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Ant Atoll is a small atoll lying off the west coast of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. Along with the nearby Pakin Atoll, these islands constitute the Senyavin group of islands.[1]

Ant Atoll
Location of Ant Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Ant Atoll from space. Courtesy NASA.
Ant Atoll from space. Courtesy NASA.

Ant's first European visitor was Álvaro de Saavedra on 14 September 1529 shortly before his death, in his second attempt to return from Tidore to New Spain.[2][3] It was later visited by Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, commanding the Spanish ship San Jeronimo on 23 December 1595. Fernandez de Quirós had assumed the command of the Spanish expedition of Alvaro de Mendaña after his death [4] Etienne DeCroissant briefly sailed by the islands on her exploration trip to the region.

Ant is a popular site with tourists for diving and snorkelling, and is the site of several colonies of seabirds, notably black noddys. There is a small settlement on the atoll that is inhabited part-time.

There is evidence of an ancient civilization on the island, which might have been built by the same people who built the nearby Nan Madol.

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[de] Ant (Atoll)

Ant, auch Ahnd oder And genannt, ist ein kleines Atoll im Pazifischen Ozean etwa 10 km südwestlich des westlichen Riffkranzes der mikronesischen Insel Pohnpei. Ant bildet zusammen mit Pohnpei und dem nördlich gelegenen Pakin-Atoll die Gruppe der Senjawin-Inseln.
- [en] Ant Atoll

[fr] And (Micronésie)

L'atoll d'And ou Anhd, populairement orthographiée à tort Ant, est un petit atoll situé au large de la côte ouest de l'île de Pohnpei dans les États fédérés de Micronésie. Il forme avec l'atoll de Pakin et l'île de Pohnpei le groupe des îles Seniavine.

[ru] Ант (атолл)

Ант (англ. Ant) — атолл, часть островов Сенявина в Тихом Океане. Атолл принадлежит Федеративным Штатам Микронезии, относится к муниципалитету Сокехс[1] штата Понпеи.

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