the surrounding area are designated as federal waterfowl production areas. There are also state owned

#9 Lake Mai-Ndombe

Lake Mai-Ndombe ( French : Lac Mai-Ndombe ) is a large freshwater lake in Mai-Ndombe province in western Democratic Republic of the Congo . The lake is within the Tumba-Ngiri-Maindombe area, the largest Wetland of International Importance recognized by the Ramsar Convention in the world. [1] Body of

#10 Nyabarongo I Hydroelectric Power Station

Nyabarongo I Hydroelectric Power Station is a 28 megawatts (38,000   hp) hydroelectric power station in Rwanda . [2] Power station in Rwanda Not to be confused with Nyabarongo II Multipurpose Dam . Dam in Mushishiro, Muhanga District Nyabarongo I Hydroelectric Power Station Map of Rwanda showing the

#11 Lake Stamford

Lake Stamford , a reservoir formed by Stamford Dam, is located 10 miles (16   km) northeast of Stamford, Texas , in southeastern Haskell County . The lake had a storage capacity in 1999 of 51,573 acre-feet (63,614,000   m 3 ) and drains an area of 368 square miles (950   km 2 ) . Due to sedimentatio

#12 Bloede's Dam

Bloede's Dam was a hydroelectric dam on the Patapsco River in Maryland . [1] It was the first known instance of a submerged hydroelectric plant, where the power plant was actually housed under the spillway . It is also recognized as one of the earliest dams constructed of reinforced concrete . This

#13 Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station

The Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station (also referred to as The 50 years of Great October Dam) is a concrete gravity dam on the Angara River and adjacent hydroelectric power station . It is the second level of the Angara River hydroelectric station cascade in Irkutsk Oblast , Russia . From its commi

#14 Möhne Reservoir

The Möhne Reservoir , or Moehne Reservoir , is an artificial lake in North Rhine-Westphalia , some 45   km east of Dortmund , Germany. The lake is formed by the damming of two rivers, Möhne and Heve, and with its four basins stores as much as 135 million cubic metres of water. Body of water Möhne Re

#15 Lake Atanasovsko

Lake Atanasovsko or Lake Atanasovo ( Bulgarian : Атанасовско езеро , Atanasovsko ezero [atɐˈnasofsko ˈɛzɛro] ) is a salt coastal lake north of Burgas , Bulgaria , located in direct proximity to the Black Sea . The lake is about 5 km long and divided in two by a strip of sand in the middle. The lake

#16 Ambuklao Dam

Ambuklao Dam is part of a hydroelectric facility in Baragay Ambuclao, Bokod, Benguet province in the Philippines . With a maximum water storage capacity of 327,170,000 cubic metres (265,240   acre⋅ft) , the facility, which is located 36   km (22   mi) from Baguio city, can produce up to 105 megawatt

#17 Maschsee

The Maschsee is an artificial lake situated south of the city centre of Hanover in Germany . Spanning an area of 78 hectares (190 acres) , it is the largest body of water within the capital of Lower Saxony . The lake is a popular recreation area as well as a venue for numerous water sports . Artific

#18 Delaunay Lake

Lac Delaunay is the main body of fresh water at the head of the rivière du Sault Plat , flowing in the municipality of Rivière-au-Tonnerre , in the Minganie Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Côte-Nord , in province of Quebec , in Canada . Delauney Lake Delauney Lake Loca

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River / River

#1 Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway

The Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway is a protected green belt corridor , more than one and a half miles (1.6   km) wide in places, that was the former route of the proposed Cross Florida Barge Canal . [1] [2] It is named for the leader of opposition to the Cross Florida Barge Canal, Marj

#2 Murray River (Western Australia)

The Murray River is a river in the southwest of Western Australia . It played a significant part in the expansion of settlement in the area south of Perth after the arrival of British settlers at the Swan River Colony in 1829. River in Peel region of Western Australia This article includes a list of

#3 Deua River

The Deua River , being the main perennial river of the Moruya River catchment, is located in the South Coast region of New South Wales , Australia . River in New South Wales, Australia Deua River Moruya River [1] A large pool on the Deua River, the freshwater reaches of the Moruya River , during a p

#4 Apsley River (New South Wales)

Apsley River , a perennial stream of the Macleay River catchment, is located in the Northern Tablelands district of New South Wales , Australia . For other uses, see Apsley . River in New South Wales, Australia Apsley River Apsley River in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park Location of mouth Etymology

#5 Bronx River

The Bronx River ( / b r ɒ ŋ k s / ), approximately 24 miles (39   km) long, [4] flows through southeast New York in the United States and drains an area of 38.4 square miles (99   km 2 ) . [4] It is named after colonial settler Jonas Bronck . Besides the Hutchinson River , the Bronx River is the onl

#6 Caaf Water

The Caaf Water in western Scotland (Keaff in 1747 [1] also Caff) drains from the Caaf Reservoir above Dalry [2] which is fed from Knockendon Reservoir. The Caaf Water's origins are springs below Green Hill and it is joined by the Bught Burn, the Reeves Burn, the Bradshaw Burn and the Stock Burn, pas

#7 Ribble and Alt Estuaries

The Ribble and Alt Estuaries lie on the Irish Sea coast of the ceremonial counties of Lancashire and Merseyside in the traditional county of Lancashire in north-west England , and form the boundaries of a number of conservation schemes. Ribble Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest Aerial view

#8 River Torrens

The River Torrens / ˈ t ɒr ən z / , ( Karrawirra Parri / Karrawirraparri ) is the most significant river of the Adelaide Plains . It was one of the main reasons for the siting of the city of Adelaide , capital of South Australia . It flows 85 kilometres (53   mi) from its source in the Adelaide Hill

#9 Siletz River

The Siletz River flows about 67 miles (108   km) [3] to the Pacific Ocean through coastal mountains in the U.S. state of Oregon . Formed by the confluence of its north and south forks near Valsetz in Polk County , it winds through the Central Oregon Coast Range . [6] The river, draining a watershed

#10 Great Falls (Missouri River)

The Great Falls of the Missouri River are a series of waterfalls on the upper Missouri River in north-central Montana in the United States . From upstream to downstream, the five falls along a 10-mile (16   km) segment of the river [2] are: Black Eagle Falls ( 26   feet 5   inches or 8.05 meters ) [

#11 Trent–Severn Waterway

The Trent–Severn Waterway is a 386-kilometre-long (240   mi) canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Georgian Bay , Lake Huron , at Port Severn . Its major natural waterways include the Trent River , Otonabee River , Kawartha Lakes , Lake Simcoe , Lake Couchiching and Severn River . Its sc

#12 Bijoux Creek

Bijoux Creek is a small river in the Hart Ranges of the Northern Rockies of British Columbia . River in British Columbia, Canada Bijoux Creek Location Country Canada Province British Columbia Land District Cariboo Land District Regional District Fraser Fort-George Physical   characteristics Source  

#13 Sutlej Yamuna link canal

Satluj Yamuna Link Canal or SYL as it is popularly known, is an under-construction 214-kilometer (133   mi) long canal in India to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers. [2] However, the proposal met obstacles [3] and was referred to the Supreme Court of India . [2] It was defined as river water shar

#14 Lancaster Canal

The Lancaster Canal is a canal in North West England , originally planned to run from Westhoughton in Lancashire to Kendal in south Cumbria ( historically in Westmorland ). The section around the crossing of the River Ribble was never completed, and much of the southern end leased to the Leeds and L

#15 Clarks Fork Yellowstone River

The Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River (sometimes called the Clark's Fork River ) is a tributary of the Yellowstone River , 150   mi (241   km) long in the U.S. states of Montana and Wyoming . [3] River in Montana and Wyoming, United States Clarks Fork Yellowstone River Location Country United Sta

#16 Cross Florida Barge Canal

The Cross Florida Barge Canal , now officially the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway is a protected green belt corridor , more than one and a half miles (1.6   km) wide in places. [1] [2] It is named for the leader of opposition to the Cross Florida Barge Canal, Marjorie Harris Carr , and

#17 Southgate River

The Southgate River is a river in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia , Canada , entering the head of Bute Inlet , on that province's South Coast , just east of the mouth of the Homathko River at Waddington Harbour . [1] The lower reaches of the river's course are flat-bott

#18 Blanchard River

The Blanchard River is a 103-mile-long (166   km) [3] tributary of the Auglaize River in northwestern Ohio in the United States . It drains a primarily rural farming area in the watershed of Lake Erie . River Blanchard River The Blanchard River in Findlay Physical   characteristics Source     •   lo

#19 Split Rock River

The Split Rock River is a 3.5-mile-long (5.6   km) [2] river of Minnesota , in the United States. It drains a small watershed of about 40 square miles (100   km 2 ) on the North Shore of Lake Superior . The name was used as early as 1825 and is believed to refer either to the steep-walled gorge carv

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Sea / Sea

#1 Lewis Bay

Lewis Bay is a bay indenting the north coast of Ross Island , Antarctica , between Mount Bird and Cape Tennyson . [1] Body of water Lewis Bay Lewis Bay Location Ross Island , Antarctica Coordinates 77°20′S 167°31′E Basin   countries Antarctica

#2 Port Phillip

Port Phillip ( Kulin : Narm-Narm [1] ) or Port Phillip Bay is a horsehead-shaped enclosed bay on the central coast of southern Victoria , Australia . The bay opens into the Bass Strait via a short, narrow channel known as The Rip , and is completely surrounded by localities of Victoria's two largest

#3 Wool Bay, South Australia

Wool Bay (formerly Pickering ) is a locality and a former government town in the Australian state of South Australia on the east coast of southern Yorke Peninsula . It is located between Stansbury and Coobowie on Yorke Peninsula , approximately 220 kilometres from Adelaide by road, but only just ove

#4 Broken Bay

Broken Bay , a semi-mature tide -dominated drowned valley estuary , [1] is a large inlet of the Tasman Sea located about 50 kilometres (31   mi) north of Sydney central business district on the coast of New South Wales , Australia ; being one of the bodies of water that separate greater Metropolitan

#5 Pwlldu Bay

Pwlldu Bay or Pwll Du Bay ( Welsh : Bae Pwll Du ) is a small beach on the south Gower Peninsula coast in south Wales . It is one of the more remote beaches and is not easily accessible by car, but there are several good footpaths leading to it. Beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales Pwlldu Bay 2012 P

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