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Lyderhorn is a mountain in the city of Bergen in Vestland county, Norway. It is one of "De syv fjell", the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, and the starting location of Bergen Turlag's annual trip of the mountains. It is located by Liavatnet approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of the city center. Due to its prominent visibility from the seas, it has historically been a navigational mark for sailors.[3] The 329-metre (1,079 ft) tall Ørnafjellet is an adjacent peak, and below Ørnafjellet are the two lakes Skåleviksvatnet and Søre Skåleviksvatnet. North of Ørnafjellet is Kvarven fort, a strategic point during World War II, still featuring several bunkers and cannon positions used in the defense of Bergen. Lyderhorn, Ørnafjellet and Kvarven are popular hiking areas.[3]

Lyderhorn view towards west
Lyderhorn view towards west
View from Lyderhorn toward Askøy and Øygarden.
View from Lyderhorn toward Askøy and Øygarden.
Lyderhorn seen from south of Loddefjord in Laksevåg borough.
Highest point
Elevation396 m (1,299 ft)[1]
Coordinates60.3739°N 5.2419°E / 60.3739; 5.2419[2]
Location of the mountain
Lyderhorn (Norway)
LocationVestland, Norway
Topo map1115 I Bergen

Folklore has it that Lyderhorn was a gathering location for witches on Midsummer night, Valborg night (the night of May 1), and at Yule.[3]

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