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Coast / Coast

#1 Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Chesapeake Beach is a town in Calvert County , Maryland , United States. Its major attractions include the Chesapeake Beach Railway Station , the Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail , a water park, marinas, piers, and charter boat fishing. The town's population was recorded as 5,753 in the 2010 census . Tow

#2 Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park ( / p r ɛ s k / ) is a 3,112-acre (1,259   ha) Pennsylvania State Park on an arching, sandy peninsula that juts into Lake Erie , 4 miles (6   km) west of the city of Erie , in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania , in the United States. The peninsula sweeps northeast

#3 Keweenaw Peninsula

The Keweenaw Peninsula ( / ˈ k iː w ɪ n ɔː / KEE -wi-naw , sometimes locally /ˈkiːvənɔː/ ) is the northernmost part of Michigan 's Upper Peninsula . It projects into Lake Superior and was the site of the first copper boom in the United States , leading to its moniker of " Copper Country ." As of the

#4 Dundee Beach, Northern Territory

Dundee Beach is a locality in the Northern Territory of Australia , located approximately 59   km (37   mi) southwest of the territory capital of Darwin . [1] [4] The 2016 Australian census which was conducted in August 2016 reports that Dundee Beach had 207 people living within its boundaries. [2]

#5 Son of the Beach

Son of the Beach is an American sitcom that aired from March 14, 2000, to October 1, 2002, on FX . The series is a spoof of Baywatch , with much of the comedy based on sexual double entendres , puns , innuendo and the like. A major running gag portrayed the handsome David Hasselhoff character as a b

#6 King Edward Point

King Edward Point (also known as KEP ) is a permanent British Antarctic Survey research station on South Georgia island and is the capital of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands . [1] It is situated in Cumberland East Bay on the northeastern coast of the is

#7 Barry Island

Barry Island ( Welsh : Ynys y Barri ) is a district, peninsula and seaside resort , forming part of the town of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan , South Wales . It is named after the 6th century Saint Baruc . Barry's stretch of coast, on the Bristol Channel , has the world's second highest tidal range

#8 South End of Stamford

The South End of Stamford , Connecticut is a neighborhood located at the southern end of the city, just south of the Downtown neighborhood. The South End is a peninsula bordered by Downtown Stamford and Interstate 95 to the north and almost totally by water on all other sides (Stamford Canal to the

#9 Walton-on-the-Naze

Walton-on-the-Naze is a seaside town on the North Sea coast and (as Walton le Soken ) a former civil parish , now in the parish of Frinton and Walton , in the Tendring district in Essex , England. It is north of Clacton and south of the port of Harwich . Frinton-on-Sea is to the south of the town. T

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Island / Island

#1 Rambutyo Island

Rambutyo Island (or Rambutso Island) is one of the Admiralty Islands in the Bismarck Archipelago , located at 2°17′S 147°49′E . Politically, Rambutyo Island is part of Manus Province , Papua New Guinea . The population (unknown) is concentrated on the west coast. Villages include Mouklen (pop.500+,

#2 Big and Little Indian Rock Petroglyphs

Big and Little Indian Rock Petroglyphs is a prehistoric archaeological site located at Conestoga Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania . It consists of two large rocks located in the Susquehanna River . Big Indian Rock is 60 feet by 40 feet, and has carvings on all sides. The Little Indian Rock

#3 Sheldrake Island

Sheldrake Island ( French : l'Île aux Becs-Scies ) is an island in New Brunswick , Canada , known for being the site of New Brunswick's first lazaretto . It is located only 8 miles from Chatham , on the Miramichi River . [1] Sheldrake Island Native name: l'Île aux Becs-Scies Geography Location Miram

#4 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean . It is a remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South Georgia and a chain of smaller islands known as the South Sandwich Islands. South Georgia is 165 kilometres

#5 Goat Island (Rhode Island)

Goat Island is a small island in Narragansett Bay and is part of the city of Newport, Rhode Island , U.S. The island is connected to the Easton's Point neighborhood via a causeway bridge. It is home to the Newport Harbor Light (1842), residences, a restaurant, event space, and hotel. It was also hom

#6 Pukapuka

Pukapuka , formerly Danger Island , is a coral atoll in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean . It is one of most remote islands of the Cook Islands, situated about 1,140 kilometres (708 miles) northwest of Rarotonga . On this small island, an ancient culture and distinct langu

#7 Balut Island

Balut Island , also known as Malulong , is a potentially active volcanic island south of the tip of Davao Occidental province in the Mindanao region, southern Philippines . At the center of the island is Balut Volcano , a fumarolic volcano with no historical eruptions. Balut Island Balut Volcano Bal

#8 Pagan (island)

Pagan is a volcanic island in the Marianas archipelago in the northwest Pacific Ocean , under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands . It lies midway between Alamagan to the south, and Agrihan to the north. The island has been largely uninhabited ever since most of the

#9 Baker Island

Baker Island (previously New Nantucket [1] ) is an uninhabited atoll just north of the Equator in the central Pacific Ocean about 3,090   km (1,920   mi) southwest of Honolulu . The island lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbor is Howland Island , 42   mi (68   km) to

#10 Ash Island (Oregon)

Ash Island is an uninhabited 137-acre (55   ha) island at river mile 52 [1] on the Willamette River , in Yamhill County , Oregon , United States, near Dundee . The island is accessible by boat year-round from any nearby Willamette River landing. A private ferry carries agricultural equipment and wor

#11 Clipperton Island

Clipperton Island ( French: Île de Clipperton or Île de la Passion ; Spanish: Isla de la Pasión ) is an uninhabited, 6   km 2 (2.3   sq   mi ) coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean . It is 10,677   km (6,634   mi ) from Paris , France , 5,400   km (2,900   nmi ) from Papeete , Tahiti , and 1,080

#12 Muckle Roe

Muckle Roe is an island in Shetland , Scotland , in St. Magnus Bay , to the west of Mainland . It has a population of around 130 people, who mainly croft and live in the south east of the island. [7] [10] Muckle Roe Old Norse name Rauðøy Mikla [1] Meaning of name big red island Muckle Ayre Location

#13 Brampton Island

Brampton Island is an island in the Cumberland Group , off shore from Mackay in the Mackay Region , Queensland , Australia . [2] [3] The island lies within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area , and the majority of the island forms the Brampton Islands National Park , however there is a resort

#14 Asinara

Asinara is an Italian island of 52   km 2 (20   sq   mi) in area. The name is Italian for "donkey-inhabited", but it is thought to derive from the Latin "sinuaria", and meaning sinus-shaped . [2] The island is virtually uninhabited. The census of population of 2001 lists one man. [3] The island is l

#15 Canna, Scotland

Canna ( / ˈ k æ n ə / ; Scottish Gaelic : Canaigh; Eilean Chanaigh ; Scots : Canna ) is the westernmost of the Small Isles archipelago, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides . It is linked to the neighbouring island of Sanday by a road and sandbanks at low tide . The island is 4.3 miles (6.9   km) long and

#16 Aurora Islands

The Aurora Islands was a group of three phantom islands first reported in 1762 by the Spanish merchant ship Aurora while sailing from Lima to Cadiz . The Aurora's officers reported sighting them again in 1774. The Spanish ship San Miguel fixed their location at 52°37'S, 47°49'W. [1] On 20 February 1

#17 Jeju Island

Jeju Island ( Korean :   제주도 ; Hanja :   濟州島 ; IPA:   [tɕeːdzudo] ) is South Korea 's largest island, covering an area of 1,833.2   km 2 (707.8   sq   mi) , which is 1.83 percent of the total area of the country. It is also the most populous island in South Korea; At the end of September 2020, the t

#18 Ischia

Ischia ( / ˈ ɪ s k i ə / ISK -ee-ə , Italian:   [ˈiskja] , Neapolitan:   [ˈiʃkjə] ) is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea . It lies at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples , about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from Naples . It is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands . Roughly trapezoidal in shape,

#19 City Island, Bronx

City Island is a neighborhood in the northeastern Bronx in New York City , located on an island of the same name approximately 1.5 miles (2.4   km) long [3] by 0.5 miles (0.80   km) wide. City Island is located at the extreme western end of Long Island Sound , [3] south of Pelham Bay and east of Eas

#20 Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge

Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge , located approximately 12 miles (19   km) off the coast of Darien , Georgia , in McIntosh County , was established on April 3, 1930 to provide protection and habitat for migratory birds. The barrier island refuge consists of Wolf Island and two smaller islands,

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Großer Waldstein

The Großer Waldstein is part of the Waldstein range in the Fichtel Mountains of Germany. It is known primarily for its rock formations caused by spheroidal weathering , its ruined castles and the only remaining bear trap ( Bärenfang ) in the region. Großer Waldstein The Schüssel observation pavilion

#2 Mount Fay

Mount Fay is a mountain located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia on the Continental Divide in the Canadian Rockies . The mountain forms part of the backdrop to Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks of Banff National Park . It was named in 1902 by Charles E. Fay , an early explorer

#3 El Chichón

El Chichón , also known as Chichonal , is an active volcano in Francisco León , north-western Chiapas, Mexico. El Chichón is part of a geologic zone known as the Chiapanecan Volcanic Arc. El Chichón is a complex of domes with a tuff ring, made of ejected volcanic material, located between the Trans-

#4 Negro Pabellón

Negro Pabellón (also called Pabellón or Pabellón de Santa Clara ) is a peak in Mendoza , Argentina [3] with an elevation of 6,090 metres (19,980   ft) metres. [4] Negro Pabellón is within the Central Andes and is the highest at Cordón de las Delicias . Its territory is within the Argentinean protect

#5 Popocatépetl

Popocatépetl ( Spanish pronunciation:   [popokaˈtepetl] ( listen ) ; Nahuatl : Popōcatepētl Nahuatl pronunciation:   [popoːkaˈtepeːt͡ɬ] ) is an active stratovolcano located in the states of Puebla , Morelos , and Mexico in central Mexico . It lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic be

#6 Mills Peak (South Georgia)

Mills Peak is a peak 1 nautical mile (2   km) southwest of Cape Douglas , rising to 625 metres (2,050   ft) in the northern portion of Barff Peninsula , South Georgia . It was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1988 for Lieutenant Keith Mills , commander of the Royal Marines platoon

#7 Denali

Denali ( / d ə ˈ n ɑː l i / ; [5] [6] also known as Mount McKinley , its former official name) [7] is the highest mountain peak in North America , with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190   m) above sea level . With a topographic prominence of 20,194 feet (6,155   m) [3] and a topographic isola

#8 Ooty

Ooty ( listen   ( help · info ) ), officially known as Udhagamandalam (also known as Ootacamund ( listen   ( help · info ) ); abbreviated as Udhagai ), is a city and a municipality in the Nilgiris district of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu . It is located 86   km (53   mi) north west of Coimba

#9 Mount Unzen

Mount Unzen ( 雲仙岳 , Unzen-dake ) is an active volcanic group of several overlapping stratovolcanoes , near the city of Shimabara, Nagasaki on the island of Kyushu , Japan 's southernmost main island. Mountain in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan "Unzen" redirects here. For the city, see Unzen, Nagasaki . M

#10 Vermilion Peak (British Columbia)

Vermilion Peak is a 2,647-metre (8,684-foot) mountain summit located in the Vermilion River Valley of Kootenay National Park , in British Columbia , Canada . It is part of the Ball Range , which is a sub-range of the Canadian Rockies . Its nearest higher peak is Stanley Peak , 2.8   km (1.7   mi) to

#11 Pico do Fogo

Pico do Fogo pronounced   [ˈpiku du ˈfoɡu] is the highest peak of Cape Verde and West Africa , rising to 2,829 metres (9,281   ft) above sea level . [2] It is an active stratovolcano lying on the island of Fogo . The main cone last erupted in 1680, causing mass emigration from the island. [3] A subs

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Ashenge

Lake Hashenge (also ጻዕዳ ባሕሪ Lake Hashange, Lake Hashengi ) is a lake in the southern Tigray Region of Ethiopia . Located in the Ethiopian highlands at an elevation of 2409 meters, it has no outlet. According to the Statistical Abstract of Ethiopia for 1967/68 , Lake Hashenge is five kilometers long

#2 Bang Lang Reservoir

Bang Lang Reservoir ( Thai : อ่างเก็บน้ำบางลาง ) is a reservoir in Bannang Sata District , Yala Province , southern Thailand . The reservoir is on the Pattani River . Body of water Bang Lang Reservoir Bang Lang Reservoir Location Yala Province Coordinates 6°9′20″N 101°16′25″E Type Reservoir Primary

#3 Cormorant Lake (Minnesota)

Big Cormorant Lake is located in northwestern Minnesota's Becker County , about an hour's drive due east of the Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area. Public access boat ramps are located on the northeast and west sides of the Lake. Lake of the United States This article has

#4 Williamsbridge Reservoir

Williamsbridge Reservoir was a natural lake (despite its name) measuring 13.1 acres (5.3   ha) just south of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, New York . [1] Specifically the body of water was located at 208th Street and Bainbridge Avenue. [2] It was shaped like a saucer [3] and was normally 41 feet

#5 Lake Monger

Lake Monger ( Nyungar : Keiermulu [1] ) is a large urban wetland on the Swan Coastal Plain in suburban Perth , Western Australia nestled between the suburbs of Leederville , Wembley and Glendalough . Lake in Perth, Western Australia For other lakes, see Monger (disambiguation) . Body of water Lake M

#6 Lac Sainte-Anne du Nord

Lac Sainte-Anne du Nord ( English: Sainte Anne lake of the North ) is a body of fresh water located in Grands-Jardins National Park , northeast of the city of Quebec , in the unorganized territory of Lac-Pikauba , in the Charlevoix , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the provin

#7 Lake Iamonia

Lake Iamonia ⟨ aɪ ˈmoʊ njə ⟩ is a large, subtropical prairie lake in northern Leon County, Florida , United States, created during the Pleistocene epoch. Body of water Lake Iamonia Lake Iamonia Show map of Florida Lake Iamonia Show map of the United States map Location Leon County, Florida Coordinat

#8 Victoria Dam (Western Australia)

The Victoria Dam is a water supply dam providing water for the city of Perth , Western Australia. It is situated on the Darling Scarp near Lesmurdie , and crosses Munday Brook. Two dams have stood at the present site; the older dam was the first permanent water supply for the colony and also the fir

#9 Tapajós hydroelectric complex

The Tapajós hydroelectric complex ( Portuguese : Complexo Hidrelétrico de Tapajós ) is a proposed complex of hydroelectric dams on the Tapajós and Jamanxim rivers in the state of Pará , Brazil. The Tapajós dams would contain locks, thus converting the river into a navigable waterway. A "platform" mo

#10 Lac à Jack

Lac à Jack ( English: Jack's Lake ) is a freshwater body located in the unorganized territory of Lac-Pikauba , in the Charlevoix Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province of Quebec , in Canada . This body of water is located in the Laurentide

#11 Edwardes Lake

Edwardes Lake is a recreational waterbody in the Melbourne, Australia, suburb of Reservoir , formed by the damming of Edgars Creek at Edwardes Street. it is surrounded by Edwardes Lake Park. Body of water Edwardes Lake Edwardes Lake Location City of Darebin , Victoria Coordinates 37°42′52″S 144°59′2

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River / River

#1 Kapuas River (Barito River tributary)

The Kapuas River (or Kapueas) is a river in the Indonesian part of Borneo island. It originates in the Müller Mountain Range at the center of the island and flows south until merging with the Barito River and discharging into the Java Sea . [4] It should be distinguished from another Kapuas River ,

#2 Archer River

The Archer River is a river located on the Cape York Peninsula , Far North Queensland , Australia. River in Queensland, Australia For the locality, see Archer River, Queensland . Archer Archer River, Cape York Location of Archer River mouth in Queensland Location Country Australia State Queensland R

#3 Doucet River

The Doucet River is a tributary of the southern shore of Lac au Lard , in the hydrographic slope of the Jeannotte River , in the territory of the town of La Tuque , in the administrative region of Mauricie , in Quebec , in Canada. This river flows in the zec de la Bessonne . For other uses, see Douc

#4 Geldersekade

The Geldersekade is a canal and a street in Amsterdam that connects the Nieuwmarkt with the Prins Hendrikkade . The Geldersekade is in the easternmost part of De Wallen , the red light district, and borders Chinatown. Canal in Amsterdam Geldersekade Geldersekade with bridge 298 Location Amsterdam Po

#5 Rivière de l'Enfer

The Rivière de l'Enfer ( English: Hell's River ) is a tributary of the eastern bank of the Malbaie River , flowing in the unorganized territory of Lac-Pikauba , in the regional county municipality (MRC) of Charlevoix Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale ,

#6 Gowanus Canal

The Gowanus Canal (originally known as the Gowanus Creek ) is a 1.8-mile-long (2.9   km) canal in the New York City borough of Brooklyn , on the westernmost portion of Long Island . Once a vital cargo transportation hub, the canal has seen decreasing use since the mid-20th century, parallel with the

#7 Ribble Link

The Millennium Ribble Link is a linear water park and new navigation which links the once-isolated Lancaster Canal in Lancashire , England to the River Ribble . The Lancaster Canal was never connected to the rest of the English waterways network, because the planned aqueduct over the River Ribble wa

#8 Authie (river)

The Authie ( pronounced   [o.ti] ; Picard : Eutie ; ( West Flemish : Otie )) is a river in northern France whose 108-kilometre (67   mi) course crosses the departement of the Pas-de-Calais and the Somme . [1] Its source is near the village of Coigneux . It flows through the towns of Doullens , Auxi-

#9 History of the Nicaragua Canal

There is a long history of attempts to build a canal across Nicaragua to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean . Construction of such a shipping route—using the San Juan River as an access route to Lake Nicaragua —was first proposed in the early colonial era. Napoleon III wrote an articl

#10 Salado Creek

Salado Creek ( / s ə ˈ l ɑː d oʊ / sə- LAH -doh ) is a waterway in San Antonio that runs from northern Bexar County for about 38 miles (61   km) to the San Antonio River near Buena Vista. [1] Not to be confused with Salado Creek AVA . River in the United States Salado Creek Location Country United S

#11 Claverton Pumping Station

Claverton Pumping Station in the village of Claverton , in the English county of Somerset , pumps water from the River Avon to the Kennet and Avon Canal using power from the flow of the river. It is a Grade I listed building , [1] having been upgraded from Grade II in 2019. [2] Pumping station in So

#12 Oneida Carry

The Oneida Carry was an important link in the main 18th century trade route between the Atlantic seaboard of North America and interior of the continent. From Schenectady , near Albany, New York on the Hudson River , cargo would be carried upstream along the Mohawk River using boats known as bateaux

#13 Remy River

The Rémy River is a tributary of the west bank of the lower part of the rivière du Gouffre , flowing in the municipality of Saint-Urbain , in the Charlevoix Regional County Municipality , in the administrative region of Capitale-Nationale , in the province of Quebec , in Canada . For other uses, see

#14 River Brent

The River Brent is a river in west and northwest London , England, and a tributary of the River Thames . 17.9 miles (28.8   km) in length, it rises in the Borough of Barnet and flows in a generally south-west direction before joining the Tideway stretch of the Thames at Brentford . [1] River in Lond

#15 Wild Rice River (North Dakota)

The Wild Rice River is a tributary of the Red River of the North , approximately 251 miles (404   km) long, [3] in southeastern North Dakota in the United States . Via the Red River, Lake Winnipeg , and the Nelson River , it is part of the watershed of Hudson Bay . The Wild Rice River drains an area

#16 Salt River (California)

The Salt River is a formerly navigable hanging channel of the Eel River which flowed about 9 miles (14   km) from near Fortuna and Waddington, California , to the estuary at the Pacific Ocean , until siltation from logging and agricultural practices essentially closed the channel. It was historicall

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Sea / Sea

#1 Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Bay ( Vietnamese : Vịnh Cam Ranh ) is a deep-water bay in Vietnam in Khánh Hòa Province . It is located at an inlet of the South China Sea situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, between Phan Rang and Nha Trang , approximately 290 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City

#2 Coral Sea

The Coral Sea ( French: Mer de Corail ) is a marginal sea of the South Pacific off the northeast coast of Australia, and classified as an interim Australian bioregion . The Coral Sea extends 2,000 kilometres (1,200   mi) down the Australian northeast coast. Most of it is protected by the French Natu

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