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Coast / Coast

#1 Digby Neck

Digby Neck is a Canadian peninsula extending into the Bay of Fundy in Digby County , Nova Scotia . Peninsula of Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy [Interactive fullscreen map] Location in the Bay of Fundy [Interactive fullscreen map] Digby Neck, and the nearby islands of Long Island and Brier Island Di

#2 Morecambe

Morecambe ( / ˈ m ɔːr k ə m / MOR -kəm [2] [3] ) is a seaside town in the City of Lancaster district in Lancashire , England, on the southern coast of Morecambe Bay . This article is about the town. For other uses, see Morecambe (disambiguation) . Town in England Morecambe Town Morecambe seafront Mo

#3 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#4 Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula ( Afrikaans : Kaapse Skiereiland ) is a generally mountainous peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean at the south-western extremity of the African continent. At the southern end of the peninsula are Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope . On the northern end is Table Mount

#5 Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh ( / ˈ ɔː l b ər ə / AWL -bər-ə ) is a coastal town in the county of Suffolk , England. Located to the north of the River Alde . Its estimated population was 2,276 in 2019. [2] It was home to the composer Benjamin Britten and remains the centre of the international Aldeburgh Festival of art

#6 Cancún

Cancún ( Spanish pronunciation:   [kaŋˈkũn] pronunciation   ( help · info ) ), often Cancun in English (without the accent; / k æ n ˈ k uː n / or / k ɑː n -/ ) [3] is a city in southeast Mexico on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo . It is a significant

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Island / Island

#1 Austral Islands

The Austral Islands ( French : Îles Australes, [2] officially Archipel des Australes; Tahitian : Tuha'a Pae ) are the southernmost group of islands in French Polynesia , an overseas country of the French Republic in the South Pacific . Geographically, they consist of two separate archipelagos, namel

#2 Acteon Group

The Acteon Group (Groupe Actéon) is a rather isolated and uninhabited subgroup in the far southeast of the Tuamotu atoll group in French Polynesia . It is located about 1,400   km (870   mi) east-southeast of Tahiti at latitude: 21° 17' 60 S, longitude: 136° 29' W. [1] This article is about the Poly

#3 Kitakyushu Airport

Kitakyushu Airport ( 北九州空港 , Kitakyūshū-kūkō ) ( IATA : KKJ , ICAO : RJFR ) , sometimes called Kokuraminami Airport , is an airport in Kokuraminami-ku , Kitakyushu , Fukuoka , Japan . It is built on an artificial island in the western Seto Inland Sea , 3   km (1.9   mi) away from the main body of th

#4 Tenarunga

Tenarunga or Tenania , previously Narunga [2] and formerly Minto Island [3] is a low, wooded and uninhabited atoll in the Acteon Group in the southeastern part of the Tuamotu Islands in French Polynesia . It is administratively a part of the Gambier Islands . Tenarunga NASA picture of Tenarunga Atol

#5 Lichen Island

Lichen Island is a small island lying 9 kilometres (5   nmi) north of the Bølingen Islands and 5 kilometres (2.5   nmi) north-west of Cleft Island in southern Prydz Bay , Antarctica. It was first visited by an Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions party led by Phillip Law , on 5 Februar

#6 Tubuai

Tubua ʻ i or Tupua ʻ i is the main island of the Austral Island group , located 640   km (400   mi) south of Tahiti . In addition to Tubuai, the group of islands include Rimatara , Rurutu , Raivavae , Rapa and the uninhabited Îles Maria . They are part of the Austral Islands in the far southwest of

#7 Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island is a city and a barrier island located in Chatham County , Georgia , 18 miles (29   km) east of Savannah , United States. Though the name "Tybee Island" is used for both the island and the city, geographically they are not identical: only part of the island's territory lies within the c

#8 Vahanga

Vahanga is a small uninhabited atoll part of the Acteon Group in the Tuamotu archipelago, French Polynesia and belongs to the municipality of the Gambier Islands . Vahanga NASA picture of Vahanga Atoll Vahanga Geography Location Pacific Ocean Coordinates 21°19′S 136°39′W Archipelago Tuamotus Area 12

#9 Bishop Rock

The Bishop Rock ( Cornish : Men Epskop ) [1] is a skerry off the British coast in the northern Atlantic Ocean known for its lighthouse . It is in the westernmost part of the Isles of Scilly , an archipelago 45   km (28   mi) off the southwestern tip of the Cornish peninsula of Great Britain . The Gu

#10 Baker Island

Baker Island (previously New Nantucket [1] ) is an uninhabited atoll just north of the Equator in the central Pacific Ocean about 3,090   km (1,920   mi) southwest of Honolulu . The island lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbor is Howland Island , 42   mi (68   km) to

#11 Flint Island

Flint Island is an uninhabited coral island in the central Pacific Ocean , part of the Southern Line Islands under the jurisdiction of Kiribati . In 2014 the Kiribati government established a twelve-nautical-mile (22-kilometre; 14-mile) exclusion zone around each of the southern Line Islands (Caroli

#12 Eldred Rock

Eldred Rock (also known as Nechraje [1] ) is an island in the boroughs of Juneau and Haines , Alaska , United States. [2] Located in Lynn Canal , it is 2.7 miles (4.3   km) southeast of Kataguni Island and 55 miles (89   km) northwest of the city of Juneau. This island is the site of the Eldred Rock

#13 Rennell Island

Rennell Island , locally known as Mugaba , is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the nation state of Solomon Islands . Rennell Island has a land area of 660 square kilometres (250   sq   mi) that is about 80 kilometres (50   mi) long and 14 kilo

#14 Wake Island

Wake Island ( Marshallese : Ānen Kio , lit.   ' island of the kio flower ' ; also known as Wake Atoll ) is a coral atoll in the western Pacific Ocean in the northeastern area of the Micronesia subregion , 1,501 miles (2,416 kilometers) east of Guam , 2,298 miles (3,698 kilometers) west of Honolulu ,

#15 Martinique

Martinique ( / ˌ m ɑːr t ɪ ˈ n iː k / MAR -tin- EEK , French:   [maʁtinik] ( listen ) ; Martinican Creole : Matinik or Matnik ; [7] Kalinago : Madinina or Madiana ) is an island and an overseas department/region and single territorial collectivity of France. An integral part of the French Republic ,

#16 List of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands

The list of shipwrecks in the Channel Islands lists some of the ships that wrecked on or sank in the waters of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey . The list includes ships that sustained a damaged hull, which were later refloated and repaired. Channel Islands Îles de la Manche   (

#17 Matureivavao

Matureivavao , or Maturei-vavao [2] is an uninhabited atoll in the Acteon Group in the southeastern part of the Tuamotu Islands . It is the largest atoll within the Acteon Group , and like others in this group, is administratively part of the commune of the Gambier Islands . Matureivavao NASA pictur

#18 Anak Krakatoa

Anak Krakatoa ( Indonesian : Anak Krakatau ) [notes 1] is a volcanic island in Indonesia . On 29 December 1927, Anak Krakatoa first emerged from the caldera formed in 1883 by the explosive volcanic eruption that destroyed the island of Krakatoa . There has been sporadic eruptive activity at the site

#19 Islay

Islay ( / ˈ aɪ l ə / ( listen ) EYE -lə ; Scottish Gaelic : Ìle , Scots : Ila ) is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Known as "The Queen of the Hebrides ", [8] it lies in Argyll just south west of Jura and around 40 kilometres (22 nautical miles) north of the Northern Irish

#20 Mabuiag Island

Mabuiag , also known as "Mabuyag" and natively "Mabuyaagi", formerly "Jervis Island") is one of the Torres Strait Islands in Queensland, Australia. Mabuiag is also a town and locality in the Torres Strait Island Region local government area. [2] [3] In the 2016 census , Mabuiag Island had a populati

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Steinbok Peak

Steinbok Peak , is a 2,012-metre (6,601-foot) granitic summit located in the North Cascades of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 12   km (7   mi) west-northwest of Coquihalla Summit , 1.3   km (1   mi) northwest of Gamuza Peak , and 1   km (1   mi) southeast of Ibex Peak , its

#2 Jesse Handsley

Jesse Handsley (29 March 1876   – c. 3 June 1916) was an able seaman who served with distinction under Captain Robert Falcon Scott on Scott's first expedition to the Antarctic regions; the Discovery expedition of 1901 to 1904. Royal Navy able seamen and Antarctic explorer This article's tone or styl

#3 Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is one of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges in the District Municipality of North Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada . With a maximum elevation of over 1,200m (4,100ft) at its peak, the mountain is the site of an alpine ski area , Grouse Mountain Resort, which overlo

#4 Asbestos and the law

The mineral asbestos is subject to a wide range of laws and regulations that relate to its production and use, including mining, manufacturing, use and disposal. [1] [2] [3] Injuries attributed to asbestos have resulted in both workers' compensation claims and injury litigation. [4] [5] Health probl

#5 Muncaster Mountain

Muncaster Mountain is a 5,910-foot (1,800-metre) mountain summit located within Olympic National Park in Jefferson County of Washington state. [4] It is situated 4.4   mi (7.1   km) south-southeast of Mount Christie , and 14.6   mi (23.5   km) southeast of Mount Olympus . [1] Precipitation runoff fr

#6 Mount Othrys

Mount Othrys ( Greek : όρος Όθρυς – oros Othrys , also Όθρη – Othri ) is a mountain range of central Greece , in the northeastern part of Phthiotis and southern part of Magnesia . Its highest summit, Gerakovouni , situated on the border of Phthiotis and Magnesia, is 1,726   m (5,663   ft) above sea

#7 Table Mountain

Table Mountain ( Khoekhoe : Huriǂoaxa , lit.   ' sea-emerging ' ; Afrikaans : Tafelberg ) is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa . It is a significant tourist attraction , with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. [2

#8 San Bruno Mountain

San Bruno Mountain is located in northern San Mateo County, California , with some slopes of the mountain crossing over into southern San Francisco , and is surrounded by San Francisco Bay and the cities of Brisbane , Colma , Daly City , and South San Francisco . Mountain in California, United State

#9 Sakurajima

Sakurajima ( Japanese : 桜島 , literally " Cherry Blossom Island") is an active stratovolcano , formerly an island and now a peninsula, in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu , Japan . [2] The lava flows of the 1914 eruption connected it with the Ōsumi Peninsula . [3] It is the most active volcano in Japan

#10 Polleras

Cerro Polleras is a mountain in the Andes at the border of Argentina and Chile [3] with an elevation of 5,993 metres (19,662   ft) metres. [4] Polleras is within the Principal Cordillera of the Andes. Its territory is within the Argentine protected area of Tupungato Volcano Provincial Park . It is o

#11 Dufourspitze

The Dufourspitze is the highest peak of Monte Rosa , an ice-covered mountain massif in the Alps . Dufourspitze is the highest mountain peak of both Switzerland and the Pennine Alps and is also the second-highest mountain of the Alps and Western Europe , after Mont Blanc . It is located between Switz

#12 Ibex Peak (British Columbia)

Ibex Peak , is a 2,039-metre (6,690-foot) granitic horn located in the North Cascades of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 13   km (8   mi) west-northwest of Coquihalla Summit , and 1   km (1   mi) northwest of Steinbok Peak . Its nearest higher peak is Alpaca Peak , 6.2   km (

#13 Popocatépetl

Popocatépetl ( Spanish pronunciation:   [popokaˈtepetl] ( listen ) ; Nahuatl : Popōcatepētl Nahuatl pronunciation:   [popoːkaˈtepeːt͡ɬ] ) is an active stratovolcano located in the states of Puebla , Morelos , and Mexico in central Mexico . It lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic be

#14 List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate . Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatoa for its global effects in 1883, [1] the Lake Toba Caldera for its supe

#15 Mount Erymanthos

Mount Erymanthos ( Greek : Ερύμανθος , Latin: Erymanthus ) overall is an irregular massif of peaks connected by ridges embedded in the mountains located in the north of the Peloponnese , Greece . Erymanthos is on the west side. Its highest peak, Olenos or Olonos (Ωλενός or Ωλονός), Olenos original a

#16 Gamuza Peak

Gamuza Peak , is a 1,944-metre (6,378-foot) granitic mountain summit located in the North Cascades of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 12   km (7   mi) west-northwest of Coquihalla Summit , and its nearest higher peak is Steinbok Peak , 1.3   km (1   mi) to the northwest. [2]

#17 Soufrière Hills

The Soufrière Hills are an active , complex stratovolcano with many lava domes forming its summit on the Caribbean island of Montserrat . After a long period of dormancy , the Soufrière Hills volcano became active in 1995 and has continued to erupt ever since. Its eruptions have rendered more than h

#18 Mount Fairchild

Mount Fairchild , also known as Mount William Fairchild , is a 6,900-foot (2,100-metre) glaciated mountain summit located within Olympic National Park in Clallam County of Washington state. [4] Mt. Fairchild is the second-highest peak in the Bailey Range , which is a subrange of the Olympic Mountain

#19 Vicuna Peak

Vicuna Peak , or Vicuña Peak , is a 2,126-metre (6,975-foot) granitic horn located in the North Cascades of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 8   km (5   mi) northwest of Coquihalla Summit , 1.47   km (1   mi) northeast of Alpaca Peak , and 1   km (1   mi) southwest of Guanaco

#20 Guanaco Peak

Guanaco Peak is a 2,127-metre (6,978-foot) mountain located in the North Cascades of southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is the highest summit of the Anderson River Group, a subset of the North Cascades. It is situated 8   km (5   mi) northwest of Coquihalla Summit , and 1   km (1   mi) nort

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lac de l'Ailette

The lac de l'Ailette , or lac d'Ailette , is an artificial lake in the Aisne department in northern France . Lac de l'Ailette The lac de l'Ailette and the neighbouring Center Parcs village Lac de l'Ailette Location Aisne , Hauts-de-France Coordinates 49°27′54″N 3°40′22″E Type reservoir Primary inflo

#2 Ffestiniog Power Station

The Ffestiniog Power Station ( Welsh pronunciation ) is a 360 megawatts pumped-storage hydroelectricity scheme near Ffestiniog , in Gwynedd , north-west Wales . The power station at the lower reservoir has four water turbines , which can generate 360 MW of electricity within 60 seconds of the need a

#3 Big Creek Hydroelectric Project

The Big Creek Hydroelectric Project is an extensive hydroelectric power scheme on the upper San Joaquin River system, in the Sierra Nevada of central California . The project is owned and operated by Southern California Edison (SCE). [1] The use and reuse of the waters of the San Joaquin River, its

#4 Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a reservoir in the San Bernardino Mountains , in San Bernardino County , California , United States . It is a snow and rain fed lake, having no other means of tributaries or mechanical replenishment. At a surface elevation of 6,743   ft (2,055   m) , it has an east-west length of ap

#5 Rukmani Kund

Shree Rukmani Kund is a reservoir surrounded by mountains in the middle of the Sivalik Hills Forest in Bilaspur district, Himachal Pradesh , India. Rukmani Kund, 28   km from Bilaspur, [1] was selected in HGKK (Har Gaon Ki Kahani Programme) [2] for the year 2012–2013.Rukmani Kund is considered the p

#6 Lake George (lake), New York

Lake George ( Mohawk : Kaniá:taro’kte ), [2] nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes , [3] is a long, narrow oligotrophic lake located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains , in the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of New York . It lies within the upper region of the Great Appalachia

#7 Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the largest of the many reflecting pools in Washington, D.C. , United States. It is a long and large rectangular pool located on the National Mall , directly east of the Lincoln Memorial , with the Washington Monument to the east of the reflecting pool. [1] Pa

#8 Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok ( Russian : озеро Восток , ozero Vostok ) is the largest of Antarctica 's almost 400 known subglacial lakes . Lake Vostok is located at the southern Pole of Cold , beneath Russia's Vostok Station under the surface of the central East Antarctic Ice Sheet , which is at 3,488   m (11,444  

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River / River

#1 Bully Creek (Malheur River tributary)

Bully Creek is a 62-mile (100   km) long tributary of the Malheur River , located in the U.S. state of Oregon . It drains 601 square miles (1,557   km 2 ) of Malheur County . Arising in the Blue Mountains , it flows generally southeast to its confluence with the Malheur River near Vale . River in Or

#2 Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company

The Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company was a Company in England , formed in 1846, which managed several canals and railways. It intended to convert a number of canals to railways, but was leased by the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) from 1847, and although they built one railway in

#3 Hazel Creek (Great Smoky Mountains)

Hazel Creek is a tributary stream of the Little Tennessee River in the southwestern Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina . The creek's bottomlands were home to several pioneer Appalachian communities and logging towns before its incorporation into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park . Hazel C

#4 Kaveri River water dispute

The sharing of waters of the Kaveri River has been the source of a serious conflict between the two Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka . The genesis of this conflict rests in two agreements in 1892 and 1924 between the Madras Presidency and Kingdom of Mysore . The 802 kilometres (498   mi) Ka

#5 List of rivers of Belize

These are the main rivers of Belize . Belize has a total of 35 major and minor river catchments or watersheds which drain into the Caribbean Sea .

#6 Montgomery Canal

The Montgomery Canal ( Welsh : Camlas Trefaldwyn ), known colloquially as "The Monty", [1] is a partially restored canal in eastern Powys and northwest Shropshire . The canal runs 33 miles (53   km) from the Llangollen Canal at Frankton Junction to Newtown via Llanymynech and Welshpool and crosses t

#7 History of Sussex

Sussex / ˈ s ʌ s ɪ k s / , from the Old English 'Sūþsēaxe' (' South Saxons '), is a historic county in South East England . Aspect of history For the historic county see Sussex or its modern replacement the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex . Sussex Flag of Sussex Ancient extent of Sussex Area

#8 Groenburgwal

The Groenburgwal is a canal in Amsterdam that connects the Raamgracht with the Amstel . The Groenburgwal is parallel to the Kloveniersburgwal and the Zwanenburgwal , in the shadow of the tower of the Zuiderkerk . Canal in Amsterdam Groenburgwal Groenburgwal Location Amsterdam Postal code 1011 Coordi

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Sea / Sea

#1 Streaky Bay, South Australia

Streaky Bay (formerly Flinders ) is a coastal town on the western side of the Eyre Peninsula , in South Australia just off the Flinders Highway , 303   km (188   mi) north-west of Port Lincoln and 727   km (452   mi) by road from Adelaide . At the 2016 census , Streaky Bay recorded a population of 1

#2 Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay is a large estuary in northwest England, just to the south of the Lake District National Park . It is the largest expanse of intertidal mudflats and sand in the United Kingdom , covering a total area of 120   sq   mi (310   km 2 ) . In 1974, the second largest gas field in the UK was d

#3 Fumarole Bay

Fumarole Bay is a bay on the southwest side of Port Foster in the interior of Deception Island , in the South Shetland Islands . Having a similar name in the same island is the Vapour Col . Decepción station on Fumarole Bay Map of Deception Island The bay is part of the larger, enclosed water of Por

#4 Wassaw Sound

Wassaw Sound is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Georgia , United States near Savannah at the mouth of the Wilmington River .

#5 Amanda Bay

Amanda Bay , also sometimes known as Hovde Cove , lies in southern Prydz Bay on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land , East Antarctica . It is best known for its breeding colony of several thousand pairs of emperor penguins on sea ice at the south-west corner of the bay. The bay h

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