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Coast / Coast

#1 Applecross

Applecross ( Scottish Gaelic : A' Chomraich ) is a peninsula north-west of Kyle of Lochalsh in the council area of Highland , Scotland. [1] The name Applecross is at least 1,300 years old and is not used locally to refer to the 19th century village (which is correctly called 'Shore Street', or simpl

#2 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the east coast of the United States in Horry County , South Carolina. It is located in the center of a long and continuous 60-mile (97   km) stretch of beach known as "The Grand Strand" in northeastern South Carolina. City in South Carolina, United States Myrtle Bea

#3 Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

The minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard ( French : ministre des pêches, des océans et de la Garde côtière canadienne ) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet responsible for supervising the fishing industry, administrating all navigable waterways in the country,

#4 Scraggy Neck

Scraggy Neck is a peninsula in Buzzards Bay south of the Cape Cod Canal , in Cataumet , Massachusetts , USA . It is south of Wings Neck and southeast of Bassetts Island . As with all land in the area, the ancestral people on and around Scraggy Neck were Wampanoag . In 1637, through means that are no

#5 Bethany Beach, Delaware

Bethany Beach is an incorporated town in Sussex County , Delaware , United States. According to the 2010 Census Bureau figures, the population of the town is 1,060; [3] however, during the summer months some 15,000 more populate the town as vacationers. [4] It is part of the Salisbury, MD-DE Metropo

#6 Banna Strand

Banna Strand , ( Gaeilge : Trá na Beannaí) also known as Banna Beach, is situated in Ballyheigue Bay. It is an Atlantic Ocean beach extending from Ballyheigue Beach at the Blackrock in the North to Barrow Beach at its southern edge, located in County Kerry . It is located approximately 12   km (7  

#7 Northern Neck

The Northern Neck is the northernmost of three peninsulas (traditionally called "necks" in Virginia) on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in the Commonwealth of Virginia (along with the Middle Peninsula and the Virginia Peninsula ). The Potomac River forms the northern boundary of the peninsul

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Island / Island

#1 Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is an island in New York City 's East River , within the borough of Manhattan . It lies between Manhattan Island to the west, and the borough of Queens , on Long Island , to the east. Running from the equivalent of East 46th to 85th Streets on Manhattan Island, it is about 2 miles (

#2 Prince Edward Islands

The Prince Edward Islands are two small uninhabited islands in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean that are part of South Africa . The islands are named Marion Island (named after Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne , 1724–1772) and Prince Edward Island (named after Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn ,

#3 Anholt (Denmark)

Anholt ( Danish pronunciation:   [ˈænˌhʌlˀt] ) is a Danish island in the Kattegat , midway between Jutland and Sweden at the entrance to the North Sea in Northern Europe. There are 136 permanent residents as of 1 January 2021. [2] Anholt is seven   mi (11   km) long and about four   mi (6.4   km) wi

#4 Gough Island

Gough Island ( / ɡ ɒ f / ), also known historically as Gonçalo Álvares , is a rugged volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is a dependency of Tristan da Cunha and part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha . It is about 400   km (250   mi) south-

#5 Geography of Greenland

Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean , northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland . The territory comprises the island of Greenland—the largest island in the world —and more than a hundred other smaller islands (see alphabetic list ). Greenland has a 1.2 kilom

#6 Powder House Island

Powder House Island (also known as Dynamite Island ) is an artificial island on the lower Detroit River in southeast Michigan , directly adjacent to the Canada–United States border . It was constructed in the late 1880s by the Dunbar & Sullivan Company to store explosives during their dredging of th

#7 Morotai

Morotai Island ( Indonesian : Pulau Morotai ) is an island in the Halmahera group of eastern Indonesia 's Maluku Islands (Moluccas). It is one of Indonesia's northernmost islands. Island in North Maluku Province, Indonesia This article is about the island. For the Indonesian regency comprising the i

#8 Long Island (Whitsunday Islands)

Long Island is a member of the Whitsunday Island group off the east coast of Queensland, Australia . It is 9 kilometres (5.6   mi) in length and is at its widest point only 400 metres (1,300   ft) . Long Island is the closest island in the Whitsunday group to the mainland of Australia, being only 1

#9 Green Island (Queensland)

Green Island (originally Dabuukji ) is a marine island and locality in the Cairns Region , Queensland , Australia. [2] [3] In the 2016 census Green Island had a population of 25 people. [1] For the National Park, see Green Island National Park . Green Island Native name: Dabuukji Green Island jetty

#10 Marie-Galante

Marie-Galante [1] ( Antillean Creole : Mawigalant ) is one of the islands that form Guadeloupe , [2] an overseas department of France . [3] Marie-Galante has a land area of 158.1   km 2 (61.0 square miles) . It had 11,528 inhabitants at the start of 2013, but by the start of 2018 the total was offic

#11 San Jorge Island

San Jorge Island is the second largest island in the Isabel Province , Solomon Islands . [1]

#12 Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a federally owned island in New York Harbor , situated within the U.S. states of New York and New Jersey , that was the busiest immigrant inspection and processing station in the United States. From 1892 to 1954, nearly 12 million immigrants arriving at the Port of New York and New J

#13 Nilandhoo (Faafu Atoll)

Nilandhoo ( Dhivehi : ނިލަންދޫ) is the capital of Faafu Atoll , a region with five inhabited islands. It is the largest and most populated island in the region, and includes historical sites such as foah'mathi and Aasaari Miskiy and a school. Foah'mathi is a historical site with a Buddhist temple un

#14 Thousand Islands (Indonesia)

The Thousand Islands ( Indonesian : Kepulauan Seribu ) are a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta's coast. It forms the only regency of Jakarta , the capital of Indonesia . It consists of a string of 342 islands [2] stretching 45   km (28   mi) north into the Java Sea at West Jakarta Bay and in

#15 Manresa Island

Manresa Island is a former island located in Norwalk, Connecticut , at the mouth of Norwalk Harbor in the Long Island Sound . The earliest name for the landform was Boutons Island , which dates to 1664. By the 19th century, the island had been purchased by John H. Keyser, who lived there and cultiva

#16 Iejima

Iejima ( 伊江島 , Iejima , Okinawan : Ii shima ) , previously romanized in English as Ie Shima , is an island in Okinawa Prefecture , Japan , lying a few kilometers off the Motobu Peninsula on Okinawa Island . [1] The island measures 20 kilometres (12   mi) in circumference and covers 23 square kilomet

#17 Internal exile in Greece

Internal exile was used to punish political dissidents by various Greek governments, including the Metaxas dictatorship , the government during the Greek Civil War , and the Greek junta . Those targeted were typically sent to smaller Greek islands . [2] Over 100 locations were used for exile at vari

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Mountains / Mountains

#1 Hekla

Hekla ( Icelandic pronunciation:   ​ [ˈhɛhkla] ( listen ) ), or Hecla , [2] [3] is a stratovolcano in the south of Iceland with a height of 1,491   m (4,892   ft) . Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes ; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middl

#2 Gulaga / Mount Dromedary

Gulaga , dual-named as Mount Dromedary and also referred to as Mount Gulaga , is mountain located in the south coast region of New South Wales , Australia. It rises above the village of Central Tilba and is within the Gulaga National Park . At its highest point, it measures 806 metres (2,644   ft) a

#3 Wilkie Sugar Loaf

Wilkie Sugar Loaf is a Canadian peak in the Cape Breton Highlands near the community of Sugar Loaf in the province of Nova Scotia . [5] Mountain in Nova Scotia, Canada Wilkie Sugar Loaf Highest   point Elevation 411.8   m (1,351   ft) [1] [2] Prominence 220   m (720   ft) [3] Coordinates 46°57′19″N

#4 Stanley Peak, South Georgia

Stanley Peak is a central summit in the Wilckens Peaks , rising to 1,265   m at the head of Fortuna Glacier , South Georgia . It was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) after Lieutenant Commander (later Cdr.) Ian Stanley , Royal Navy , a helicopter pilot from HMS Antrim , who ca

#5 Steamboat Springs (Nevada)

Steamboat Springs is a small volcanic field of rhyolitic lava domes and flows in western Nevada , located south of Reno . There is extensive geothermal activity in the area, including numerous hot springs , steam vents, and fumaroles . [1] The residential portions of this area, located mostly east o

#6 Mount Redoubt

Redoubt Volcano , or Mount Redoubt ( Dena'ina :  Bentuggezh K’enulgheli ), is an active stratovolcano in the largely volcanic Aleutian Range of the U.S. state of Alaska . Located at the head of the Chigmit Mountains subrange in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve , the mountain is just west of Coo

#7 Barr Beacon

Barr Beacon is a hill on the edge of Walsall , West Midlands , England , very near the border with Birmingham . It gives its name to nearby Great Barr (the Beacon borders the Pheasey area of Great Barr) and to the local secondary school Barr Beacon School . It is historically the site of a beacon wh

#8 Cerro Azul (Chile volcano)

Cerro Azul ( Spanish pronunciation:   [ˈsero aˈsul] , blue hill in Spanish ), sometimes referred to as Quizapu, is an active stratovolcano in the Maule Region of central Chile , immediately south of Descabezado Grande . Part of the South Volcanic Zone of the Andes , its summit is 3,788 meters (12,42

#9 Avala

Avala ( Serbian Cyrillic : Авала , pronounced   [âv̞ala] ) is a mountain in Serbia , overlooking Belgrade . It is situated in the south-eastern corner of the city and provides a great panoramic view of Belgrade, Vojvodina and Šumadija , as the surrounding area on all sides is mostly lowlands. It sta

#10 List of volcanoes in Indonesia

The geography of Indonesia is dominated by volcanoes that are formed due to subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate . Some of the volcanoes are notable for their eruptions, for instance, Krakatoa for its global effects in 1883, [1] the Lake Toba Caldera for its supe

#11 Mount Duke

Mount Duke is a 2,379-metre (7,805-foot) mountain summit located in the Joffre Group of the Lillooet Ranges , in southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 30   km (19   mi) east of Pemberton , and 10   km (6   mi) southwest of Duffy Lake. The highest peak in the Joffre Group, Mount Mat

#12 List of people who died on the Presidential Range

The Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire consist of a series of mountains whose maximum elevation reaches 6,288 feet (1,917   m) and represent some of the highest mountains in the United States east of the Mississippi River . Fatalities in this area are dominated by those that

#13 Mount Bartle Frere

Mount Bartle Frere (pronunciation [ˈmæɔnt̥ ˈbɐːɾəɫ ˈfɹɪə]; Ngajanji : Choorechillum ) [1] is the highest mountain in Queensland at an elevation of 1,611 metres (5,285   ft) . The mountain was named after Sir Henry Bartle Frere , a British colonial administrator and then president of the Royal Geogra

#14 Wicklow Round

The Wicklow Round is a long-distance hill running challenge in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland . [1] The route follows a proscribed 100-kilometre circuit of 26 mountains, which must be completed in a fixed order, that total over 6,000 metres (20,000   ft) of elevation; there is some flexibility on

#15 Mount Rohr

Mount Rohr is a 2,423-metre (7,949-foot) mountain summit located in the Cayoosh Range of the Lillooet Ranges , in southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is situated 29   km (18   mi) east of Pemberton , 8.2   km (5   mi) east of Cayoosh Mountain , and 6.8   km (4   mi) northeast of Joffre Peak

#16 Janiculum

The Janiculum ( / dʒ ə ˈ n ɪ k j ʊ l ə m / ; Italian : Gianicolo [dʒaˈniːkolo] ), occasionally the Janiculan Hill , is a hill in western Rome , Italy . Although it is the second-tallest hill (the tallest being Monte Mario ) in the contemporary city of Rome, the Janiculum does not figure among the pr

#17 Aladaglar

The Aladaglar are a mountain range in Turkey . They harbour the highest peaks of the eastern Taurus mountains . The Aladaglar are stretched across the provinces of Nigde , Adana and Kayseri and are important areas for mountaineering and rock climbing. The highest peak of the mountain range is Kızılk

#18 Eyjafjallajökull

Eyjafjallajökull ( Icelandic:   [ˈeiːjaˌfjatlaˌjœːkʏtl̥] ( listen ) ; [3] lit.   ' glacier of the mountains of the islands ' ), sometimes referred to by the numeronym E15 , [4] is one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland , north of Skógar and west of Mýrdalsjökull . The ice cap covers the caldera of a

#19 Mount Matier

Mount Matier is a prominent 2,783-metre (9,131-foot) mountain summit located in the Coast Mountains , in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park , in southwestern British Columbia , Canada . It is the highest point of the Joffre Group, which is a subset range of the Coast Mountains . [3] It is situated 26   km

#20 Aladağlar National Park

Aladağlar National Park ( Turkish : Aladağlar Milli Parkı ), established on April 21, 1995, is a national park in southern Turkey. It got its name '' Ala-Daglar '' (Crimson-Mountains) because of the color of the rusty hills that are most noticeable at sunset. [1] The national park, a mountain range

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Reservoir / Reservoir

#1 Lake Itasca

Lake Itasca (pronounced eye-ta-ska) is a small glacial lake , approximately 1.8 square miles (4.7   km 2 ; 1,200 acres) in area. Located in southeastern Clearwater County , in the Headwaters area of north central Minnesota , it is notable for being the headwater of the Mississippi River . The lake i

#2 Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station

The Taum Sauk pumped storage plant is a power station in the St. Francois mountain region of Missouri , United States about 90 miles (140   km) south of St. Louis near Lesterville, Missouri , in Reynolds County . It is operated by Ameren Missouri . Water stored in the upper reservoir is used to gene

#3 Gomal Zam Dam

Gomal Zam Dam ( Urdu : گومل زم ڈیم ) is a multi-purpose gravity dam in South Waziristan Tribal District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , Pakistan . The dam impounds the Gomal River , a tributary of the Indus River , at Khjori Kach, where the Gomal River passes through a narrow ravine. The purpose of the dam

#4 Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier (officially Lake Sidney Lanier ) is a reservoir in the northern portion of the U.S. state of Georgia . It was created by the completion of Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956, and is also fed by the waters of the Chestatee River . The lake encompasses 38,000 acres (150   km 2 )

#5 Centennial Park Reservoir

The Centennial Park Reservoir or WS001 is a heritage-listed reservoir at 3R Oxford Street, Centennial Park , City of Randwick , New South Wales , Australia. It was designed and built by NSW Public Works Department from 1896 to 1898. The property is owned by Sydney Water , an agency of the Government

#6 Farakka Barrage

Farakka Barrage is a barrage across the Ganga river located in Murshidabad district in the Indian state of West Bengal , roughly 18 kilometres (11   mi) from the border with Bangladesh near Shibganj . Farakka Barrage Township is located in Farakka (community development block) in Murshidabad distric

#7 Lake Stamford

Lake Stamford , a reservoir formed by Stamford Dam, is located 10 miles (16   km) northeast of Stamford, Texas , in southeastern Haskell County . The lake had a storage capacity in 1999 of 51,573 acre-feet (63,614,000   m 3 ) and drains an area of 368 square miles (950   km 2 ) . Due to sedimentatio

#8 Cormorant Lake (Minnesota)

Big Cormorant Lake is located in northwestern Minnesota's Becker County , about an hour's drive due east of the Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area. Public access boat ramps are located on the northeast and west sides of the Lake. Lake of the United States This article has

#9 Yamhill River lock and dam

The Yamhill River lock and dam was completed in 1900. It was built near Lafayette, Oregon , to allow better river transport on the Yamhill River from Dayton , to McMinnville, Oregon . While the Corps of Engineers had recommended against construction of the lock, it was built anyway, largely as a res

#10 Barossa Reservoir

Barossa Reservoir is a reservoir in the Australian state of South Australia , built between 1899 and 1902 to supply water to Gawler and other northern country areas. Built at a cost of almost A£ 170,000 the reservoir was hailed on completion as an engineering marvel, and with the reservoir wall risi

#11 Zengwen Dam

Zengwen Dam , also spelled Tsengwen Dam , ( Chinese : 曾文壩 ; Hanyu Pinyin : Zéngwén Bà ; Tongyong Pinyin : Zéngwún Shuěibà ; Wade–Giles : Tseng 2 -wen 2 Shui 3 -b'a 4 ) is a major earthen dam in Dapu Township , Chiayi County , Taiwan on the Zengwen River . It is the third tallest dam in Taiwan, and f

#12 Seminoe Dam

Seminoe Dam is a concrete thick-arch dam on the North Platte River in the U.S. state of Wyoming . The dam stores water for irrigation and hydroelectricity generation, and is owned and operated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation . It is the uppermost dam on the North Platte River and is located direct

#13 Hungry Horse Dam

Hungry Horse Dam is an arch dam in the western United States , on the South Fork Flathead River in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana . It is located in Flathead National Forest in Flathead County , about fifteen miles (24   km) south of the west entrance to Glacier National Park , nine miles

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River / River

#1 Calder and Hebble Navigation

The Calder and Hebble Navigation is a broad inland waterway , with locks and bridgeholes that are suitable for 14-foot-wide (4.3   m) boats, in West Yorkshire , England. Construction to improve the River Calder and the River Hebble began in 1759, and the initial scheme, which included 5.7 miles (9.2

#2 Welland Canal

The Welland Canal is a ship canal in Ontario , Canada, connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie . It forms a key section of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes Waterway . Traversing the Niagara Peninsula from Port Weller in St. Catharines to Port Colborne , it enables ships to ascend and descend th

#3 Lichfield Canal

The Lichfield Canal , as it is now known, was historically a part of the Wyrley and Essington Canal , being the section of that canal from Ogley Junction at Brownhills on the northern Birmingham Canal Navigations to Huddlesford Junction , east of Lichfield , on the Coventry Canal , a length of 7 mil

#4 Blue Nile

The Blue Nile ( Amharic : ጥቁር አባይ , romanized :   T’ik’uri Ābayi ; Arabic : النيل الأزرق , romanized :   an-Nīl al-ʾAzraqu ) is a river originating at Lake Tana in Ethiopia . It travels for approximately 1,450   km (900   mi) through Ethiopia and Sudan . Along with the White Nile , it is one of the

#5 North River (Missouri)

The North River is an 82-mile-long (132   km) [1] river in northeastern Missouri , the United States . It rises in Knox County at 40°03′30″N 92°15′26″W [2] (northwest of Novelty ) and flows southeast and east through Shelby and Marion counties, emptying into the Mississippi River at 39°51′21″N 91°26

#6 Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project

Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project ( Tamil :   சேதுக்கால்வாய் திட்டம் , Cētukkālwāi Tiṭṭam ) is a proposed project to create a shipping route in the shallow straits between India and Sri Lanka . This would provide a continuously navigable sea route around the Indian Peninsula. The channel would be

#7 Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal ( C&D Canal ) is a 14-mile (22.5   km) -long, 450-foot (137.2   m) -wide and 35-foot (10.7   m) -deep ship canal that connects the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay in the states of Delaware and Maryland in the United States. Chesapeake & Delaware Canal C&D Canal

#8 Bridgwater and Taunton Canal

The Bridgwater and Taunton Canal is a canal in the south-west of England between Bridgwater and Taunton , opened in 1827 and linking the River Tone to the River Parrett . There were a number of abortive schemes to link the Bristol Channel to the English Channel by waterway in the 18th and early 19th

#9 Seine–Nord Europe Canal

The Seine–Nord Europe Canal is a planned high-capacity ( grand gabarit ) canal in France that would link the Oise River at Compiègne with the Dunkirk-Scheldt Canal , east of Arleux . It is the French part of a proposed Seine- Scheldt canal that would ultimately connect the Rhine and Seine basins inl

#10 Pinacanauan River

The Pinacanauan River is one of the rivers in the Philippines , and is a tributary of the Cagayan River . The river passes through the Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape , [1] with large karst formations, underground chambers, and rare wild flora. The Pinacanauan is considered one of the mo

#11 Patuxent River

The Patuxent River is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay in the state of Maryland . There are three main river drainages for central Maryland: the Potomac River to the west passing through Washington, D.C. , the Patapsco River to the northeast passing through Baltimore, and the Patuxent River between

#12 Liverpool Canal Link

The Liverpool Canal Link is an English waterway link that connects the Leeds and Liverpool Canal , at the Liverpool Pier Head , to the city's South Docks. It cost £22m and was opened in March 2009. The new link adds 1.4 miles (2.3   km) of navigable waterway to the canal system. Section of canal lin

#13 Ganges

The Ganges ( / ˈ ɡ æ n dʒ iː z / GAN -jeez ) (in India: Ganga ( / ˈ ɡ ʌ ŋ ɡ ə / GUNG -ə ); in Bangladesh : Padma ( / ˈ p ʌ d m ə / PUD -mə )) [5] [6] [7] [8] is a trans-boundary river of Asia which flows through India and Bangladesh . The 2,704   km (1,680   mi) river rises in the western Himalayas

#14 Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust

The Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust (BBHT) , formerly known as the Inland Waterways Protection Society (IWPS) , is a British organisation founded in 1958 to work for the restoration of the canal system. Its members carried out surveys of canals and produced reports in support of their retention when

#15 Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls is a waterfall on the Palouse River , about 4   mi (6   km) upstream of the confluence with the Snake River in southeast Washington , United States . The falls are 200   ft (61   m) in height. [2] The falls consist of an upper fall with a drop around 20   ft (6.1   m) , which lies 1,00

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Sea / Sea

#1 Bali Sea

The Bali Sea ( Indonesian : Laut Bali ) is the body of water north of the island of Bali and south of Kangean Island in Indonesia . The sea forms the south-west part of the Flores Sea , and the Madura Strait opens into it from the west. [1] Indonesian sea between Bali and Kangean Islands Body of wat

#2 Purvis Bay

Purvis Bay is located in the Nggela Islands , part of the Solomon Islands . Purvis Bay is the sheltered area to the south of the island Nggela Sule (referred to as Florida Island during World War II ), [1] including and trending southeast from the neighbouring Tulagi islet. Fleet Recreation Center,

#3 Hound Bay

Hound Bay ( Norwegian : Bikjebugten ) is a bay at the base of Barff Peninsula . It is 2.5 miles (4   km) wide at its mouth and recedes 3 miles (5   km) , entered between Tijuca Point and Cape Vakop along the north coast of South Georgia . The names "George Bay" and "Hundebugten" have appeared on cha

#4 Ambas Bay

Ambas Bay is a bay of southwest Cameroon . Bay in southwestern Cameroon Body of water Ambas Bay Ambas Bay Location in Cameroon Coordinates 4°00′N 9°11′E Native name Baie d'Ambas     ( French ) Ocean/sea sources Gulf of Guinea Atlantic Ocean Basin   countries Cameroon Max. length 9   km (5.6   mi) Ma

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