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Coast / Coast

#1 Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula is a peninsula of volcanic origin on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It has an area of approximately 1,150 square kilometres (440   sq   mi) and encompasses two large harbours and many smaller bays and coves. The South Island's largest city, Christchurch , is immed

#2 Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt ( Mapuche : Meli Pulli) is a port city and commune in southern Chile , located at the northern end of the Reloncaví Sound in the Llanquihue Province , Los Lagos Region , 1,055   km to the south of the capital, Santiago . The commune spans an area of 1,673   km 2 (646   sq   mi) and has

#3 Bowers, Delaware

Bowers (commonly known as Bowers Beach ) is a town in Kent County , Delaware , United States. [3] It is part of the Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area . According to the 2010 Census, the population of the city is 335. [4] Town in Delaware, United States Bowers, Delaware Bowers Beach Town

#4 St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach (formerly called St. Petersburg Beach) is a coastal city in Pinellas County , Florida . Known as a tourist destination, St. Pete Beach was formed from the towns of Pass-a-Grille , Belle Vista, St. Petersburg Beach and unincorporated Pinellas County.The population was 9,346 at the 2010

#5 Lagos State

Lagos State ( Yoruba : Ìpínlẹ̀ Èkó ) is a state in southwestern Nigeria . Of the 36 states , it is both the most populous and smallest in area . Bounded to the south by the Bight of Benin and to the west by the international border with Benin Republic , Lagos State borders Ogun State to the east and

#6 Lewes, Delaware

Lewes ( / l uː . ə s / LOO-iss ) [5] is an incorporated city on the Delaware Bay in eastern Sussex County, Delaware , United States. According to the 2010 census, the population is 2,747. [6] Along with neighboring Rehoboth Beach , Lewes is one of the principal cities of Delaware's rapidly growing C

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Island / Island

#1 Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia ( UK : / s ən t l uː ˈ s iː ə , - ˈ l uː ʃ ə / ( listen ) , US : / s eɪ n t ˈ l uː ʃ ə / ( listen ) ; French : Sainte-Lucie ) is an island country in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. [8] The island was previously called Iyonola , the n

#2 Mauritius

Mauritius ( / m ə ˈ r ɪ ʃ ( i ) ə s , m ɔː -/ ( listen ) mər- ISH -(ee-)əs, mor- ; French: Maurice [mɔʁis, moʁis] ( listen ) ; Mauritian Creole : Moris [moʁis] ), officially the Republic of Mauritius , is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200   mi) off the southeast coas

#3 Dongbaekseom

Dongbaekseom is an island of Busan , South Korea . It is located on the west end of the Haeundae Beach right where Western Chosun Beach Hotel is located. It was designated as the 46th monument of Busan on March 9, 1999. Dongbaek island. Dongbaekseom Hangul 동백섬 Hanja 冬 柏 섬 Revised Romanization Dongba

#4 Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe Island ( Spanish : Isla Róbinson Crusoe , pronounced   [ˈizla ˈroβinson kɾuˈso] ), formerly known as Más a Tierra ( lit.   ' Closer to Land ' ), [3] is the second largest of the Juan Fernández Islands , situated 670   km (362   nmi; 416   mi) west of San Antonio , Chile , in the Sout

#5 Verona Island, Maine

Verona Island is a town located on an island of the same name in the Penobscot River in Hancock County , Maine , United States. The population was 507 at the 2020 census . [2] Town in Maine, United States Town in Maine, United States Verona Island, Maine Town Sign for Verona Island on US1 Verona Isl

#6 Umnak

Umnak ( Aleut : Unmax, Umnax ; [2] [3] Russian : Умнак ) is one of the Fox Islands of the Aleutian Islands . With 686.01 square miles (1,776.76   km 2 ) of land area, it is the third largest island in the Aleutian archipelago and the 19th largest island in the United States . The island is home to a

#7 Palm Islands Nature Reserve

The Palm Islands Nature Reserve consists of three flat, rocky islands of eroded limestone and the surrounding sea area, located 5.5 kilometres (3.4   mi) offshore and northwest of the city of Mina El Mina, Lebanon , to the west of Tripoli, Lebanon . Islands in Lebanon Palm Islands Nature Reserve Log

#8 Palagruža

Palagruža ( pronounced   [palǎɡruːʒa] ; [2] Italian : Pelagosa ) is a small Croatian archipelago in the middle of the Adriatic Sea . It is uninhabited, except by lighthouse staff and occasional summer tourists. Islands in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia Lighthouse Palagruža Lighthouse Location Palagr

#9 Fort Frank

Fort Frank ( Carabao Island , the Philippines ) was one of the defense forts at the entrance to Manila Bay established by the United States. The entire island was designated as Fort Frank, in honor of Brigadier General Royal T. Frank, as part of the Harbor Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays built by

#10 Hog Island (Wisconsin)

Hog Island is an uninhabited island located off the eastern shore of Washington Island in the town of Washington , Door County, Wisconsin, United States. [1] The island has a land area of 2.14 acres (8,656   m 2 ) [2] and an elevation of 10 feet [3] or 20 feet [4] above Lake Michigan. Island in Lake

#11 Butler Island (Georgia)

Butler Island is an 1,600-acre (647.5 hectare) island in the Altamaha River in McIntosh County , Georgia , United States. [1] Part of the Altamaha River Delta, the island is located 1   mi (1.6   km) south-southeast of Darien, Georgia . Butler Island The Butler River, with Butler Island on the left.

#12 Deadman's Island (San Pedro)

Deadman's Island was one of two islands near San Pedro, Los Angeles, California in the 19th century. The land, sometimes referenced as Dead Man's Island, Isla Del Muerto , and Reservation Point , was dredged away in 1928 as part of a harbor development effort. [1] Rattlesnake Island, the other islet

#13 Bikar Atoll

Bikar Atoll ( Marshallese : Pikaar , [pʲiɡɑːrˠ] [1] ) is an uninhabited atoll in the Ratak Chain of the Marshall Islands . It is one of the smallest atolls in the Marshalls. Due to its relative isolation from the main islands in the group, Bikar's flora and fauna has been able to exist in a relative

#14 Wuqiu, Kinmen

Wuqiu ( Wuchiu , Wuciou , Ockseu [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] ) ( Puxian Min : Ou-chhiu , Hakka: Vû-hiu-hiông ) is a group of islands comprising two major islands, namely Greater Qiu Islet and Smaller Qiu Islet, in the Taiwan Strait . Administratively, Wuqiu Township [14] is a rural t

#15 Craney Island (Virginia)

Craney Island is a point of land in the independent city of Portsmouth in the South Hampton Roads region of eastern Virginia in the United States . The location, formerly in Norfolk County , is near the mouth of the Elizabeth River opposite Lambert's Point on Hampton Roads . It is home to the Craney

#16 Howland Island

Howland Island ( / ˈ h aʊ l ə n d / ) is an uninhabited coral island located just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean, about 1,700 nautical miles (3,100   km ) southwest of Honolulu . The island lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia and is an unorganized, unincorporated terr

#17 Lombok

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia . It forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands , with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east. It is roughly circular, with a "tail" ( Sekotong Peninsula ) to

#18 San Benedicto Island

San Benedicto , formerly Isla de los Innocentes , is an uninhabited island, and third largest island of the Revillagigedo Islands , located in the Pacific Ocean . San Benedicto San Benedicto Island – Landsat Image N-12-15 2000 (1:25,000) Highest   point Elevation c.332 metres (1,089   ft) Coordinate

#19 Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island is the largest artificial island in India, which forms part of the city of Kochi , in the state of Kerala . Much of the present Willingdon Island was claimed from the Lake of Kochi , filling in dredged soil around a previously existing, but tiny, natural island. Willingdon Island i

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Peuët Sagoë

Peuet Sague is a volcanic complex in the northwestern part of Sumatra , Indonesia . The name peuet sagoe in Acehnese means four square . The location of the volcanic complex is isolated that needs several journeys on foot from the nearest village to reach the mountain. There are four summits in the

#2 Mount Brown (South Australia)

Mount Brown is a mountain in the Australian state of South Australia located in the Flinders Ranges about 20 kilometres (12   mi) east of Port Augusta . [2] Mountain in South Australia This article is about the mountain in South Australia. For the associated protected area, see Mount Brown Conservat

#3 Concepción (volcano)

Concepción is one of two volcanoes (along with Maderas ) that form the island of Ometepe , which is situated in Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua , Central America . Volcano in Nicaragua For other uses, see Concepción#Geography . Concepción Highest   point Elevation 1,610   m (5,280   ft) Prominence 1,579

#4 Akaroa

Akaroa is a small town on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury Region of the South Island of New Zealand, situated within a harbour of the same name . The name Akaroa is Kāi Tahu Māori for "Long Harbour", which would be spelled Whangaroa in standard Māori. The area was also named Port Louis-Philippe by

#5 Mount Cook (British Columbia)

Mount Cook is a 2,676-metre (8,780-foot) mountain located in the Garibaldi Ranges of the Coast Mountains , in northwestern Garibaldi Provincial Park of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated above the north shore of Wedgemount Lake , 13   km (8   mi) northeast of Whistler , and its

#6 Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Klyuchevskaya Sopka ( Russian : Ключевская сопка ; also known as Klyuchevskoi , Russian : Ключевской ) is a stratovolcano , the highest mountain of Siberia and the highest active volcano of Eurasia . Its steep, symmetrical cone towers about 100 kilometres (60   mi) from the Bering Sea . The volcano

#7 Kanlaon

Kanlaon , also known as Mount Kanlaon and Kanlaon Volcano ( Hiligaynon : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Cebuano : Bolkang Kanglaon ; Filipino : Bulkang Kanlaon ), is an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the island of Negros in the Philippines , as well as the highest point in the Visayas , with a

#8 Mount Bross

Mount Bross is a high mountain summit in the Mosquito Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America . The 14,178-foot (4,321   m) fourteener is located in Pike National Forest , 4.1 miles (6.6   km) northwest by north ( bearing 327°) of the Town of Alma in Park County , Colorado , United States . [1

#9 Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat ( Urdu : نَنگا پربت ) ( Urdu:   [nəŋɡa pərbət̪] ; lit.   ' naked mountain ' ), known locally as Diamer ( دیامر ) which means “king of the mountains”, is the ninth-highest mountain on Earth, its summit at 8,126   m (26,660   ft) above sea level. [2] Lying immediately southeast of the nor

#10 Aconcagua

Aconcagua ( Spanish pronunciation:   [akoŋˈkaɣwa] ) is a mountain in the Principal Cordillera [3] of the Andes mountain range , in Mendoza Province , Argentina . It is the highest mountain in the Americas , the highest outside Asia , [4] and the highest in the Southern Hemisphere [1] with a summit e

#11 Gasherbrum I

Gasherbrum I ( Urdu : گاشر برم -1 ; simplified Chinese : 加舒尔布鲁木I峰 ; traditional Chinese : 加舒爾布魯木I峰 ; pinyin : Jiāshūěrbùlǔmù I Fēng ), surveyed as K5 and also known as Hidden Peak , is the 11th highest mountain in the world at 8,080 metres (26,510   ft) above sea level. It is located in Shigar Distr

#12 Mount Blackburn

Mount Blackburn is the highest peak in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska in the United States . It is the fifth-highest peak [2] in the United States and the twelfth-highest peak in North America . The mountain is an old, eroded shield volcano , the second-highest volcano in the U.S. behind Mount Bon

#13 Eight-thousander

The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) recognises eight-thousanders as the 14 mountains that are more than 8,000 metres (26,247   ft) in height above sea level , and are considered to be sufficiently independent from neighbouring peaks. There is no precise definition of the

#14 Mount Vsevidof

Mount Vsevidof ( / ˌ v ɪ z ə ˈ v iː d ɒ f / or / v ə ˈ ʃ eɪ v ɪ d ɒ f / ; [4] Russian : Вулкан Всевидова ) is a stratovolcano in the U.S. state of Alaska . Its summit is the highest point on Umnak Island , one of the eastern Aleutian Islands . Its symmetrical cone rises abruptly from its surrounding

#15 High Seat (Lake District)

High Seat is a fell in the centre of the English Lake District . Despite being below 2,000   ft it is the highest point for about 5   miles in any direction; a consequence of the curious fact that the centre of the district is lower than the surrounding parts. Mountain in the English Lake District,

#16 Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano ( IPA:   [taʔal] ; Tagalog : Bulkang Taal ) is a large caldera filled by Taal Lake in the Philippines . [1] Located in the province of Batangas , the volcano is second of the most active volcanoes in the country , with 38 recorded historical eruptions, all of which were concentrated on

#17 San Cristóbal Volcano

Volcán San Cristóbal is the highest volcano in Nicaragua at 1,745   m (5,725   ft) . Near the northwest corner of the country, it forms a backdrop to the city of Chichigalpa , Chinandega . It is also among the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua. San   Cristóbal San Cristóbal from the Ingenio San Ant

#18 Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge , known as daʔšədabš to the Snoqualmie people , is the ridge of Rattlesnake Mountain located south of North Bend, Washington , United States. The western end is near the intersection of State Route 18 and I-90 in Snoqualmie, Washington , and runs southeast about 7 miles (11   km) o

#19 Grand Pilier d'Angle

The Grand Pilier d'Angle (4,243 m) is a buttress on the southern side of Mont Blanc in the Mont Blanc massif in the Aosta Valley , Italy . Buttress in the Mont Blanc massif in the Aosta Valley, Italy Grand Pilier d'Angle The Grand Pilier d'Angle (centre left), with Mont Blanc to the right Highest  

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Jordan Lake

B. Everett Jordan Lake is a reservoir in New Hope Valley , west of Cary and south of Durham in Chatham County , North Carolina , in the United States ; the northernmost end of the lake extends into southwestern Durham County . Lake in North Carolina, U.S.) For other places with the same name, see Jo

#2 The Mariners' Lake

The Mariners' Lake is a reservoir which was created as part of the natural park on the grounds of the Mariners' Museum and Park located in the independent city of Newport News in the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia . Body of water The Mariners' Lake Mallards on The Mariners' Lake The M

#3 Old Wives Lake

Old Wives Lake is a shallow saline lake in south central Saskatchewan , Canada, about 30   km southwest of Moose Jaw . The lake is fed by the Wood River but seasonal water relatively flattened the terrain, and as such results in significant mudflats . A Migratory Bird Sanctuary was established at th

#4 Afrin Dam

The Afrin Dam ( Arabic : سد عفرين ), officially 17 April Dam ( Arabic : سد 17 نيسان ), also called Maydanki Dam ( Arabic : سد ميدانكي ), [lower-alpha 1] is an earth-filled water storage and hydroelectric power dam on the Afrin River in northwest Syria . It provides drinking water to almost 200,000 p

#5 Holmenkollbakken

Holmenkollbakken is a large ski jumping hill located at Holmenkollen in Oslo , Norway . It has a hill size of HS134, a construction point of K-120, and a capacity for 70,000 spectators. Holmenkollen has hosted the Holmenkollen Ski Festival since 1892, which since 1980 have been part of the FIS Ski J

#6 Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake (also known as: Khandowa Lake ) ( Urdu : کھنڈوعہ جھیل ) is a lake located in tehsil Kallar Kahar , Chakwal District of Punjab the province of Pakistan . It can be accessed through the M2 motorway linking Lahore and Islamabad . The lake is located about 10 kilometres (6.2   mi) from the Ka

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River / River

#1 Huddersfield Broad Canal

The Huddersfield Broad Canal or Sir John Ramsden's Canal , is a wide-locked navigable canal in West Yorkshire in northern England. The waterway is 3.75 miles (6   km) long and has 9 wide locks. It follows the valley of the River Colne and connects the Calder and Hebble Navigation at Cooper Bridge ju

#2 Aulneuse River

The Aulneuse River ( French : rivière Aulneuse ) is a tributary of the south shore of the St. Lawrence River . This river flows through the municipalities of Saint-Apollinaire and the town of Lévis ( Saint-Nicolas sector), in the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches , in Quebec , in Canada.

#3 Lefini River

Lefini River is a river of the Republic of Congo and a tributary of the Congo River . Henry Morton Stanley reached the confluence on 9 March 1877. [1] :   Vol.Two,   251   Lefini River Location Country Republic of the Congo Physical   characteristics Mouth Congo River   •   coordinates 2°56′17″S 16°

#4 Solway Firth

The Solway Firth ( Scottish Gaelic : Tràchd Romhra ) is a firth that forms part of the border between England and Scotland , between Cumbria (including the Solway Plain ) and Dumfries and Galloway . It stretches from St Bees Head, just south of Whitehaven in Cumbria, to the Mull of Galloway , on the

#5 Molonglo River

The Molonglo River , a perennial river [4] that is part of the Murrumbidgee catchment within the Murray–Darling basin , is located in the Monaro and Capital Country regions of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory , in Australia . River in Australia Molonglo Black swans on Molonglo Ri

#6 Kok River

The Kok River ( Thai : น้ำแม่กก , RTGS :   Nam Mae Kok , pronounced [náːm mɛ̂ː kòk] ) is a tributary river of the Mekong that flows in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces in northern Thailand . Not to be confused with Cock River . River in Burma, Thailand Kok River Kok River at Tha Ton Map of the Th

#7 Rivière du Curé

The Rivière du Curé ( English: Priest's river or Curé River ) is a tributary of the northwest shore of the Saint-Laurent river , flowing in the municipality of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures , in Agglomération de Québec , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province from Quebec

#8 Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal , also known unofficially as the Rideau Waterway , connects Canada's capital city of Ottawa , Ontario , to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston . It is 202 kilometres long. [1] The name Rideau , French for "curtain", is derived from the curtain-like appearance of th

#9 Manchester Ship Canal

The Manchester Ship Canal is a 36-mile-long (58   km) inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea . Starting at the Mersey Estuary at Eastham, near Ellesmere Port , Cheshire , it generally follows the original routes of the rivers Mersey and Irwell through the hi

#10 Kasai River

The Kasai River ( French : Kasaï [] ; called Cassai in Angola) is a tributary (left side) of the Congo River , located in Central Africa . [4] The river begins in central Angola and flows to the east until it reaches the border between Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo , where i

#11 Coyote Creek (Santa Clara County)

Coyote Creek ( Spanish : Arroyo Coyote ) [5] [6] is a river that flows through the Santa Clara Valley in Northern California . Its source is on Mount Sizer , in the mountains east of Morgan Hill . It eventually flows into Anderson Lake in Morgan Hill and then northwards through Coyote Valley to San

#12 Rainbow River

The Rainbow River is located in Dunnellon , Florida , United States, in the southwest corner of Marion County , about 20 miles (32   km) southwest of Ocala , 100 miles (160   km) northwest of Orlando and 100 miles (160   km) north of the Tampa Bay area. It is formed by a first-magnitude spring ( Rai

#13 La Chevrotière River

La Chevrotière is a tributary of the northwest shore of the Saint-Laurent river , descending in the municipality of Portneuf , Saint-Gilbert and Deschambault-Grondines , in the Portneuf , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in Quebec , in Canada. Watercourse in Québec, Canada La Che

#14 Feni River

Feni River ( Bengali : ফেনী নদী   ; ISO : Phēnī Nadī ) is a river in southeastern Bangladesh and Tripura state of India . It is a trans-boundary river with an ongoing dispute about water rights. The Feni River originates in South Tripura district and flows through Sabroom town and then enters Bangla

#15 Mojave River

The Mojave River is an intermittent river in the eastern San Bernardino Mountains and the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County , California , United States. Most of its flow is underground, while its surface channels remain dry most of the time, except for the headwaters and several bedrock gorges

#16 Mill River (Northampton, Massachusetts)

The Mill River is a 13.5-mile-long (21.7   km) [1] tributary of the Connecticut River arising in the western hilltowns of Hampshire County , Massachusetts . It is notable for dropping in elevation, along with its West Branch, more than 700 feet (210   m) over 15 miles (24   km) . Tributary of the Co

#17 Boyne Navigation

The Boyne Navigation ( Irish : Loingseoireacht na Bóinne ) is a series of canals running 31   km (19   mi) [2] roughly parallel to the River Boyne from Oldbridge to Navan in County Meath , in Ireland . The navigation was once used by horse-drawn boats travelling between Navan, Slane and the port of

#18 Neshaminy Creek

Neshaminy Creek is a 40.7-mile-long (65.5   km) [1] stream that runs entirely through Bucks County , Pennsylvania , rising south of the borough of Chalfont , where its north and west branches join. Neshaminy Creek flows southeast toward Bristol Township and Bensalem Township to its confluence with t

#19 Peribonka River

The Peribonka River (French: Rivière Péribonka ) is a river emptying in Sainte-Monique , in Lac-Saint-Jean-Est Regional County Municipality , in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area in Quebec, Canada. It is 451 kilometres (280   mi) long and drains an area of 28,200 square kilometres (10,900   sq   mi)

#20 Shropshire Union Canal

The Shropshire Union Canal , nicknamed the " Shroppie ", [2] is a navigable canal in England. The Llangollen and Montgomery canals are the modern names of branches of the Shropshire Union (SU) system and lie partially in Wales . Canal in North West England This article needs additional citations for

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Sea / Sea

#1 Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton Harbour , formerly known as Burlington Bay , lies on the western tip of Lake Ontario , bounded on the northwest by the City of Burlington , on the south by the City of Hamilton , and on the east by Hamilton Beach (south of the Burlington Bay James N. Allan Skyway ) and Burlington Beach (nor

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